49 Motivational Quotes Which Can Change The Thought Process of Mind

Motivation is anything that pushes you to work towards your goal. It can be a book, a movie dialogue, a person or even a song. Anything that fills you with passion and makes you get up and work. The present generation carries opportunities as much as negativity and pessimism. You see a lot of people succeeding and you wonder if there's even a place for you, you question yourself if you are even worth achieving what you dream. Also, heavy competition in every field makes you doubt your abilities. Therefore, to gain anything one needs to keep motivated by any means and that too constantly. Motivational quotes work like the fuel to your engine. It makes you believe in yourself, it tells you that everyone grows from the threads of failure, it teaches you not to give up and hold on to something. It is one of the easiest ways to keep oneself motivated. You can either scribble them in your personal diary and revise them every morning or you can write and paste it before your study table. Trust me it helps.

Motivational quotes help you change your thought process. Once you start seeing things positively, when you start looking at problems as challenges and the zeal to work endlessly to achieve your dream becomes your priority there's absolutely nothing that can stop you. The knots are there all in your minds and they need good words to get melted.

Here is a list of 49 motivation quotes that will shake you, rekindle the lost passion for your dream, fuel your talent and add optimism in your thoughts.


motivation quotes-1
Passion is a fire that takes time to be kindled, but once done it's difficult to put off.


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Tomorrow is a possibility but you have today. Make the most of it.


motivation quotes-3
No one believes in you if you don't believe in yourself.


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Success comes to those who see possibilities rather than adversities.


motivation quotes-5


If they try burning you get refined like gold.


motivation quotes-6


You will be remembered not for your name but actions.


motivation quotes-7


Roads will be broken but we don't stop walking.


motivation quotes-8


I believe in destiny. The destiny of hard work.


motivation quotes-9


When you feel like giving up, look back and wonder why you held on for so long.


motivation quotes-10


You are the painter of your destiny. Make sure you create a masterpiece.


motivation quotes-11


Either you be strong and stand else melt and fuse.


motivation quotes-12


Breathe in dreams, breathe out action.


motivation quotes-13


Clouds can hide the sun but how long?


motivation quotes-14


You will excel in whatever you put efforts into the everyday.


motivation quotes-15


The world never knows your story. You need to work hard to make it worth sharing.


motivation quotes-16


Grasses are chopped so that they grow more and so will you be.


motivation quotes-17


Don't curse the failures. They will make your journey different.


motivation quotes-18


Keep your one eye at the destination and other on the path you are walking on.


motivation quotes-19


Each new day is an opportunity to make a difference.


motivation quotes-20


There's absolutely no one in this entire world, who possess what you do. Be proud of yourself.


motivation quotes-21


You are god's unique art.


motivation quotes-22


No matter how long and dark the night is, it can't stop the rising sun.


motivation quotes-23


The wrath of winter can't stop the onset of summer.


motivation quotes-24


Determination is a storm that uproots all hurdles.


motivation quotes-25


Miles were started with a single step.



motivation quotes-26


When you find people trying to pull you down, you know that you went ahead.


motivation quotes-27


The one who laughs when you fall, will someday clap when you rise.


motivation quotes-28


The crowd will always remind you that it's difficult. Make sure you don't join them.


motivation quotes-29

Gather courage, the courage to fail.


motivation quotes-30


Don't be afraid of hitting the lowest, because then you can only rise.


motivation quotes-31


Failures may hurt but unfulfilled dreams will suffocate.


motivation quotes-32


Wake up with commitments and sleep with satisfaction.


motivation quotes-33


Every challenge you put for yourself and win makes you proud of yourself.


motivation quotes-34


The waves of hurdles won't stop. Learn to jump over them.


motivation quotes-35


Warriors don't trust destiny, they create what they wish to.


motivation quotes-36


Success is not served, it is earned.


motivation quotes-37


You lose a battle only when you choose not to fight.


motivation quotes-38


Neither victory nor defeat is final. Life keeps playing.


motivation quotes-39


Grow like wildflowers, without waiting for the gardener's water.


motivation quotes-40


Create your own lyrics of success, don't sing the ones they created.


motivation quotes-41


The trees don't grow big unless they survive storms.


motivation quotes-42


Failures slap you first and teach you later. Make sure you learn that lesson.


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When the winter shall come, they would need coals rather than diamonds. Know your worth and smile until your time arrives.


motivation quotes-44


When you taste success after a bitter failure, you know that all the efforts were worth it.


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Don't frown when they go ahead. Though the roads you ran upon was same, yet you know it treated you differently.


motivation quotes-46


Wear an armour of self-belief and then no battle is tough.


motivation quotes-47


Life will not always be fair but then still there's hope in living.


motivation quotes-48


Walk out of your cocoon, else you will never get those wings to fly.


motivation quotes-49


When you find people trying to pull you down, you know that you went ahead.