Om: Everything That You Need To Know About It

Among the many gifts that India gave to the world, the syllable, ‘Aum’ is considered to be the most powerful and influential. Aum, the sound of the ultimate, lies in the epitome of the very creation. Aum or ‘Om’ is the sound of the first cosmic explosion, The Big Bang, and also the essence of the every minutest vibration. Omkar, as it is very famously called, is that mystical syllable which holds immense cosmic potential.

A phonetic of 3 sounds A-U-M is often regarded as the 3 stages of the cosmic creation: birth, life, and death or the 3 stages of human experience: the conscious, the dream and the deep unconsciousness stage.

Omkar was first described in the great Hindu religious text of Upanishads and lies in depth in the illustrations of the Vedas. It plays a very essential part in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, although the connotation in each varies.

The whole of Veda celebrates this cosmic syllable boasting of its symbolism to the whole Universe, as an Infinite language, as knowledge, as life and even as the essence of every breath. Omkar being used as the standard sound, uttered before and after every mantra, has the power to unfold the mysteries of every action, whether cosmic or mundane. Its relation to Brahman (the cosmos) and Atman (the consciousness) has been long discovered by the seers of India and has been placed at the highest prominence. Aum lies in the very heart of India’s spiritual and religious sea of knowledge.

The chanting of this sacred syllable has that spiritual power which connects the human body with its soul.

Om and its symbolism

om symbol

The syllable, A-U-M signifies 3 stages of life, the wake or conscious state, the dream state and the deep sleep or dreamless or unconscious state. The symbol of large bottom curve, symbolizes the awoken state of consciousness. The largeness of curve signifies it as the common state of human experience. The middle round curve signifies the dream state, a stage between the conscious and deep dreamless sleep stage making humans to experience the vast world that exist behind closed eyes. The relatively smaller upper curve is the deep sleep phase, the phase of non-awareness and undistracted sleep. The crescent on top is the Illusion/Maya, which is there to block our spiritual development.

It is separated from the symbols below signifying that it is unaffected by the large state of consciousness. The dot, also called Turiya, is the absolute state of sheer peace. It is the experience of pure consciousness. The whole symbol is encompassed in a circle which shows the reality, the reality which is not easy to understand.

Om and Meditation

Om and Meditation

Meditation, the divine art which is believed to connect one’s soul to the cosmos, is strengthened when used together when chanting Aum. When we meditate with Om we associate ourselves with the purity, eternal light and knowledge of our existence. Om is the sound of silence. Deep meditation helps you attain silence and gives answers of the Universe. Chanting Om during meditation enhances physiological alertness and sensitivity to everything.



Om and the mantras

Om and the mantras

The Indian religious text of the Rig Veda talks about the spiritual incantations which are believed to arouse inner powers and strengths. Diseases have been cured and deaths have been curbed with the use of mantras. Aum is the integral part of every Hindu mantra. It strengthens the mind and body with positivity. Most of the mantras starts with Om and ends with it too. Om has the immense ability to send your mind to the cosmic sphere, electrifying you from inside. Using the sanctified sounds of mantras together with Om, the accurate intensity of feeling and expression gains you its efficacy.

“OM BHUR BHUVA SVAHA”… meaning, we meditate to the glory of the creator. The creator or the creation is nothing but the ‘Om’.

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