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Who is This Kim Jong-un?

Who is This Kim Jong-un


Kim Jong-un (personal name- Chen Un) was born on 8th January 1984 in Pyongyang of North Korea. He is the Top-known North Korean Supreme Leader, the leader of its party, and also the army and for his people of the DPRK. Kim Jong Un is also the chairman of the Korean Labor Party (TPC) and he is stated to be the first chairman to DPRK State Defense Committee of North Korea. Kim is one of the best Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, a Marshal for the whole DPRK also by managing to be a deputy of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly.

One of the best world’s leaders who had given a sensation of terror to many other high-status party member and leaders around the world is none other than Kim Jong Un. The well-known Asian “Stalinism” and introduction of the horrific mass destruction military weapons and army rocket launches are all a few of Kim Jong Un’s signature symbols for his leadership! Till date, Kim Jong Un is remembered for his luxurious status and handling of the North Korean parties with his bloodiest skills and tactics of correspondence and dictatorship.


Childhood Days of Ki Jong-un

Childhood Days of Ki Jong-un

The man of great administration and terrific political powers, Kim Jong Un was born to his Father ‘Kim Jong Il’, who had been the leader of the North Koreans. Kim Jong Un’s Mother was ‘Ko Yong Hee’. She is said to be the third wife of Kim Jong Il; She herself danced for some ballet performances, where then she met with a North Korean leader. Kim Jong-un also has brothers and a sister who are carefully under the strict protection by the national guards. Kim Jong Un was the youngest son to his father Kim Jong Il.


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The little boy grew with his dad’s norms and regular principles every way. Kim Jong Un was followed keenly by many personal bodyguards who were appointed especially for him. From a very young age, the boy had been sent to an International school in Bern, Switzerland for pursuing his education from the years of 1996 to 2001. His sister ‘Kim Jong Soo’ also was accompanied by Kim for her education separately; they both were called together as ‘Pak Yin’ and ‘Zheng Shun’. Kim Jong-un performed in his educational walls profoundly and he was the quickest in mastering languages like German, English, and French. It was observed from the South Korean Intelligence that Kim Jong Un had done his graduation in the name of ‘Eun Pak.’ As a growing kid, Kim Jong Un expressed love towards playing Basketball and now he a grown-up still prefers to watch NBA athletes play the game!


Educational Details of Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is unknowingly stated to have been educated from his house and is not having any diploma. But later, the South Korean intelligence services had reported that Kim Jong-un had already finished his graduation in a Swiss international school present in Bern under a signature name of Eun Pak. But the Swiss school had lately denied this fact of his education. Later from the years since 2002, Kim Jong-un had individually taken efforts and had attended the Kim Il Sung University and the Kim Il Sung Military University in the DPRK Pyongyang, which was both Kim Jong Un’s own grandfather’s (Kim Il Sung) institutions. After his prolific educations, Kim Jong Un was awarded in the year 2013 as the DPRK leader with an honorary doctorate for his economic studies from the HELP University, which was a private Malaysian academic institution. Later years became a political success for Kim Jong Un with being called as the ‘Youngest acting head for a state’ in the world and also for having the highest count of state and political apart posts with him!


Kim Jong un’s Personal Biography

Kim Jong un's Personal Biography


Kim Jong Un during his Swiss education days in Pyongyang met with a girl named Lee Sol Zhu who was also a graduate in the same institute. Her father was a teacher and her mother was a doctor by their professions. Lee Sol Zhu had visited South Korea in the year 2005 as a part of her support team to the North Korean delegation during the time of Asian Championships in Athletics at Inchon.

It was viewed in July 25th, 2012, that Kim Jong Un and Lee Sol Zhu had started to appear on media of DPRK together lately and was rumored for being in a legal relationship. It was later known that Kim Jong Un had already legalized his relationship with Lee Sol Zhu in 2009; it is even said that the couple had their first child in the fall-winter of 2010, and the second child at the end of a year in December 2012 which was called Zhu. E. Lately, in February 2017, Kim Jong Un became a father for the 3rd time.  From the reports of a number of observers, with the influence of his very own wife Lee Sol Zhu, Kim Jong-un introduced some new norms for making things ease in the requirements of external appearance of North Korean women and contemporarily, they are permitted for wearing attires like trouser suits and jeans, some black tights, stylish platform shoes, and even heels. North Korean women are even given permissions for a bike ride under the principles put forth by Kim Jong Un!


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Apart from his married life, concerning health, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was stated to have diabetes and also Hypertension since he was a heavy smoker. Reports from the daily mail records that Kim Jong Un is a big fan of the world famous Manchester United English club. There were no photographs of the powerful leader during September and October 2014, since the DPRK media had informed that Kim Jong Un was suffering from some inconvenient physical body ailment. Even his recent images would show him leaning over a cane beside him. He started to gain weight excessively and Kim Jong-un even laughed behind for this position of him. Later Rock Positano, a doctor from the Special Surgery Hospital in New York had concluded that Kim Jong Un may be suffering from Gout and thus he was consuming steroids; this may also be a reason why the North Korean leader was sometimes seen aggressive at some situations.



Political Life History of Kim Jong-un 

Political Life History of Kim Jong-un 


It was rumored at some time that Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un’s father had some fatal health illness; His mother had thus convinced everyone to accept Kim Jong Un as the only successor to become the next leader for the Republic since he was his father’s favorite kid. Later, with proclaiming the award ‘Brilliant Comrade’ in the place of his father, Kim Jong Un was appointed the head to the North Korean’s State Security Services.

Kim Jong Il expired of a heart attack on December 17th of 2011 and following this, on December 24th Kim Jong Un, according to the WPK’s newspaper Nodong Sinmun, stated that he was named as the 1st Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army. He later in 2012 joined a parade before the Korean people and had dedicated a centenary for his grandfather Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Un was also credited as the ‘Man of the Year’ in 2012.  From the compiled ratings of ‘The Guardian’, it was concluded that Kim Jong Un was the 1st person in this world to rank top as a millennial, who was born as a young individual between the years of 1981 to 2000! He is always remembered as the youngest leader who took power and political arrogance by the age of 26.

Kim Jong-un was also actively engaging in reforms for the DPRK, in which he won considerable winning every time. Amongst Kim Jong Un’s reformist achievements include the departing of camps of some political prisoners, the modification of the so-called “serfdom”, as the end result of which the country people can induce production farm-houses from so many families and not from the whole collective farms, and also provide the leader with only a subpart of their crops, and not everything as it was earlier. Kim Jong Un is also well-known for industrial political ideas, where he passed over the powers of execution and decision-making for organizational executives where they are permitted to conduct an interview, hire the candidates, and even select salary packages accordingly. Notably, the North Korean top leader had well-managed to maintain a ‘friendship’ with his practically only strategic partner nation which is China, who act as the prime trading partners for North Korea.


A Successor of the People’s Father

On point, so many of the actions taken powerfully by Kim Jong Un is specifically told about his continuation of his father’s political ideals on nuclear weapons and warfare values. Kim Jong Un challenges the globe with his correspondence by bypassing all the resolutions from the UN’s Security Council; the most excellent of his nuclear works was seen in 2012 when Kim Jong Un introduced a new artificial satellite for orbiting the earth which was viewed as the world’s 3rd test on history of the threshold of nuclear power. He did an amazing job on producing North Korean nuclear weapons which was so powerful that Kim Jong Un was astonishingly strong while targeting mass destructions to all his enemy groups! From long-range missiles to big warheads, everything in North Korea was strictly and strongly performed under the hands of his only father’s successor Kim Jong Un.  


Remembering Some Hot Events of Kim Jong-un life

  • On October 8th of 2014, the United Nations had privately circulated a draft on North Korean human rights resolution, which was intended to use Kim Jong-un for committing few crimes against humanity; he was then transferred for an International Tribunal for some trial. In February, the United Nations again reported a nearly 400-page publication having about 320 witness testimonies, accusing North Korea of ​​violating human rights and they even sent a warning letter to Kim Jong Un mentioning that it might be evaluated for crimes against the humanity.


  • On December 12th of 2015, Kim Jong Un was remembered by the nation for adding hydrogen bombs to its arsenal which was stated from the reports of Koran media. Later in 2016, the North Korean Government had announced its miniature nuclear warheads which will even fit on the ballistic missiles.


  • Kim Jong Un’s estranged half-brother ‘Kim Jong Nam’ was assassinated in on February 17th, 2017 with a lethal nerve agent VX at the International airport of Kuala Lumpur. The North Korean authoritarians were broadly suspected behind this audacious attack. During April 27th an Inter-Korean summit, which had been broadcasted lively, permitted the South Korean public to view a talkative, fun and a jovial Kim Jong Un who expressed a deferential manner toward Moon, resulting in people to see him more positively!


  • On January 2nd, 2018, Trump ridiculed Kim Jong Un for his powers over nuclear weapons; Trump had a reply tweet for Kim Jong Un, claiming that the American President has more power in nuclear terms than North Korea and he even mentions about a nuclear button over his desk! On January 10th, The White House of America releases a statement denoting that the Trump administration may be expecting to hold interactions with the nation of North Korea.


  • Recently, in the year 2019, Trump had a meeting with Kim Yong Chol, who as a leading negotiator for nuclear talks on North Korea and they had discussed about denuclearization; they had also arranged a summit for February (happened on 27th and 28th), which ended abruptly without a positive commencement between the U.S and North Korea, where Kim had lifted sanctions over his Korean nation. Now, very recently on May 4th, according to the defense ministry assessments, it was observed that North Korea had tested 2 nuclear rocket launchers which fired at the test-rate of 240 mm and 300 mm respectively.


Titles Awarded to Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong Un was appreciated for getting his first military rank from his educational life from the year 2002 to 2005 for his pieces of training undergone at his grandfather’s institutes; On 27th September 2007, Kim Jong Un was appointed as the Korean people’s army general by his father; Kim Jong Un was awarded as ‘Brilliant Comrade’ in 2009; In 2011, he was proclaimed the ‘Supreme North Korean leader’ for the army, people  and party at his young age; On 11th April 2012, He was nominated as a member of  the Politburo of the Workers’ Party of Korea and for the standing committee; In 2012, he became the ‘Genius among Geniuses’ for his military power and strategies and in the same year he became a marshal for DPRK on July 18th. On 29th June of 2016, he was elected for the Chairman of the state council for the 4th meeting of the ‘13t h Supreme people’s assembly of North Korea.’ After his general inheritance of power and administration, Kim Jong Un was seemingly called upon as the ‘respected Marshal Kim Jong-un’ or ‘the highest leader.’


Character Evaluation of Kim Jong-un by Others

The people of North Korea see Kim Jong Un as an optimistic person who views failures and successes casually; they see their leader as high on self-esteem. Even media and journal reports explain Kim Jong Un as a genius of leaders for his skills and tactics in political powers. When asked by a reporter during the North-South Korean meeting, about their leader’s computer operations skills, the person answered it by saying that Kim Jong Un was not only excellent in computer knowledge but is also advanced about politics, economics, cultural, social and also other things present! According to the statistics of Western media, it is said that Kim Jong Un is doing his generational works profoundly well under the guidance and growth of his father and grandfather, which is amazingly seen by his action through his self-subjective thinking pattern; Kim Jong Un not only is performing authority but also internally he follows the code of ‘Internationalist’ from his forerunners.


The Luxurious Lifestyle of Kim Jong-un 

Kim Jong Un’s lifestyle was a prolific and sophisticated one. This can be stated with a few instances from his very own living. Kim Jong-un preferred only costly drink which he is ready to spend up to $30 million (£21M) and share it among his elite class; Whisky and Cognac are his favorite ones. When mentioning about food, he was very picky and chose the best of class like pork from Denmark, steaks from a Kobe beef which is a Japanese delicacy, and caviar from its place Iran. The exact expenditure of money over his food is unknown but is definitely estimated to be in millions. Speaking of luxury, Kim Jong-un picked cigarettes like ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ that sells at $44 (£31) per one pack and also an accompanying leather case to take them along costs around $165 (£115). The ‘Masikryong ski resort’ of North Korea is his favorite place and he calls it as ‘impeccable’. It is surprising that Kim Jong-un owns a custom-designed yacht, which is called as “a cross between a ferry and Disney boat” by his celebrity friend and former NBA player Dennis Rodman. This Fendi interior travel is approximately $8 million (£5.6M) in its value. The leader even has his own 1000-seat movie theatre of value $8 million (£5.6M) which is Kim Jong Un’s private luxuries. $8.2 million (£5.7M) is the value of his watches and he is never seen without wearing one when in public. He is good at sharing his wealth too, which was seen in 2010 when he gifted Mercedes-Benz sedan cars to 160 of his high-ranked officials! Kim Jong Un follows his father’s legacy even in sports, and thus he has his own golf-court which takes up to $500,000 (£351,432) to develop it each year. One piano was not enough for him and thus, Kim Jong Un is the owner for 3 dozens of pianos inside his house. So, is asked where does he exactly live and the answer would be in almost 17 places of Kim Jong Un even with the presence of one own private island!


Must-Read Facts About Kim Jong-un 

Facts About Kim Jong-un 


  • Kim Jong Un in his arsenal has a degree for physics and a doctorate in economics and no wonder he is a genius for geniuses!


  • A person who demonstrates joy to all his people and is always seen with a broad smile on his face with full of positive vibrations is none other than Kim Jong Un!


  • It has been rumored that Kim Jong Un underwent plastic surgeries to look more or like similar to his grandfather; this was stated by South Korean media!


  • It is even observed that the eyebrows of Kim Jong Un are getting reduced as the years pass, as it is secretly said that he pulls it off so as to look like his father!


  • It is said from some sources and the former state leaders of Korea that Kim Jong Un is a person who consumes a high level of alcohol!


  • The top North Korean supreme leader is fearful of hairdressers pathologically due to some childhood trauma and thus prefers combing and cutting on his own; it is seen that few individuals out there are showing interest in his hipster hairstyle and goes to parlors to have the cut similar to their leader!


  • January 8 or July 5, 1982, 1983 or 1984- These are the dates that you can see as Kim Jong Un’s birth date but still it is unknown about which is correct, as he also prefers to look older than he actually is!


  • The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was a child prodigy to learn driving a car as young as 3; he is now seemed to have his most luxurious car, with about 100 rich cars with him and Benz being his personal favorite!

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