How To Make Friends – Know The Art of Making Friends

How to make friends

In this era of technology

People are so busy with loads of work

There is a need to sit back for a while

To find your old friends and make new ones

And help yourself feel relaxed and calm.


It is rightly said by Aristotle Man is by nature a social animal. We all have some special people in our lives who we refer to as friends. Whenever we feel lonely or are in a difficult situation we have a sense of satisfaction that we have our friends standing as pillars behind us. In our times of joy and happiness, they are the ones who are overjoyed and filled with happiness too.

Life is a long journey and many people come in our lives and go away according to the roles they have in our life. It is important to recognize the right people who fit in our arena of thoughts and stay in our lives without any pressure or personal benefit. The friends that you make should be such who accept you with all your merits and demerits.


I would like to share with you how to make friends:-


The art of interaction

When you want to make friends it is very important to start a healthy interaction. Always start the interaction with a pleasant smile on your face. Remember if the person has similar thinking patterns the conversation will be a worthy one.


Take initiatives

You can further plan a coffee date or a movie with your new companion. Also if you have similar interests like watching any sports match, going for any exhibitions you should go ahead. It will help in knowing each other better.


Start going for activities in a group

If there is any kind of an activity like a yoga class, going to the gym, painting classes, dance classes you should look forward to them as there will be opportunities to find the people alike you in these places.


Wait for the response

All you need to do when you find a suitable person who you think can be a good friend of yours is to start small talks with them. If you get the same response in return it will be a sign of good effort from your side.


Be a patient listener

When we want to be connected with someone it is always a must to listen to what they feel about a particular situation. This helps the other person to feel a satisfaction and a comfort level develops which can help for a good friendship.


Have faith in your choice

It is rightly said that it is all in the mind. If you meet someone during travel or any event and are having similar choices and interests with them don’t always think that the consequence will be unfavorable. When you possess a good and positive thought about someone it will surely come out to be a great choice at the end. You may find a very good friend you have longed for.



Be natural

In today’s world, people have adopted a new concept of being very formal in every situation around them. When you will stay original the chances of getting good friends which also have the same mindset like you also increases as it is human nature that we want the people who think like us to be a part of our life.


Give time and attention

For any friendship, it is very necessary that you take out some time from your busy schedule and talk or meet your friend. Give them attention by understanding their point of view. It helps in developing a stronger bond.


Introduce with your family and other friends

You should introduce your new friend to your family and old friends as it will help you to have a good opinion regarding your choice.  Even your friends in return will feel more comfortable with you as they will get to know more about your culture and lifestyle.


Remember the information about them

It feels really good when someone remembers a small habit or any of an important day. As a friend, if you have this habit it will be a great help for you.


Win their trust

Every person wants their friend to be someone with whom they can share their heart out without the fear of its disclosure. So is that friend so that people can rely on you.


Share things like music and articles

Your communication with your friends can become better if you share some songs of your interest with them and even the articles related to the current topics. IT will not make your conversations boring and add on to the fun and enjoyment in your friendship.


Give a good response

If your friend offers you for a movie or for coffee or dinner date you should also be responsive which will help you in taking your friendship further.


Know your limitations

Being a friend doesn’t give you the authority to rule your friend’s life, so never cross your limitations and don’t try to get involved in confidential matters of your friend. If they feel your need they will surely look up to you. Never force them.


Choose your friends wisely

If the person who you have thought of being a friend in any of the cases doesn’t match your thought process don’t be forcefully involved in such a friendship as it is better to stay alone than in an unwanted or unpleasurable company.


At the end I would like to share some inspiring lines by Shanna Rodriguez:- The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul”.