50+ Questions To Ask a Guy – These Questions Help To Him Better

Questions are roadways to deeper insight and knowledge. We learn better by asking questions. By asking meaningful questions, we learn about ourselves and the world which further helps us in making informed decisions in the future. The person who asks questions bids farewell to her ignorance and assumptions and puts in an effort to know something or someone.
The process of knowing your lover is endless! Your lover is changing on a daily basis and it’s important to keep knowledge of them up to date. Be it a first date or thirty-sixth date, a good question can lead to beautiful conversation and enriches intimacy between two people.

So here are 100 questions to ask a guy that will help your love life or save you from a guy who is not what he seems!

Questions To Ask a Guy-1

1) Would you choose vagabonding around the world or settling and growing in one place?


2) What characteristics of yours pushes people away?


3) If you had to sacrifice two out of the five senses in order to stay alive, which ones would it be?


4) If you had to rename our planet, what name would you give it?


5) What’s the most unhygienic thing you’ve ever done?


6) How far back can you trace your family tree?


7) If you were given the power to resurrect anyone famous personality of your choosing, who would you choose?


8) Have you ever cross-dressed?


9) Would you prefer to be burned alive or eaten by a cheetah?


10) Are you contemplative or action-oriented?


11) Do you grow in the solitude of the company?


12) Are you a slow learner or a fast learner?


13) Which antagonist of a movie or a book, do you relate to?


14) Tell me the weirdest food combination you’ve tried so far or would like to try?


15) Do you take time for granted?


16) Do you believe in the superiority of Homo Sapiens over other creatures on our planet?


17) Is there any social cause you feel strongly about?


18) Are you in terms with your mortality?


19) Do you read a newspaper every day?


20) How much have you explored yourself sexually?


21) Do you feel the weight of societal expectations?


22) Has your masculinity ever suffocated you?


23) How many lovers have you had till now?


24) Do you want your partner to be your exact opposite or your carbon-copy?


25) Do people change or do they intensely become themselves?


26) Which household chore you enjoy the most?


27) How do you feel about the 21st century?


28) What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve done?


29) Which aspect of your childhood do you miss the most?


30) Are you running from yourself?


31) Can you recall the kindest thing someone ever did for you?


32) What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?


33) Are you in touch with your ethnicity?


34) Which disease are you most afraid of acquiring?


35) Are you spiritually awakened?


36) Have you ever lost someone to death?


37) Choose between stargazing and cloud gazing.


38) Did you enjoy group projects as a student?


39) Any academic or extracurricular achievements that you are proud of?


40) Any movie/book that you are embarrassed to admit that you like?


41) What’s your favorite nursery rhyme?


42) What’s the most shocking custom from your culture?


43) What’s the most illegal thing you have ever done?


44) Which mobile application suites your personality?


45) Do you trash talk about others?


46) What conspiracy theories do you believe in?


47) How do you see yourself as? What’s your self-image?


48) What’s the most erotic experience that you’ve had?


49) Do you prefer carefressness of childhood or wisdom of old age?


50) Are you open to the idea of religious conversion?



51) What type of fragrances do you like?


52) Would you call yourself a family guy?


53) Are you quick in stepping out of your comfort zone?


54) Would you assume the responsibility of a godparent?


55) Do you think consumerist purchases brings one happiness?


56) Do you have a self-care routine?


57) Do you think life is a tragedy or a comedy?


58) Do you think love can happen multiple times?


59) What’s your comfort food?


60) What are your thoughts on polyamory?


61) Do you believe in love at first sight or is it overly romanticized for you?


62) Have you tried any adventure sports?


63) What was the last time you did anything for the first time?


64) Do you have a dream house in mind?


65) Do you think social media addiction gets better of you?


66) What expensive hobby would you like to invest your money and time in?


67) Have you ever farted in public?


68) Do you think you would be a better parent than your own parents?


69) How do you imagine your life to be in the next ten years?


70) What life skill are you ashamed of not learning?


71) Which was the hardest year in your life?


72) Was there anyone who changed the way you think?


73) What’s the most violent thing that you’ve done?


74) Would you prefer to love or be loved?


75) What is your source of inspiration?


76) What is the meaning of your name?


77) Are you melancholic or joyful by nature?


78) Do you forgive easily?


79) What’s your favorite proverb?


80) What’s the bitterest lesson you’ve learned so far?


81) What do you think about before falling asleep?


82) Have you learned any musical instruments?


83) At what age did you become serious about your life?


84) Any hidden behavior you had carried out till now?


85) What will be your reaction if your nightmares were to true?


86) How often do you lie to your parents?


87) If today was the last day of your life, how would you live this day?


88) Till what age do you want to live?


89) Has there been a day where there was not a single penny in your pocket?


90) Do you know how to crack a joke?


91) How many dating apps have you installed?


92) Confess one mistake of yours which is not known by anybody.


93) What kind of behavior attracts you the most?


94) If you were to acquire supernatural powers, what would you change?


95) How much time do you spend on PUBg?


96) Is there any habit that you want to change but have unable to?


97) Did you have a crush on a teacher in your school days?


98) What do you think about women?


99)  What do you think about women who are in the job profession?


100) Do you know how to cook?


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