Is He Cheating ? Know The Signs Behind it

Is He Cheating

The fact that you are reading this article makes it certain that you doubt the loyalty and love of your partner. And you are looking for the right indicators so here I am listing the signs that will tell you whether your partner is cheating or not followed by a list of do's and don't's henceforth.


Signs - Is he Cheating?


  1. Lack of compassion


If lately your partner is being less compassionate and showing less affecting it may turn out that he is over you and doesn't want to be with you. You may argue that a busy life and work pressure can turn a person like that but know that it's not always the case. The one who loves you will show you his compassion for you no matter how busy he is.


  1. To let go attitude


I have witnessed a lot of people with the letting go attitude when either they don't want to be in a relationship or are already dating someone else. Every argument results in them trying to break up and never actually finding a solution. The ones who want to stay find a solution rather than pushing you away.


  1. Ignorance 


Short term ignorance can be because of a bad mood or a personal issue but long term ignorance is a clear indication that you are unwanted. Often people who cheat are not courageous enough to speak directly hence they change their behavior. Ignorance is no doubt a part of it.


  1. Lack of communication


Communication is a key element of every relationship. If you too no longer communicate properly and talks often results in fights, you need to take note. And communication should not be one-sided, both of you should be actually into it else know that something is wrong.


  1. Less efforts


The charm of a relationship fades with time. To not let it fade away efforts are needed from both the ends. If your partner has stopped making any efforts in terms of surprises, gifts or mere flirting that means he is no longer into you or the relationship.


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  1. More excuses


Always know that people who want to be with you, spend time with you will do it and find time no matter how busy he is. If he always makes excuses, cancels plans and is not even guilty about it know that he no longer wants to spend time with you.


  1. Less healthy talk 


By healthy talk, I mean happy hours of conversation where you discuss your dreams, everyday routine, family and friends and both of you feel good. If you notice that healthy talk is vanishing from your conversations, it has become more formal and the other person is simply listening for the sake of listening it assures you that things are not going right between you two.


  1. Increased arguments


Arguments are necessary for the relationship. They let you know how important the other person is for you. But increased arguments, arguments on everything and every day means your relationship has gone in the wrong direction.


  1. Less time of togetherness


Notice the amount of time you two spend together. No doubt it reduces after a certain period but if it is gradually decreasing it's important to take note and be serious about it. Spending time together is important and both of you should be willing enough to spend time together.

Do's and Don't's


  1. Confess directly


Instead of cooking your own meal, overthinking and ruining your mental health it's better that once you notice that things aren't going the way it directly spoke to your partner. Honest discussions always help instead of making things in your mind. Speculations are speculations at the end. It may not be the real story. Maybe the other person is worried regarding some other issue and is not able to give you enough time. So talk more think less.


  1. Don't cook things in your mind


At the end all we have is ourselves. So it is important that you take care of yourself and by that, I mean both physical and mental health. It is not rational to sacrifice your health for anyone. And you should always come first in your list so instead of degrading your mental health by overthinking it's always better to have an honest discussion with your partner.


  1. Don't trust blindly


Blind faith is always toxic. Be open to every possibility because we live in the real world. It is the world of a romantic novel you have read where the hero never falls out of love. Life has more pages than a novel so don't keep unrealistic expectations. Its life and it plays. Understand that.


  1. Learn to let go of the wrong people


The one who cheats you can't be the right person and being with someone like that is something you don't deserve. So learn to let them go. You will find the right person when the time comes. Know that and don't act irrationally. You can't change people or their perspective but what you can do is let such people stay away from the circle of your life.


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  1. Accept that people change


The best way to deal with life and people is that they change. Change is the only constant thing. The sooner you accept this,  the better it is for you. If you don't accept you will never be able to move on. And expecting that everything will remain the same year after year is unrealistic. Be a human of reason and rationality and lead a happy life.


  1. Don't overthink


Overthinking will lead to mental instability and you will never be at peace. Your mental health will get affected and so will your physical health. So please avoid doing that. Engage yourself in something creative which interests you and make yourself happy. Go out, explore new places, dress beautifully and enjoy life.


  1. Know that you will move on too


Be optimistic about everything. No matter how worse things are today, they will get better tomorrow. You will heal. Healing takes time. Just be patient with yourself. Night can be dark and long but it can't stop the rising sun. Sorrow and happiness both are temporary. Accept it.


  1. Understand that nothing is more important than the peace of your mind


Peace of mind is most essential. So before anything in the world think about the state of your mind. If you continue being in a situation or relationship where you don't have any peace of mind you will end up ruined. You will feel emotionally drained and empty. Hence it is important to take care of this. It is important that you take care of yourself. You deserve your love before anyone else. 


Hoping that the above article helped you in finding out the right signals to speculate if your partner is cheating or not. Also, I have listed ways to tackle the situation effectively keeping yourself first in the list because you matter. Happy living.


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