5 Secret Lessons From The People Who Live The Longest life | Costa Rica

What is the secret behind longevity? We drive ourselves physically and mentally towards adding a couple of years to our lives. Also, living longer is not just a health issue, but even a justice concern. The wealthiest, on an average live 10 to 15 years more than the poorest. Nowadays, many people in Costa Rica are living a healthy life.

Today’s” fitness mantra” revolves around exercise, gym, running, diet, and so on. Despite spending so much on health, Americans lag behind in the health index, with the majority of heart diseases, heightening blood pressure, elevated sugar levels and obesity, all credited to them. The good news is that a transformation to a more natural living can be a possible solution. Dan Buettner, with his team of doctors, anthropologists and epidemiologists, discovered some really amazing benefits of natural living through his study of communities around the globe.

Together he termed them as “Blue Zones” which included places in Japan, Okinawa, Sardinia, Italy, Nicoya, Costa Rica, Ikaria and a few more. He concluded by saying, a better lifestyle is an individual effort but the question of longevity is answered only socially and by a community culture.

Many community services and social groups have come forward to encourage the “blue zone” lifestyle. Outlining the findings to live longer and a more community driven life, from the people of Costa Rica and other places, the conclusions are:

Go Vegetarian

Walk Naturally


The deal is not to follow a strict vegan diet but the quantity of meat intake can be minimized. Sardinia, an isolated island in the Mediterranean is believed to home the longest living people. The reason is accredited to their forage on vegetation and very occasional fish and meat intake. Also, people there follow social eating and laughing which add on to their healthy lifestyle. Many volunteers have joined hands to indulge in community eating. A forest near Seattle has been indulged in Permaculture farming, wherein the strip of vegetables and fruits are grown, making it available for anybody to spree on.
Walk Naturally

Walking is indeed the most effective exercise for a healthy heart. But it is more effective when done naturally. Walking to the office or walk to shop for your daily bread and milk, has a positive effect on your heart and brain. People of Ikaria seem to have nailed the art and benefits of natural walking. In this era of an automobile and the fast pacing world, people don’t seem to stick to their daily round of exercises. Therefore, walking around a safe neighborhood waving, chatting and engaging builds up a great health and a healthy community.

Stress Busting

People are moving towards isolation. Social interaction is being abandoned. Social interaction boosts one’s energy and is an amazing way to de-stress. Nicoyans value the well-being of social interaction. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are getting common to the Americans because they don’t have anybody to turn to. Today’s fragmented society has a lot of social issues like inequality, hatred, and resentment. A close-knit society can ease a great amount of stress among people.

Have a Purpose in Life

A human is a social animal. They require social support and encouragement to do anything. Most of us don’t like what we do. Fighting off these tiny inner battles gives strength to face larger issues of the world today like climate change, crime, addiction and more.

Participating in a Healthy Community

Being part of a healthy group tends to help people make healthy choices. Okinawa, a town in Japan homes women with longest lives. The women work together in cultivation, sharing and even helping with financial needs. Being a part of a community makes one feel safe and contributes greatly to a person’s better health and happiness.

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