30 Things To Do To Change Your Thinking and Habits

How to change your thinking

With over 8.7 million species on this planet, humans with their power to think and adaptability towards various situations have an upper hand in living in this world which makes them unique from others. Our thoughts whether happy, sad, motivated, or cheerful are just a picture of how we feel about our surroundings. Our thoughts describe the type of people we are. Running in a constant rat race to satisfy our wants we tend to forget to develop our own thoughts which create a false sense of living. Sticking to our habits doesn't allow us to step out of our comfort zone and gives no opportunity for us to grow. It is important to recognize that rigidity of thoughts and habits hampers our overall growth and makes us worse off. On the contrary, changing your thoughts helps us to create our own path and takes us towards a better life.

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Changing our thoughts is a gradual process. Changing our perception about things requires the need to learn and unlearn many things. It requires the need to develop a sense of acceptance towards the views of others. Exposure to new thoughts enables us to see things with a much clearer perspective since we become aware. We develop a better understanding of ourselves and have better mental health as we start taking our own care. In the present scenario it is crucial to have different views to have a better understanding of the world around us and hence there is a need to change our thoughts and habits in order to create a world where humans not just exist but actually live happily.

Change thinking

30 ways on how we can change our thoughts and habits

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  1. Mental Approach

The most basic step of undergoing any change is to first mentally prepare yourself. You should be in a position to control your brain so that nothing can negatively influence your decision to change.

Changing is a scary yet overwhelming experience, therefore, be ready to deal with challenges that come your way.  Few ways on how you can mentally change your thoughts and habits.



  • Accept yourselves

Acceptance towards who you are is necessary for changing your perspective. Accept that you are different from others and that there is no such thing as “perfection”. Accept that you are as valuable and precious as anyone else out there. Accept the need to change your thoughts and habits in order to evolve into a better human.


  • Embrace your flaws and strengths

Stop considering that having flaws and insecurities makes you a loser instead these flaws make you a  ‘Human’. Having knowledge about our flaws puts a whole new picture about life in front of us which facilitates changing our thoughts.


  • Work to make your flaws your strength

Just having knowledge about your flaws is not enough, you need to make your flaws into your strengths. If you feel that you cannot do something as you lack the skills then go and indulge in that particular activity. Challenge yourself and do everything in your power to win against the ‘old you’.

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  • Keep an open mind towards others perspective

While engaging in any kind of exchange of thoughts with others it is crucial to keep your mind open since having a narrow mindset will never let you change the way you think. The views of the other person might give you a picture of the situation that you probably never thought about and allows you to widen your knowledge.


  • Sometimes just observe and listen to others

Voicing your views might not be always the best option. Sometimes when you observe and listen to others, you get a better understanding of their perspective which in turn helps you to know the pros and cons of any situation.


  • Have self-talks

We have become so dependent on others for validation that we forget that the only person whose validation we require is our own self. Having self-talks gives us a reality check about what we actually think and the actions we take. Self-talks gives us the opportunity to discover those sides which we possess that might be completely hidden from the world.


  • Understand that it’s okay to have negative thoughts but don’t let these consume you

Having fears and negative thoughts is pretty natural but when we allow these thoughts to control us then we not only lose our confidence but also our ability to grow as a person. Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, give importance to positive thoughts.


  • Practice “ who am I”

Practicing this will help us realize our real selves. Begin with “I am a simple human”, then every day try adding something new into it based on what you learn.


  • Ask questions to yourself

It’s a simple fact that we cannot be always right about things. In order to introspect our thought process, it is important to ask questions to ourselves. Sometimes the life-changing answers come from within.


  • Meditate

The process of change can be very consuming and many times giving up would seem like a more attractive option so in order to prevent ourselves from getting distracted from our path, try meditating. It will help to calm our mind which then would allow us to think rationally.


2)Practical approach


Now only having changed your outlook mentally won’t completely transform you into a new person. The next step is to change your actions that affect your daily lives. You have control over your brain only mentally and hence its time to extend this control practically since experience is the best teacher.   few ways that you can do are mentioned below.



  • Go for different genres while reading books or listening to music

Reading is the most basic activity that can help us towards changing our thoughts. When we read or listen to the music of different genres it contributes to developing our imagination. We are exposed to a new world which enables us to learn new things.


  • Engage in meaning conversations with others

Human interactions are the best way to analyze your thoughts. We not only get a new perspective but also get a holistic view of a subject by means of a meaningful exchange of ideas.

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  • Try things that  bring you out of your comfort zone

Staying in your closed bubble might seem a very attractive option but in order to gain experience, it is essential that we go for activities that are beyond our comfort level and which helps to enhance our confidence.


  • Decrease fear of outcomes

Remember when initially you were extremely scared to do something but the moment you did that certain thing, you felt completed and euphoric. This feeling that follows is just a reminder that you overcame your fear. Fear is a hindrance to the process of change . Fear creates a false image of failing. However, we often forget that failing is also necessary in order to become successful.


  • Take everything as a feedback

When someone gives us an opinion about something, rather than taking it as a criticism consider it as feedback. Feedbacks gives us an opportunity to reflect on our actions and correct ourselves if we are lagging behind somewhere.


  • Plan your own strategy that you can actually follow

Making strategies that we cannot follow will only make us waste our time and energy. Start with planning small strategies by understanding what is feasible for you and try to incorporate it into your day to day life.

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  • Use social media as an informative platform to grasp information

Social media is potentially one of the newest and quickest sources of knowledge. There are plenty of articles, youtube videos, and pages that have great content each having something new to offer for those who want to learn. Using social media in the right way we come across many creative things which also help in developing our thoughts and habits.


  • Make notes of your progress-journals, diary entries, etc.

Making notes helps to keep updates about the progress we are making. They are also an amazing way to distinguish between the techniques which suit you and the ones which you need to change.


  • Set goals and reward yourself when you accomplish them.

Rewarding can be a great way to keep yourself motivated and dedicated towards your goal.  You gain a sense of satisfaction on a small scale when you accomplish any small task which pushes you forward to achieve your ultimate goals.


  • Find happiness in the smallest things

Being content with small gestures or things is important for your inner peace. When you start looking for good even in the smallest things it changes your outlook towards life. You start living a life that is not filled with only materialistic desires but with things that actually make you feel happy.

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3) Other ways


These are some of the ways that you need to keep in mind while you practice the above two.


  • Develop emotions to change your behavior

Changing your thoughts requires changing your emotional state. You should feel all your emotions instead of thinking that ignoring them will save you. However, it is crucial to not make any decisions solely based on your emotions without even considering the consequences.


  • Know that things will not always go the way we want

In this journey of changing your thoughts, you will encounter many situations when the results will not be what you expected. Keep in mind that there will be times when you may feel helpless but don’t let it be an intrusion instead take it as a learning experience that you cannot control everything.

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  • Expect the unexpected

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes these surprises are overwhelming  while at other times they are very underwhelming. The outcome that we might have expected may not be the one we would get. Always prepare yourself in such a way that you are able to handle even the unexpected situations using your wits.


  • Be clear of your goals

Having  clear idea about your final destination always makes it easier to trace the path that you need to take in order to reach your destination.


  • Focus at the positive things even in adverse situations

Developing this attitude to look at the bright side of things when you are surrounded by negativity is much needed because it makes things a little more bearable. It gives us the hope that if we hold a little longer we would be able to get out of our miseries.


  • Be disciplined

Having discipline in life helps you to lead a stable and controlled life. Discipline helps to set priorities and eliminate any distractions. Practice self-discipline by saying NO to anything which is an obstruction in your path.


  • Don’t be too hard on yourself

When you start getting too hard on yourself, you become your own enemy. It is, therefore, extremely vital to identify how much you can handle. Know your limits because if you will push beyond it you will end up making this process only a punishment for yourself which will land you nowhere.


  • Take baby steps

In order to get far-reaching results, it is critical to take slow steps. If you will rush into the journey you are bound to make mistakes which will rob many of your opportunities to learn.


  • Don’t give up

When things become difficult it becomes easy to give up but for your entire life “WHAT IF I HAD NOT GIVEN UP?” stays with you. Not giving up doesn’t guarantee success but once you develop this habit of trying till the end, it definitely pays off if not today or tomorrow but it does one day for sure. So go out and keep trying!


  • have faith in yourself

Trusting yourself is a fundamental principle in this process of change. It would be only YOU in the end who will undergo this odyssey hence trust yourself. If you will believe in yourself then no one would be able to stop you.





Just as you cannot stop being your own self in a single day, changing the way you think is a gradual process so be patient with yourself. The focus should be given to this process of becoming a better version of yourself instead of the results. Live in the present moment instead of worrying about the past or future. Give priority to yourself and keep believing in yourself. Eventually, you will achieve your goal and become the person who has good thoughts and habits.

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