10 Best Strategies Help To Wake up Early in the Morning Everyday

how to wake up early

Chirping birds full of joy and life
Rays of the sun give energy and light
The flowers are blooming,
The sky is glowing


     Wake up friends to see the beauty of early mornings!


One of the most common issues “with our generation” is that we “ are habitual of” waking up late which leads to stressful faces, hurry and worry. What boring life it turns out to be. The common phrase, “First Come, First Serve” is quite appropriate as, ”when you get up early before the world wakes up then you will have plenty of success and good health before others.

The freshness on your face, the energy in each cell of your body will be something really serene to experience.
You will be able to complete most of your morning tasks with patience and “with your” full “potential”.

A healthy individual is the one who has a healthy mind and a healthy body and to maintain this, healthy exercise and a nutritious breakfast is a must. When you wake up late and have to rush to the office/school/college, due to the shortage of time you are unable to conduct any of these activities. Getting up early also helps you in planning out the important activities of your day a bit ahead of time so that at the back of your mind you are calm and “stress-free” without the fear of having limited time in your hands.

People who wake up early are believed to score better marks and perform well at their workplace as they are awake at the time when they have reduced stress hormone levels and their energy is at the highest level.

Reaching your college, school or office on time will leave a good impression of you on your teachers and bosses which will always be a positive point and add on to your success.

By following the routine of sleeping early and waking up early your sleep cycle will be maintained well.
As it is rightly said " Time and tide wait for none", when you don't use the early hours of your day it affects you the whole day long. So when you wake up early your starting is perfect and further all your tasks will be perfect and completed on time.

People who wake up early and go for morning walks or do any physical activity like yoga in the open environment are able to get a good amount of fresh oxygen which already is a struggle to get these days due to high levels of pollution. So their lungs are healthy and smiling.

When we wake up early, our brain works faster and helps to retain the things more efficiently which is a boon for students and scholars.

Early morning time is also known as "God's time" as at that time we can pray to God with a relaxed mind because our mind has the least thoughts at the particular time and thank him for blessing us with this beautiful life.

One of the things that we lack today is silence, thus. when we wake up early we get some time to sit silently and enjoy self- company.

In today's time, many people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency so morning sunlight is a boon for them.
People who need to reduce their weight have shown better results with morning exercise as the morning workout enhances metabolism.

Some tips to wake up early include:


Slow and steady wins the race

wake up habits

If you have the habit of waking up at 10 AM and you wish to wake up at 6:00 am it is not a one day task. Start preparing yourself to get up one hour earlier than your daily routine and in very short time you will start seeing the results.


Sleep on time

sleep on time- wake up strategies

The most logical way of getting up early is sleeping on time. On time means at least you have appropriate hours of sleep so that waking up early proves to be beneficial for you, not a burden.

Set 2-3 timings on your alarm

set alarm for sleep and wake up early

Give yourself time and opportunities by setting the continuous alarms within the intervals of 10 mins.

Leave the bed immediately

wake up and leave the bed

One of the best ways of getting up early is to immediately move out of the bed straight to the washroom and wash your face or else move out in the lawn and take around. This way your mind will get distracted and sleep will vanish.


Find an enthusiastic partner

Find an enthusiastic partner to wake up early

Take the help of an enthusiast partner who can boost and encourage you to wake up early. For example any of your friends who is active and has the habit of waking up early, you can start going on walk, yoga or gym with him or her.


Set your timetable

set time table

You can set your timetable in such a way that your important tasks can be done early in the morning. This will add on to your process of waking up early.


Give a command to your body

give command to your body

When you give the command to your body to wake up early in the morning your body will definitely obey your command and the results will be in front of you.


Try rewarding yourself with your favourite breakfast

wake up early- reward with breakfast

It is all in the mind, when you think of eating your favourite dishes on the breakfast table you will surely wake up early so that you don't miss it as on normal days you rush to your workplace without having proper breakfast.


Avoid taking heavy meals at night

avoid heavy meal at night

When you take a heavy meal at night it takes a longer time for digestion which disturbs your sleep you don’t get a proper night sleep leading to a difficulty in waking up early.


Avoid evening sleep

avoid evening sleep

Avoid taking a nap around or after 6 pm because then you will have trouble sleeping on time at night. Further, your cycle will get disturbed and you won’t be able to wake up early the next day.


Let us conclude with Aristotle’s inspirational words-

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom.
Routine of sleeping early and waking up early your sleep cycle will be maintained”.