7 Worst Anti-Women Laws From Around The World

When the whole world is discussing the rights, duties, reliefs, etc. given to the women. Why don’t we look over the laws which are outdated and hilarious at the same time?

They need not exist but they do…

So here in our blog, we have come up with different countries with 7 ancient, sexy and hilarious laws about women.  Moving from number 7 to number 1.

7) Iran

Iran Women


Don’t know why but the government of Iran wants to turn fields like Science and Engineering into male-only. Due to the same reason, approx 30+ universities have restricted women from studying selected subjects at their universities.

6) China

On number 6 we have China. The country’s one-child policy has increased the percentile of gender-selective abortion. The development and use of ultrasound technology are higher in China than any other country across the globe. Although this law is no longer in practice since 2016, it would really take ages for China to fill the gender gap created so far.

5) Democratic Republic Of Congo

‘The women is a TRACTOR’

This line goes perfectly with the status of women in DRC. Here women are supposed to produce, work and handle the complete family weight and yet live an oppressed life.

There are formal and customary laws in place that both contribute to the disadvantaged position of women. The formal law says a woman needs her hubby’s permission to purchase the land, on the other hand, the customary law says women are not allowed to purchase, inherit or sell the land.

Women have no option they live with their fathers in his house before marriage and with their hubby in his house after marriage.

4) Russia

Russia is a country where women are restricted to do a list of jobs. Approximately 450+ industries in Russia do not allow women to work in their industries. In Russia, women are considered as soft and delicate humans who are born to do household works and not the hard, dangerous or unhealthy trade outside the home. Such jobs include carpenters, train drivers, firefighters, steelworkers etc. Women in Russia are mainly linked to the kitchens and termed as housewives.

According to a survey in Russia approx. 1 woman dies every 40 minutes as a result of domestic abuse.

3) Nigeria

Nigeria Women Rule


Africa is known for it’s increasing percentage of violence against women. And Nigeria is leading the in this criteria. Common forms of violence against women here include acid attacks, molestation, rape, wife beating etc. The males in Nigeria believe that it’s okay to hit a woman to correct her. Maybe somewhere they consider women as their own property. Statistics states that percentage of women dying every year due to this reason has increased over time.


2) India

Indian Woman

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India is a country known worldwide for its long list of crimes like bride burning for dowry, sexual abuse, acid attack and marital rape.

Over the years, the mentality and living standards of Indians may have changed but still in some areas women are not treated well. How can someone define a rape by getting the perpetrator and the victim married? And then arises a question isn’t that equal to ending the life of the victim?

1) Saudi Arabia

One of the Islamic law known as ‘Wahhabism’ is followed more frequently in the country. According to this law, women are not allowed to drive. This isn’t a law but a social issue…

For last 25 years, women were trying very hard to change the law. But women were punished or imprisoned for protesting against the society and its law.

Update:  In June 2018, this ban was lifted and now women are allowed to drive and hold a valid country issued drivers licence.

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