20 Isla Fisher Movies You Need To Watch ( Best Movies )

Quite a known name in Hollywood, Isla Fisher, the Scottish actress was born in Oman and spent her major years in Australia. Fisher had been working on television since a very young age. After appearing in many TV commercials in Australia, Fisher came to prominence with her soap opera, Home and Away, portraying as Shannon Reed. Apart from acting, Fisher is also a writer and she has authored two young adult novels and Marge in charge book series.
Her ice-breaker to the Hollywood was the 2002 film adaptation of Scooby-Doo. Due to her fabulous works over her long career, Fisher went on to receive MTV awards and Teens Choice Awards. Isla Fisher has been married to the Hollywood actor Sacha Baron Cohen since 2010 and a mother to 3 children. Fisher describes herself as a Feminist and sensitive to Australia, where she spent most of her life.


Let’s journey through her best 20 films she worked with till now.


1. Scooby-Doo


Based on the cult television animation series, Scooby-Doo by Hanna-Barbara. Isla Fisher stars as Mary Jane, the love interest of Shaggy Rogers, played by Mathew Lillard. The Scooby-Doo team is out again to solve a mystery on a popular horror resort. The film did great on the box-office, with Fisher getting noticed for her work.


2. Swimming pool


A group of International students break into an indoor waterpark to party where they are stalked by a killer. This 2001 German psycho movie, stars Fisher as an Australian student among the group. The film wasn’t received well and was quoted as a stereotypical and dumb script.


3. Wedding crashers


An Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn comedy film released in the year 2005. The film was a popular one which revived the adult oriented R-rated comedies. The film surrounds the two divorce mediators who crashes weddings in order to seduce the bridesmaids. Fisher, in her best portrays as Vaughn's crazy lover with who sleeps with Vaughn and quickly gets obsessed with him during a wedding. Isla Fisher received an award for Breakthrough performance in MTV Movie Awards.


4. Wedding daze


Wedding daze is a 2006, rom-com film with Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher in the main lead. Fisher plays a waitress whom Biggs asks to marry and unexpectedly, instantly Fisher agrees. The film revolves around the adventures they go through while on the journey to get married, including having their honeymoon in jail. Mostly reviewed with negative feedback, the film did not do much on the Box office too.


5. Confessions of a shopaholic


The 2009, romantic comedy earned Fisher nomination in Teens choice Awards. The movie is based on the first two entries of the Shopaholic series of novels by Sophie Kinsella. Fisher plays a journalist who is more of a shopaholic than a workaholic. She works with a gardening magazine but strives to work with a fashion magazine and makes it big with her own column but later dooms due to her shopping obsession. The film didn’t fall on positive critics much but Fisher was praised for her acting.


6. Definitely, may be


A beautiful romantic story released in the year 2008. The film was highly appreciated for its clever story and charismatic performances by the cast. Fisher stars alongside Ryan Reynolds and Rachel Weisz. The film storylines around an 11 year old daughter of Will(Ryan Reynolds) enquiring about the love affairs he had and reuniting with his long lost love April(Fisher).


7. Horton hears a who


Fisher lends her voice as Doctor Mary Lou Larue in this animation. The film is an adaptation of the book by Dr. Seuss and was nominated for many young awards like Annie Awards, Young artist Awards, ASCAP Award and many more. Although Fisher had a tiny role but managed to get her share of attention. The animation is about Horton the elephant, who discovers a world in a speck and manages to communicate with their mayor.


8. Burke and Hare


Loosely based on the Burke and Hare murders, the film is a black comedy flick. The director John Landis creates the film with Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis. Fisher is seen portraying as a prostitute who wishes to see herself as an actress one day. William Burke(Simon Pegg) falls in love with her and helps her to pursue her dreams. The film was quite loved by the audience but critics pointing out negatively on the theme of making fun out of murders.


9. Rango


Fisher works with Johnny Depp(Rango) in this eccentric yet amazing animation film. Fisher is a famed voice artist and lends her voice as Beans, a hot- tempered but good-hearted desert Iguana in this flick. The film received high praises for the film by the critics as well as the audience and went on to receive Academy Award for Best animated film in 2011. The film revolves around Rango, a chameleon who accidentally lands up in the town of Dirt, which is in a desperate need of a new sheriff.


10. Rise of the Guardians


Another of an animated film featuring Fisher voice casting as the tooth fairy in this Christmas-y film. This 2012, computer animated fantasy film is about Santa Claus, Easter bunny, Tooth fairy and Sandman enlist Jack Frost to stop Pitch black from enveloping the world into darkness. The movie grossed fairly well but still was considered as a Box-office bomb. The film also received Golden Globe award nominations for the Best animated feature film.



11. The Great Gatsbv


The 2013 is based on a 1925 novel around Jay Gatsby and his romantic pursuits. Fisher plays as the antagonist's mistress. The film was a massive success and went on to receive Academy Awards for Best costume design and production design.


12. Now you see me

Fisher stars as one of the Illusionist in this American Heist thriller 2013 film. Fisher plays Henley Reeves in this one of a kind magician movie who engages in a group of Illusionists on a bank heist. The movie follows an FBI agent tracking the team to put off the heist during their performance. The film was a hit and made a great impact on Isla Fisher's career. The movie also won People’s Choice Awards and Empire awards for Best thriller film.


13. Nocturnal animals

The 2016 psychological thriller plots around an Art gallery owner(Amy Adams) who reads through a new novel by her ex-husband(Jake Gyllenhaal)and finds similarity with their relationship in the book. Fisher plays Jake Gyllenhaal's wife in the film. The film earned many nominations in BAFTA , Golden Globe as well as Academy Awards.


14. Keeping up with Joneses

The film is 2016 action-comic feature which stars Fisher alongside Zach Galifianakis as his wife. The film is a crazy ride of the couple who suspects their new neighbours as secret agents. The film isn’t a great work in Fisher's career.


15. Tag

A multi starrer flick directed by Jeff Tomsic wherein a group of grown men play tag with each other giving a comical treat to the audience. The film is based on a story published in The Wall Street journal. Isla Fisher portrays as Ed Helm's over competitive wife in the movie.


16. The beach bum

Starring alongside Mathew McConaughey, The Beach Bum is about a man who wishes to live his life on his own terms, played by McConaughey. The film is the most recent work of Fisher released on 29th March 2019 and fell on mixed reviews among the audience and critics.


17. The Wannabes

A 2003 Australian movie starring Nick Giannopoulous and Isla Fisher. A small Kids entertainer group who gets trained by Marcus for a heist of a diamond necklace from a very rich Aurora Van Dyke in her party. The heist goes bad and they all try to escape the party. Fisher stars as Kirsty, one of the kids in the group. The film wasn’t a success.


18. Bachelorette

Three troubled women reunite in a friend’s wedding who was ridiculed in high school. Fisher plays Katie Lawrence who loves to party every weekend and is also a coke head. The adventure follows with the friends organising Bachelorette party for their friend and the goof ups after that worsening even to ruining the Bride's dress. The film is adapted from a play but wasn’t much appreciated.


19. Visions

This one is Fisher's only horror flick till date. Fisher stars with Anson Mount as his wife who sees their relationship trembling when after a car accident that killed a little boy, they encounter supernatural experiences. The movie was not a box-office success and Isla's not a great work.


20. Grimsby

The 2016 action-comic film by husband Sacha Baron Cohen, starring himself and Isla, in a role of his spy brother's handler. Nothing went much good for the movie with critics saying the laugh gags were too desperate. Not many movies hit the box-office for Isla Fisher, including this one, but some movies like Now you see me and Rango did create enough magic for her. Fisher is still growing in Hollywood and we do hope to see some great works coming of hers.