How To Choose Surfboard | Beginners Guide

How To Choose Surfboard

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable things and perfect surfing requires a perfect surfboard. Choosing the right surfboard is not a difficult thing rather it is a very interesting thing. In markets there are many surfboards of different shapes, sizes, variations, refinements, and customizations are available. Selecting the right surfboard is very important and if you are a beginner and it is your first surfboard then you have to be very choosy. Picking the correct board descends on your surfing skill, surf conditions, types of waves, fitness condition of the surfer. Given below are some of the important things while choosing a surfboard requires:


  • Surfboard Material

There are different materials for surfboards out there. They are in different forms like polyester, froth, or epoxy.  Epoxy is the lightest surfboard material of all surfboards. It's extremely comfortable for maintaining high speeds and it's incredible for a professional surfer.

One of the most affordable surfboard materials is the polyester surfboard. The polyester surfboard is exceptionally extraordinary and it's under the budget thing.

For beginners, foam surfboards are the best choice. This surfboard reduces your chances of getting injured. The foam surfboard would help you get the best surfing experience.


  • Arrangement of Fins on Your Surfboard

There are around five balances on one surfboard. Everything relies upon how big the waves you would be attacking are and you'll need more fins for bigger waves. There are around three basic fin setups or arrangements. One way to choose an ideal surfboard is to get a bigger surfboard than what you need. This would assist you with stability while surfing. Surfing on a large surfboard is quite more comfortable than surfing on a small one.


  • Small Surfboards

Surfboards of smaller sizes are effective in hitting large waves as compared to an average-sized surfboard. In addition to this, they are also good for navigating in shallow and high waves.


  • Large Surfboards

Large surfboards are very good at holding you in the water especially when the weather is cloudy or unfavorable. Large surfboards also can hold small-sized waves and average-sized waves. Large surfboards are best for beginners who are trying to learn fundamental skills. The large surfboards help in maintaining stability. Surfing on a large surfboard is more enjoyable and easy As compared to small-sized surfboards or large-sized surfboards.


  • Budget

Budget plays a  very important role in buying a surfboard. Custom-made surfboards costlier as compared to ready-made surfboards. When you know how regularly you will surf and what kind of moves you need to do out there in the water then you can choose something more to your necessities.


  • Height and Weight

Height and weight are the major factors while choosing a perfect surfboard for you.Tall people with heavyweight require a long and thick surfboard. In general, opt for a surfboard that is 2 to 3 feet longer than you. The ideal surfboards for beginners and intermediate are the ones that are 2 to 3 inches thick and are about 21 inches.