190 Philosophical Questions To Ask – Best List Which Are Not Question By Anyone

Philosophical Questions

Before diving into the topic of philosophical questions, first, let’s study the concept of philosophy. Philosophy is basically the study or understanding of the concept of knowledge, reality, and existence. Hence, philosophical questions are questions that question our basic existence that make you think about your life. If that wasn’t bamboozling enough then here, in this article, I will be posing different deep questions about life which are related to philosophy questions that will definitely hoodwink you and make you question your existence. Have a great time of speculation! These are random questions about life that make you into deep thinking.


Deep Philosophical and Profound Questions 


  1. Can creativity have boundaries?
  2. What do you consider as art?
  3. What causes conspiracies?
  4. What if we never studied history?
  5. Why is studying considered important?
  6. What if we all had the same opinion?
  7. How can you believe in gravity if you cannot see it?
  8. Do you believe in true love?
  9. Is it possible to have a true form of freedom?
  10. Do you always have to show evidence for one to know that you are not lying?
  11. Is your destiny in your hands?
  12. Does everything happen for a reason?
  13. What do you think is love?
  14. Do you believe in time alteration?
  15. What truly defines our IQ?
  16. What makes you believe in an afterlife?
  17. Can you say goodbye to anyone after they have died?
  18. Can power change people?
  19. What would be an ideal and perfect life?
  20. Will world peace demolish any chance of future war happenings?
  21. Is it us, humans, that will lead to the end of the world?
  22. Which one is important: objective beauty or subjective?
  23. What makes you believe that the ultimate power lies within God?
  24. Do you think that understanding philosophy helps us understand things better?
  25. What is better: formal education or informal education?
  26. What truly makes our home as home?
  27. Should art have safety boundaries?


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Science and Technology Philosophical Questions


  1. Why is our school education limited under textbooks? How come then the same students are expected to be ‘creative’?
  2. If people are aware of physical illness then why do they not believe in mental illness?
  3. Energy can never die. So what truly happens when someone dies? Do they still exist?
  4. Why don’t people believe in climate change?
  5. Is it knowledge or experience that makes you a genius?
  6. Is it true that we are becoming submissive and overly depended on technology?
  7. Science: a boon or a bane?
  8. Is the internet taking away our privacy?
  9. What was there before our universe was created?
  10. Do you believe that the universe expands with time?
  11. Now that there is so much of development in technology, is it true that more developments are slower?
  12. Is every technological advancement positive?
  13.  What will happen to us now if the internet never existed?
  14. Is technology controlling us or are we controlling it?
  15. Can technology ever be creative on its own?
  16. Is black matter real?
  17. Can the theory of everything be ever found?
  18. How can technology change this world?


Impossible Philosophical Questions


  1. How can happiness vary from a person to person?
  2. Is beauty important?
  3. Is every life meant to make an impact in this society?
  4. Why bother living when we all will die in the end?
  5. How do we know that everything studied in history is accurate?
  6. What if we all are just living in a simulation?
  7. Do you believe that everything has a manner to it?
  8. Do you believe in the universe?
  9. Shouldn’t we get choices in everything?
  10. Why are sunsets different everywhere?
  11. Why do we feel happy after winning something, even after it is done by cheating?
  12. What do you define as reality?
  13. Everything has a start. Then what is the start of the universe?
  14. What makes you believe in souls?
  15. What leads to discoveries?
  16. What creates art?
  17. Can time have a definitive end?
  18. How did time start?
  19. When did we make calendars?
  20. Is there only one universe?
  21. How big is the universe?
  22. Can we ever end world hunger?
  23. What makes us, humans, perfect?
  24. Who came up with philosophical questions?
  25. Are ghosts real?
  26. Will we ever be free of true crime?
  27. Why are some cases unsolved?
  28. What if we all have same food?
  29. Do you think love is a social construct?
  30. Who came up with naming things?


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Ethical Philosophical Questions


  1. How is that most victims of crime are either women or children?
  2. What truly makes you happy as a person?
  3. How can someone idolize someone else when we all have flaws?
  4. Does money bring happiness? 
  5. What would you choose: your friends or unlimited money?
  6. Do destiny and fate really exist?
  7. How can a ‘priest’ determine someone’s fate?
  8. Will inequality ever cease to exist?
  9. What is the literal definition of friends?
  10. How can one have a ‘perfect’ significant other?
  11. Why is it that there is discrimination with regard to religion?
  12. Is beauty important?
  13. What is a trust?
  14. How one did discover the concept of ‘God’ or any other supernatural entity?
  15. Are souls real?
  16. What is the difference between affection and love?
  17. Is it true that we seek comfort in materialistic goods?
  18. Is it right to keep animals as pets?
  19. How can we have full freedom when we are bounded by the constitution?
  20. Can age define our rights?
  21. Is it right to intervene in someone’s privacy?
  22. Can morality differ from person to person? What if everyone had the same morality?
  23. Are you with or against the right to free speech?
  24. Do you believe in the practice of euthanasia? Why or why not?
  25. If every child is innocent, then when does their innocency ends?
  26. What causes evil?
  27. How can self-esteem come to a person?
  28. Why are people against women getting an abortion?
  29. If humans have a soul, then do animals too have a soul?
  30. Is it always wrong to lie?
  31. Can a fully grown mature adult change their ethics?



Philosophical Questions about Humanity and Consciousness


  1. Do you believe in the butterfly effect?
  2. How do you know for sure that dreams are a real concept?
  3. Can religion and tradition change up your thinking and thought process?
  4. Why in history, most countries were found and divided on the basis of religion?
  5. Do you believe in the foundation of religion?
  6. How can your environment affect you?
  7. What causes atheism?
  8. What is life without social media?
  9. Is the idea of religion conceptualized? 
  10. Should we think with our emotions?
  11. Is torture a justified way to get things?
  12. Is it even right to define people according to their race?
  13. Can we break the law to save someone?
  14. What do you think honor is?
  15. How relevant is family and belongingness in today’s world?
  16. Why do male and female have different wages
  17. Why do we have to respect the dead?
  18. How can we know happiness without sadness?
  19. How can people form relations?
  20. What is the meaning of life?
  21. What is an ideal society?
  22. How can humans and their morals change?
  23. Does time affect human behavior?
  24. Why isn’t animal harm and abuse illegal?
  25. Is language partitioned too?
  26. Why do certain cultures crash each other?
  27. What if everyone had the same morals?
  28. What truly makes one a leader?
  29. Why are we under the trap of social construct?
  30. Why are food manners so sacred?
  31. Why do people earn money with the name of religion?
  32. Shouldn’t every thief be given therapy?


Philosophical Questions related to Government


  1. Should the death penalty be legal? Does a person or an entity who did not give you birth have the right to take it?
  2. How come the government has right over the life of every citizen under its realm?
  3. Is the existence of nuclear weapons mandatory?
  4. Should we blindly trust everything that the government tells us?
  5. What do you think defines a society?
  6. Do you agree with the foundation of government?
  7. What causes dictatorship?
  8. What do you define as power?
  9. What if everyone had the same financial status in society?
  10. Do citizens of a country truly have the right to throw over the government?
  11. What defines a country?
  12. Is the government always good?
  13. How far can the government have the right to prevent us from harming ourselves?
  14. Can the government completely diminish poverty?
  15. What if everyone had a global government?
  16. What if there was a society where everyone was given full resources and no work, will it be successful?
  17. Is diversity in a nation a good thing?
  18. Why is abortion illegal in so many places?
  19. Will corruption ever cease to exist?
  20. Why should the government have the power to wipe out humanity from the face of the earth with nuclear weapons?
  21. Do you think paying tax should be necessary?
  22. Can the government interfere with your privacy and safety?
  23. Can laws solve everything?
  24. If you were given the opportunity to change your country’s leaders then how would you do that?
  25. Do you believe in censorship? Shouldn’t the audience be waked and gain knowledge?
  26. How is that the manufacturing and selling of guns is legal in most countries?
  27. Is everyone around the globe has the same philosophical rights?
  28. Why isn’t organ donation necessary?
  29. Shouldn’t governments give penalties to people with unhealthy lifestyles?
  30. Just like humans, should the government give animals rights too?
  31. Should every country be democratic?
  32. Why do passports exist?
  33. Do people have rights that are universal?
  34. Should the government truly have the right to control our procreation?


Fun Philosophical Questions


  1. While crossing the road when you see a slipper, do you often wonder what happened to the other pair?
  2. If plants and trees living, and fruits and vegetables are taken from them. So does that mean that fruits and vegetables feel hurt whenever we cut into them?
  3. ‘Money cannot buy happiness’. But can someone be truly happy without money?
  4. Why doesn’t Monalisa have eyebrows?
  5. Why do we call water as blue when in reality it is the reflection of the sky?
  6. If materials like wool shrink after their wash, then do the fur of sheep and other animals shrink too?
  7. Why are sunsets different everywhere?
  8. Why are pizzas round and not square?
  9. What defines as the elderly age?
  10. How do we know what a room of mirrors look like when somebody has to be in it to capture or see it?
  11. Why do airplanes have seat belts and not a parachute?
  12. Why does all water taste different?
  13. Why is clothing gender-related?
  14. Do house plants have feelings?
  15. Just like we name our pets, so do pets have names for us?
  16. Where will we go during a zombie apocalypse?
  17. Why do we cut cakes on birthday?
  18. Why isn’t caffeine banned if it is considered to be addictive?

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