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Marlene Dietrich, in the full name of Mary Magdalena Dietrich, was born on 27th December in the year 1901 in Schöneberg, the district of Berlin. She is a German and an American actress, a talented beauty model, and a singing angel with a charming voice. She is taken as an epitome for being the perfect cinematic female imagery in Hollywood. She was a shocking type of belle with both evil and innocence in her body and face. There are so many books written for Marlene but now page could reveal about her life secrets since it is unknown about her solitary life for many. Marlene Dietrich was not only a talented singer and a stylish female actress but also, she was the most sophisticated person of the era and was a true trendsetter. Marlene rested in peace on May 6th, 1992, when she was 90 years old and had suffered a violation of the heart and kidneys. She passed away in her apartments in Paris. In 2008, a memorial plaque was installed inside the house of Marlene where she was born in Schöneberg.


A Memoir of Marlene Dietrich

A Memoir of Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich, born in 1901, (even few resources says 1904) is the daughter of an order bearer ‘Luis Erich Otto Dietrich’ (father) in the Far East, who took over as a police lieutenant after the wars. Her mother was ‘Josefina Felsing’, who came from a social class of rich jeweler and a watchmaker family. In the rooms of her house, Marlene Dietrich is simply called upon as Lena.

She eventually hates her name for some reason and came with her own name as Marlene. Marlene is not only one child and she also had a younger sister named Liesel or Elizabeth who was always present beside her. Unfortunately, the couple filed for a divorce when Marlene was at the age of 6 and it is also present that her father had died mysteriously when he fell down from a horse in a war. Her mother later had a simple second marriage with Edward von Losh, an aristocrat officer.


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In the year 1918, Marlene studied at the Berlin High school and also she learned violin alongside her professor Dessau. In the years of 1919 to 1921, she studied music in famous Weimar with her Professor Robert Reitz. In Berlin, Marlene entered into the acting school of Max Reinhardt. She had eventually shown an interest in acting and she started to play small roles in Berlin theatres and her first movie role was in the same year. It was ‘Napoleon’s Younger Brother.’

Marlene was married to Rudolf Sieber (first meeting during her movie ‘the triumph of love’) in the year 1924 and her marriage lasted for just 5 years. But they still remained married till the death of her husband in 1976 due to cancer. She later (in the year 1924) had a daughter named Maria Riva (Maria Sieber). Marlene again resumed to her cinematic roles and music industry from 1925. Marlene Dietrich’s story of her life is always present in a scarce form since she had her life being revolved around some mysterious events.


Movie Life of Marlene Dietrich

Movie Life of Marlene Dietrich


After her graduation from schooling, Marlene started to do her movie roles in films like ‘such are the men’ and ‘the tragedy of love’. 1928 was the year when her first music album was released called ‘it is in the air’. She was given only small roles and after her acting in the movie ‘blue angel’, she was highly appreciated and noted by the people at that time. She later moved to America as an actress and after receiving her citizenship she started to do roles in movies like ‘bloody empress’ and ‘Morocco’. She later became very popular and her dedication and the way she expressed herself in movies were truly applauded by the audiences and she gave her best roles later in movies like ‘so the lady wants’ and the popular ‘seven sinners’.

With Hitler’s advent during the wartime, the states offered her a lot of promises as income and asked her to shoot movies in her homeland. Eventually, Marlene Dietrich refused these offerings as she was already a supporter of the enemy force Germany. She later her did so many works in various garrisons and hospitals through her concerts and she later moved from America to Las Vegas where she started her music career as a singer. In between the busy schedules of Marlene Dietrich’s filming years, she also raised her 4 grandchildren (Michael, Peter, David and her youngest son) very well.

Her career ends when she had a femoral neck injury which was so serious that she was ended bedridden for years. Only the most prestigious and significant personalities were allowed to meet her individually in her house for the visits rarely. Her last years were solitary and her last movie starring was in ‘Beautiful Zhigalo, poor Zhigalo’. Marlene then passed away in 1922 at her apartments in Paris. This woman was the greatest blow for both the Hollywood industry and also in her singing fields.



The Romantic Proceedings of Marlene Dietrich

The Romantic Proceedings of Marlene Dietrich

First romantic travel was with her husband Rudolf Sieber, an assistant director whom she met during the shooting of ‘the triumph of love’. The couple married on May 17th and they were gifted with a daughter Maria Sieber. They both resembled a jokey and a funny instance rather than a peaceful and relaxed married life. After his death in 1976, Marlene changed her male images in her life as simple as gloves. The people in her life at some point of time includes- Sternberg, John Gilbert, Maurice Chevalier, Ernest Hemingway, Joseph Kennedy and few more. The names move along because she always had some novel story with the man she played the role for some time in her life.

Out of them, Ernest Hemingway was the only man who Marlene had been corresponding to be lived along with some time and they both were experiencing a platonic loving relationship. Her private relationships were also relatable with few female images like Mercedes d’Acoste. Her attention was for Vera Zorina, and also for Claire Waldoff and Key Francis. She was exclusively blacklisted as ‘box office poison’ after her clashes with Ernest in 1937 and she was detained from the acting field for about 2 years in her life.

Marlene again met with one of the love of her life Jean Gabin, when she sold wartime products and bonds in America after her tragedy in the film industry previously. Gabin truly wanted to have children and live a peaceful life but the thought that Marlene was already over for her stages and hence they diverged from their relationship in 1947. Marlene left Jean without any hesitations and started to star herself in Hollywood. Eventually after the death of her first husband in 1976, Jean also passed away after a few months gap. Marlene once stated this as “I was widowed a second time.”


The Victim of Belle: Marlene Dietrich

The Victim of Belle: Marlene Dietrich

The director Joseph von Sternberg described Marlene Dietrich as a normal plump girl with small and rustic eyes. He then stated that Marlene could go to any extent of sacrifices appearance-wise for her acting roles. He transformed Marlene overnight by first changing her dietary plans. He told to eat only English salt with some water in her foods and Marlene had lost 15kgs in her first week itself. Then, to make her eyes look larger with sunken cheeks, he ordered her to remove 4 of her molar teeth. A jolly-go brown haired girl was turned into a blonde-haired classic woman with the mysterious naming as Marlene.

She eventually developed her own desire to look well, by having white angelic and shining eye-lids and applying some reddish lipstick over her lips. In order to modify her uneven eyebrows that she had naturally, she shoves it off completely and regularly drew it with her pencil newly. With the help of a simple manual dexterity, some sticky duct tapes, and some personal idea, she had even lifted her chest and face, all on her own. She even prepared her own anti-aging cream made from natural household products, which she used normally to make her skin look young and elastic.

She had eventually developed an image for her in some high ranking status combining both the female and male sexuality. She had her signature dressing of shorts, high boots, squared shoulders, with some matching bow ties. Marlene completed her looks with some trendy chains and a cigarette. She later had this thought that when she could wear men’s cylinders and costumes, why can’t she sing like a male and thus she was the first lady to sing male songs out of which ‘Lily Marlene’ is the top one.


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Marlene Dietrich’s Best Filmographic Years

Marlene Dietrich's Best Film


1926 – Above your head, Charlie!
1929- Kiss your hand, Madame
1929 – Woman who is desired
1930- Blue angel
1930- Morocco
1932- Shanghai Express
1933 – Song of Songs
1935- The devil is a woman
1936- Desire
1937- Knight without armor
1937- Angel
1940- Seven Sinners
1942- The spoilers
1949- Jigsaw
1951- Notorious
1956- Around the world in 80 days
1957- Monte Carlo
1975- Witness for the prosecution
1958- Evil seal
1961- Nuremberg process
1966- Common Fascism
1978- Beautiful Gigolo, poor Gigolo1984 – Marlene (Marlene) – voice over.


Few Interesting Facts of Marlene Dietrich

Few Interesting Facts of Marlene Dietrich


  • Marlene’s legs which are sleek was her personal pride since the time of her youth and she planned to act in few nylon tights and underwear ads, exposing her favorite legs and thus she reached heights quickly!


  • Dietrich was applauded hugely for her Golden Globe Nominations in the year 1957!


  • Marlene other than singing and acting, offstage, she underwent classes for her oratory, fencing, and even gymnastics!


  • Marlene flaunted with her thin body even at her older ages by attending public speeches and functions in a long skinny gown, which shows off her body elegantly!


  • Marlene just loves drinking and smoking; she does this in the middle of some concerts and even poses with her cigarette in hand for the photo of photographers!


  • To make her cheekbones tensed and rouged, Marlene used to suck over a lemon before taking any close-up shots!


  • Marlene Dietrich was honored with “Commander to Legion!”


  • ‘Fracas’ by Robert Piguet, ‘Vol de Nuit’ and of course, ‘Tabac Blond’ are some of Marlene Dietrich’s favourite perfumeries!


  • Marlene won the best actress award for her movie Morocco in the year 1930!


  • Dietrich considers herself as a human without a gender. She states she is both male and female; Marlene even had thoughts that gay men were pleasant and kind than the normal men.


Marlene Dietrich’s Life-End Notes


Marlene Dietrich passed away on May 6th in the year 1992. The funeral of the beautiful actress which took place in a church had her coffin covered with the flags of French and the USA. In Berlin, she also covered with a German flag. Grave of this actress is seen in Schöneberg, where her ashes rest besides to that of her mother’s.

10 years later after Dietrich’s death, secretary ‘Norma Boske’ stated to give some hints over her sudden death. She stated that the causal factor of Marlene’s death was not from a heart attack, but due to suicide. Brain hemorrhage had completely deprived her of the chances of living without any help. The actress was low on cash and did not have any income to appoint a nurse for her, and was refusing to move for one nursing home flatly. Thus, Marlene Dietrich had taken lethal dosages of sleeping pills. Her memoirs are one of the most prestigious among the people who lived on this earth!

There are fans for Marlene Dietrich even in our present generation. You can see through various pages of Instagram dedicated to this legend where they post the rarest of Marlene’s pictures and videos. You can even view some feature films based on her life story and biographies up-to-date!


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