Lesser Known Facts about Isla Fisher

Entertainment is blooming industry and Celebrities are like gods to us bestowing the goodness of fantasy worlds. In this rat race, some get recognition which is long lasting while others remain a mere participant and experience a mixed life.

Isla Fisher is an actress, voice singer, and an author. She is widely known for her role as Shannon Reed on the soap opera Home and Away from 1994 to 1997, garnering her many nominations and acclodes. She exemplifies a perfect woman who achieved recognition and respect in different spheres of human existence.

Here are some facts about her life and journey of which very few are aware of –


1.) She is not Australian in decent

Isla was born to Scottish parents in Muscat, Oman and migrated to Perth, Western Australia at the age of six due to the nature of her father’s job profile. Though she is Scottish, she has a sound American accent and Australian attitude towards life.

She had a profound impact in living Australia in shaping her attitude; she describes herself as outdoorsy, lazy and careless.

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2.) Critically acclaimed student’s author

She authored two teenage novels (1995) ‘Bewitched’, ‘Seduced by fame’ and the latest one ‘Marge in Charge’ which was released in 2016.

She is critically acclaimed as a teenage novel author. Her latest book released in 2016 marge in charge. The critics described the book as “Isla Fisher is a talented and accomplished comic actress, and her book is lively with a spirit of fun, so kids may enjoy it”.

However, its humor and focus failed to bring the same joy to adults.


3.) A proud mother

Isla Fisher is a mother of three young lads, Daughter olive in 2007 and Eluva, born in 2011 and then a son named Montgomery in 2015. She considers her motherhood as the greatest blessing of God. She breastfeeds her children for two years in a row.

She even said that “being a mother is so far my greatest accomplishment”.

She is known for her utterly caring motherly nature which is very unlikely to be expected from famous celebrities like her. She is the proud mother of three and takes pride in mothering her children.

She once said that “What I love about breastfeeding was that bond of one-on-one time. The serotonin that’s released calms you down and connect you to the baby”. The reasons that some of these facts are less known because she prefers maintaining a low- profile when it comes to motherhood because she doesn’t want undue attention of masses for something which is apparently normal and avoids hoax made by fans. She describes this as her secret fantasy.


4.) Philanthropist work

She is long since involved in humanitarian work. She is a social activist and work in synergism with her husband and donated $500,000 to save the children scheme initiated to vaccinate the Syrian children to protect them from measles and also donated the same amount to international rescue committee aimed at helping Syrian refugees.
She even donated her pair of shoes for charity as a part of Small step celebrity shoe auction. She also supports various other organizations like
*International medical corps
*Motion picture and television fund foundation
* Feeding America


5.) Happily married ever after

She is a loving and affable wife. She is very optimistic about her life and decisions she made and rarely choose to regret and repent on what was a matter of past. She met her current husband Sacha Baren Cohen, a comedian in 2002. they were engaged in 2004 and subsequently got married on 15th march 2010. Her family resides in Los Angeles. She said marrying to such a Great life partner is like winning a lottery, just a matter of luck. For public and fans, she might still be a celebrity but she prefers to spend time with her family and enjoy a nice family dinner rather than going to a Big-shot party.

She is perplexed and grateful for the way she to choose to live her life.

She is a simple woman who finds joy in spending time with her family and with only a tinge of the celebrity like attitude and lifestyle. She even changed her religion on marrying as she found Judaism very intriguing.

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6.) Immensely Optimistic

She has a laid back attitude towards life and which is more of an Australian like behaviour contrary to her real ancestry which is Scottish. She feels immensely optimistic towards her life happenings and achievements and rarely prefers to take a look at the darker side which is quite uncommon. She congratulates her motherhood and embraces her love life. She is a feminist and believes that a girl need not be masculine to succeed but instead, they should tune in with femininity and can see the success approaching.


Her thoughts are a beacon of light in this misted black universe where everything seems to be blurred by delusional supremacy of the patriarchal society.

She prefers to look back in life only to improve; she ensures that the emotional crisis she faced as a child her children should never go through by nurturing her motherhood. She is good-humored and ebullient.


Isla Fisher is perfectly content when people chose to say her a full-time mom and a part-time actor because she is. Her satiety with her current pattern of life itself exemplifies that she had always fantasized about having a just another normal pattern of living.

She did a lot of films and received various Accolades and nominations. She is a seeker of happiness and vibrancies and not limelight and fame. She prefers living her life like any other girl in this universe which makes her a down to earth person.

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