Gal Gadot Movies You Need To Watch – Ranked Films

The stunning Israeli actress has to lead quite a life from winning Miss Israel back in 2004 to staring the biggest female superhero film aka the wonder woman. Diana Prince might have gained her popularity crown but she has much more to her name than just that. After serving in Israeli defense forces for two years as part of mandatory service she Kickstarted her acting her from ‘Babot’ a short-lived Israeli series which gave her first experience with the camera. Her big Hollywood break came with the Fast and Furious series where she played the role of Drug courier Gisele Yashar who was a central character in fast five. She is known to perform her own stunts and not shy away from challenges.

Here is a list of best movies starring Gal Gadot including the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel.


Wonder Woman

Wonder-Woman - Gal Gadot Movies
In every actor’s life there comes a path-breaking film which establishes their name irrevocably in the industry, for Gal Gadot it was Wonder Woman. It was not only the big hit for Gal but also for the entirety of DC universe which has been pretty dead since the Batman trilogy. It tells the story of A World war one pilot which accidentally crashes into the hidden land of Amazon and recounts the tale of troubles of his world, Diana Prince a fierce warrior comes to his rescue and leave her secluded home to fight in a war which helps her find her true self. For this role, Gal Gadot did training for nine months to gain seventeen pounds of muscle. This movie went on to break a lot of records and is The first superheroine film to generate more than $100 million domestically.


Justice league

Justice league -Gal Gadot
After riding high on clouds of success from Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot went to reprise her role in the much-awaited Justice league movie which follows after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the focus might have been on Ben Affleck’s Batman’s struggle to bring together a team of superheroes after Superman’s death giving the whole Nick Fury bringing a group of remarkable people to form the Avengers vibe, still Gadot carried the film on her shoulders. A huge part of the film revolved her own internal conflict to be a leader and come out of shadows after Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor’s death in wonder woman. While the movie did not perform as per expectations Gadot’s godlike strength is unmatched in the film.


Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice

Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice
Following the events of man of steel this become a major disappointment for the DC universe. In the race of highest grossing films this one failed to gain the big bucks however introduced the character of Diana Prince by Gal Gadot in the revived and kicking DC universe. Though she has very less screentime and the movie revolves around Lex Luthor manipulating Superman’s and Batman’s mutual dislike with one another into something hostile. The movie ends with Superman’s death and Batman inviting Diana to form a team of superheroes which form the basics of Justice league. This movie is highly recommended if you want to understand the events of Justice league from a clearer perspective. Gal Gadot got swordsmanship, Kung Fu, kickboxing, capoeira, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu training in preparation for the role.


Fast and Furious 2009

Fast and Furious 2009

This is the fourth installment to the fast and Furious series, become the highest grosser of its series when it was released, The film was also the 17th highest-grossing film of 2009. The focus again lies away from Gal Gadot this time on Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and Paul Walker’s Brian O’conner, this action-packed film revolves around Dominic tracking down his girlfriend’s murder and teaming up with Brian to bring down a heroin drug dealer responsible for it. Gal Gadot’s character Gisele Yashar is the Drug Courier for Arturo Braga and Develops feelings for Dominic, he saves her life during the mess created by the trap set for Braga she returns the favor by giving away his Mexico location.



Fast Five

Fast Five
Gal Gadot’s character Gisele Yashar is now a part of Dominic’s gang, she has a bigger role and more screentime. She is introduced in after 40 minutes into the film and has two major scenes. Here we find Dominic’s gang in Brazil trying to bring down the country’s most powerful man with the US forces on their tail. They are successfully able to carry an almost impossible mission. The movie is a typical action thriller with lots of high-speed car chases and fights. Gisele also finds a love interest here Han Seoul-Oh whom she is seen riding away with after they complete the mission. She falls to her death in the next movie trying to save Her boyfriend, Han. Gal Gadot learned to drive a bike specifically for this role.


Keeping Up with the Joneses

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Here you can find Gal Gadot in the role of another bold and strong woman. The film is quite predictable and is an action comedy. It revolves around a suburban family noticing a new couple moving into their neighborhood however something is not right about this trying so hard to be ordinary but not so ordinary couple. They are revealed to be a couple of spies. The roles of women in power seem to suit well Gal so she makes a believable spy. Again like fast and Furious and wonder woman you see her performing all the stunts with perfect grace and agility. The character arc and screentime is the highest here, you get to see more depth to her instead of flat characters with no plot. It’s One of two crime movies both first released in 2016 starring actress Gal Gadot. The first was the thriller Criminal (2016) and the second was the crime comedy Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016).


Criminal –  2016

Criminal -  2016

This amalgamation of Thriller, Drama, and action has just the right plot and nail-biting storyline to keep you hooked. Here you are introduced to a CIA agent in the first scene Bill Pope he has been entrusted with an important mission which if gone wrong would blow up the whole of USA. This high profile case, however, comes to a twist when Pope dies and his memories are transferred to a death row inmate Jerico as a last resort to finish the assignment. Like any crazy scientific experiment gone wrong, this movie is packed with unanswered questions of ethics of human experiments. The story may seem all over the place at times and a little lost but the great acting all the star cast and gripping plot make up for it. Gal plays a small role here but captures the screen whenever she is on it. Here you see a different side to her in the character of the dead Bill Pope’s wife where she takes a more emotional and dramatic role, particularly in the scene where she is seen softening up to Jerico after she sees a part of Bill in him. Also just two weeks after Gal gets the role of Jillian Pope here she bags her most famous role of wonder woman with the DC universe.


So you can see Gal Gadot has a number of fantastic roles under her arm but she is just getting started. In the future, she will be soon reprising the role of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman in the much-awaited sequel Wonder Woman 1984. Apart from these movies she is also seen in a small role in the movie Date Night and has given the voice over for ‘Skank’ in Ralph breaks the internet.

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