40 Buddha Quotes Which Improve Your Thought, Speech and Actions

The true reality of life and the universe originally taught by Buddha Shakyamuni. Buddha was named prince Siddhartha. Buddha teachings help us to learn happy life with prosperity by knowing the self-nature abilities. Buddha's teaching solves the problem from family difficulties to life and death issues.

Below you will get the best buddha quotes which help to open your heart and teach you to live free from discriminatory thoughts and attachments. Buddha quotes unlock the secret of life which improve your mind and body and live successfully with happiness.


  • Action to be done by body, speech or mind should only be done after careful reflection.



  • Just as the great ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, even so, this Dhamma has one taste too, the taste of freedom.


Buddha Quotes-3


  • One who is wise and disciplined,
    Kindly always an intelligent,
    Humble and free from pride-
    One like this will win respect.


Buddha Quotes-4


  • Follower and following,
    Toucher and touched alike,
    An arrow smeared with poison
    Infects those arrows that are not poisoned,
    So that all are fouled.
    The upright person not wishing to be soiled
    Should not keep company with the fool.

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  • According to the friends one makes,
    According to who one follows,
    So does one become.
    Like one's associates one becomes.


Buddha Quotes-6


  • Many garlands can be made
    From a heap of flowers
    Likewise, many good deeds can be done
    By one born human.


Buddha Quotes-7


  • If desires are not uprooted, Sorrows grow again in you.


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Buddha Quotes-8


  • When there is pain,
    Pleasure is to be strived for.

Buddha Quotes-9


  • Empty things make a noise,
    The full is always quiet.
    The fool is like a half-filled pot,
    The wise man like a deep still pool.


Buddha Quotes-10


  • Faith is the best wealth one can have.


Buddha Quotes-11


  • When fruit is ripe, it may drop early in the morning.
    In the same way, one who is born may die at any moment.


Buddha Quotes-12


  • If you want to know what you did in your past life, look at your current state. If you want to know your future, look at your actions today.

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Buddha Quotes-13


  • All that we are is the result of our thoughts.


Buddha Quotes-14


  • He can, who thinks he can.


Buddha Quotes-15


  • Defeat yourself and win thousands of battles.


Buddha Quotes-16


  • It is easy to live to the one who is impudent, like a crow, impudent, intrusive, reckless, spoiled. But it is difficult to live for someone who is humble, who is always looking for pure, who is impartial, cool, visionary, whose life is pure ...


Buddha Quotes-17


  • Just as rain seeps into a house with a thin roof, lust also seeps into a poorly developed mind.


Buddha Quotes-18


  • Do not answer evil for evil, otherwise evil will have no end. In response to the insult, kiss your enemy, and he will become much more painful.

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Buddha Quotes-19


  • One day a wise and meditating person is truly better than a hundred years old person who has neither wisdom nor self-control.


Buddha Quotes-20


  • There are many teachings in the world, but those who themselves shackled themselves in shackles will no longer be helped by any teachings.




Buddha Quotes-21


  • There is no happiness equal to calm.

Buddha Quotes-22


  • Wild animals cannot be afraid, you need to be afraid of a bad friend. For a wild beast wound only the body, and a bad friend wounds the soul.


Buddha Quotes-23


  • The greatest loss in a person’s life is the loss of hope.


Buddha Quotes-24


  • Do not accept any negative. Until you take it, it belongs to the one who brought it.

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Buddha Quotes-25


  • You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.


Buddha Quotes-26


  • Whenever you pray, ask for others,
    but never for yourself.
    Otherwise, prayer is useless.


Buddha Quotes-27


  • The whole secret of existence is to get rid of fears. Do not be afraid of, that will happen to you, your future will not change, but now will be calm.

Buddha Quotes-28


  • I want happiness!
    Remove “ I”, remove “ I want” - happiness will remain


Buddha Quotes-29


  • A person must learn the secrets of life from himself, and not blindly believe in other teachings.


Buddha Quotes-30


  • In the world, there is no fire stronger than passion, sharks more ferocious than hate, and a hurricane more devastating than greed.


Buddha Quotes-31


  • Even a reasonable person would grow stupid if he does not improve.


Buddha Quotes-32


  • Each of us is God, each of us knows everything. We should only open our minds to listen to our own wisdom.


Buddha Quotes-33


  • I leave happy because I did not hide anything in the closed palm
    I gave everything that could be useful to you.


Buddha Quotes-34


  • Even if you search the whole world, you will not find anyone who deserves love more than you yourself.


Buddha Quotes-35


  • Anger will disappear as soon as thoughts of indignation are forgotten.


Buddha Quotes-36


  • Abandon all evil, multiply the good, purify your mind: Here is the advice of all the Buddhas.


Buddha Quotes-37


  • Perfection is achieved by compassion and mercy.


Buddha Quotes-38


  • The world always finds a way to praise and a way to blame. It always has and it always will.

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Buddha Quotes-39


  • Nothing is permanent or Sanatan. Everything is subject to change. Being is always Becoming.


Buddha Quotes-40


  • These two types of people are difficult to find in the world.
    One who will do a favour fast, and one who is grateful for a favour done.


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