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Since childhood, John Edward Jones cherished spelunking with this family. His dad, much of the time, took him and brother Josh, on giving in undertakings in Utah when they were kids and from their boys found beauty in the dark and love for underneath.

John’s age was 26 and had a one-year-old daughter. He was doing medical in pediatric cardiology from the University of Virginia in 2009. For enjoying his vacations and thanksgiving ceremony, they all united at the hometown for spending some family time together.

The young men figured out how to cherish the underground profundities and their dull excellence. Tragically, John’s first campaign into Nutty Putty Cave, southwest of Utah Lake and around 55 miles from Salt Lake City was his last.

Nutty Putty Cave - story

The Fun Before ThanksGiving

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John Edward Jones entered Nutty Putty Cave at around 8 p.m. nearby time on the night of Nov. 24, 2009, a couple of days before Thanksgiving. John, 26 at the time, and Josh, 23, alongside nine different loved ones, chose to investigate Nutty Putty Cave as an approach to associate with one another in front of the occasion.


At age 26, John was in a mind-blowing prime. He was hitched, had a one-year-old girl, and was going to medicinal school in Virginia. He had returned home to Utah to invest some loosening up occasion energy with his family.

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The Outcome Was Unexpected


It had been a long time since John was in any cavern. Furthermore, at six feet tall and 200 pounds, he wasn’t the little child he used to be.


About an hour into the buckling endeavor, John chose to locate the Nutty Putty Cave development known as the Birth Canal, a tight section that spelunkers must creep through cautiously if they dare. He found what he thought was the Birth Canal and edged his way into the thin entry headfirst, pushing ahead utilizing his hips, stomach, and fingers. Be that as it may, inside minutes, he understood he’d committed a grave error.


Explorer Cami Pulham is slithering out of the section known as the Birth Canal in Nutty Putty Cave. It is the entry that John Jones thought he had discovered when he stalled out.

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John realized he was presently pretty much stuck and had no space to pivot. He didn’t have space to wriggle retreat how he’d come. He needed to attempt to press forward.


He attempted to breathe out the air in his chest with the goal that he could fit through a space that was scarcely ten crawls across and 18 inches high, about the size of the opening of a garments dryer.

Yet, when John breathed in again, and his chest puffed retreat, he stalled out for good.

In The Dark


Josh was the first to discover him. Josh attempted to pull at his sibling’s calves without any result. Yet, at that point, John slid down into the section significantly further, getting caught awful than previously. His arms were currently stuck underneath his chest, and he was unable to move by any means.

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John and Josh both could do now were to supplicate.

In the end, Josh mixed toward the exit of the cavern to find support. Be that as it may, even once help came, John was as yet caught 400 feet into the cavern and 100 feet underneath the Earth’s surface. Getting individuals, hardware, and supplies down that far took 60 minutes.


The primary rescuer to arrive at John was a lady named Susie Motola, who landed at about 12:30 a.m. on Nov. 25. By then, John had been caught for three and a half hours. Motola acquainted herself with John, even though everything she could see of him was a couple of naval forces and dark running shoes.


“Hey Susie, much obliged for coming,” John stated, “However, I incredibly need to get out.”

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Throughout the following 24 hours, over 100 salvage faculties worked hotly to free John. The best arrangement they had was to utilize an arrangement of pulleys and ropes to attempt to liberate John from his dangerously difficult situation.


A Savage Cave


The cavern had possibly been revived for a half year in 2009 when John and his family entered. A considerable lot of the entries in this cave are this limited or even smaller.


John caught inside the cavern; time was running out. The descending point at which John was caught was putting extraordinary weight on his body because such a position requires the heart to make a solid effort to consistently siphon blood out of the cerebrum as when the body is upside down and gravity takes the necessary steps. The heart doesn’t need to bear that heap.

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Failure of Pulley

Nutty Putty Cave Incident

Rescuers tied John with a rope associated with a progression of pulleys. Everything was prepared, and they pulled as hard as possible. Yet, unexpectedly, and all of a sudden, one of the pulleys fizzled. Roundy accepts that the pulley came free at its grapple point in the cavern divider, which contains a generous measure of free mud.


The rope-and-pulley activity was no more, the rescuers had no other reasonable plans, and John was caught.

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The Tragic Demise In The Cave


With no desire for salvage and his heart having endured a long time of strain because of his descending position, John was articulated dead of heart failure in no time before the night of Nov. 25, 2009. Rescuers had gone through 27 hours, attempting to spare John. His family expressed gratitude toward rescuers for their assistance, even in spite of the deplorable news.


Nutty Putty Cave satisfied its notoriety the evening of John’s demise. Found in 1960 by Dale Green, he named it Nutty Putty in light of the mud found in the vast majority of the tight passages in the underground structure. In its prime, upwards of 25,000 individuals for each year visited the cavern.


Be that as it may, nobody will ever go in the cave again. 


Authorities closed Nutty Putty Cave for good seven days after John’s passing. They never recover his body, which stays inside right up ’til the present time, inspired by a paranoid fear of more passing that may result from such an activity.


In 2016, movie producer Isaac Halasima delivered and coordinated a full-length highlight film about the life and bombed salvage of John Jones named ‘ The Last Descent,’ it gives you a precise look at John’ experience and what it feels like to be caught in the tightest of cavern ways when claustrophobia and afterward sadness set in.

Halasima, a Utah local, just once went to Nutty Putty Cave. He never made it past the passageway.

Presently fixed up, Nutty Putty Cave fills in as a characteristic commemoration and gravesite to John Edward Jones.



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