50 Bad Habits You Do Every Day In Your Life


 “ A change in Bad Habit Leads to a Change in Life “


Introduction: Habits refer to the pattern of the behavior adopted by the individual which is done repeatedly regularly in life. Two kinds of habits exist namely Good and Bad Habits. Bad habits become usually difficult to give up.

list of bad habits


Bad Habits: Bad Habits are the wrong pattern of behavior or activities done by the individual repeatedly regularly. it affects a person’s life adversely and interferes in achieving the desired goal. Bad Habits have a negative impact on one’s life. Recent studies show that bad Habits are increasing in huge numbers among the younger generation and teenage group and it has now become a serious issue for the parents to concern about their children’s Habits. Bad Habits Lead to wastage of time and result in failures. It is necessary to give up bad habits and practice good habits as it will not only improves a person’s physical, mental, social and emotional structure but the overall personality.


50 bad Habits you do Every day in Your Life


1. Drinking and Driving: this is considered to be one of the worst bad habits among the youth generation. we tend to see this number is increasing in huge numbers among the teenage group nowadays as they are extensively becoming addicted to alcoholic drinks. Late night parties and over Drinking results into rash Driving among the youth and leads to Terrible accidents and Deaths.


2. Addiction to Social Media: Social Media sites like Facebook and Instagram have gained popularity among the people a lot that it has now become an addiction problem for many.


3. Overspending: it takes a lot of hard work and effort to earn money but it takes only a few seconds to waste it .people spend a lot of money buying an unnecessary item of no use .overspending leads to wastage of hard-earned money.


4. Excessive Use of Technology: with the advancement in technology it has made it easy for the people to access the world around them and today all the manual work is replaced by technology but the overuse of the same technology has also created destruction among the people.


5. Unhealthy Eating: nowadays we can see people are becoming more prone to junk food which results in unhealthy eating. this ratio is increasing in kids, teenagers and the younger generation.


6. Indulge in Wrong Group /Habits: indulging in the wrong group harms one’s life and destroys his/her characteristics.


7. Not Following Proper Rules and Regulations: there are many rules broken by the people like Breaking the rules of the traffic, getting late for the office and class, bunking the lectures, etc.


8. Not Taking Proper and Regular Bath: An Unhealthy body leads to an Unhealthy Mind. this bad habit of not taking proper and regular baths not only makes the body stinky but at the same time causes many diseases.


9. Not Washing Hands before taking any meal: This is also one of the bad habits seen in people of not washing hands before taking any meal. our hands touch many things which have bad smell if we do not wash hands our hands before taking a meal it not only makes us unhygienic but at the same time prone to many diseases.


10. Excessive Smoking: smoking is injurious to health we all have heard this line many times and seen at different places. excessive smoking not only affects our lungs but results in death as well.


11. Not Taking Regular Exercise: improper and irregular exercise creates many problems for a person and leads to many unwanted diseases, one of the main problems seen due to irregular exercise is obesity.


12. Use of Abusive Language:use of Abusive language is also considered a bad habit. we usually see this commonly in political debate.


13. Not Doing any Self Care Activities: Self Care activities play a very important role in our life but people are becoming so addicted to social media, technology, etc that they forget about taking care of their own health this makes them lazy at the same time.


14. Using Devices late at Night: use of Devices not only causes strain to eyes but also affects the physical and mental structure of the person.


15. Always Being Negative Around others: as one good quote says positive mind leads to a positive life and negative mind spread negativity all around. This bad habit of always being negative creates destruction and destroys relationships.


16. Not Cleaning Fingernails: our nails consist of many kinds of dirt, dust, and dead skin cells and it is important to clean these nails on a monthly basis to make them beautiful, neat and clean.


17. Keeping the Room Messy: we tend to see many people keep their room so messy that one even can’t enter it. The messy room becomes stinky and all the useful items are spread all around the room.


18. Making Sound with the mouth while eating: this is the also very popular bad habit seen one should always take a small bite and eat the food gently with no sound of their mouth and cutlery.


19. Not Brushing the Teeth after every meal: our teeth consist of many germs and bad odor tends to come when we don’t brush the teeth after every meal .it is necessary to brush the teeth after every meal so to keep the teeth clean and free from germs.


20. Not Washing your Face before going to Bed: our face gets prone to dirt, dust, oil when we go out. It is very important to daily do CTM and wash our face with face wash and moisturize it before going to sleep.


21. Wearing Headphones for too many Hours: we see many people wear headphones for too many hours while doing workout or work at the office, wearing it for too long has a negative impact on our ears and affect our physical and mental structure.


22. Procrastination: many people have this bad habit of postponing the things which can be done in less period and in this way the work which is of great priority is delayed a lot.


23. Staying up Late: research shows that this habit is increasing in huge numbers among the teenage and younger generation as they are becoming more addicted to over drinking, late-night parties, studying late at night, etc.


24. Poor Posture: lack of irregular exercise, meditation and yoga destroys our physical and mental structure and results in poor posture.


25. Staying in an unhealthy Relationships: Relationships are a pivotal part of our life and it is our responsibility to safeguard it, involving in an unhealthy relationship not only destroy relationships but at the same time affect our life as well.

26. Never Brushing Your Tongue: This bad habit of not Brushing the Tongue makes our Tongue dirty and prone to unwanted germs.


27. Bragging: Bragging is a Common bad habit seen we usually see many people become excessive proud of their achievements that they forget about other ‘s achievements.


28. Arguing in Public: we see many people tend to argue in Public of Unnecessary issue. This bad habit results in the wrong reputation of the person.


29. Not Taking Monthly Medical Routine Checkup: it is important to go for a monthly regular check-up and visit the doctor but due to a hectic schedule or different reasons people avoid this and later it affects their body.


30. Overuse of sleeping Pills: lack of sleep creates stress and tensions in order to prevent it people usually take sleeping pills and make this as their daily dose thus overuse of sleeping pills incurs many unwanted diseases.


31. Being Busy for the sake of Being Busy: some people waste their time in useless gossips, social media, etc and pretend to be so busy in front of others that they have some important work which needs to be completed in less period of time.


32. Not Asking for help when you know you need it: it is rightly said that no one has ever become poor by giving it to others and helping them when they are in need but not asking for help and suffering for it is a very common problem seen in many people.


33. Making noise with the cutlery while preparing the food: unnecessary noise creates disturbance in work, we have seen many people make a lot of noise with the cutlery while preparing food which is considered bad manners.


34. Kids Addicted to Video Games and Mobile Games: with the increasing popularity of video and mobile games, many kids have become so addicted to these games that they are losing their interest in Studies.


35. Leaving Your PC onLeaving The PC or Laptops on for a long time can destroy the internal system of the device and affects the battery system . we should always shut down the PC when the work is completed.


36. Lying a Lot: Many people have a habit of telling a lot of Lie even the thing is considered to be very small.


37. Denying personal Responsibility: running away from personal responsibility and not completing it on Time is another bad habit commonly seen in many.


38. Not Throwing old Food out of the Fridge: old food causes bacteria and makes the other food kept in the fridge unhygienic, not throwing old food leads to many unwanted health issues.


39. Not Cleaning Junk/spam Files/Folders: many people have a bad habit of keeping all the unnecessary files/folders in their PC or laptops which fills the storage capacity and not cleaning Junk /Spam Files and emails.


40. Consistently Interrupting Others: interrupting and interfering in personal matters leads to failures in relationships.


41. Staring in an open Fridge: some people have this habit of keeping the fridge open for too long that all the cold air goes out and affects the freshness of the items kept in the fridge.


42. Road Rage: Difficult Driving Conditions lead to violence among the drivers whether it be rash driving or stuck in Heavy Traffic.


43. Popping Medicines every day: making a daily dose of taking medicines causes several unwanted diseases.


44. Carrying a Heavy Bag every time: this habit is commonly seen in women’s They tend to keep a lot of unnecessary things in their bags and make it heavy.


45. Never allow the Things to be good enough: negative mind spreads negativity all around and never make the things to be good enough.


46. Nibbling while cooking: this is another common bad practice seen among women of taking small bites while preparing the food in the kitchen.


47. Try to finish the books or projects you don’t enjoy: many projects and assignments are given in office and college which we do not preferably enjoy to do but for the sake of completing it we have to do it.


48. Speaking with your Mouth full/ chewing it with mouth open: many people have this bad habit of continuously speaking/chewing with keeping their mouth open.


49. Being Flatter: many people have this habit of saying good things in front of somebody but on the other side they have negative Thoughts.


50. Inactive Listening: inactive Listening is another bad habit seen in many people. They do not pay attention to the important work which later results in failures. 



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