Inspirational Birthday Wishes | Inspirational Birthday Quotes, Messages

 “Birthdays are those magnificent days when our moods are high and our sadness flies.” 


Whatever hurdles we are crossing in life, this one day puts a beam of happiness in our soul. Not only for us, in fact for all those living around us. It is the day when even our not-so-close friends come in and pour in their wishes like a blue moon. Here, we are presenting a collection of handy birthday wishes and quotes for your loved ones. Now, let’s get started to wish our friends and family members a happy life filled with an abundance of mirth through our quotes and wishes. 


Inspirational birthday wishes


  • Your smile, your attitude, your voice brought the real me out. It’s my privilege to wish you a happy birthday today. 


  • A part of me lives inside you, so instead of happy birthday to you, it’s befitting to say happy birthday to us. 


  • I know you have seen a lot and I wish you'll see a lot more happy birthdays. 


  • I know you’re one among the few chivalrous men I know happy birthday.


  • You gave me your heart. I’m here to wish my heart a warm and happening birthday. 


  • I was waiting for your birthday this year after your previous birthday night ended. 


  • I know I have hurt you a lot. I’m sorry. Now, I want to enjoy your birthday party, don’t stare at me. 

Inspirational Birthday Wishes

  • You were born on this exact day many years ago. I can’t believe you’ve aged.


  • You’re my first kid and I’m partly unhappy on all your birthdays as when you age, I age doubly.


  • Sweetheart, I can’t express my feelings in words but you know I love you the most.


  • One out of 365 days is designated by God to be yours, enjoy as much as you can today. 


  • I know you’re going to see a lot more of these days in your life and I promise that I’ll be there to celebrate it every year. 


  • We saw our dreams together and we grew wrinkles together, hope we’ll see the other world together, holding each other’s hands. 


  • Haven’t seen anyone as cool as you and didn’t think I’ll fall for a guy like you. Stay blessed forever. 


  • I came to wish you just because I notice the loneliness in your eyes. I’m there for you. 


  • To the hero of my life: Dad, I seriously don’t know what I would have been without your advice. Keep showering me with more of those. 


  • I have a lot of friends but I get happy on your birthdays as if it was mine. Maybe it’s a string from the previous birth. 


  • Thirty-five is just a beginning darling, travel with me and I’ll show you a hundred more years filled with pristine love. 


  • We met in kindergarten a decade back and now we are here in high school, still friends. Expecting your partnership till my last breath. 


  • Happy birthday crime partner, without you my school life would have been a mess. I still regret not studying in college with you.


  • Remember the birthday when your cat spoiled the cake? I hope it won’t happen now as I’m terribly hungry.


  • In a world full of social network friends, I’m blessed to have at least one who calls me to attend his birthday.


  • Sweetie pie, you are the reason my life is still hanging on and it’s my utmost wish that God gives you all the health.

Inspirational Birthday wishes and messages

  • Birthdays come once in a year, they should be messed up, so that we can remember them life long.


  • I asked God time and again why he gave you as my sister. “Because only you can put up with her”, God replied.


  • I waited for nine months to see you born on this very day. Now I’m waiting for 365 days every year just to wish you a happy birthday.


  • I taught you alphabets and numbers, now you teach me how to respect teachers by visiting them on their birthdays. Proud to have you as my student.


  • World won’t spin if not for love, I can’t put a day off if not for your party.


  • I don’t want to get dramatic but it’s true that I took two planes just to meet you on your milestone birthday.


  • Oh boy, it’s not your sweet 16 but don’t worry, it’s your sweetest 60.


Funny Inspirational birthday wishes


  • After 10, we’re no longer a child. After 15, we’re no longer a kid. After 20, we’re no longer a teen. After 30, we’re no longer young. After 40, we’re no longer a middle-aged person. After 50, we’re no longer young and able. After 60, we feel guilty for not have enjoyed without worrying about age or ability. After all, age is just a number. 


  • You're just aging in number, not in mindset. Oops, I was kidding.


  • Are you one? Are you two? Are you fifteen? Are you twenty-five? Are you thirty-seven? Are you forty? Best wishes to my forty-year young woman.


  • I’m thinking of presenting you a palace for this birthday, if at all you are willing to be my queen. What do you say?


  • You are the one for me in this vast universe. Today, I pray to God for giving me the present that is you.

Funny Inspirational birthday wishes

  • You were born on a fragrant spring morning two decades ago. You still diffuse the same perfume in all our lives.


  • Birthdays are nothing but a day of remembrance for our souls to stay rooted and be humble. 


  • Happy birthday to the one who sacrificed her life to mold us. Best wishes mom. 


  • I’m privileged to wish the business tycoon a lot more feathers on his cap. 


  • ‘‘Face is the index of the mind’’ and your face is always a pleasure to see. Happy birthday, baby. 


  • How many years have passed since we celebrated your birthday together? From now on, we shouldn’t waste even a minute. 


  • I didn’t expect you’ll invite me for your birthday after we split. Happy birthday my love. 


  • People say you’re cute and I accept that. Have a happy birthday.


  • In a world full of people, you are the one and only person for me and my love for you is till infinity. 


  • Today, you’re happy and I know how much you have seen to reach this place.


  • So, let’s go somewhere, eat out and enjoy your birthday but you should pay for it all.


  • I thought of wishing you at 12, and then when I woke it was already 6. So I thought I might as well come to your house and wish you.


  • This is really a good Friday for it’s your birthday.


  • I raised you since you were a baby and now you’re grown up enough to take care of me. Have a great life, my little daughter.


  • Although snow is falling up to my knees, I can’t miss coming to your birthday.


  • If there is one day that always gives me regret, it’s is your birthday as I somehow always forget that. Sorry for always giving you belated wishes.


  • You remember how we celebrated your birthday on our school reunion? I bet that was your best birthday ever!


  • Let God shower all his blessings onto you for having a blessed life.


  • You’re God’s special child and that’s why God wishes you on your birthday with snow every year.


  • Kiddo, when you were born, I didn’t know you were going to become this great. 


  • You should think that I came here for the sponge cake. Pardon me and give me two more.


  • You owe me a special treat on the occasion of your silver strand started getting visible. Maybe present me with a silver watch? 


  • You were with me through my thick and thin. I wish you a great life ahead. 


  • It takes time to build a palace. Now you’re a 45-year-old wise palace. 


  • I admit that I haven’t brought you any gifts on any of your birthdays. All I want to say is that you did the same. 


Inspirational birthday wishes quotes


  • Pass me the aged wine to commemorate the aged person. 


  • Sweetie, it’s your 16th birthday! Live life the way you want without regrets. 


  • Not many have seen a century-old granny! We are blessed to have you in our lives. 


  • Say “cheese”, boy, the photographer wants to capture your cake-laden face. 


  • I know you want to become a doctor. So, I’m presenting you a doctor kit. You can treat anyone except real patients. 


  • Happy 70th birthday sir. I have traveled half the globe to wish you for you are the reason I’m throttling the globe. 


  • My love for you is beyond the scope of words. I’m happy you grew up to be an amazing man. 


  • To a friend who taught me to bake cakes, happy birthday baker darling. You’re as sweet as your cakes. 

Inspirational birthday wishes quotes

  • Trust me, like a seed sprout, you become more mature than you were a year before. Happy birthday. 


  • You’re the only soul with whom I can share my deepest secrets. Happy birthday to my secret keeper. 


  • Love ages just like wine. Ripper, richer, packed with more flavours! 


  • Your appearance changed a lot but your heart is just the same as it was a decade ago when I met you. 


  • A toast to the one I cannot imagine my life without. 


  • I know you want to forget your last birthday. Just be happy as you survived positively another year with grit. 


  • You are the tree and bearer of the fruits. I know the struggle the tree had undergone to become this big. 


  • Hey swimming partner, today you swim without headgear as you need to wash your head at least once a year. 


  • You have told me not to give you a book as a present again. What can I do? Only books are abundant in my house. 


  • Honey, I know you have never intended to celebrate your birthday. That’s why I didn’t buy you a cake. Can you buy it on your own sweetie? 


  • Grandpa, you taught me about life more than my teachers taught. Happy 80! 


  • Aunty, you turned 80! What a wonderful life you’ve lived.


  • Invite me many times to your house, not just on your birthday. Of course, you can feed your friend (me) as much as you can. 


  • Mom, happy birthday! I promise I’ll make you cry less when I become big. 


  • My bestie gave you a BMW and a mansion in my dream as a present. You can take all that if you keep your party in my dream. 


  • Happy birthday to my secret crush. I know you want to speak with me. I feel the same as you. 


  • 60 is a milestone, my friend. I know you’re going to reach 90 and I’ll wish you good health. 


  • Oh boy! You didn’t train your dog to not eat birthday cakes. Now how can we humans touch that?


  • You made me laugh all through college. Now, I’ll make you laugh by giving myself a present for your birthday.


  • We didn’t experience love at first sight and that was the reason we are together celebrating our birthdays one year after another. 


  • Blow your candles by thinking of a dream. I’ll pray to God to make your dream become a reality.