Newlywed Game Questions – Best For Parties And Celebrations

These newlywed game questions will show how many couple present around the corner really knows each other. The questions will be such twisted and interesting that it will be an entertaining as well as a fun game for the guests to watch. It may get hilarious and funny at times and embarrassing too when the partner is unaware of a certain thing about the other. Of course, you will get to know each other better and will learn more in the future.

If you want to check your love and compatibility with your partner, don’t miss the chance. Just through a simple and fun game, you can fulfill your purpose.

Newlyweds who are entering the new phase of their lives, this one is especially for you. However, there are some rules to play this game, which are:-

  • The husbands are asked the questions while the wives are off the stage.
  • When the round of questions is completed, the wives have to answer the same questions.
  • If their answers match, they get a point else they will lose a point.

How to play?

The couples playing the newlywed question game has to try to score maximum points by matching answers to their couple related questions. The couple with the highest score after two rounds of questions wins in which first the husband will answer then the wife. The Newlywed Game is the perfect entertainment source in adult parties. The couple, their family and friends will die laughing by seeing how much they do and don't know about each other. Try playing the game at your next party.


  • The game is super entertaining and the guests at the party will not get bored at any cost.
  • If you don’t know your partner much, you get to know him/her today itself.
  • You get to prove your love towards your spouse.


Newlywed Game Questions to be asked:-

Newlywed Game Questions – Best For Parties And Celebrations

What does your partner prefer more in breakfast: Oats, Corn Flakes or Sandwiches?
What is the thing which you own but your partner hates the most?
The first nickname you gave to your partner.
How many kids your partner want?
Who is more dominating?
Who gets ill more often?
Who can cook better?
What is your partner's favorite Chinese food?
Who can keep the secrets safe?
Who gets up early out of the two?
Who is better at maths?
Out of the two, who can handle the kids better?
Who is more romantic in nature?
Your partner’s favorite holiday destination outside India?
Movie or a dinner date: your partner’s preference?
A sport your partner is least interested in.
Dream car of your spouse?
The latest movie your partner watched?
When was your first date?
Who has more patience?
Picnics or parties: Your partner’s choice?
First movie you both watched together?
Favorite book of your spouse?
What is your partner’s zodiac sign?
Who is a better dancer out of the two?
What is your partner’s favorite color?
Tea or coffee: your partner’s choice?
Who is sportier?
Who is better at managing money?
Who has more friends?

Out of the two, who plans the dates better?
Who remembers the special occasions more?
Who has more pair of footwear?
Who takes more time getting ready?
Who says sorry first after a fight?
Dark chocolates or candies – your partner’s choice?
The location where you kissed for the first time?
The gift your spouse wants oncoming birthday?
Zodiac sign of your spouse.
Which is the 90’s favorite movie of your partner?
The thing which can irritate your partner at once?
Size of your partner’s jeans?
Who eats more junk food?
The most romantic line your spouse says.
On what topic your first fight happened?
Who is lazier at work?
Which color suits your partner the most?
From the two of you, who won the last argument?
Favorite season of your partner.
Who is more selfiholic?
Who loves shopping more?
Who out of the two is a pet lover?
In your opinion, will you as a couple win this game?
The favorite drink of your spouse?
Out of the two, who makes more sense?
Which picture of you both, your partner loves the most?
Which is the favorite Hollywood celebrity of your spouse?
Your partner’s favorite theatre snack?
Of which insect is your spouse most afraid?
Your worst date?
Most repeated dialogue of your partner.
The most stupid gift you gifted your partner.
Who can mimic better out of two?
Who is better in studies out of the two?
Who looks better in glasses?
Who can drive better?
Who eats the food first?
Who out of the two fell in love first?
Who spends more time on WhatsApp?
Who speaks more cheesy pickup lines?
Who buys things which are unnecessary?
Who eats sweets more?
Pop or jazz- the choice of your partner?
When was last that you went out for shopping?
Birds or Hamster – choice of your partner to keep as a pet.
The 3rd thing on your spouse’s bucket list.
The quality your spouse likes the most in you.
Your partner’s proudest moment.
If your partner wins a lottery, the 1st thing he/she will do.
The person, your partner talks to the most on phone except you.
Greatest phobia of your partner.
In which thing you think you can trick your partner.


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