Love Letter For Him/BoyFriend

    How would you express what inside of you to your loved ones? Most of us don’t right? We keep it ourselves, every single human being on this planet loves to be loved by one of us only. Do you remember the time when letters were sent through a pigeon? Maybe this is the time we again are looking for 90s love in the 20s. A letter is not just a piece of writing, therefore, it is everything your loved ones need.


    Words of love and affection are always relished and remembered irrespective in what form they are.


    So, here we are sharing 15 love letters that you can send to your boyfriend/husband/lover to tell them how much you love him.



    • Dear, My idiot
      You and I have been friends for so long that there's nothing in this entire world I would not feel comfortable sharing with you, oh wait, there is, my feelings for you. You might not provide me with the solution to my problems, you might not be the wisest person to go for advice in tough times but what you do is, stay by my side, make fun of the problem at hand and joke about it to make me laugh, and that to me is more than enough, its all I will ever need. You are an idiot but you are my idiot. I love you more than I would ever be able to express and you are all I would ever need.


    • My boy,
      It's been like 5 years now, but still, it feels like it was yesterday that I met you. Days are passing by, years are passing by but the only constant thing is you. The only constant is the love I have for you, the feelings I have for you. Nothing in this world can ever change the feelings I have for you. I live for you and I want to live with you. I love you.


    Love Letter For Him


    • Hey, love of my life,
      Can you stop being so cute all the time? You know, every time I see those cute dimples on your face, I feel like kissing them. The only thing I crave for is your smile and the eyes which glint it. You've made my heart smile, cheeks blush, eyes shine, my entire cosmos resides in you. I still remember the way you carry your hair, that hair flips I'm in so love with you. You're my baby for life.


    • My baby,
      Thank you for writing your name in my heart, thank you for loving me like no one else, thank-you for teaching how to dress, thank-you for teaching me not to shout on roads, thank you for teaching me to love and respect others, thank you for being my all in one human, thank-you for being my go-to go person, thank-you for letting me show my vulnerabilities, thank-you for accepting me the way I'm, thank you for loving me, thank you for being my supporter, baby I can't thank you enough for what all you have done for me. You're my star, a shooting star I want to make a wish for. Be my love for life and beyond.


    • My all in one human,
      You know I was lost, I had no direction in my life, you came into my life like a star, full of life and sparkle, I never told you how much I crave for your fragrance, for your love, for your aroma, for your persona, no words can articulate the meaning of love I have for you. Can't deny the fact, we fight but I don't know how every time we get back to each other even stronger than before. Are you just my boyfriend? No, you're not, you're my friend, love, best friend, life and my everything. The love you've given me is something I want to cherish for lifelong.


    • Love,
      Thank you for making me the woman I'm today, thank-you for inspiring me to be more independent, for telling me that everything I deserve is coming my way, thank you for believing in me. The only thing that matters is "US". People don't get enough love but you have given me more than enough, thank you for pampering me and I hope you will continue doing that. Our children will always be happy because they will have the coolest dad on this planet. I always wondered why do I love you so much? It's just that I love you for who you are. Thank you for loving me.


    Love Letter For BoyFriend


    • My man,
      I want to put my heart out today, I want to tell you how much I love you, yes I do, and I will always do. Universe wants us to be together, there is always a way out of you and me getting together. Can't thank God and the stars enough for your existence. Thank you for letting me show the weirdest me, prettiest me, annoying me, cute me, and thank you for loving me either way. You've made me the woman I'm right now! Whenever my name will be taken, your name will come anyhow. I love you with all my heart, you're my man and you will be my man forever and beyond.


    • My Little infinity,
      I can't say enough thank you for the little infinity, you must be wondering why I said "little". I don't know how things will be in future, you'll be there like you're new or not, the only thing I know is the moments that we have spent together will always be locked up in my heart with having two keys one with me and one with you. The girl next door, who never thought of dating somebody now officially have fallen in love with you, I look at you I see my world. I don't think so I need something from this world because I have chosen you over this world.


    • My,
      You've been my sunshine in the darkest times of my life, you have claimed your presence with a beam of glint and sunshine, that you carry with you. What would a girl like me want more than this? My heart says to your heart, Stay a little longer. I hope time will come when I will never say bye but will have you eternally. In all darkest times thank you for all the love and support you have given me.
      Says your love❤️


    • To the man who loved me with all his heart, this is for you.
      Thank you for coming into my life and making it easier. You've made me understand the actual meaning of love and support. You're the true epitome of love, support, and encouragement. You're the man of my dreams. With you, everything seems so beautiful and simple. I love you with all my heart.


    Love Letter For BoyFriend/him


    • My love,
      I can feel every ounce of love through your eyes, my days begin with your name and end with your smile. I wish I could tell you how much I love you for being you and continuously supporting me through all the ups and downs, you are everything that a woman can ask for.


    • To my best friend and love of my life.
      I can't just imagine that I have found my love and best friend in just one human being. The day I saw you was the day when I believed that love, at first sight, does exist. Thank you for making my unrealistic dreams come true. To the contact support and encouragement, you have a shooting star that I wanna make a wish too. A lifetime would be less to tell you that I love you.


    • Thankyou to love someone like me, you have proven that love sees no boundaries. You have been the part of my saga by the companionship and love you have poured on me, few twinklings with you, is something that I will not trade anything for. You're my Hero and My happy ending ❤


    • I told the stars about you, the day we met. About the day we talked until it was past midnight, about the days I would wait for you to tell me yet another story, about the days I would see you make an extra effort, about the days I had smiles because of you. About everything and anything.💛 You've been my sunshine boy.


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    • Love, Stars will bear testimony to my feelings and you are the moon surrounded by them. Every star will have a part of me, radiating the spark my eyes have when I'm with you.❤ Every day is a bit more exciting when I'm with you. A little more fun and a little more blushes. With you, I've felt safe and the feelings I have for you is that I've never felt them before. Thank you for existing ❤


    • Baby, I've moments with you that I wouldn't trade for anything. You are a gem and sunshine, you're story, my hero and you'll be my Happy ending. I love you with all my heart and will continue to love you no matter what. With no doubt in my heart, when I see you I see the future in you.