Heart Touching Love Messages For Husband

Ever felt like the bond between you and your partner is losing its spark over time?

Here are the most beautiful quotes and love messages filled with romance and respect which will make your bond lit and everlasting.


Love messages for husband


  • On this valentine's day,
    When every young heart is getting on his/her knees,
    Would you cherish our elderly love by swinging on our bygone song?


  • I cherish your silver locks which used to be black once,
    My love for you still measures more than tonnes.
    Let's celebrate this everlasting journey under the light of the moon with a glass of wine❤?


  • Thank you for never promising me moons and stars,
    And for sharing all your vulnerable scars.


  • I am blessed to have a partner who understands me better than myself.
    I wish to celebrate this day every year with you❤
    Happy love


  • Dear husband,
    Thank you for putting colors of love, respect, gratitude, and importance in my life.
    I love you.
    I miss you
    Come soon


  • When I say I love you to the moon and back,
    I don't promise you life with no problems,
    Rather I promise to love you enough to deal with them together.


  • Dear husband,
    From Surprising each other secretly to planing your birthday with our children, our love never died❤
    I love you


  • It was your dream to hold my hand Forever,
    And here we are still grabbing each other’s hand at the age of 60❤


  • Say me a thousand times that you love me,
    Say me a hundred times that I am beautiful,
    But promise me just once that you would never leave me...?
    Cheers to our bond...which is beyond the relationship of a husband and wife?


  • Once I used to believe that blood relations are the only bond you can have faith on.
    And I got this belief broken when I found you❤


  • From laughing together,
    To opening all our scars and mistakes in front of each other we have achieved a lot when it comes to love.
    I love you❤


  • Dear Husband,
    To all the shooting stars...to all the Gods✨
    I pray for our togetherness and love


  • Love is in the air,
    Your no more black hair,
    Still same level of love and care
    See our love is so strong,
    I love you for this everlasting bond❤


  • Teasing you is love
    Loving you is life,
    Life with you is heaven?


  • I won't say I can't live without you,
    I will rather say I don't want to live without you❤


  • With you, I feel my life is as colorful as a butterfly,
    Where I can fly,
    And suck all the nectar of joy and happiness of life❤


  • My husband has always been there to throw the light of love on me when I felt lost and disappointed.
    Thank you, dear husband, for being the best always❤️


Heart touching love messages for husband


  • Dear beloved husband,
    Thank you for coping up with your wild beast with your immense beauty
    Thank you for keeping me happy as if it's your duty.❤


  • Time passes by, but I will never forget the moment you went on your knees to offer me a world full of importance and love❤


  • Look,
    It's already been years,
    You stole my heart and I stole your surname
    Happy we❤
    I love you?


  • From lighting up my mood to turning off all the disappointments,
    You have been perfect so far.❤
    I love you


  • To my hard-working partner,
    I know you are getting exhausted a lot nowadays in your work time.
    I am making it up by making your favorite cuisines.
    Come soon.
    I love you


  • There is no moment when I don't think of you,
    There is no speech in which I don't mention you,
    There is no night when I don't dream of you...
    Come soon....dear husband.... because as you come so does my life?


  • After my trust turned into rust,
    After I decided to not love again,
    You came and stood by my side to prove my decision wrong and trust strong❤


  • Smiles aid to cover miles,
    Love aids to rise above,
    Being with you aids to discover, within me, something new...


  • ❤ Love you my chubby,


  • From all your weird faces,
    To all your half-burnt dishes,
    I love you to the moon and back❤


  • Someone said love makes everyone dream,
    But after your arrival, it's like a  dream come true


  • Thank you for my personal couch and pampering me after I fall asleep while watching a movie❤


  • Your love makes me Beautiful
    Because my all beauty lies in your romantic eyes which captures me perfectly


  • Thank you for making an ordinary girl feel like me the most beautiful girl in the world


  • On this day
    Years ago,
    We became an example of "happily ever after"
    Happy love to my dear husband


  • My hero, thank you for another year together.
    Thank you for pissing me and kissing me at the same time.
    I love you❤


  • To my king,
    Thank you for giving me an invisible crown of priority and for making me feel like a queen ?.
    I love you❤


  • My dear better half,
    You complete me and hence you are my better half or vice versa.
    I don't understand the cause and effect relationship ❤
    I love you


  • Dear husband,
    We are not as perfect as movie couples but our love towards each other's imperfections makes us unique.
    I love you❤


Quotes messages for husband


  • I am blessed to have a husband who shields both his family and country.
    As this vacation end,
    I have all my love to lend.
    I love you


  • On this day,
    Years ago,
    God sent man full of gratitude, beauty, and love for me.


  • You should never leave me
    Becoz as you depart so does my happiness
    I live by you❤❤?


  • Heart and soul
    Love and wine
    May my life glow with your words as chimes
    The sky and ocean might break apart
    But you shall always be mine?


  • A life without you is like a sky without stars
    A garden without flowers.
    I owe the beautiful smile that I wear to you,
    The heart that I enclose within me is a present from you.
    Love u?


  • Hold my hands and I am taken to clouds,
    Touch me and I am in the mounts,
    Kiss me and the butterflies are all around,
    Hug me and I hear a melodious sound.
    Be with me and I am like a princess- crowned
    It won't be love if you weren't there, happiest anniversary love❤


  • Love is a song,
    The speech of the angels
    And, the blessings of Gods.
    It is that medicine that can heal the deepest wounds✨
    And you being my husband heal all my deepest wounds


  • Love is the dusk of the darkest night,
    The dawn of the brightest day.✨
    Love is that which can make the time pause.
    So does my world halt in your warm arms...dear husband?


  • People crave for money, people crave for shelter...
    I wonder do they know love? ...For the one who seeks love conquers the world
    And he was you dear husband...who made me realize this...?


  • I fear somebody opens my heart...it has your image
    I fear somebody looks into my head...it has your thoughts
    I fear somebody reads my palm...it has your name engraved
    I am all colored with your shades of love
    Never leave me...my hubby...because he is you by whom I live...?


  • Songs last for seconds,?
    Stars for a night,✨
    Flowers for a season,?
    But who says all beautiful things don't last forever??
    See our love?, dear husband, it is destined to last till the existence of this world?


  • Little did we come close,
    Little did you touch my heart,
    Little did you curled my flicks,
    Little did you smile with me
    And see...where we have come...
    Cheers to our journey from little to eternal


  • How do I tell how it feels...
    Your hand in mine, is like stars on the palm,✨
    Your arm around me, is a never-ending charm,?
    Your smile at me, is like a poem told,?
    Today I wish to unfold...


Inspirational quotes for husband


  • Thank you for holding my hand when I was going astray,
    Thank you for showing me the path of love,
    My soul will always be faithful to you.


  • To my warrior,
    There I was,
    Sinking in depression-like rose to drown in the ocean,
    There you came,
    To rescue me like jack did in titanic


  • You are not just my husband but the bundle full of responsibilities, love, care, and patience.
    Thank you for making life so bearable


  • Dear husband,
    Your birthday is not just about your birth but it's also about the incoming of one of the pure and rare souls of humanity on earth❤?


  • To dear husband,
    As a head of the family,
    You work until very late at night just to earn our better living.
    Thank you for always motivating me with your act of hard work and gratitude❤


  • It's been many years that I decided to share all my secrets and chocolates with you only.
    Cheers to our golden eternal bond?


  • Dear husband,
    Thank you for always supporting my dreams and loving me with all my imperfections.
    I love you❤


  • Dear husband,
    I know you must be as busy as bee,
    And from the tension you must just want to flee,
    I just want to remind you,
    I am being productive because of you❤?
    Thank you for inspiring me always to do better
    I love you


  • From being the backbencher of our college to being one of the brightest employees of your workplace.
    I am proud of you.
    Keep working hard.
    I love you


  • You are the biggest blessing I could ever have.
    My strongest support system.
    I love you❤


  • Being strong is your greatest strength and being my strength is your biggest capability.
    Thank you for always being supportive.
    I love you


  • Having you as a friend is joyful,
    Having you as a husband is a blessing.
    Thank you for always being there to boost me when I felt defeated❤


  • You are my power, a weapon that helps me fight against all the dark...
    You are a spark that is enough to ignite the caliber within me
    Thank you, dear husband, for believing in me always?


  • You are not just my husband,
    You are my motivation to work hard,
    My fuel when I feel exhausted,
    Always there to get things all sorted,
    My perfectionist when you tell me how I look,
    My cheerleader when I cook.
    Thank you for being the inspiration of my life and I am blessed to be your wife


Valentine messages for husband


  • Who said valentine's is just for lovers?
    I say it is for every everlasting couple like us who contribute to each other's wellness and success by loving each other the most


  • Unlike expensive gifts,
    I love how with your swift smile,
    My mood shifts,
    It's your love because of which my life lifts,
    It's a shoutout to all other husbands to learn from you the best partner tips.❤


  • I thought it to be hard,
    A world where people get easily apart,
    But you did take my heart,
    And you proved that we shall never be apart,
    By taking perfect care of my heart❤


  • Thank you for giving me life like heaven,
    Where you are on my mind 24x7,
    And hitting me with your kiss is the most powerful weapon.❤
  • You are my favorite place to go to when my heart needs love,
    My body needs a hug,
    And my mind needs peace❤


  • I don't know how this happened,
    But my life and my soul is the happiest when I am with you❤


  • Forget about long vacations,
    I wait for the weekends to have a Netflix chill with you❤


  • Your kiss feels like a cold breeze,
    It is your grace which makes my heart freeze,
    Along with my husband,
    Can you be my valentine, please?


  • With you,
    Time doesn't count,
    With you,
    My heart always mount❤


  • I know it's not easy with you sometimes
    But believe me, it's easier than being without you❤


  • Our love story is as similar as the perfect romantic film,
    But unlike them,
    Ours is eternal❤


  • Do you know which was my longest night?
    Yesterday when we slept without talking.
    Sorry love❤for my blunders
    I love you


  • Thank you for coming in my life,
    And making me the most blessed wife.❤


  • Thank you for being my personal venus star and shining with your moon when all others left in darkness❤️


Funny love messages for husband


  • Dear husband,
    It's been 10 years since you decided to own a wild person like me.
    May god bless you with enough strength to bear me for the rest of our lives.❤


  • H- human...who is
    U- unique,
    S- sensible and have
    B- brilliant
    A- approach and
    N- never
    D- demanding


  • Besides stealing your heart and care,
    I am blessed to steal your credit card passcode every time I need to order something silly.??


  • Netflix and chill were romantic until you started smashing all the popcorns before the movie ended.?


  • Dear silly husband,
    I wanted to know the reason behind leaving your soggy towel and mind before leaving for office?


  • Sometimes when I look at your kiddishhabbits,
    I feel I got you adopted instead of marrying?


  • Our relationship is like a cake batter,
    Smooth,shiny, sweet and have some lump of problems which we dissolve with our immense fights and love.❤?


  • I am not a dominating wife,
    I just keep my man posted at the right place for the right work at the right time.
    I will rather consider myself systematic and loving.


  • Who said cooking is only the wife's duty?
    You cook my brain enough to eat it ?


  • It's been years,
    Since we started turning into fat bears,
    We have shared all our tears.
    We have resolved all the problems with cheer...
    So here's a toast of beer for you dear,
    Happy bonding my fat bear ?


  • Taking care of your wardrobe is fun since I can get an extra pair of t-shirts and shorts to wander around in❤


  • It's difficult to flirt,
    As your fat tummy hurts,
    Get slim hubby,
    To fit all your tight shirts❤


  • I used to wonder why lovers consider their beloved as the moon
    And then I noticed your stomach and realized the fat truth behind it❤


  • Who said the opposite attracts?
    We got attracted by each other and believe me my short height and your small mind are exactly equal.


  • 1..2..3..
    Just you and me
    I am trapped in your love tricks
    You will always be mine❤❤


  • He said I am here to deliver love, I thought it would be good if delivered a pizza instead


  • Whenever I ponder about the things I should gift you,
    I wonder if you also have a 1000 dollars wishlist in your device just like me❤


Short love quotes for husband


  • Little sweet... little sour❤
    A perfect blend for a delicious dish?
    ....Such is our bond...love, fight and all
    Still miles to go far?


  • From cooking for you
    To look at you for the rest of my life
    Thank you for gifting me such a blessed journey❤


  • Love alone does not define,
    Relationship that's yours and mine,
    Play, fight and all, it does include,
    A bond that could never conclude?


  • At the end of the day,
    When all my energy get slayed,
    The wife duty for which I never get paid,
    You always being the best,
    Offers me your chest,
    To get the safest love shade❤


  • Being with you is like a game,
    Where you have won me and have given me your name,
    Your name which for me is no less than a celebrity fame.


  • If it wasn't you by my side,
    I swear, I won't have understood true meaning of love


  • Thank you for believing in me when no one was there,
    I know it wasn't easy to believe but you made me realize, Hard things bring more happiness


  • Unlike historical lovers who died for each other,
    I want us to live for each other❤


  • After being melted by your love,
    Your hug froze me enough
    And helped me making a  family tree which was pretty tough❤


  • If I have you
    By my side,
    All my worries get aside,
    The world of happiness seems quite wide,
    A world surrounded by positive tides❤
    Thank you, dear husband, for being beside❤


  • Thank you for being my chef when I get sick,
    Thank you for taking care of kids when I forget them to pick,
    Thank you for being so loving and nothing less than a magic trick❤


  • I was drowning in the ocean of depression because I knew you will come to the rescue and liberate me from all the cruelty of this world


Sweet love quotes for husband


  • When I say I love you
    I don't mean your beauty.
    I mean to love your messed up hair,
    Your imperfect way of brushing your teeth,
    Your carefree style of dressing
    I mean to love the child inside you.❤


  • With you,
    It's not just been years,
    It's been a journey which worth  a cheer,
    It also includes tears,
    But it is a bond of everlasting love and care.❤


  • I want to be the tear that flows down from your eyes,
    The beat that keeps your heart alive.
    I want to be the loving kiss,
    That sits upon your lips as a token of bliss.
    I want be the love you give,
    That gives me the reason to live...


  • You are the tissue which wipes my tears,
    Eraser which undoes my mistakes,
    Sugar that sweetens my life,
    And the most inspiring husband who supports his wife❤


  • I was dreaming with open eyes,
    And whenever I closed my eyes,
    It was you with my side❤


  • Yes, I don't make you feel special every day,
    Because good things are not always expressed, they are meant to be admired


  • A long back,
    I had big soft bear,
    Who was my first love,
    Late in my 20s
    there you entered,
    And became my last love❤


  • You are the ray of light,
    The only one who can make me bright and shine,
    And I am the luckiest to call you to mine❤


  • Thank you, dear husband, for being the shelter of your family and working hard every single day to make our life worth more living❤


  • Distances never matter.
    because when souls are together, they can't be separated by mere distance
    I love you dear husband❤


  • A new day cannot be beautiful without seeing your morning carefree smile❤
    I love you


  • Your smile is behind the reason of my bliss,
    All I wait for is our day ending kiss.
    I love you


  • You were the only dream I wanted to come true.
    By having you, all the dreams got  accomplished❤


  • Care defines our love,
    Faith defines our bond,
    Togetherness defines our lives,
    And you define me❤️