64 Longest Films Made In The World Till Date

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Not all movies are made to hit at the box-office or become all-time hits but some are experimental and a showcase of fine film-making. Check out this list of longest films that will test your time and patience, at its best. Well, this would also be my longest article till now, wink!


1. Modern times forever:  2011 - 240 hr

Modern times forever 240hrs - longest film/movie
Modern times forever was released in 2011 and is the 2nd longest movie till date. Put together by a Danish group of artists, famed as Superflex. It is grouped as an experimental film and shows the environmental effects on humankind quite distinguishingly. Masterly shows the slow decay of the Storage Endo building, Helsinki over a period of 1000 years. The well-known building is symbolized as the effects of time and weather and the end of humankind. The film was originally projected against the building.


2. Matrjoschka - 2006 - 95 hr

Matrjoschka- longest movie
A 2006 film made by German artist, Karin Hoerler. It is an experimental film, that is, which pertains to any art form, dance, poetry, painting or arises from a technical source through research. In the movie, the image changes but the movements are very slow and cannot be seen directly.


3. The Cure for Insomnia - 1987 - 87 hr

The Cure for Insomnia - 1987- longest movie
The film showcases the poet, L.D. Groban, who is the only artist in the film, reciting slowly his own 4000-page poem that goes on for 3 days. It is directed by John Henry Tunnis IV and released in the year, 1987. There is no story in the film and is incorporated with X-rated film shots and rock music videos.


4. Longest most meaningless movie in the world - 1970 - 48 hr

Longest most meaningless movie in the world 48hrs - longest movie
A 1970 film, which was considered as the longest movie made till that year. It is an underground movie that consists out-dated commercials, strips of undeveloped films and other casts off materials. The movie is a fine direction of Vincent Patoullard.


5. Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery - 1928 - 27 hr

Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery - 1928 - longest film
This movie dates back to 1928, directed by Zuong Sichuan. It is a Chinese silent film and was released in 19 parts between the year 1928-31. Adapted from the novel 'Tale of the extraordinary swordsman', the story revolves around a weak and sickly man who is sent to study in the school of Martial arts by his father after the father is defeated by a gang in a fight. During his training, he comes across a Red Lotus Monastery and discovers it’s hidden secrets while adventuring around. Sadly, the film is considered lost as no copies have survived.


6. The clock - 2010 - 24 hrs

The clock film - 2010 - longest movie
Created by video artist Christian Marclay, also a composer, in the year 2010. The video consists of small shots from movie and television that features clocks and timepieces. The film was edited by the technique of supercut, that is aggressively editing shots of film to condense time and space. The film was marvelously presented with synchronization of the time shown in the film with the actual time. It was debuted in the White Cube art gallery and was purchased by big museums. It won Golden Lion Award at the Venice Biennale, 2011.


7. 24 Hour Psycho - 1993 - 24 hrs

24 Hour Psycho - 1993 - 24 hours

The movie is nothing but a slower version of the 1960 movie, Psycho. The film is edited 2 frames per second, normally which is 24 frames. The film is directed by Douglas Gordon and was released in the year 1993.


8. **** - 1967 - 25 hrs

 4star film- 1967 - 25 hr- long movie

****(Four stars) is an Avant-garde or experimental film directed by pop artist Andy Warhol, made in 1967. Each reel of the film is 35 minutes long. Warhol showcases factory life in this piece where he casted, what he calls Warhol's “Superstars” in the movie. The film was considered beautiful but hard to decipher as compared to his earlier and more famous work, Chelsea girls.


9. Cinématon - 1984 - 16 hrs

Cinématon - 1984 - 16 hours-longest movies

French director, Gérard Courant captured 16-hour vignettes of various artists, journalists, directors and actors in the film. A 3-minute 25-second impressionistic scene of focus on every artist portraying their act of the moment. For eg, Terry Gilliam is seen eating a 100-franc note while Samuel Fuller is smoking a cigar. Many artists who were a part of this were directors Barbet Schroeder, Nagisa Oshima, Volker Schlöndorff, Ken Loach, Benjamin Cuq, Youssef Chahine, Wim Wenders, Joseph Losey, Jean-Luc Godard, Samuel Fuller and Terry Gilliam, chess grandmaster Joël Lautier, and actors Roberto Benigni, Stéphane Audran, Julie Delpy and Lesley Chatterley.


10. La Flor - 2018 - 14hr 28m

La Flor film - 14hr- longest movie

A 2018, Argentine film written and directed by Marian Llinas, about 4 women in 6 episodes. The stories are told in the beginning and finish in medias re, meaning, in the middle of, for first 4 episodes. The 5th episode has the story from start to finish and 6th is the conclusion.


11. Resan - 1987 - 14 hr 33 min

Resan film- 1987 - 14 hr 33 min

Peter Watkins made this movie from the year 1983-87. In actuality, this is a documentary that Watkins shoots covering all continents, talking to common people about their awareness of nuclear weapons, military, and poverty. It is the longest non-experimental till date. It has been screened on very few occasions since it’s release.


12. How Yukong moved the mountain - 1976 - 13hr 43 min

How Yukong moved the mountain - 1976- long movie

Dutch director, Joris Ivens, and actor, Marceline Loridan got together with Chinese film-makers to create this long documentary on China, during the end days of Cultural Revolution. The long film was edited to 12 parts and released. Capturing the essence of a Revolution through the eyes of the ordinary people during the years 1972-74, it marks some important aspects of the Chinese culture, immensely capturing the end of an era. It was released in the year 1976 and received acclaims for its stand-out work.


13. Out 1 - 1971 - 12 hr 53 min

Out 1 film - 1971 - long movie

A brilliant work by Jacques Rivette, creating plots of many characters, interweaving with new characters with their own subplots and ultimately crossing their paths after a long stretch. The film starts with the focus on 2 theatre troupes, rehearsing plays, Seven against Thebes and Prometheus bound, then slowly tuning with stories of a con- artist and a petty thief, ultimately getting together to form a secret group of “The Thirteen”. The 13 hour-long films was divided into 8 parts and released in 1971.


14. Evolution of a Filipino Family - 2004 - 10hr 30m

 Evolution of a Filipino Family film - 2004 - long movie

A 10 years work of the director, Lav Diaz, who brought together a fine film of 11 hours approx. The story retells the history of Philippines during the era of Marco's dictatorship. The story of a Filipino family falling to poverty and hopes attached for revival, clearly outlining the situation of the then Philippines. The technique of story-telling by putting in dialogues and sound to mention the history, that is, hearing through the sounds used and relating to the situation how it actually was, is commendable. The film is highly informative and a clear idea of life’s misery.


15. The human condition 1: No greater love  - 1959 - 9hr 39min

The human condition 1 No greater love film - 1959 - long movie

The first of the Japanese Trilogy, ‘The Human condition' directed by Masako Kobayashi. A Japanese rebel who works as the manager of a mining lot of Chinese laborers objects to the suppression and works for lifting up working conditions of the laborers. Later, finds himself attending to the needs of war-time Japan.


16. Tie Xi Qn: West of the tracks - 2003 - 9 hr 26min

Tie Xi Qn West of the tracks film - 2003- long movie

Is considered a most important documentary of the 2000s. Adept direction and editing by Wang Bing, this documentary was captured in the duration of 2 years from 1999-2001, showing the slow decline of China’s Industrial Tiexi district, a successful example of China’s socialist economy. It shows the effects of closing down of factories due to introduction of free market and new industries, on the people. Wang Bing created this piece on 3 stages, Rust Remnants and Rails. Rust, shows a group of factory workers getting affected with the deteriorating equipments of the factory and poisonous gases. The second part, Remnants, show teenage children coping up with the closing down of the factories. The last stage, Rails, condense down to a single family who scavenge the rails to sell raw materials to factories. It is considered the most acclaimed film of the 21st century.


17. Shoah - 1985 - 9hr 26min

Shoah film- 1985

A movie which could leave you struggling with your own emotions. A documentary put together solely by director Claude Lauzmann, who spent 11 years to compile and show the world a masterpiece. The film is about Holocaust survivors and witnesses across Poland, whom Lauzmann interviews. A more than 9 hours of anger and pain but still an outstanding storytelling. Film reviewer Roger Ebert calls it, “A long but not a slow movie that will change our point of view towards holocaust”. The film was released in 1985 and received critical acclaim. It also bagged awards- The New York film critics Circle award and BAFTA award for best documentary.


18. Death in the land of Encantos - 2007 - 9 Hrs

Death in the land of Encantos film - long movies


Another of a classic slow movie by Lav Diaz. Released in the year 2007. The film is a documentary as well as a fiction which revolves around a poet who visits his hometown, Padang, during the aftermath of the Super typhoon that hit the city of Philippines in 2006. The film is marked with heavy dialoguing and Diaz's attempt to create a fictional story around the disaster is a fine work to watch. The emotional condition of the poet who is back in his village to confront and bury his father, mother and sister and finally meet his death there, is commendably captured. Diaz also included some of his in-person interviews that he took while filming.


19. Heremias - 2006 - 9 hrs

Heremias - 2006

Lav Diaz created this fiction in the year 2006. The story of a merchant who part ways with his fellow mates and gets involved among criminals in the jungle.


20. Taiga - 1958 - 8 hr 31 min

Taiga - 1958 - 8 hr 31 min - long movie/film

A documentary by German filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger about the region of Taiga, in Mongolia, capturing the rainforest beauty and the life and culture of the Reindeer tribe. The work marvellously films moments of the tribe including a wedding by the shaman and their very own Olympics. Considering the length, the documentary film was released in 3 different parts.


21. Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis - 2016 - 8h 5m

Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis - 2016 - 8h 5m

The movie literally translates to A lullaby to the sorrowful mystery
Lav Diaz makes this film on the Phillipines National hero and revolutionary Andres Bonifacio. He has also included the investigation of José Rizal's death and the Spanish colonialization and it’s oppression on people, in the movie. It fell on mixed reviews by the critics calling it not so impressive work by as great a filmmaker as Diaz.


22. Empire - 1965 - 8 hr 5 min

 Empire - 1965 - 8 hr 5 min

Another of Avant-garde cinema by Andy Warhol capturing the view of Empire State building from evening till 3 am the next day. The film is in slow motion reducing to 16 frames per second. The film does not have any narration or character and the only purpose by the director is to see the time passing by. This 1964 work is in black and white and is described as an influential work by Warhol.


23. War and Peace - 1966 - 8 hr 4 min

War and Peace - 1966 - 8 hr 4 min

A 1966 film, re-creation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and peace. Story of a Russian prince who is facing Napoleon's army just around the corner and simultaneously struggling relations with his father and wife. Director Sergei Bondarchuk created this magnificent Russian historical film with praises for its magnanimous battles scenes. The movie was released in 4 parts.


24. Melancholia - 2008 - 8 hr

Melancholia - 2008 - 8 hr - long movie

Lav Diaz won Horizon prize for the best film in the 65th Venice Film Festival for this 2008 film. Three people go under a strange role-play therapy in order to overcome their depression. The movie is divided into parts and meets with a heartbreaking end. Ronnie Schieb of Variety fame, calls this “ Lav Diaz’s latest madly uncommercial magnum-opus”.


25. Imitation of Christ - 1967 - 8 hr

Imitation of Christ - 1967 - 8 hr - long movie

A beautiful film written and directed by Andy Warhol. A misfit boy passes his time as the maid feeds him cornflakes and reads him De Imitatione Christi, a spiritual guide. While his parents argue over their son's problems and struggle to admit their physical attraction towards him. The concept so like, Warhol’s. This 1967 film was released in a shorter version before.


26. The Photo-Drama of Creation - 1914 - 8 hr

 The Photo-Drama of Creation - 1914 - 8 hr - long film

Dates to as long ago as 1914
A film produced by Watch Tower Bible and Tract society of Pennsylvania. Directed by Charles Taze Russell, the film follows everyone’s differing beliefs on God’s plan from the creation of Earth to the 1000 year reign of Christ.


27. O.J. Simpson: Made in America - 2016 - 7h 47m

O.J. Simpson Made in America - 2016 - 7h 47m - long movie/film

A 2016 documentary directed by Ezra Edelman about the football player O.J. Simpson. It explores the emerging and downfall of Simpson's career till, when he was charged and imprisoned for a murder. Also, highlights the Racial struggle in America.


28. The Wake - 2000 - 7 hr 42 min


This 2000 film was directed by Michael Kvium & Christian Lemmerz. It is based on Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce. A video showing Joyce’s dreams into pictures.


29. Sátántangó - 1994 - 7h 30m

Sátántangó - 1994 - 7h 30m - long movie/film

A Hungarian art film under a super direction of Bela Tart. It was released in 1994 and widely acclaimed considering it the greatest film ever made. The film deals with the effects of the fall of communism in Hungary. The story about a village whose only income source, a factory is closed down and the few locals whose only hope lies in a cash payment to be received due to the shuttering.


30. Hitler: A Film from Germany - 1977 - 7 hr 22 min

Hitler A Film from Germany - 1977 - 7 hr 22 min - long film

It must be the longest film made on Hitler. There is no plot but the film is divided into 4 parts starting from describing Hitler’s personality and propagandas to the pre-nazi culture of Germany to the Holocaust and idea behind it and finally climaxing to André Heller talking to a puppet of Hitler on how they destroyed Germany. The film was directed by Hans-Jürgen Syberberg and starring Heinz Schubert.


31. Lamentations a Monument for the Dead World - 1985 - 7 hr 7 min

Lamentations a Monument for the Dead World - 1985 - 7 hr 7 min - long film/movie

R. Bruce Elder gives a different and darker meaning to the Egyptian Book of the dead, which is a religious book on preaching how to preserve the dead and prepare for afterlife. In this audio-visual representations, philosophies through meditation, XC super imposed texts is portrayed. Depiction of comical but disturbing Franz Liszt, debates between Issac Newton and George Berkeley;an agent man and an arrogant psychiatrist; finally, hunt for salvation in the forests of British Columbia, southwest America and Mexican Yucatan valley.


32. The Movie Orgy - 1968 - 7 hr

The Movie Orgy - 1968 - 7 hr - long movie

A compilation of film clips, commercials and film trailers by director Joe Dante and producer Jon Davidson. The film’s comprises of early TV commercials, newsreel, A-bomb footage, cartoons, sci-fi movies and most adorable Andy’s gang of puppeteer-controlled cat and mouse performing “Jesus loves me”.



33. The Cloth Peddler - 1917 - 7 hr

The Cloth Peddler - 1917 - 7 hr - long movie

The cloth peddler is a silent film version of an Azerbaijani operetta. Director Boris Svetlov recreates the story of a rich man who wishes to marry a girl of his choice, against the custom of his people and therefore disguises himself as a cloth peddler and to find his match. Interestingly, the role of Asgar's(disguised cloth peddler) beloved was played by Ahmed Aghdamski, a male, while Huseynqulu Sarabski played the role of Asgar.


34. The Satin Slipper - 1985 - 6 hr 50 min

The Satin Slipper - 1985 - 6 hr 50 min

The film is based on a play by Paul Claudel and is directed by Manuel de Oliveira. This 1985 Portuguese-french drama is about Don Rodrigo who is deeply in love with a noblewoman, Dona Prouhéze during the times of Spanish gold. Rodrigo is forced to leave Spain and sent to America while Dona is sent to Africa to rule a kingdom. Rodrigo travels to Africa to search for her only to find out that she died leaving her daughter behind. The film was screened at the 42nd Venice Film festival.


35. Star Spangled to Death - 2004 - 6 hr 42 min

Star Spangled to Death - 2004 - 6 hr 42 min - long movie

Ken Jacobs started compiling this movie since the 1950s and released in 2004. A documentary that contains archival footages of the history of the US and views of the society. It won the Douglas Edward experimental film award in Los Angeles film critics association awards.


36. Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon - 2014 - 5h 38m

Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon - 2014 - 5h 38m - long films/movie

Literally, translates to “From what is before”. Lav Diaz took to Ferdinand E Marcos’s dictatorship this time. With the village suffering setbacks of people and cattle dying, Marcos implements Proclamation no 1081 putting entire country under martial law. It won the Golden Leopard Award in the Locarno Film festival in 2014.


37. Fanny and Alexander - 1982 - 5h 26m

Fanny and Alexander - 1982 - 5h 26m - long film/movie

This film went on to receive Academy Awards for Best foreign language film and many other awards. Director Ingmar Bergman's film pertains to the story of Fanny and Alexander, two siblings who lose their father, eventually mother remarries to a Bishop who is abusive towards Alexander. It was the most popular Swedish film in the native.


38. Nymphomaniac - 2013 - 5hr 25min

 Nymphomaniac - 5h 25m - long film

Director Lars Von Trier creates this two-part art film on a sex addict female, who shares her condition of becoming a nymphomaniac and her experiences to the person who saved her life.


39. Batang West Side - 2001 - 5h 15m

Batang West Side - 2001 - 5h 15m - long movie

A Filipino boy in America is found dead on the streets and the resulting investigation with family and friends reveals much about the boy and the Filipino community in America. The detective handling the case goes through his own past settlements and finds about the destruction of Filipino youth by the drug 'shabu'. Lav Diaz creates this sensation in 2001.


40. Tamas - 1988 - 4h 58m

Tamas - 1988 - 4h 58m - long bollywood movie/film

India's partition had been a very influential subject for many filmmakers. Tamas, translates in English as 'Darkness' is the story of the emigrant families who went through the agony during the partition of Bengal. The film falls in the backdrop of the riot-stricken Pakistan. The 1988 drama was directed by Govind Nihalani and was initially a television film which were shown in parts and later released in theatres as a whole 4 hours movie.


41. Thavamai Thavamirundhu - 2005 - 4h 35m

Thavamai Thavamirundhu - 2005 - 4h 35m - long hindi film/movie

A 2005 film showcasing moral family values and the importance of family bonding. Highlighting the relationship between father and son is the main theme of the film. The film was highly praised for its content and also received a National Award.


42. Mera Naam Joker - 1970 - 4h 15m

Mera Naam Joker - 1970 - 4h 15m - long movies bollywood

The film is a cult of Bollywood cinema. Created in 1970 by Raj Kapoor, about a clown’s journey from his childhood till a performer in the circus. The film highlights how the clown makes people laugh leaving behind his own sorrows. The film was initially criticized for being too long and release was halted, putting Raj Kapoor into a financial crisis but later was given a thumbs-up calling it a misunderstood masterpiece. Being a movie casted with Soviet actors, it was a blockbuster in the Soviets.


43. Gone With the Wind - 1939 - 3h 58m

Gone With the Wind - 1939 - 3h 58m - long film

No one can miss ‘Gone with the wind'. The film is an epic one, loaded with 10 Academy awards. Set in the American civil war times and the reconstruction days, this film is about a strong-willed woman and a roguish man striving with romantic pursuits. Directed by Victor Fleming and based on a novel by the same name. The movie was the highest grossing one of all times in Canada.


44. Ben-Hur - 1959 - 3h 44m

Ben-Hur - 1959 - 3h 44m - long film

Ben-Hur is one religious classic work, which had the largest set and the total budget, way too high of those times. Director William Wyler creates this epic-drama based on the Lew Wallace's novel under the same name. Story of a Jewish prince betrayed by his friend and sold to slavery in the Roman Empire, returns back for revenge.


45. Alexander - 2004 - 3h 34m

Alexander - 2004 - 3h 34m - long movie/film

The story of Alexander retold in this masterpiece. Director Oliver Stone tells the story of the Macedonian Prince who sets out to conquer the new world after defeating the Persian Empire. The film starred Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson, Jared Leto and Val Kilmer. The film was criticised for historical inaccuracy but the work remains to be a classic.


46. war and peace movie - 1956 - 3h 28m

war and peace movie - 1956 - 3h 28m - long movie

The Famed Leo Tolstoy novel was first made into a 208 minutes film directed by King Vidor in 1956. Starring Henry Fonda and Audrey Hepburn. The story also came out for 8 hours in the year 1966(above).


47. Seven Samurai - 1954 - 3h 27m

Seven Samurai - 1954 - 3h 27m - long film

A 1954 Japanese Samurai tale, directed and edited by Akira Kurosawa. A veteran samurai gathers six more samurais to save a village from bandits and prepares the village to defend themselves. The film is considered one of the most influential films which have been remade and adapted to many films and plays.


48. Andrei Rublev - 1966 - 3h 25m

Andrei Rublev - 1966 - 3h 25m - long movie

The film is regarded as a highly accomplished work and praised for its originality. Set in the backdrop of Medieval Russia about the 15th-century famous painter, Andrei Rublev who later takes a vow of silence. The film was directed by Andrei Tarkovsky and got released in 1966.


49. Sholay - 1975 - 3h 24m

Sholay 1975 - 1975 - 3h 24m - longest film/movie

An action film which is considered to be an outstanding work of Bollywood cinema. The story about two ex-convicts who are hired by a retired policeman to take his revenge for killing his family from a ruthless dacoit, Gabbar Singh who has also created havoc in the village. Every character of the movie is still praised and acknowledged for their amazing work. This masterpiece was directed by Ramesh Sippy and released in 1975.


50. Winter Sleep - 2014 - 3h 16mWinter Sleep - 2014 - 3h 16m- long film

A 2014 Turkish drama directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. The movie is based in Anatolia significantly highlighting the rich and poor divide. The movie themes around a hotel owner who is trapped in his house conflicts where he lives with his young wife and sister, who is divorced.


51. The Green Mile - 1999 - 3h 9m

The Green Mile - 1999- long film/movie

The film is based on Stephen King’s novel, The green mile, directed by Frank Darabont and stars Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. About a prison guard who discovers an inmate's special gift and witnesses his life-changing after that.


52. The Wolf of Wall Street - 2013 - 3 hours

The Wolf of Wall Street - 2013 - long film

The autobiographical film about Jordan Belfort played exemplary by Leonardo DiCaprio, the stockbroker who got hit large after Wall Street crash. His story of fraud and corruption as he climbs back the ladder to reach to the top is the theme of the movie. The film was under the direction of Martin Scorsese, released in 2014.


53. The Godfather - 1972 - 2h 58m

The Godfather - 1972 - 2h 58m - longest movie/film

The first of the Godfather series, which won many Oscars including Best Picture and actor and the highest grossing film of 1972. Stars Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, in a theme revolving around the New York's crime family. Francis Ford Coppola 's perfect direction calls the film, still a classic.


54. Casino - 1995 - 2h 58m

Casino - 1995 - 2h 58m - long film

A story of greed and jealousy, a 1995 crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese. Starring Robert de Niro and Sharon Stone with John Pesci, about a mafia don who is given Casinos to run in Las Vegas and his rise to power which is hated by his friend and in turn get brutal.


55. Interstellar - 2014 - 2h 49m

Interstellar - 2014- long movie

Directed and written by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar is a mind-blowing sci-fi film. In future, planet Earth becomes inhabitable and 2 astronauts are sent to search for a new habitable planet. Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway play the astronauts.


56. Spectre - 2015 - 2h 40m

Spectre - 2015 - 2h 40m - long movie

The film is the most expensive Bond film ever. James Bond out to uncover the truth behind the terrorist organization SPECTRE. Bond, played by Daniel Craig and was released in 2015.


57. Silence - 2016 - 2h 41m

Silence film - 2016 - 2h 41m - long film

Two Christian missionary priests set out from Portugal to Japan to locate their mentor, who was out to spread Christianity. The film marks the era of Shimbara rebellion in Japan when the suppression of Christianity was on rise. The 2016 work of Martin Scorsese as the director was applauded for the prompt depiction of a struggling faith.


58. The Revenant - 2015 - 2h 36m

The Revenant - 2015 - 2h 36m - long movie

Leonardo DiCaprio portrays as the legendary frontiersman who gets abandoned by his fellow hunters and strives for survival through the lands only to return back to take his revenge. Alejandro Gonzalez Iñáritu directs the movie quite fine, which earned him an Academy award. DiCaprio won Academy award for Best Actor for his performance.


59. The Last Jedi - 2017 - 2h 32m

The Last Jedi - 2017 - 2h 32m -long movie

The longest film of the Star War legacy, released in the year 2017 under the superb direction of Rian Johnson. The film features the posthumous film performance of Carrie Fisher who died before it’s release. The film was dedicated to her.


60. Exodus: Gods and Kings - 2014 - 2h 30m

Exodus Gods and Kings - 2014 - 2h 30m- long film

The film is dedicated to the biblical episode of the Exodus, journey of Hebrews to Egypt, led by Moses. Stars Christian Bale and directed by Ridley Scott. Generally received negative views from critics for its pacing but acting performances were praised.


61. Captain America: Civil War - 2016 - 2h 28m

Captain America Civil War - 2016 - 2h 28m - long film

Marvel studio's another creation of two sets of superheroes fighting against each other for a Government law that needs to be imposed. Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo create this amazing action sequence in 2016.


62. The Aquaman - 2018 - 2h 22m

 The Aquaman - 2018 - 2h 22m- long movie

James Wan releases this movie with super effects and super direction about the kingdom of Atlantis where a power-hungry King is rebelled by Aquaman. Released in 2018 by Marvel Studios.


63. Forrest Gump - 1994 - 2h 22m

Forrest Gump - 1994 - 2h 22m- long movie

A low-witted man's story, Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), through the decades of his life, witnessing several historic milestones in the US. The film received Oscars for Best Picture and Best actor and many more. It was the highest grossing movie of the year 1994.


64. Apollo 13 movie - 1995 - 2h 20m

apollo 13 movie - 1995 - 2h 20m- long movie

The 1995 drama about a group of astronauts trapped in the moon while their spacecraft breaks down during the mission. The film shows NASA's struggle to get them back on Earth. Directed by Ron Howard the movie went on to being a phenomenal success.