Jennifer Garner Movies You Need To Watch

Jennifer Garner Movies

Shooting to stardom in the crime drama series Alias, Jennifer Anne Garner or “Jennifer Garner”, as she is known to millions of her fans across the globe has played numerous memorable characters spread across her remarkable 24-year career.

A career filled with critically acclaimed performances and a career every person dreams of having when they first set their sails for Hollywood.

To say she is a versatile actress would be a vast understatement of her talents as she has played everything from the ass kicking vigilante ‘Elektra’ in the Marvel movie ‘Daredevil’; to the 30 year old who is transported in time from her 13 year old self in ‘13 Going On 30’; to the doctor who treats patients suffering from AIDS with experimental medicines in the highly acclaimed ‘Dallas Buyers Club’.

Her acting career has earned her many laurels including a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work in Alias, she also has 4 Primetime Emmy nominations for the same.

As if her acting career wasn’t stellar enough, she also works as an activist for early childhood education and is a Board Member of the foundation Save the Children.


Here are some movies of Jennifer Garner that every movie lover should check out.


Pearl Harbor

Pearl-Harbor movie

The first significant film of her career, Pearl Harbor took everybody by storm when it first released. Starring alongside Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale and her future husband Ben Affleck, her role as Nurse Sandra won the hearts of millions of movie fans across the globe.

Directed by Michael Bay and loosely based on the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese and the Dolittle raid, the movie follows the story of two boyhood friends who go off fighting for their country during World War I, but fate puts them in an emotional turmoil with each other when both of them fall for the same woman. The movie received negative reviews from critics but still managed to gross around $ 450 million worldwide.

Although a supporting role, her performance was well received in a movie otherwise panned by critics.


13 Going On 30


Jennifer’s first role as lead actor, ‘13 Going on 30’ follows the story of a 13-year-old girl (played by Christa B. Allen) who is frustrated with her high school life and wants to get a boyfriend. She wishes to be fast-forwarded in the future to be an adult who has a settled life. Her dreams come true when one morning she is transformed into a 30-year-old woman played by Garner.

Although she is excited at first, she later realizes adult life is not without its problems and is certainly not at all as easy as she hoped.

The movie was widely praised along with Jennifer’s performance and for the self-empowering message, it delivers.
A must watch for all fantasy and rom com lovers.


Love, Simon

Love, Simon movie

The movie follows the story of Simon, a 17-year-old boy who has a great life with a terrific family.

But he has one secret he has never told anyone, not to his supportive parents and not even to his close friends. He is gay.

Things turn up lovely for him when he falls for a boy in his school with whom he exchanges letters on the internet. The only twist is that he doesn’t know the boy’s identity. All he can do is speculate and fantasize about his future with him.

But matters complicate when one of his classmates accidentally discovers about it and exposes Simon’s letter in a fit of rage due to a quarrel between them.

The movie’s ending leaves everyone with a feel-good factor and teaches us how we can always rely on the people we love.

Starring alongside Josh Duhamel, Nick Robinson, and Katherine Langford, Jennifer delivers a strong performance as Simon’s mother duly noted by critics and fans alike.


Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past movie

A typical Hollywood rom-com, Jennifer stars opposite to Matthew McConaughey who plays the role of Connor Mead, a photographer, and a notorious womaniser.

Connor has no belief in the institution of marriage and leads his playboy lifestyle with a carefree attitude, a skill he learned from his dead uncle Wayne played by the great Michael Douglas.

Connor attends his little brother’s wedding, who he loves very much but is a bit disappointed in him as he has chosen to settle down.

Connor meets Jenny (Garner) in the wedding who he is meeting after quite a long time, Jenny is also the reason Connor chose photography as his profession as it was Jenny who ignited the passion for photography in him when she gifted him his first camera.

After Connor gives a drunk cynical speech at the rehearsal dinner, he is visited by the ghost of his late uncle and three other ghosts who were once linked with him romantically.

These ghosts lead Connor towards a journey of self-discovery where he learns about his mistakes and feels guilty. He realizes he is empty inside and needs to make amends with the love of his life, Jenny.


Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club movie

A biographical drama movie, Dallas Buyers Club tells the story of Ron Woodroof (played by Matthew McConaughey) a cowboy who is diagnosed having AIDS.

Set in the mid-1980’s the movie tells the story of a time when AIDS was a subject of speculation and misinformation among the general public and how the people suffering from AIDS were looked down upon.

In the movie, Woodroof who is initially given 30 days to live refuses to accept his fate and chooses to undergo experimental drug treatment. He is tended by Dr. Eve Saks (played by Garner) who treats him with a drug called AZT which is speculated to prolong the life of people suffering from HIV.

People abuse Woodruff as they believe he is gay. He is tormented mentally, but he finds a support system in the form of a new family consisting of Eve and Rayon, a transgender person also suffering from HIV.

The movie was widely acclaimed and received six nominations in the 86th Academy Awards with McConaughey winning the award for Best Actor.



Juno movie

Juno is a coming of age independent film about the titular character Juno (played by Ellen Page) who has an unplanned pregnancy with her friend and admirer Paulie.

Juno is not at all prepared for the pregnancy and decides to undergo an abortion, but she later changes her mind and decides to give the baby up for adoption instead.

Juno finally settles on a couple named the Lorings, who from the outset look like the perfect choice for her child.
Juno distances herself from Paulie who clearly still has feelings for her and gets to know the Lorings closely. But things don’t go according to plan when Mark develops feelings for Juno and is not ready to be a father. He decides to break off his marriage and pursue other things in his career.

The movie has strong performances from Garner, Page, Bateman, J.K. Simmons, and Allison Janney. It won the Academy Award for best screenplay and also received three other nominations.


The Invention Of Lying

The Invention Of Lying movie

When you have Ricky Gervais in a movie, you know it is bound to be a funny one.

And funny is too light a word to describe this movie. Maybe try hilarious? Ludicrous? Nah, still falls short.
The Invention Of Lying written and directed by Gervais and Mark Robinson is the story of a man named Mark Bellison (played by Gervais) who lives in a fantasy world where nobody lies.

Yes, you read that right. Nobody lies, everybody tells the brutal and honest truth all the time.

In a hilarious scene, Mark’s love interest Anna played by Garner with whom he has gone on a first date with gets on a phone call with her parents and tells them she thinks Mark is fat, straight to his face.

The world is not kind to Mark until one day he discovers to his surprise, that in fact he can tell a lie and in turn becomes the first human being in the world with that ability.

The fun begins when Mark tries to manipulate people around him when he realizes they will believe everything he says to them.

The movie also stars Hollywood big hitters Jonah Hill, Rob Lowe, Martin Starr, and Tina Fey and is actually one of the vastly underrated movies of Garner.

Do check it out, it won’t disappoint you.


Catch and Release

Catch and Release movie

Directed by debutant Susannah Grant, Catch and Release is a 2006 romantic comedy-drama movie which tells the story of a woman who has recently lost her fiancé and is finding it difficult to cope with life.

The woman Grey Wheeler played by Garner later discovers things about her fiancé which she had no idea of.
The secrets are shocking to Wheeler who in addition to the mourning also has to cope up with the financial troubles she is presented with.

The movie teaches us how first appearances could be deceptive and people are not always who they seem to be.


Wonder Park

Wonder Park movie

Wonder Park is an upcoming animated film of Jennifer Garner where she plays the role of a mother of a girl named Juno who spends her days building an amusement park with talking animals and fantastical rides.
Juno is affected deeply when her mother dies until she finds the real wonderland in the woods where it faces a crisis. Juno then has to team up with the creatures there to solve the crisis.


Dude, Where’s My Car?

Dude, Where’s My Car? movie

Directed by Danny Leiner this 2000 American comedy movie starring Hollywood heart throb Ashton Kutcher and the American Pie star Seann William, follows the story of two friends Jesse (Kutcher) and Chester (William) who wake up one morning with a hangover and with Jesse’s car gone.

They have no idea where they left the car and also a vague recollection of the previous night. The two of them try to retrace their steps and thus the viewers are taken to a hilarious journey where the friends stumble from one hurdle to the other even including a stint with aliens in order to recover Jesse’s car.

Jennifer plays the role of one of the twin sisters the friends met in their mind-boggling journey which leaves the audience clutching their stomach with laughter.


Stealing Time

Stealing Time movie

Stealing time is a 2001 film following the story of four friends who reunite after a long time after college and discover that they are all struggling in life.

The four of them then decide to steal a bank to end their problems. The movie is shot non linearly to keep it interesting to the viewers. Jennifer plays the role of Kelly Bradshaw and her role was well received by the critics despite the film performing poorly in the box office.


Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can movie

Based on the real-life story of con man Frank Abagnale Jr, this 2001 movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and directed by the great Steven Spielberg was a huge hit both commercially and critically.

The story follows the story of Frank ever since he was a kid and how he grew up to become one of the greatest con men in history who was on the FBI radar for a long long time.

Jennifer has a brief role where she plays the role of a girl whom Frank has an encounter with for one night, but still, she manages to steal the hearts of her fans with her remarkable presence on the screen.




The marvel vigilante who is actually blind, ‘Daredevil’ tells the gripping tale of Matt Murdock, a Hell’s Kitchen resident who is a pro bono lawyer by the day and the vigilante Daredevil during the night.

The movie follows the story of Daredevil’s battle with Kingpin, the Napoleon of Crime in Hell’s kitchen and Bullseye, the assassin who never misses.

Jennifer plays the love interest of Matt and the side kick Elektra to Matt’s Daredevil. The movie was a commercial success although receiving a lukewarm response from critics.


The Kingdom

The Kingdom movie

Set in Saudi Arabia and directed by Peter Berg, this 2007 action movie stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, and Chris Cooper. The movie takes references from real life incidents namely the Khobar complex bombings and the infamous 2003 bombings.

The movie is packed with action sequences while also maintaining the emotional aspect, generally focussing on the after effects of violence on people’s minds and how nobody ultimately wins in an artillery exchange. The movie received mixed reviews but the cast was well praised for their performance.



Valentine’s Day


Written by Katherine Fugate and directed by Gary Marshall, this 2010 romantic comedy film has a plethora of stars including Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, Ashton Kutcher, and pop sensation Taylor Swift.

The movie is actually a series of interconnected stories about the characters played by the above stars who find their path to love in the duration of the movie, and is a tribute to the special day the movie is named on.

The movie grossed more than $200 million dollars worldwide and was generally well received by critics.




Arthur is directed by Jason Winer. It is inspired from the 1981 movie Arthur which was a massive success among the general audience. The movie follows the story of Arthur (played by Russel Brand), a lazy drunkard billionaire who must marry Susan Johnson (played by Garner) to maintain his $950 million dollar inheritance.

Although Arthur is reluctant to marry Susan, he agrees to it for the sake of his inheritance. Trouble arises when Arthur falls in love with Naomi, an illegal tour guide with free-spirited nature. Arthur is then confused as to what to do about his future and afraid of the choice he has to make between his love interest and his ticket to financial security.

The movie has strong performances from the likes of Russel Brand, Jennifer Garner, and Dame Helen Mirren but turned out to be a commercial failure.




Set up in Johnson County, Iowa, Butter follows the story of Laura (played by Garner) wife of Bob Pickler who is Iowa’s longtime butter-carving champion in the Holy Grail Cup. Laura enjoys the status that comes with being the wife of a champion, so things go south when Bob is asked to not participate in the Cup to give somebody else a fair chance of winning.

Laura who is fiercely competitive by nature decides to enter the competition herself and vows to undergo any step to ensure her victory. She is even not shy of recruiting her ex-boyfriend Boyd (played by Hugh Jackman) in hope for some foul play.

The movie is an entertaining watch for viewers of all age demographics.


The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green movie

Cindy and Jim Green are a happy and lovely couple in the small town of Stanleyville who are very much in love with each other.

All is well, except for one problem. Cindy is unable to conceive. The couple decides to write up their characteristics of an ideal child on a note of paper which they place in a wooden box and bury in their backyard.

But after a thunderstorm, a ten-year-old Timothy appears on their doorstep and claims the Greens to be his parents. The Greens realize that Timothy is actually the culmination of all the characteristics they wished for their ideal child.
The movie was a commercial success grossing more than $50 million dollars being made on a budget of around $25 million USD and was well received by fans.


Draft Day

Draft Day movie

Draft Day is a sports drama film directed by Ivan Reitman and stars Academy Award winner Kevin Costner who plays the role of Sonny Weaver Jr, manager of the Cleveland Browns.

He faces a crisis when Draft Day approaches and he learns that he is about to be fired from his job. He is worried about himself and his pregnant girlfriend (Garner) so he signs up on a deal with the Seattle team. He then cannot decide whether he made the right choice or not.

The movie could not perform well commercially but still, the performances of Costner and Garner were praised.


Men, Women, and Children

Men, Women, and Children movie

The movie Men, Women and Children starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, and Judy Greer tells a story of addiction and not just an addiction, but online addiction.

It shows the picture of today’s society where everybody is horribly addicted to the internet and how our personal lives have taken a hit because of the fact.

Jennifer plays the role of Patricia Belt Meyer, an overprotective mother who vows to protect her kid from the vices of the digital age.


Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day movie

Alexander who is an 11-year-old boy suffers from a very bad day and feels devastated because of it. But when he tells the events of his day to his parents (Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner) he does not receive any sympathy.
Distraught he wonders if bad things only happen to him until he learns that his whole family including his parents, brother, and sister all have to live through their respective bad days.

The movie teaches us the age-old lesson, no matter what happens, always keep moving forward.


Danny Collins

Danny Collins movie

Danny Collins is the story of the titular character Danny (played by Hollywood legend Al Pacino) an old Rock star who has lost the way of his life and wastes around his days.

Things change for him when he receives a long undelivered letter from Beatles legend John Lennon addressed to him, reading which he is inspired to turn around his life. Garner plays the role of Danny’s daughter in law Samantha with Australian actor Bobby Cannavale playing the role of his son Tom.

The movie is very inspiring to watch and also teaches us the value of family and our loved ones and was also well received by the critics, being nominated for Best Picture at the 73rd Golden Globes Award.


Miracles From Heaven

Miracles From Heaven movie

Anna Beam is a 10-year-old girl suffering from a rare disorder that does not allow her to digest the food she eats. She is nursed by her mother Christie (Garner) who searches for the cure to her daughter’s disease relentlessly.

Things take a supernatural turn when one day Anna tells a story of her visit to heaven after she survived a head bump incident and also starts to show signs of recovery from her disease after the event.

The movie was well received by critics and praised by fans for the strong performances.


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2016 movie

Mother’s Day is a 2016 drama film directed by Garry Marshal starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, and Jennifer Garner.

The movie tells the story of four seemingly unrelated people Sandy, Jesse, Miranda, and Bradley who face a crisis in their personal life and relationships.

But as the story progresses and they resolve their issues, a connection is established between them and Mother’s Day takes an important place in their respective lives.


Nine Lives

Nine Lives movie

Nine lives is a 2016 comedy movie starring Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner which follows the story of Tom Brand, a billionaire leading a workaholic lifestyle.

On his daughter, Rebecca’s 11th he buys a cat for her named Mr. Fuzzypants, but in a bizzare set of events, Tom gets captured inside the cat’s body.

What follows next is a hilarious set of events where Tom tries to set himself free from the body of Mr Fuzzypants.

A comedy-drama movie telling the story of a longtime married couple, Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner, Wakefield is a story that is a bit unconventional, to begin with.

After being married for so long, the couple no longer have the spark in their married life and often have troubles in their relationship. However one day Howard spends a night in his garage which leads to other people believing that Howard has gone missing.

Howard purposefully decides to keep his new status and observes how the life of people he loves unfolds without him, little does he know that he is in for a surprise.


A Happening Of Monumental Proportions

A Happening Of Monumental Proportions

Starring Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes and Bradley Whitford A Happening Of Monumental Proportions is a 2017 American comedy that is highly recommendable for anyone who enjoys dark humor. The story follows the teachers and administrators of a school who gear up to hide the dead body of the school’s gardener from the students and their parents on Career Day.

This movie also marks the directorial debut of actress Judy Greer.


The Tribes Of Pallos Verdes

The Tribes Of Pallos Verdes movie

This movie tells the story of a couple of Phil and Sandy Mason (Justin Kirk and Jennifer Garner) who move to Palos Verdes with their son and daughter, Jim and Medina.

The couple has contrasting experiences with the husband liking the new environment and the wife feeling out of place.

Jim and Medina take up surfing and they must prove their worth to the locals who hold a monopoly over the coastline.



Peppermint movie

Peppermint is a 2018 action movie starring Jennifer Garner, Tyson Ritter, and Juan Pablo Raba and tells the story of Riley North(Garner) who wakes up from coma after surviving a brutal attack that killed her husband and daughter.
She realizes that her attackers are roaming freely without any consequences, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and transforms herself from an ordinary citizen to a deadly assassin who is always on the lookout and is constantly honing her skills.



Elektra movie

A spin-off from the superhero movie Daredevil, Elektra continues the story of Elektra Natchios (Garner) who is revived by a blind martial artist Stick after being killed off by Bullseye.

Stick trains Elektra and employs her in an organization called The Hand, a shady front which uses her skills as an assassin and turns her into a killing machine who kills her targets efficiently without any questions asked.

Elektra’s conscience strikes her on a mission where she is sent to kill Mark Miller and his daughter Abby Miller and she realizes she has been played.

The movie was a failure critically and commercially, however, Jennifer’s performance was well received.


Washington Square

Washington Square movie

Washington Square is inspired from a Henry James novel from the 19th Century and stars Jennifer Garner, Maggie Smith, and Albert Finney. The movie is based on the life of Catherine, a wealthy spinster who is socially awkward and is struggling in life until one day she is chased by someone who would quite literally be the man of her dreams.
However, there are questions to be asked such as does the man really love her? Or is he only after her money?


Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo movie

Starring Leslie Nielsen, Kelly Lynch, and Jennifer Garner, Mr. Magoo is a 1997 comedy-drama film about the titular character Mr. Magoo (Nielsen), a wealthy businessman who accidentally comes into possession of some precious stones.

Mr. Magoo must protect those stones from trouble makers and criminals with the help of his nephew Waldo and his dog Angus.

The movie turned out to be a commercial failure but a hit among the kids nonetheless.




1999 is an Indie drama movie starring Jennifer Garner, Timothy Olyphant, Amanda Peet, and Dan Futterman.
It tells the story of a group of young New Yorkers who look back on their life on the onset of the new millennium and introspect.

The movie received negative reviews from critics and was a commercial failure.


Deconstructing Harry

Deconstructing Harry movie

Directed by Hollywood legend Woody Allen, Deconstructing Harry is a 1997 film starring Allen, Jennifer Garner, Robin Williams, and Billy Crystal.

The movie tells the story of Harry Block, a novelist who has turned to a hit among the masses because of the characters he created for which he took inspiration from his own personal life.

Harry is to be felicitated in a ceremony, before which he is confronted by the characters in his books and also by real people in his life. He learns how different his life has turned out to be because of his choice.

The movie was very well received by critics and fans and is one of the more memorable movies of Woody Allen.