How important is money to relationships in India

Money is an essential component of a relationship that should help cement the association. Most couples find it difficult to talk about their financial matters. Some can speak freely about other topics like their current weight but can’t open up to their better half concerning their financial affairs. Various reasons are attributable to many partners, not revealing their financial status to their significant ones. Some fear that the revelation may lead to poor judgment by their spouse because they may have accumulated huge debts with nothing to show. While it's not necessary to win the lottery to reveal your financial status, being open to the other partner about your financial situation is critical.


Keep reading to find out why you should open up to your better half on financial matters.


It helps to manage specific expenditures 

Specific financial problems can be managed well when couples talk to one another. For instance, in case you have a debt, it’s critical to reveal it to the other partner so that they don’t expect much in terms of unnecessary purchases. In case you don’t explain your financial situation to the other partner, they expect much from you, and you may end up incurring huge debts. Talking freely about your financial situation helps the other partner to assist you in overcoming your current liabilities. When you don’t open up, your partner may request for specific items that may plunge you into further debts.


You achieve long-term objectives faster

When you’re free with your partner as regards financial matters, you can easily and quickly attain long-term financial obligations. You may want to engage in a side hassle, increase your pension contributions, or enroll for a course to arm yourself with specific skills. You can attain these goals when you talk freely about your financial situation with your partner.


Opens unexpected perks

Couple working in different fields can benefit from each other if they reveal their financial situations. For instance, in case your spouse is a freelancer and you’re salaried, you can have him/her benefit from your medical insurance coverage. Your freelance spouse can also assist you in repaying a loan.


Improves trust in a relationship

Talking freely about your financial situation in your relationship helps to build trust and enhances the quality of your relationship. Partners who don’t trust one another may not reveal their financial position to each other. This indicates that their relationship is strained and cannot support one another.


It’s a way of opening communication lines at the initial stages of a relationship

In a new relationship, money is an important topic that should be opened early enough. At this point, it’s not advisable to reveal every detail about your finances, but it’s essential to touch on the topic generally. For instance, you can inform your friend about the projects that you’re undertaking and any loans that you’re repaying.



Money is a critical topic in any relationship. A relationship that is built on foundations of trust has all partners talking freely about their financial situations. This blog explores the reasons why opening up about your finances in a relationship is essential.