Sweet I Miss You Messages For Him/Her

I Miss You Messages for boyfriend or girlfriend

Missing someone may lead you to experience mixed and unpleasant feelings at times. You only miss that person who is special to you. Sometimes you just miss your wonderful bond with that special person and feel lonely. But communication will help you to resolve this issue.

If you are away from your loved ones and fall short of the right words to express your feelings then you are on the best page to find some real stuff.

If you miss someone, just tell them how much you miss their presence in your life with these whole new and sensational collections of messages for your significant other!


I Miss You Messages


  • Without you hours feel like seconds, days feel like months and months feel like years.


  • I am having a deficiency of Vitamin U. Please meet me soon.


  • I am incomplete without you my lifeline.


  • I miss the warmth of your hugs my darling.


  • Tears start rolling down my cheeks each time I miss you.


  • Though you are miles away from me still you are closest to my heart.


  • I would have hugged you tighter the last time I saw you.


  • I miss the way you say my name.


  • Whenever I close my eyes, I see you and on opening my eyes I want to see you.


  • Initially imagining you makes me feel better but later it leaves me crying.


  • It’s normal to miss someone when you are alone and lonely. But missing someone when you are busy having fun, that’s true love.


  • Dear sweetheart, you’re always there you know, you know, at the back of my mind always.


  • You are my favourite thought, my blessing, my world.


  • Your smile, your presence is just like a pain killer to me.


  • I literally miss you the second I am not with you. Please come back soon I’m needy.


  • I miss our silent talks and crazy fights.


  • I want the needles of the clock to stop moving when we are together.


  • Those flying kisses and virtual hugs on the video calls make me miss you even more.


  • My morning seems to be more beautiful when I’m with you.


  • I would prefer to kiss you rather than missing you.


  • I feel so lonely without you my dear,
    There is something missing in my life,
    Please come back and return my cheer and smile.


  • There is no reason or any season,
    I miss you in every beat of my heart,
    I miss you on every blink of my eyes,
    Love you lots!.


  • I miss you but it is a temporary feeling,
    Though I will never forget the wonderful memories I had with,
    But we can create more of them.


  • I am diagnosed with ‘I miss you’ syndrome,
    Is there any medicine for not missing you so much?
    If there is, please let me know, baby!


  • My worst nightmares turn into sweetest dreams when I am sleeping in your warm and cozy arms. I miss you this much honey!


  • My eyes want to see you,
    my hands want to be held in yours,
    my lips need your kisses,
    your absence is ripping my heart apart.


  • Without you, even a Sunday is a Monday,
    The Cool wind feels like summer noon.
    I miss you so much.


  • I can leave the world for you but I can't survive a single moment without you.
    Please never keep a distance from me,
    My sweetheart, I miss you crazily.


  • You are the laugh in my heart,
    the butterflies in my belly,
    your absence makes me sad,
    just want to say I need you.


  • Even in the most wonderful weather,
    I'm suffocating without you.
    Save me, my love.


  • I get bored chatting on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, but I never get bored while talking to you, thinking of you and waiting for you.


Cute I Miss You Messages


  • Dear favourite person if you are reading this I miss you.


  • I am counting the days until we meet again.


  • I miss those blissful smiles and crazy gestures we shared.


  • I glow differently when I am around you.


  • Dear favourite human, I miss being in your arms.


  • I will never get tired of carrying you in my heart.


  • When we meet again, just hold me tight, kiss me, and tell me how much you have missed me.


  • Hey love!. You are 247 on my mind.


  • 7 billion people in the world but my heart only wants you.


  • Though we are miles away from each other, still I can feel your presence around me.


  • I daily pray to god in the hope that we’ll surely meet soon.


  • I wish I had an anywhere door so I could meet my bae every day at any time of the day in just a second.


  • Mostly, we don't miss our favourite person, we just miss that soothing feeling.


  • I have a bunch of hugs and kisses
    waiting for you,
    so don't worry,
    you will get them whenever we meet.


  • I wish this enormous distance between us would disappear and we could just relax for a while holding hands and adoring each other.


  • Talking to you even for a few minutes makes me feel blessed.


  • I miss you in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night. In short, I miss you throughout the day.


  • I just keep imagining what all I will say or do when I get to see you again.


  • Sometimes I get so confused as to why the time seems less with you but the same time feels too much without you.


  • I just feel so miserable without you because you are the biggest source of happiness in my life.


  • When I say ‘I miss you’ it means that I want you beside me in a fraction of second.


  • I will not fight with you nor be angry with you and be a good baby if you promise to meet me daily.


  • You are my sunshine,
    My comfy place,
    My paradise,
    I just miss being lost in your arms!


  • I want to relive our memories, those soulful interactions, that peaceful silence. I just can't explain how much I miss you, darling!


  • Without you, my food seems tasteless, my life seems aimless and I feel hopeless.


  • I miss that blush on my cheeks and redness on my face when you bring me closer to your heart.


  • Thinking about you does not let me sleep at night, only you can cure me of this disorder, my baby!


  • I miss your eyes, your smile, your voice, your lips! I just can't live without you.


  • Hey sweetheart! I just wanna say that you are the first and last thing on my mind every day.


  • My heart aches for you and my lips crave for you.


  • Your soulful love is what I miss about you the most.


  • I wanna confess that whenever you are with me I just stop thinking and when you are away from me I start thinking about you.


  • I love the feeling I get when I see you, I love the cute gestures we exchange,I love each and everything about you! Meet me soon!


  • The only thing missing right now is being near you, hugging you, and seeing you smile while gazing at me.


  • I know you are not here with me, but I feel your presence.


  • Do you know, when I miss you I read our old conversations and listen to romantic songs and start imagining us!


  • I'm missing you so much that if you were here I would have kissed you.


  • My baby, you have no idea about how much I miss you, how much you make me smile, how much I long to see you!


Romantic I Miss You Messages


  • I can't wait for the day when I don’t have to miss you anymore and just hug you for hours.


  • My eternal wish in life is to stay with you forever.


  • I am becoming a sleepy panda in your absence. Wanna know why? Because I meet you in my dreams.


  • At times I lie on my bed, just thinking about the beautiful moments we shared.


  • Just as the stars add beauty to the empty sky, You add meaning to my life and make it even more beautiful.


  • I miss those tight hugs you give me every time you see me. I want to relive those precious moments. I miss you so much.


  • Missing you is one of the most difficult because it makes me lose all the control over my feelings.


  • You may be out of sight but still, you are always on my mind.


  • As you have been away for a long time, get ready with millions of kisses and hugs to shower on me.


  • I don’t know if you feel it this way or not, but I'm missing you a lot these days!


  • Your absence from my life in these few days made me realize your true worth! In fact, missing you has brought me closer to you.


  • My heart finds peace and comfort in your arms! Your arms are the safest place for my heart to reside.


  • I hate being so alone! I miss those funny things we did together.


  • All I want to do is to hold your hand and confess that I miss you a lot!


  • Since you left, I feel like an angel whose wings have been cut off, whose glory is lost forever.


  • Just for a moment bring me closer, look into my eyes, and say how much you miss me! I Am dying to see you, my love!


  • In your absence, I have turned into a morose creature, Please come here and fill my life with happiness!


  • Even if I am surrounded by many people, Still my heart feels empty and I feel alone! I miss you so much!


  • I would prefer being locked up with you rather than being free without you! Because all my happiness lies in being with you my love!


  • Every night I sleep with a hope to see you in reality the next morning! Your presence and your smile just bless my morning.


  • Can’t we just disappear from this busy world into our own little world where we are together forever and there is no pain of missing each other.


  • You take away all my pains, you remove all my burdens, you make my life worth living. I want you here with me now!


  • In this long period of separation, I realized how boring and unpleasant my life is without you.


  • My love! My sweetheart! My darling! Just come to meet me once, I am incomplete without your love.


  • Recently, I just remembered the day we started talking and I was just shocked to realise that a day would come in my life when I would miss you more than anything.


  • I really miss those ecstatic moments that I spent with you! Let us relive them again my baby!


  • I can bear any kind of pain in my life, But this pain of being away from you is unbearable! It leaves a crack in my heart.


  • I wish I could lock our hearts, souls, and lips together so that we could remain together forever.


  • Your hugs and kisses make me feel alive! Without them, I feel like dead!


  • Your eyes are like the pearls that lie inside the oysters! I miss looking into your sparkling eyes! I find solace in them.


  • I miss those long walks and deep conversations we had while holding each other’s hands. I miss such priceless moments my sweetheart! Please come back soon!


  • In this world full of strangers, you are the only person who matters the most to me. Whose glimpse makes me feel a thousand times better.


  • I realized how much I love you when I started missing you beyond any limits! I love you so much, my baby!


  • I wish I had wings so that I could fly and reach wherever you are! My heart is aching for you and I can’t even survive for a second without you!


  • I miss clicking those naughty and cute pictures of you! I miss playing with your hair! I miss each and every moment we spent together.


  • You took away my smiles with you! I miss that wide smile on my face when we are together.


  • You are my favourite place to go when my mind searches for peace!


  • Today I caught myself smiling for no reason, then I realized I was thinking about you.


  • No matter how far away we are you always hold a special place in my heart that can never be replaced. I wanna see you soon love!


  • I am a person with no patience, But I wait for your arrival the moment you leave. Believe me, you are the most valuable gem for me!


  • Baby, I will take care of myself, I will eat properly and sleep at the correct time. But in return I just want you to return as soon as possible.


  • I know we are not together, but my heart is totally yours, darling!


  • In a world full of assets I would only choose you! As nothing can make me as happy as you do!


  • All the memories we have had till now are bliss and there are yet many more to come.


  • You can never imagine how painful it is to stop thinking about you sometimes! My mind is wholly engrossed in you!


  • At this moment, I wish I could lay on your chest and listen to your heartbeat.


  • I will never forget the day you confessed your love to me! When I miss you the most I just close my eyes and remember that priceless day!


  • I miss you more than words could ever express!


  • I miss that smile that comes to your face when you look at me!


  • I miss starting my day by looking at you and kissing you!


  • When I am with you everything around me looks like a fairy tale and without you, everything feels lifeless.