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IG is a short form of Instagram Caption.

Best Instagram Captions

Best Instagram Captions

  1. In a world? full of trends, I want to remain classic?
  2. It may be a dark period, but I like black ?⚫
  3. Darling, Go buy a personality ?
  4. The surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.
  5. Tired of things not killing me and only make me stronger.
  6. I'm only interested in motherfuckers with benefits.
  7. When bad is good, but bad.
  8. I can’t be me, they’ll call security.
  9. Took the pain and left the missery
  10. Pain is the best distraction
  11. My standing before you is like being high on myself.
  12. I’ll be good today, but only if you let me be bad when you come around ❤️
  13. There’s a fine line between love and death, And it’s only and only a decision.
  14. Just do what I say and everyone gets hurt.
  15. Check your pockets I lost my sleep again.
  16. Walk of shame ? What shame ?
  17. I’m not nice enough to fake it.
  18. It's okay to be a shell of your former self.
  19. Not wearing glasses anymore, I've seen enough.
  20. Can't commit to nothing but a crime.
  21. Silence is my favorite sound.
  22. You are too young to let the world break you.
  23. Don't be trapped in someone's dream.
  24. Cry only for cuts and stitches not for bastards and bitches.
  25. Feeling change, people don't.
  26. Follow me you might learn something...
  27. Protect your peace..
  28. We only regret the vacations we didn't take.
  29. Shooting my shot “telepathically” ?.
  30. I don’t just get dressed for Instagram, I’m actually going places.

Short Instagram Captions

  1. Whatever you do, do it for you.
  2. Life is the color but black and white are more realistic.
  3. Sky isn't the limit, your mind is.
  4. Genuine men don't take selfies.
  5. I'm the truth, so hold your lies!
  6. Self-worth comes from within bitches.
  7. Why overthink when you can overdrink?
  8. The night is alright.
  9. We all broke our rules for someone.
  10. Stop playing small, it's time for bigger things.
  11. Never get attached to someone that ain't even yours.
  12. In my dreams, some things are better.
  13. Hell is watching people you love in pain.
  14. Best friend, if you're reading this, I miss you, dumb bitch.
  15. Be patient with yourself.
  16. Know your worth. then add tax.
  17. Never to old to be young.
  18. I make money moves.
  19. Reboot an area for your life.
  20. The truth hurts but secrets kill.
  21. My self-esteem higher than your rent.
  22. Show me what you've never shown anyone.
  23. We are all in someone's story.
  24. Sunshine on my mind.
  25. Week. end
  26. Make time to rest.
  27. You can't photoshop personality.
  28. Thank you, next.
  29. Bank balance is filled with commas.
  30. Sweeter than honey.
  31. Stay gold.
  32. People will stare. Make it worth their while.
  33. My hair is the crown I never take off.
  34. Growth is not linear.
  35. Beauty in simplicity.
  36. Teach me your ways ?? ???
  37. I have a hot friend.
  38. I woke up like this.
  39. Stop being so perfect.
  40. Know more, learn less.
  41. Silence is an answer too.
  42. Tears: the river of the soul.
  43. Comment I will subscribe you.
  44. ?One bad chapter doesn't? ?mean your story is over??
  45. Every hurt has a limit.
  46. Be happy in real life, not for the internet.
  47. Stop your scroll if it doesn't fuel your soul.
  48. Heal yourself, first. The rest will later come.
  49. Sometimes the problem is YOU.
  50. Good shoes take you good places.
  51. Feel the Song ??
  52. I don’t wanna be with out uh?
  53. Time flies?
    What time?
  54. Sneaking into freedom tonight...
  55. To be honest fuck !!
  56. In my phone your name is NO !
  57. More is how i like it.
  58. My madness will take you home.
  59. I haven’t lost interest.
  60. It takes courage to be vulnerable.
  61. Let you feeling out secretly.
  62. Build your future
  63. Show never tell
  64. Locked and loaded
  65. Goodbye to good girl

One Word Instagram Captions

  1. Stunning ?
  2. My bbf
  3. Spicy
  4. Eye talk
  5. Word matters
  6. Life chapter
  7. Be here
  8. Pride
  9. move on
  10. Stop self-doubt
  11. Be kinder
  12. let's get it??
  13. Baddie
  14. Mood: nahh!
  15. Sad truth ?
  16. Sunkissed
  17. Honey
  18. Dreamer
  19. Psycho
  20. Wanderer
  21. Just random❤️??

Caption For Selfies

  1. Live your life to make your soul happy.
  2. I decide my vibe.
  3. Good vibes make feel alive.
  4. Don't think me as a new edition... It was the old edition u saw.
  5. Good vibes. Bigger goals. Better experiences.
  6. Let's forget who we are and dive into the dark.
  7. Low-quality pictures, high-quality friends.
  8. Be a voice, not an echo.
  9. Sending my selfie to NASA, because I'm a star.
  10. Glow with me or watch my glow.
  11. Keeping it real since ( year of birth )
  12. Forgiving is remembering without pain.
  13. Pain is never permanent.
  14. Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and silly is better than boring.
  15. I need a break from human emotion.
  16. I am stylish and I know it.
  17. Young ladies resemble no cosmetics selfie.
  18. Don't forget to be your own magic.
  19. Nothing to add.
  20. keep checking yourself.

Motivational Instagram Captions

  1. My routine is my strength!
  2. You silence speaks volumes.
  3. Don't live a little, don't wish a little.
  4. Stop care about everyone elses' opinions.
  5. No matter what the situation is, I always get hurt in the end.
  6. Nothing good comes and nothing easy is good.
  7. Alone or not you gotta walk forward.
  8. be grateful every day because everything can be gone within seconds.
  9. I told my story, then made history.
  10. You should celebrate that tiny victories.
  11. Focus on the beautiful part of life.
  12. I count my blessings not my problems.
  13. Life is a gift.
  14. An apple a day keeps anyone awat if you throw it hard enough.
  15. Your faith must be bigger than your fear.
  16. Being alone really makes you realize all you got is yourself.
  17. They say good things take time... that's why I'm always late.
  18. Be confident with the skin you're in.
  19. Mistakes are opportunities.

Cute Couples Captions For Instagram

  1. Hello heart eyes for you.
  2. I know you miss my energy.
  3. There's no one like you baby.
  4. My number uno, she comes 1st.
  5. Thinkin' of you.
  6. Who's gonna love you like me.
  7. A vibe no one else can replace.
  8. He's out of his head, I'm out of my mind.
  9. You were made to be mine.
  10. She got wife written all of her.
  11. 7 billion smiles and yours is my favorite.
  12. Your voice is my favorite sound.
  13. She was made of sunlight.
  14. How do I still miss you?
  15. She was a rainbow, but he was color blind.
  16. Take a piece of my heart and make it your own, so when we are apart, you'll never be alone.
  17. I don’t see the crowds, I just see you.
  18. Those who leave a mark are the ones that’s worth it.
  19. The day you left me, an angel cried.
  20. As you can see, I survived without you.

Love Caption for Instagram

  1. I still think of you.
  2. Different story of two hearts, it's as beautiful as god's art...
  3. Meeting her unexpectedly, the beginning of chemistry.
  4. We came to each other's lives, making each other's living fine.
  5. Our stories weren't the same of course.
  6. I will not delete pieces of me to please you.
  7. I love you a little bit more every day.
  8. Without saying anything, you said everything.
  9. A city of thousands, but I still only want you.
  10. I have died every day waiting for you.
  11. I liked you immediately.
  12. How can I love when I am afraid.
  13. If you were a fruit you'd be a fineapple.
  14. You know that I'm greedy for love.
  15. Holding hands releases stress and anxiety.
  16. Love can be addictive.
  17. Hard to get love but harder to forget.
  18. If you have eyes, take a look at me now!
  19. Eye contact strengthen relationships
  20. Losing feelings, and getting cold.
  21. Love is pretty selfish, on its own.
  22. I carry your heart, in my heart.
  23. You’re my favorite hiding place.
  24. By happy, I mean moderately depressed.
  25. Love like a #cat or don’t love at all.
  26. Make him love you and leave.
  27. I’m the mistake you keep repeating, this must be love.
  28. All of my personalities want you.
  29. I unsubscribed from you.
  30. I love you from my heart, cause my mind is gone.
  31. The feelings are real, even when nothing else is.
  32. Love is never a weakness.

Adventure and Travel Captions

  1. No, let’s do more then, adventure “ ?
  2. Don't run. Because living about travel is not an escape.
  3. You can guess Location Easily ✌️...
  4. Netflix and chill ??? With whom would you stay here? ?
  5. A day at the sandbank with the „Gumbies“
  6. Shades of blue ?
  7. I will go wherever my heart leads me. Faithfully. Fearlessly.? ?
  8. Up in the clouds
  9. Adventure keep my heart wild
  10. I followed my heart and it led me to the airport


Captions For Pics

  1. I thought people who smiled without a reason were mad, till I joined them.
  2. Never regret something that once made you smile.
  3. It should be a crime..You know the rest ??‍♀️
  4. No ?, no ✏️ but I still draw attention.
  5. Somewhere, someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.
  6. Anything hot and chocolate is good for you.
  7. Sundays are for sunshine ✌?☀️
  8. A queen will always turn pain into POWER.
  9. ° the sunlight paints me gold? °
  10. Stay classy, sassy, and a lil' bad assy ??
  11. Don’t just be eye candy, be soul food ? ??
  12. Life is a combination of magic and milk?
  13. ⌛️ Dididi ⏰ Your holiday balance has insufficient balance ?
  14. Hope every moment is as beautiful as colored crayons ?️
  15. If there is any problem that one ice cream cannot solve, then two.


Captions For Insta

  1. Even when I see you for just one second it makes my day.
  2. I cannot thank you enough. thank you so much for an amazing start of the year. I have no words. I love you. ???????
  3. Someone said this is gonna be me when I’m older.
  4. She made a poet out of me and I made a poem out of her.
  5. People will leave you to freeze and get upset when you decide to get warm by yourself.
  6. I burn sage, and bridges, whatever it takes to get rid of negativity.
  7. Physical appearance is designed to be a plus, not your whole package.
  8. I’m comfortable in my skin?
  9. Let my hustle seduce you.
  10. The pressure will either mold you or fold you.

Photo Caption

  1. Broken hearts break bones.
  2. Click, click, click and post
  3. Focus on me
  4. I'm so successful
  5. Wild spirit. Soft heart. Sweet soul.
  6. Thick thighs & thin patience.
  7. If the cameras are out, I’m most likely gonna show up.
  8. Now that I’m here, what’s your other 2 wishes?
  9. A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.
  10. Took a second just to catch a vibe.
  11. I can only forgive, but if told to repeat sorry I can't ?
  12. It's so difficult.
    Updated daily. Fall ?
  13. You can't press pause, you can't press stop !
    Life is forever in action ✨
  14. When the demand level is high??
  15. Just position yourself where you are valued??
  16. Every sunset is an opportunity to restart your life.”❤??
  17. Excuses don't get results.
  18. Big #hearts create big things.
  19. Find people on the same wavelength??
  20. Just live ?


Captions For Girls

  1. Bad girls have more fun.
  2. Boy, I invented you
  3. Pretty face, thick thighs & the queen of vibes
  4. I’ll never address you, just simply out dress you...
  5. Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother.
  6. A woman must be 2 things: Classy & Fabulous ☺️
  7. Up to no good as per usual.
  8. Pretty too see, hard to catch.
  9. Always catching the sun so miss me with the shade.
  10. I caught them slipping but I ain’t letting them slide this time.
  11. Body like a hourglass ⏳so don’t waste my time.
  12. Everybody wanna set it off, until we tell them set it up.
  13. Bad is good in my vocabulary..⠀
  14. Don’t worry bout the background, I am the view.
  15. I am a garden of single roses blossoming in infinite ways ?


Caption For Boys

  1. If happy is her, I'm happy for you
  2. If I wasn’t shining so hard, there wouldn’t be any shade...
  3. Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get your paws wet.
  5. I’m still the ash of who they tried to burn.
  6. When they get too comfortable at the table, you gotta remind them its a line outside.
  7. They don’t even pay their taxes so I can’t expect them to pay homage...
  8. Those who tried to bring him down still look up to him.
  9. They don’t want my love, they just want my affection..
  10. Do you smoke? Cause weed be cute together ?
  11. A man with dreams needs a woman with a vision ?

Cool Captions

  1. Stay wild moon child
  2. Cause I'm icy
  3. Care free
  4. Aspire to inspire
  5. Dream big, little one
  6. You take my care away
  7. Good at overthinking with my heart
  8. Imagine a world like that
  9. Highlight of my life, just like that fenty beauty kit
  10. Just say good night and go
  11. I don’t just make people look, I make them feel something.
  12. I’m the bigger picture that’s why I don’t sweat previews.
  13. Never had to show off, only had to show up.
  14. What’s with all the tension? I can’t help the attention...
  15. Your either on my side, by my side, or in my way.


Quotes For Instagram Post

  1. Make sure you make things look good, and not the other way around.
  2. I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.
  3. Don't think everyone is temporary in life. Don't expect everyone must be with you ever. But the thoughts remain same.
  4. Overthinking is the best way of #messing up your life.

Catchy Captions


  1. Treat my goals like property, collect them like monopoly.
  2. Don't tell me I'm less than my freedom.
  3. All stunts performed by me.
  4. I’ll always be a student of the game...
  5. Play your cards right & you'll have a winning hand.
  6. These haters prepaid and I ain’t given them a minute!
  7. Finally it’s sweater season again.
  8. When I hit you with the truth, don’t you get offended...
  9. Excuse my distance, I’m just trying to enjoy myself.
  10. I rather be a whisper in heaven than a Angel locked in your prison.
  11. Bad vibes don’t go with my outfit..
  12. Without change there would be no butterflies.
  13. I don’t ask for permission, I grant it.
  14. Too much red might cause a fire ?
  15. Rather leave this here than in my camera roll.


Happy Captions

  1. A house with many rooms, many faces...but one family.
  2. Life is better when you’re laughing.
  3. Move in silence , Only speak when it's time to say CHECKMATE. . . . Yooo... ?
  4. I slowly listen to the sound of snow falling ❄️


Captions For Friends

  1. Can't handle us
  2. All 4 myself
  3. I don't need friends, I need more champagne.
  4. You're my happy place.
  5. Great memories
  6. Blessed with the best friend.

Question Quotes Caption For Instagram


Clever Instagram Captions

  1. Exist loudly
  2. "Life is short." False -- It is the longest thing you do.
  3. What's a queen without her king?
  4. My mind don't match my mouth
  5. Staring at your goddamn smile

Selfie Captions Quotes


Dope Instagram Captions

Random Captions

  1. Give me envy, give me malice, give me your attention
  2. Being blue is better than over it.
  3. Cold hearts brew colder songs
  4. You're a regular decorated emergency.
  5. No tricks, just treats
  6. Fine as wine
  7. Silent but deadly
  8. You're my favorite mistake
  9. No time for the temporary
  10. Lost in a world that doesn't exist
  11. Sugar and spice
  12. Dancing's not a crime unless you do it without me.
  13. I'm always tried but never of you.

Funny Instagram Captions

  1. Friday, my second favorite F word.
  2. I need a six-month holiday, twice a year.
  3. I'm just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a cupcake.
  4. Dumb and Dumber
  5. I'm not be perfect but at least I'm not you.

Witty Instagram Captions

Instagram Caption Ideas

Clever Instagram Captions

Silly Captions

  1. Feelin like a 10
  2. Nobody does it better
  3. She know how to party
  4. Smiles for miles
  5. Out n about
  6. Don't let the colors fade
  7. I kept it 10*10
  8. Prove them wrong
  9. Less grades, more shades

Weird Captions

  1. Don't study me - you won't graduate

Birthday Instagram Captions

  1. Cake day
  2. Getting older, getting wiser!
  3. Aging potato
  4. I am just here for the birthday cake
  5. Huge, kisses, and a lot of birthday wishes
  6. The party don't start till I walk in
  7. Adult are only grown up kids anyways
  8. Celebrating with all my favs, my heart is so full
  9. I didn't get older, I just got better
  10. What a journey it was
  11. Turn my birthday into a lifestyle
  12. May we stay forever young
  13. Blessed to see another year<3
  14. Keep calm and celebrate on.
  15. Live your life and forgot your age.
  16. Never growing up
  17. Hold your inner child as you grow older.
  18. Deal with it, because it's my birthday!
  19. Staying sassy on my birthday!
  20. The thing is I love my birthday celebrations, but Only when they're mine.

Christmas Instagram Captions

Nature Captions for Instagram

Attitude Captions for Instagram

  1. Don't compete where you don't compare.
  2. I'm the truth so hold your lies.
  3. Can't stand me? Take a seat
  4. Attitude kinda savage but her heart gold
  5. I'm not nice, stone-cold like ice
  6. You can't make people love you but you can make them fear you.

Food Instagram Captions

  1. I'm loving it.
  2. aren't I finger licking good.

Cute Winter Captions

  1. License to chill
  2. Fairy lights on winter nights
  3. Winter wonderland
  4. Ice ice baby
  5. Up to snow good

Spring Instagram Captions

Instagram Captions for Autumn

  1. Beleaf in your self
  2. Autumn leaves and pumpkins please

Instagram Captions for Summer

  1. Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes
  2. Nice dreams and ice creams
  3. Good times and tan lines
  4. 90% happy 10% sunburnt
  5. Everything is fine when there is sunshine.
  6. What day is it again?
  7. My favorite color is sunset.
  8. Forever chasing the sun.
  9. Find me under the palms
  10. The only B.S I need is bikinis and sandals
  11. Every summer has its own story
  12. Sunshine and good feelings
  13. Dreams are made up of salt and sea
  14. Passports and pineapples
  15. Find me at a beach
  16. Girls wanna have sun
  17. Sunkissed
  18. 50 shades of summer
  19. Vitamin sea
  20. Stay sunny