What is Laziness And How To Overcome From it


In general terms, the idea of doing nothing when you have ample time is said to be laziness.

Beat you call itself relaxation, idleness or whatever to make it sound better but is often considered being a sign of utter shirking or weakness in the body. This kind of nature arose when you don’t want to face some things you are afraid of, or you might feel overwhelmed and think opposite that why only you why not the whole team do so. And that will be the time when things bother you at anyhow. This is not a necessary trait.

One should have the ability to

  • Overcome laziness and procrastination
  • Control harmful impulses and adverse element.
  • Arrive at a decision to follow success line
  • Inner power control
  • Develop and expand self-realization
  • At times you are not really lazy you are just trying to gather things for future doing and which is not appropriate.
  • One for the best of self has to jump out of bed every morning so to make the rest of the day the best of the day.


The worse condition is of our society is that our busy culture force us to delay things and so we do hate our job when we get in a bunch.

Learning things and practicing is a part of our life and for own sake is a skill that takes time and a lot of practice to develop.

Overcome laziness with just one word and that is ‘NOW’

Overcome laziness

Never think if future even for one, if for once you are thinking then it won’t help you to move on.

Stop procrastinating things

If things are meant to happen and you are not willing to do it know that makes you lazy and after a while, you will not do it because of laziness. So stop delaying things. Do it now take the rest later.


Learn from the legends - do you ever seen a lazy successful man

I guess no never because if a man is lazy then cannot be succeed and for succeeding one have to overcome the laziness.

Nobody is going to remind for you only yourself. So recall things like you have to do it now, recall that only you can do it nobody else is going to do for you. Recall the things that make you stronger. Do those things that will make things happen. Daily remind yourself that you have a goal to accomplish, you have a dream to achieve, you have an aim to fulfill.

Be consistency to do your work and stick to it. Like if you a dairy writer and you write daily so do it no matter what, no matter how much you have to study or how late you be back from party, just find out five minutes from your day and write it. Don’t delay. Check your progress. Make to-do list on a short term basis and after completing those works which you assign for you just cut it out that you did it. This will only show how many times you stand on your word and how many times you fail to do so.

Change thinking and develop a habit of doing things in a better way

Starting with small things if after coming from school or office you just throw things here and there and just sit on a couch to watch the best episode of yours, change these habits.

Spending hours only on Instagram and Facebook, maintain streaks won’t anyway help to be wiser and successful. these things may give you pleasure of being happy for a couple of days but has demit for a long run process for once just change your habit after coming back to home just fresh yourself, eat something healthy without spending time on social media, spend time with your family and do something which you love to do, or your hobby, uninstall some apps from your phone. For a while, this will be inconvenient for you but a break from daily things will help to do something new.


Think about the coming benefits

For once think about those things you want to achieve but you couldn’t because you are lazy and when you know your flaws are laziness and what probably you should to tackle this problem. Don’t focus on the difficulties, focus only on the thing you want and for that do what all you can do to achieve it.

If things seem to be tough for you then break it down into simpler components and that will be easier for you to do. Breaking work into different parts will solve the problem will also take less time to solve it in a fast way. this approach is not confined only to tasks but also to goals and everything else required.


Figure out the real problem rather than just get messed up in the things. Just saying that you will do it, later on, doesn’t make any sense. When you feel lazy just straight forward do something that makes you happy and see all the laziness will go away. If anything is holding you back then use your full power to push it away from you and do not let the shadow of laziness cover you. Try to find out the grassroots problem that is making you feel down and once you find then you can easily deal with it effectively.


Everything has a cure so do laziness but it also has a reason to try to find out the reason why you are unhappy, upset, overwhelmed, angry etc. once you find the problem then you are the only key to your problems you can easily solve all of it. Do those things make you happy? Start right now and stick to the plan of never procrastinating things. Develop self-discipline habit to achieve your goal and say bye to laziness.