Everything You Need To Know About Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationships

Long Distance Relationships (LDR) have become common as people shift from their hometown to achieve their career goals. It has been said that love deepens when you are apart from each other geographically. Well, to some extent it might be true. But, in order to accomplish LDR, efforts have to be made both sides. It is the hardship that every couple goes through by being distant and ensures their connection. If you are patient enough to involve yourself into such bond, then be supportive and courageous enough to give 100% of yourself.

Does long distance work?

Does long distance work
When you trust each other, have complete faith and knows every detail about each other’s nature; only then long distances tends to work out. The bond between you and your partner should be strong enough to handle short blows of life. Trust and communication are two vital principles or you can say the pillar for long distance relationships.

When long distance doesn’t work?

long distance doesn’t work
Long distance fails when your partner gives up on you might be due to misunderstanding or insecurities. Slightest doubt can create big trouble for any relationships and this lead to suspecting your partner. Lack of communication is the main reason for most of the falling relationships. Unless you make clear conversation with your loved one, you tend to lose faith in each other and thus withdrawing from the relationship.

LDR can work if equivalent efforts are applied by both people in a relationship. Following are some tips that may help you out for your “Long Distance” triumph.



10 best ways to manage a long distance relationship


1. Support them to build their career

Support them to build their career
Give each other enough space to grow in their career, if that’s the reason they are away from you. When your partner is ambitious for their career, support them and give them time to build their professional life. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage your loved life and professional life. It’s an art that every person involved in a relationship must learn. If your companion is understanding and supportive about your career decision, it boosts up your motivation level and they could concentrate to complete their work.


2. Taking decisions together

Taking decisions together
Whenever any decision has to be made, let that be related to career or personal; talk through it with your partner, discuss every possible aspect and then come to a conclusion. Support in every decision by proper analysis. Even if you are away, help in making the decision about the future. Remember, whatever decisions you make, you are not solely involved. Now your life’s decision needs to be discussed with a loved one by taking their view into consideration. You are a duo now and so everything will go hand in hand with each other.


3. Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch
Keep them updated with your activities. Tell each other how their day went; this will express your connection apart from distance. Keep your every communication on the table. It may be challenging to talk to each other at an appropriate time and situation. The only problem that comes in a way while having a talk is the timing. Sometimes, it may happen that you had a rough day and not in the mood to make any conversation. Ask them how about their feelings, where this relationship is sailing. At the same time, your partner has amazing news to share with you. The response may be less energetic and your partner may hurt due to this response. Try to understand the situation they might be in and accordingly handle the situation. Also, remember one thing; too much communication can become annoying and irritating. So manage your conversation according to a particular time like make a call by the end of the day instead of calling at a frequent time interval. This will give you more topics to talk about.


4. “Honesty is the best policy”

“Honesty is the best policy” - long distance relationship
This phrase is best suited for a relationship. Be honest with each other, if you want your relationship to be successful. Your companion is worried about you as you are staying away from home as well from them. As long as both people are honest with each other, there is no room for misunderstanding. In a few relationships, it may happen that their companion is not honest enough and this creates a crack into your relationship. If you made any mistake admit it, tell it by yourself and assure that such mistakes won’t happen in future.


5. Virtual communication

Virtual communication
Whenever you get time, make Video calls to feel more connected. Set up a virtual date by calling each other at a favorable time. With the new era of technology, it is possible to keep updated with each other’s activities. Video calls can make you feel all-presence of each other. Due to distance, maintaining intimacy among each other becomes difficult. Talk on calls as if you are present in front of each other, cherish that moment by gazing at one another and praising each other’s efforts for safekeeping this relationship. Enjoy small talks.


6. A Visit: all it takes

A Visit all it takes - long distance relationship
The only virtual conversation won’t be enough to last this long distance relationship. Give them a surprise visit. Surprise visit could be the best and most adorable gift for your partner. Whenever you visit your partner, spend some quality time with each other. Every visit is a reminder of why the distance was worth it. Go for a lunch or dinner date, watch a movie or go for a brisk walk and watch the sunset together. Make fruitful memories, which will be your boost until next visit. Enjoy cute little memories coupled with a bundle of joy and love. This is the chance to compensate the triumphs of distance. A visit is all that matters for a long distance because this maintains the intimacy in a relationship.


7.  Trust more and doubtless

Trust more and doubtless
Don’t let misunderstanding come in between your tie-up. Misunderstanding is the biggest problem that comes in the way of any relationship. In the long distance, it happens more as trust began to fade with increasing distant duration relationship. Keep the amount of faith required for sailing this two-way boat of relationship. Don’t keep doubts about your partner, talk it out and clear them before causing any damage.


8. An opportunity to realize the worth of love

An opportunity to realize the worth of love
Consider this as an opportunity to realize each other’s importance in their life. Distance defines the true value of the relationship. It makes you realize each other’s worth in their life. ‘How their life will be without them?’ this question is best answered in this long term. When you are away, you began to realize the things or habits that you loved about them, which made them unique. This is the uniqueness that made you fall in love with them. Their cute little habits that you found cute, is now being missed. Everything is flashed and understood when they are away from us.


9. Deal with Jealousy and possessiveness

Deal with Jealousy and possessiveness
Jealousy arises in every relationship when you see your partner having a good time with their colleagues or other people whereas on different landform you are missing them. It happens most of the time. The only solution for it is, discussing your feelings and try to work on the anxieties caused. This will help them understand about your feelings and would acknowledge the situation when one gets jealous about. Don’t let possessiveness and jealousy come in your way. This may result in suffocation for other one, which we don’t want. Feelings of loneliness, where you are missing your other half heightens your insecurity level.


10. Terms to be considered

Terms to be considered - long term relationship
Put forth the terms before committing a long distance relationship. Every relationship is based on some pillar called ground rules before commitment. It’s like setting terms and conditions for getting into a relationship. It might sound like a business deal but the relationship is not less than a business where two people agreed to be with one another in every joyous and sorrow moment. It’s crucial to set ground rules when you are moving out of town, setting all the benchmarks about trust, faith, and loyalty. Be very clear about where you want to lead your relationship into, give proper direction to it. Don’t let distance be a barrier in your happily-ever-after love story.