New Thing To Learn: How To Start Learning Everyday

“Convince yourself every day that you are limitless in order to learn something new on a daily basis!”

Why do we restrict ourselves to the things we know? 

Why do we take an interest only in the things which are a part of our studies or job?

Why do we keep on improving our efficiency only where our area of knowledge is strong?

People limit themselves to the things in which they pursue their careers and not the things in which they can gain boundless knowledge. Most of the people just keep one hobby as their side-by-side activity and do not even try to explore new things. Many people even think that their age is gone where they could learn different activities but they don’t know that leaning demands no age barrier. With strong will power, a person can learn new things every day at any age. This is the best way to utilize your spare time in a positive and effective manner. To become an all-rounder, this is the best way!

As it is rightly said, “A learning curve is an essence to grow and further teach.” Therefore one must boost his knowledge whenever and wherever he gets a chance. You probably find yourself in such situations where you can learn something new or such people by whom you may learn something productive. 


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Need for learning something new? 

Need for learning something new 

There are more than 6 reasons for you to learn something new and interesting!


Makes you happier: Ever cooked for the first time when your mother was not home? Wasn’t it much more than food? I am sure it must have given you a feeling of happiness and joy. You must have sprung on your mom when she came back. Therefore the things which we don’t know how to do, and when we do them for the very first time, will always give us immense pleasure and happiness. 


Rediscover: We always have some childhood wishes which we are unable to fulfill may be due to family issues or career misguidance. Regret always remains in some corner of our mind that “Alas! I wish I could have done that!” For example, a girl wanted to become a dancer and she could not pursue dancing because of family restrictions, she can in her later life learn it and rediscover the joy of what she does not know. 


Reduce Stress: The same activities which we continue in our day to day life, make us stressed and depressed at times. We want something which can reduce our workload for which shifting to something new is always the best option. It is the best stress reliever. 


Makes you Confident: When a person knows different things, he automatically becomes confident in the corporate and competitive world. Confidence is always gained by putting your leg into the boundary you do not know about. When you start walking in it, you learn new things and you can finally run there. 


Discussion topics: Sometimes people who talk frequently are out of topics. One cannot always talk about his daily doings. He needs to have new topics in which he is experienced too. Therefore learning new things will also give you plenty of new topics to talk upon with people. 


Knowledge is a treasure: Ultimately, every person learns things for knowledge because it is the ultimatum. By attaining knowledge you can achieve anything you wish to. It’s the strongest weapon for anyone. 


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How to learn something new?

How to learn something new

There are few steps which one needs to follow for learning new things in life:-

  1. Source of learning
  2. Setting up a schedule
  3. Practice Daily 
  4. Test it afterward 

In detail:-

  1. SOURCE OF LEARNING: One needs to pick up a source of learning and a medium. It depends on the kind of activity you choose to learn. The source can be anything like Books, Magazines, Videos, and YouTube, etc.
  2. SETTING UP A SCHEDULE: A proper time table needs to be made in which one will mention the number of hours or days he or she will devote to the new activity he or she is learning or wants to learn. Also, the progress of that activity is to be mentioned.
  3. PRACTICE DAILY: As it is always said that Perfection demands Practice. Therefore one must regularly get himself indulged into the activity he is learning for outstanding results.
  4. TEST IT AFTERWARDS: One must test it after learning from an expert so as to get proper reviews for the same. For example after learning any sport, one must play with people already trained in it. 

Skills to be learned: 

Skills to be learned

Reading: This is the most important skill to be learned in leisure time. Even if you are reading a fictional text, it will enhance you to think more and improves your imagination power.


Musical Instruments: It’s not always the study related things and activities, one needs to learn. In fact, going beyond your genre is always better than being inside a nutshell. Positioning and moving your fingers along the musical instruments is a skill you need to learn because it is not easy at all. 


Photography: Buying a DSLR and clicking the pictures of flowers and sunset is NOT photography. It’s a very broad area in which you need to have proper knowledge of all the camera shots and angles. The terms like framing, composition, shutter speed etc have to be studied before capturing the photographs.


Meditation: World’s great personalities and achievers have integrated meditation as a part of their daily routine. It is not only required for relaxation and stress-free life but it also enhances you to take better decisions in life. 


Public Speaking: People have stage fears and this is the best way to deal with it. People who get nervous in speaking in front of a large crowd needs to learn this skill. Crowd interaction and crafting introductions makes a person bold and ready for setting up fire on the stage!


Apart from them, there are innumerable skills that can be learned. A person just needs time, focus and will power to do something productive. 


As it is rightly said, “A learning curve is an essence to growth.”

One must keep on leaning every skill possible to make his life more meaningful and optimistic.



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