Would You Rather Questions – The New Question For Conversation

Have you ever wonder that the simple phrase which we usually use daily connotations i.e Would You Rather, could turn into a very exciting game? No?

Well, this a game where you can shoot the other by bringing up questions with different scenarios under various heads.

This will improve your communication skills and henceforth, confident about yourself and your competence. While you may think over some exciting questions to ask, you may step into a wonderful conversation by just asking “why?”. This will help you know the other person more in detail and will make your relation more understandable and strong.

This will make you so confident that the next time you meet the same person you yourself will start having the conversation on the topics of his/her interest. You’ll become approachable to people if, you started knowing them better.

So, here we shoot you up with 100+ questions that you can ask as a part of a game to know each other better. These questions will surely make you amuse.


Best Would You Rather Questions To Ask


  1. Would you rather have a good memory or a silver tongue?
  2. Would you rather be in hell for a year or lose a year off your life?
  3. Would you rather go on a date with your partner on a hot sunny day or to a sunset point alone?
  4. Would you rather donate your blood while alive or your eyes after your death?
  5. Would you rather fill up your heart with hatred regarding a person or will try to find out the reason behind the certain behavior of the person?
  6. Would you rather go up by using a lift or stairs?
  7. Would you rather laugh all day or cry all day?
  8. Would you rather go to a temple or a night club for a party?
  9. Would you rather choose smart work or hard work?
  10. Would you rather choose a novel or a poem?
  11. Would you rather choose to help people in their work or giving them command?
  12. Would you rather give money to a beggar or food?
  13. Would you rather change your eye lens or your voice?
  14. Would you rather work for the society’s welfare or let it work the way it usually does?
  15. Would you rather choose irrational or rational perception?
  16. Would you rather study online or by books?
  17. Would you rather prefer your life to be guided tour or a journey without a map?
  18. Would rather teach or learn for the rest of life?
  19. Would you rather bunk classes or maintain attendance every day?
  20. Would you rather make yourself a more feminine or a more masculine?
  21. Would you rather work hard and then enjoy the achievement or directly wants to touch the sky with short cuts?
  22. Would you rather explore the land or water?
  23. Would you rather go for the world tour or the place where you were born?
  24. Would you rather inculcate the values of patriotism in yourself or just love in yourself (without the love towards nation)?
  25. Would you rather love animals or humans?

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Funny Would You Rather Questions


  1. Would you rather throw a throw from your balcony on the person you have issues with or a polybag?
  2. Would you rather dance like an insane person or Michael Jackson?
  3. Would you rather post your weird pictures or aesthetic pictures?
  4. Would you rather walk like a frog when you feel joyful or a decent man?
  5. Would you rather wave your hand on seeing an airplane or don’t give a damn to it?
  6. Would you rather crawl like a snake or walk like a penguin?
  7. Would you rather love to play with kids or hate them?
  8. Would you rather watch funny shows or reality dancing/singing shows?
  9. Would you rather play in the sea or swim?
  10. Would you rather sleep with open eyes or closed eyes?
  11. Would you rather sleep on the bed or on the floor?
  12. Would you rather dance like a monkey or a professional dancer?
  13. Would rather sing like a crow or nightingale?
  14. Would rather be a hut or live in a hut for the rest of the life?
  15. Would you rather be the water bottle or water in the bottle?
  16. Would rather speak like a crow or a parrot?
  17. Would you rather be the night owl or a cock?
  18. Would you rather have 2Dobermanwho tries to attack you when they see you or 2 pugs who tries to attack you when they see you?
  19. Would you rather crack your self made jokes or those you have made out from trendy memes?
  20. Would rather shout like people do in markets or like the Tarzan?
  21. Would rather eat only green healthy leaves or only drink beverages?
  22. Would you rather cry when you slip on the floor or laugh at yourself that you got your leg slipped?
  23. Would you rather keep your wardrobe in a decent manner or just keep them in a messy way and let fall upon you whenever you open your wardrobe?
  24. Would you rather laugh on a good joke or give no expression on your face (just to tease the other person)?
  25. Would you rather respect your best friend or insult him/her at every point?


Good Would You Rather Questions


  1. Would you rather play games with people to know them better or ask someone else about them?
  2. Would you rather work for society first or makes your life better first?
  3. Would you rather prefer to live with stereotypical people who talk to you or modern people who don’t give a damn to you?
  4. Would you rather pluck a flower you like or let it grow?
  5. Would you rather live with your elders/grandparents or live in another house?
  6. Would you rather help your siblings in their difficult times or let them learn on their own?
  7. Would you rather paint your thought or give them words?
  8. Would you rather listen to soft music or loud music?
  9. Would you rather sleep on the floor or on the bed?
  10. Would rather live in a village or in a megacity?
  11. Would you rather go to see sunrise or sunset?
  12. Would you rather follow your inner voice or your ideal blindly?
  13. Would you rather wish the gatekeeper back or just ignore him?
  14. Would you rather talk first to your crush or wait for him/her to talk?
  15. Would you rather keep a bird in a cage or keep it free?
  16. Would you rather keep a pet animal or give food and take care of the street animal?
  17. Would you rather play with a kid or spend time with your elders?
  18. Would rather water the plant you planted or plant many and left them without care?
  19. Would rather go to jail for one day or to text your ex?
  20. Would you rather ask God for the very next moment you’re going to live or how’re going to die?
  21. Would you rather work for the boss that gives you negative energy and make good money or for the boss that gives you positive energy but with less money?
  22. Would you rather go in your past and correct all your sin or choose a big amount of money?
  23. Would you rather capture a rainbow or create a rainbow in your own life?
  24. Would you rather be the character with side role on stage or a backstage character giving voice to the lead character?
  25. Would you rather climb a small hill to go to work or swim a small river to go to work?

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Hard Would You Rather Questions


  1. Would you rather become the funniest person who makes everybody laugh or a strict person who give commands?
  2. Would you rather try to understand people or make them understand you?
  3. Would rather date a person you have crush upon or the one who has crush upon you?
  4. Would rather give a chance to your crush or the one who loves you?
  5. Would you rather look at the sky and wonder how beautiful it is or fly in the sky?
  6. Would you rather speak a lot or keep yourself silent?
  7. Would you rather always keep yourself confident or allow yourself to feel less motivated sometimes (a natural human tendency)
  8. Would you rather give a chance to a guy whom you have chosen for you or just a random guy you find interesting?
  9. Would you rather blackmail somebody and ask for money or keep an eye on the person and then caught him a red hand?
  10. Would you rather give a Titanic pose with the person you loved or give a hugging pose?
  11. Would you rather make funny memories or adventurous memories?
  12. Would you rather cry in bad circumstances or handle it with maturity?
  13. Would you read people’s mind or hold their hand and know their entire past history?
  14. Would you rather know your Dad’s history or Mom’s history?
  15. Would you rather visit wonderland or Disney land?
  16. Would rather go out with your siblings or friends?
  17. Would you rather learn Taekwondo or Karate?
  18. Would you rather climb a mountain or Burj Khalifa?
  19. Would rather scroll new feed or social media to keep you up to date?
  20. Would you rather walk or run to keep yourself healthy?
  21. Would you rather show humanity in visible form or invisible form?
  22. Would you rather show the softer side of yours or the strict side?
  23. Would you rather be the one who brings out best in others or makes yourself best?
  24. Would you rather be an unimportant character in a blockbuster movie or an important character in a flop movie?
  25. Would you rather roam outside inhaling polluted air with a Wi-Fi connection or go to a village with pure air and greenery but no internet connection?

Deep Would You Rather Questions


  1. Would rather help somebody who feels like living in a cage or a slave financially or emotionally?
  2. Would you rather follow the commands given by your elders or question them?
  3. Would you rather give time to your family or to your job (fully)?
  4. Would you rather give importance to the quality of life spent or the duration?
  5. Would you rather see the positive side of people and make yourself happy and satisfied or see the negative side and make yourself aware of them?
  6. Would you rather go in the past and correct your mistakes or go in the future and make yourself prepare for that?
  7. Would you rather put your shoes into another person’s shoes or debate for your points?
  8. Would you rather make yourself inspire from someone and then do something great or make yourself an example to inspire others?
  9. Would you rather watch historic shows or contemporary reality shows?
  10. Would you rather prefer National language or Regional language?
  11. Would you rather be a detective or a police officer?
  12. In a situation of danger would you rather save 2 members of your family or 1000 people you don’t know?
  13. Would you rather give nicknames to people or ask people to give you nicknames?
  14. If there’s a conflict between your parents and you know who the person is so, would you rather support the one who is correct or the one whom your sentiments are attached with?
  15. Would you rather on a picnic with your best friends or the siblings you enjoy most with?
  16. Would you rather be a girl or a boy?
  17. Would you rather ride bikes or bicycles or cars?
  18. Would rather have lots of medicines or syringes?
  19. Would you rather be a white rich person with a black heart or a comparatively poor person with a big heart?
  20. Would you rather smell like a rose or be as fair as Cinderella?
  21. Would you rather read comics that make you laugh(irrespective of your interest) or short stories according to your taste of interest?
  22. Would you rather prepare for your exams with the help of study material or make your notes on your own by doing hard work?
  23. Would you rather live in a happy but black and white world or a sad but colorful world?
  24. Would you rather narrate stories or write stories?
  25. Would you rather eat vegetables that make you healthy or fast food that make you happy?


Weird Would You Rather Questions


  1. Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause of your death?
  2. Would you rather travel by bus or train?
  3. Would you rather talk to your father or mother?
  4. Would you rather wash your clothes on your own or ask somebody else to do it for you?
  5. Would you rather make changes in your body or in your brain?
  6. Would you rather make your eyes beautiful or hairs?
  7. Would you rather keep your hairs long or nails?
  8. Would you rather stare at hill station view or at the building?
  9. Would you rather peep into someone’s house or mobile?
  10. Would you rather wear loose trousers or shorts?
  11. Would you rather watch Romantic series or Sentimental series?
  12. Would you rather live a big house or a hut?
  13. Would you rather purchase your clothes too loose or too short and tight in size?
  14. Would you rather wear bangles or rings?
  15. Would you rather burn flowers or leaves?
  16. Would you rather eat dry noodles or a cup of uncooked rice?
  17. Would you rather give food to a bird to eat or water to drink or a nest to live in?
  18. Would you rather pack your luggage on your own or hire people to pack it for you?
  19. Would you rather read newspapers or watch news channels?
  20. Would rather not be able to close any door or open any door?
  21. Would rather be able to make glass or break glass?
  22. Would you rather climb a tree or plant a tree?
  23. Would you rather go back to your nostalgic childhood or make your children’s childhood nostalgic for them?
  24. Would you rather walk on grass on the floor of your house?
  25. Would you rather want all animals to scream at you or bite you or stare at you?


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