How to Overcome a Bad Date

A bad date can leave you feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with yourself. Still, you must survive a failed date. Sometimes the person you meet is the punishment itself, and sometimes it's you who does everything wrong. It happens that what you have planned turns into a disaster. Here's what you have to do to survive a bad date.


Start over


If you are going around the bush, ask your partner if you can start over. If you want to admit that you did something wrong, this is a great moment to show vulnerability, which will attract the attention of your partner. At least give it a try, as this may inspire your partner who is worried that you are always like that! Say something like, “Sorry, I'm very worried, and this is not me. Can I try it again?” Then take a deep breath and forget about what you did; instead, start over. 


Be open to new things


If your partner is not what you expected, this does not mean that they are bad. Are you annoyed that your partner wears sweatpants and invites you to McDonald’s? Maybe they are saving money on something, or they have a good sense of humor. Perhaps they are not pretentious or stupid. Are you annoyed by the constant chatter of your girlfriend? Perhaps she is nervous because she likes you. Does your partner seem weird? Who knows? Maybe they have chronic modesty, or they simply do not know what to do on a date. In other words, unless your partner is acting too rude, do not try to quarrel with them.

Try to ask questions with an open end to make your partner talk, especially if they are shy about speaking. Listen carefully and smile a lot.

Remember that maybe the thing is that you said something that your partner considered it unnecessary to comment. For example, if you expressed a harsh opinion or brought up relationship issues (this cannot be done on the first dates), you could offend them without even realizing it. Talk carefully!

Always remember that people perceive relationships in different ways and may use different tricks to get your attention. If you want to know how to understand that she is playing hard to get, then this article is for you.


Do something good for your partner


Instead of focusing on your bad feelings, try to convince your partner that you like to spend time like this, even if you do it for selfish reasons. This will distract your attention from negative thoughts, and perhaps it will help you broaden your horizons for future dates.

Buy a bouquet. Say you need to get some fresh air or go to the toilet. Naturally, you need to have a flower stall nearby. It would be better if you accidentally pass by such a stall, and you buy flowers spontaneously.

Invite a partner to do something for them if they constantly complain about something. For example, if your partner complains about sisters or brothers or is sad about a wrecked car, offer to sit with the children or drive the car. So the reason for complaints will disappear, and you will spend the rest of the date talking about other things.


Be ready


You have a bad date, but this is not the end of the world. These are just a few hours of your life. Why not try to relax and go with the flow? Whatever you do, enjoy it. If you dine together, for example, then focus on food, not on your annoying partner. Even if every particle of your body tells you that this person is not suitable for you, consider your situation as a chance to meet with a person, exchange opinions, and then return to your own life.


Look at the situation with humor


It helps to gain a sense of perspective and a sense of humor, as the famous Groucho Marx once said, "I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it." And perhaps if you are having fun, it will ease the tension caused by the fact that everything is not going as we would like. Try to laugh at all this.

Pay attention to every detail that contradicts a perfect date, so you can tell your friends about it and laugh at the situation later. Come up with interesting metaphors about how awful, boring, and cheap it all went. The situation on a date will seem ridiculous to you. Imagine that you are a comedian who tells the whole absurdity of the situation to the audience.