100 How Well Do You Know Me Questions To Ask

Amidst the diversity of people whose personalities are so complex, there is someone who knows you or you are yet to be explored by someone special.  This is why relationships become the most prominent part of an individual’s life. Be it with family, friends or your other half. We have all experienced pain at some point in our lives and our world swirling around. If so, this is the time to introspect and scrounge for the right people around you before it's too late. Here are a few questions to strengthen your relationships and get back on track.


 How well do you know me?


  1.  What struck you the most about me when we met? 
  2.  How can you make out if I am not feeling great or comfortable?
  3. Can you recall the deepest secrets I have shared with you? 
  4. How many people do you think have I shared it with?
  5. Which is my favorite cuisine and restaurant?
  6. Do I like amusement parks?
  7. If yes, then what would I choose roller coaster or Ferris wheel?
  8. What do I  do to fix my bad day?
  9. What do I do obsessively that makes me happy?
  10. Tell me the names of people who’ve been close to my heart till now?
  11. What was the hardest thing about my high school?
  12. What have I told you 100 times and would continue to say so?
  13. Change is inevitable, do I stick by people or push off?
  14. Everyone has flaws, what are the spaces I can improve myself?
  15. What is an ideal and happy life for me?
  16. What would I prefer, mocktail on beach or fruits in the jungle ?
  17. When will I never say no, for a brunch or a dinner?
  18. Am I good at handling responsibilities?
  19. What kind of clothes defines my personality?
  20. What is the one incident that changed my life completely?


How well do you know me?  ( on relationships )


  1. What is the one quality I look for in people around me?
  2. At what point of time I choose to become intolerant with someone?
  3. What can you do to fix my bad day?
  4. Have I ever done something good or better to make you feel comfortable and scoured
  5. What do you think relationships mean to me?
  6. What will I choose always self-respect or forgiveness?
  7. If I tend to forgive people often, do you think I shouldn’t?
  8. What is the one responsibility I am burdened with?
  9. Where was I born and how long have I lived there?
  10. Which is my most favorite time of the year to go out?
  11. What scares me to the nerves?
  12. Where did I last spend my vacation?
  13. Everyone has their own way of living life, what are my rules? 
  14. What according to me is an expensive deal?
  15. What are the qualities I look for my significant other?
  16. What could be the nicest thing anyone could ever do for me?
  17. Describe my most often actions in three verbs?
  18. What kind of a person I would like to grow old with?
  19. What do I say to cover-up?
  20. Why do you think people prefer to build conversations with me?

How well do you know me?  ( questions for family )


  1. When have I fallen the hardest, that has left me scars?
  2. What did I do obsessively to feel happy when I was a child?
  3. What are the funniest memories I don’t remember and you would love to tell me?
  4. What is the one incident that changed our lives completely? 
  5. What could be my proudest moment by far according to me?
  6. Do you know my zodiac sign and name?
  7. What am I addicted to, it could be anything?
  8. If I ever get a chance to meet someone from the past, who would it be and why?
  9. Everyone has their own way of living life, what are my rules? 
  10. If I had the option to choose to die in a particular way and a place, how and where would it be?
  11. Have I ever met with a major accident?
  12. Do I fight or flight in stressful situations?
  13. What is the most controversial thing that I have done or said?
  14. What do I believe in the most?
  15. Am I a night’s owl or a morning bird?
  16. What is my average time that I spend on social media?
  17. Do I have moles, birthmarks, and scars in my body? If yes, then how many?
  18. When I am the most stubborn?
  19. Am I an atheist, religious or spiritual?
  20. What are the languages I am fluent in?


How well do you know me questions  ? ( for friends )


  1. What is the dumbest thing we have done together?
  2. How many times have we failed to execute plans for outings? 
  3. Tell me a few names that I might put under my blacklist?
  4. Have I ever tried calling you at midnight?
  5. Which color I cannot stand in my closet?
  6. What could be my proudest moment by far according to me?
  7. Which one do I believe in, stars or destiny?
  8. Has there been a perfect day in my life?
  9. Tell me which celebrity I cannot stand?
  10. What has been my big time disappointment?
  11. What can I do not even think of trying? Why am I so bad at it?
  12. What I like, smell of diesel or wet soil?
  13. What has been my dumbest and lamest joke?
  14. What is the one quality of mine, you would want to pass on to others?
  15. What is my boundary of getting humorous and being sensitive to some issues?
  16. What do freedom and liberty mean to me in the context of my own life?
  17. What is my go-to slang?
  18. Tell me all my nicknames by far. 
  19. If I get a tattoo where and what would it be?
  20. What are the funniest memories I don’t remember and you would love to tell me?


How well do you know me? ( couples questions )


  1. Where do you place me in your life since the time we are together?
  2. Am I good enough for you? What should I do to make myself more desirable?
  3. What are the top three dream destinations?
  4. Change is inevitable, would you choose to stay with me if I change or push off?
  5. If you get into the toughest space of your life, would you choose me out of love or loneliness? 
  6. Do I prefer city lights or the countryside?
  7. Place my priority orderwise : family, friends, relationship, money, dreams?
  8. What’s the most recent issue I have come out of?
  9. What are some moments in my life I wish I could immortalize forever?
  10. When do I become a totally different person and change as if I was never the one you knew? 
  11. At what point of time something can really offend me?
  12. What has been the greatest insecurity that I’ve not been able to overcome?
  13. What has been my way to catharsis when I don't feel good?
  14. What is my mood most of the time?
  15. Who are on my emergency contact list?
  16. What are the most memorable lessons I’ve learned from the people around me?
  17. To what extent have I changed as a person and how?
  18. What are some topics on me, I don’t like to talk upon as they are extremely private and sensitive to me?
  19. What could be the one thing I would like to change around the world?
  20. How far have we reached in terms of defining our bond and love?


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