8 Best Online Journal Which Make Your Diary Writing Easy

Online journals are the anywhere paperless media that can be used to jot down your wandering ideas at one place. Having an account to any of the online journals can provide you a great experience as a writer. Whenever you feel that any idea, thought or task is important, then just login to your online journal and view them at a convenient place or time. It will help you to sync your thoughts in writing and can easily get connected with the like-minded people to share your thoughts with them as well as improve your writing skills.

Take a look at the following sites with their marvelous features and keep the writer inside you, alive.


Diaro App


Diaro is the application that acts as your digital personal diary. It keeps the record of your day’s happenings, creates a folder depending on your writing categories as well as can find certain records or dates mentioned. It has a feature that reminds you daily or rather asks you about your day so that you can keep yourself up to date with your life’s happening.

Diaro can keep your to-do list and acts as your reminder for certain event. It supports 30+ languages that allow you to synchronize your thoughts and ideas in your language.

Diaro also has a drop box feature that enables you to sync with your Dropbox account and make it safe as well. With friendly interface and amazing features of keeping your records at one place, Diaro proves to be splendid for diary user.




Diary.com is the online platform for diary user that allows the user to share their personal thoughts. The homepage of this website is some recent post shared by the users of Diary.com that are interesting to read and learn beautiful perspective that each individual has. Diary.com allows you to share your exclusive ideas and journey of experiences publicly or rather can keep them classified.

The dashboard of a profile is similar to the newspaper that gives you the overlook of certain events or post shared by others. Sharing media like photos are most welcome. Some users like to express their thoughts in the form of pictures.

The fascinating feature about Diary.com is that you can follow other user’s profile or posts. If you love to read some nostalgic short views or sentimental composition then you can visit Diary.com and become a part of it.




Penzu is an application meant for people who are interested in jotting their inner voice. It provides you with an online platform where you can share your thoughts with the known public who could be your friends or family, or you can keep it to yourself.

Penzu has a very familiar user interface that looks like a notebook. Penzu is easily accessible with customizable features, double password safety and with an email reminder. The customizable features in Penzu include the selection of theme, the texture for your notebook page, the font and the media that you share.

It also provides the dexterity to convert your journal into PDF or TXT format; to print or save your thoughts. You can also add certain tag your entries to keep it well organized so that accessing to certain date or event becomes easier.

It also reminds you to keep your thoughts and everyday happenings updated, so that you every day could add up as a pile of your memory.


Live Journal


Live journal is a small-scale community specially made for people sharing their life experiences or help out other members through suggestions and advice. It’s an online platform where people sharing similar interest unite.

The site is made in such a way that you get to design every feature of your webpage; from choosing a background to font type, from selecting the feed to layout designing. It provides you the freedom to customize your webpage and create your profile to let other users know your area of interest.

Live Journal allows you to share your entries with friends and create your own community. Writing your thoughts in text format or in musical format or in short animation, you are free to share all of this with Live Journal. Also, with the tag-along feature, you can easily find every event.



My Journalate


My Journalate is an amazing way to digitize your online journal experience. It’s a completely new approach towards making your own journal with encrypted safety. It is convenient for every device and can be updated from anywhere. Once you have your account built, access it from your mobile, laptop or tablet.

My Journalate has amazing theme selection and remembers your last entry in your journal. It's working area is analogous to a notepad where you can upload your image media anytime. It also provides an innate calendar displayed below your journal entry so that you can order your entries track them and update accordingly.

My Journalate favors the idea of sharing views that comes to your mind during brainstorming. You can partake your brainstorming views on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This way of keeping all your ideas, thoughts and expression of words at one place and share as per your will.




WordPress is the best and easy platform for creating your own blogging and publishing platform. It provides you the complete freedom for customizing your website. With the appealing features such as customizable websites along with the theme, widgets, and plug-ins of your choice, WordPress provides you the complete freedom for customizing your website.

Along with the access for making your website, it gives your website the overall protection. You can also add galleries, list of emails and forums that need to be added in your website, generates the analytical results as per your requirement.

WordPress maintains Media Management as you go on adding certain images, GIFs, short animations or videos. It shortlists the media content in a sophisticated manner making it easy for users to handle the website contents.

WordPress also provides you with the facility for creating your own application for people who use mobiles for daily updates. It can give you a great journalism experience as you will be the designer for your website.




Prosebox is the online community where people get connected with each other by journals. Every user of this website feels connected when they read each other’s blog. It provides you the freedom to share their contents anonymously. Privacy being its important factor, it keeps your personal data safe. Any writing is shared only with the consent of the user.

Prosebox gives you the privilege to separate your online journals based on your choices and the proceeding events. This helps you to keep your every thought organized into different journals.

Prosebox gives you the ability to handle your journals from mobiles or desktops or laptops. Its user interface is designed to get the agility with devices for daily updates. It also allows you to take save your writings on your device.




Monkkee.com provides you the free use of an online journal. Whatever ideas and thoughts you express is completely secured and encrypted on the internet. It has an auto saving mode that updates your last entry even if you forget to sync.

Share your posts along with images and mark your posts and images with the Monkkee.com hashtag to get them easily categorized. These hashtags are fun to use and make it easy to catalog. The innate calendar display is elementary in catching up with your daily entries.

The webpage looks like a sketch for the creative people to pour all their thoughts and ideas on their profile canvas. Monkkee.com has document exporting feature and can print them anytime, for people who want to keep their ideas on paper.

If you want to support this website you can make donations. This is only to maintain the server hosting and software up-gradation for an additional feature.


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