10 Signs Shows You Are In One-Sided Relationship ( Easy Ways To Fix It )

one-sided relationship

Relationships are like a roller coaster ride where both of you face the ups and downs of life together with one condition that you both must hold hands of one another. Being in relationships is a beautiful feeling of loving and caring someone whom you chose as a partner to stay with. This can be led to distress if the relationship is one-sided and not working. One-sided relationships, where one partner is giving all the care and concern to another partner and do efforts to make the relationship work, but another partner is not caring about the feeling of the partner. Being in a one-sided relationship is a wounding relation, one can never understand the feeling of being in a one-sided relationship until they experience it. One partner avails themselves all the time, but the other one takes it for granted. It’s like you are committed one in your relationship and your partner does not care about anything. A movie like 500 Days Of Summer is a classic example of One-Sided relationships.


Signs you are in a one-sided relationship

Signs you are in a one-sided relationship


Partner refuses to meet and talk every time

When you are in a relationship, you must be in contact, talking, sharing the good and bad, spend time together, know each other more and should be compatible with one another. If your partner refuses to meet and talk every time and you are always availing yourself for the meeting then you should think, why always you are available for your partner, why they aren’t?


Keep saying they are busy

Sometimes a person can be genuinely busy but when they all the time say they are busy, it's quite possible they are lying. Your partner can be busy truly but if it's regular and can't even give you time when you need it, only you are available all the time for them than its quite possible you are in a one-sided relationship.


Don't give you a priority anymore

Your partner may not consider you the priority as priorities are individual's choice and mostly one's priority is family, career than anything else. But if your partner always chose other things over you all the time, they cancel plans with you, to meet someone else or do some work. Sometimes it's okay but always it's not okay.


Excitement to meet is no more left in your partner

If you are the only one who is always excited to meet, and your partner reacts casually than the spark of the relationship is going away in your partner. Your partner behaviour changing towards the relationship. You should notice your partner’s behaviour and ask them what they have to say about the spark.


Do not initiate in any topic

Your partner does not actively indulge in conversation with you. You are the one who always keeps on starting the conversation, talking all the time and your partner just listens but does not react. There are couples where one is talkative, other one introvert, but being an introvert and not initiating in talks are different things.


Started lying and ignoring you

Trust is the foremost root of every relationship. If your partner lies to you and ignore you all the time and you are the one, who is only there to tell everything to your partner then it will be a problem soon.


You feel alone besides being in a relationship

It happens when the gesture you want from your partner is not getting! When you need your partner the most and they are not there for you, might be they are busy in other works, but this should not be always. ‘Action speaks than words’ Spending time with loved ones can be helpful more than medicines. But your partner is sitting side by you or with you still you don’t feel like, you are with your partner than something has changed surely.


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Your partner does not accept you in public

One can be the best partner in private but when it comes to the public if your partner's friends don't know that you are in a relationship than this thing is to worry. If you are the one who hangs out with your friend's group with your partner, but you never met your partner's friend as their gf/bf then you have to ask your partner, why they are not telling at least their friends about you. Telling the family is a long period decision but to friends, one can tell.


Your partner blames you all the time

In every argument, your partner somehow rounds the table and blame you whether it's your fault or not. They never accept their faults and make you feel guilty all the time.


Your partner does not appreciate your small efforts and success

Appreciation motivates a person a lot to achieve in life and, when your partner does not appreciate your efforts, it hurts a lot, and this shows your partner has no interest left in what you do in your life.




Ways To Fix Your One-Sided Relationship

Fix Your One-Sided Relationship

Take the initiative, to realize your partner what they are missing without you.

When you are always available to one person, they started to take you for granted. At this point, leave your partner to stay alone. You distract yourself and do other work. If they truly care for you, your partner will realize soon your importance and come back to you.


Give yourself time to improve

Sometimes you lose yourself while chasing others. In most cases in one-sided relationships, you forget yourself. So, start working on yourself, improve yourself, your partner will come back to you by seeing you working on yourself.


Give special efforts

Do what your partner loves, give surprises, do small efforts to make your partner happy. Make them feel special.


Try to communicate on common topics

The communication gap is a well-known issue in a one-sided relationship. Partner not interested in talking, to make someone speak is to talk to your partner on common topics and ask about their day-to-day works, life, their interest and all.


Share your feelings what you feel about the relationship before and now

Always be true about the feelings. It can be possible your or your partner's feelings changed with time. Share whatever you both feel about each other, about the relationship. Keep clarity between the two beautiful hearts came together and fell in love.


Sit together discuss the problems and figure out the solutions

Discussing problems and sorting them together is the best way to keep the relationship smooth. Share why you start feeling you are in a one-sided relationship. Rather than involving others, share with your partner.


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Give positive change from both sides

Once you started to feel a one-sided relationship, somewhere you started becoming negative. Change yourself, both partners must change themselves positively for one another for the relationship.


Try to understand each other and give time

Sometimes, you don't want to, but still, try to understand your partner's point of view. Understanding your partner will make your partner to share more things with you. Understand and give time, this will heal the flaws of your relationship. One will surely understand if they truly care.


Do not expect much from one another

Higher expectations lead to higher dissatisfaction and fights. If you know, you both are going through a bad phase, just have patience and do not expect much from your partner. Just ‘keep it simple’.


One-sided relationships can be only healed when you have hope that your partner and you both together can face the phase of your relationship. There is a will to make the relationship work. If you and your partner realize that the relationship should be given a chance. The partner understands that one is facing a one-sided relationship and wants to make them feel that they both will revive the relationship together. Then you should give a chance to your relationship and together do this.

But if your partner is showing I don’t care attitude, then your efforts are worthless. You should not waste your time on one who is not worth your care and attention. It’s difficult for one to get out of a relationship where you gave all, for your partner. But apart from ‘Us’, one should think for ‘I’. “This is not the end of your story but starting off a new chapter”. One should focus on them self and do work for yourself. Love yourself more than anyone else. Self-love is the best way to keep yourself motivated. Take a deep breath and say to your partner “I will always remember you like the chapter of my book which I passed...” and live your life and one day the perfect one for you, who will respect and make you feel special surely come to your life.