How To Be Humble in Life

Humbleness is the quality of being real and not bragging about your achievements. Success always comes with a sense of pride and confidence that I am capable of doing something better than the rest. Though it's good to be confident and appreciate ourselves that should never mean looking down on others. Understanding that each human is a hero in his / her story despite being recognized by the world or not is humbleness.

Now there will always be two groups of people, one that tries being humble and others that try faking humbleness. It's important to understand that humbleness is not a one day task and pretension never lasts long. Also pretending to be something that you are not will never help. There is a beauty in the purity of thoughts you carry and you would never experience this if you are fake. Being real doesn't take much and pretension is a burden you can't carry for long. So it's always better to understand who we are and improve for our own self than to show.


How to be humble



Be in thoughts first


It is more important to feel that I am humble than to show off humbleness. The later will never give you peace of mind because, at the end of the day when you speak to yourself, you won't be able to appreciate the person in you.


• Do not judge

Aren't each one of us too quick in judgments? You see a man in shabby clothes holding a pot by the side of a road and you instantly claim him a beggar. But can't he be a detective observing someone? We never wonder about the story a man carries instead we judge people through appearance. We would never know how many battles a person before us has fought because not everyone chooses to speak about them. The moment we realize that people aren't what they look, we learn to respect everyone and that will make us humble.


• Do not criticize


Now the easiest thing that one can possibly do is to criticize. Trust me it's difficult to uplift a person from below, but you would never know that because you have learned only to criticize. It needs the courage to help but not everyone possesses that. Understand that time is merciless and it spares none. The kings of today might turn beggars tomorrow, that's the truth. The moment you realize that what you have is temporary and similar to what others are is temporary too, you learn to behave with everyone in a similar way. We all are puppets in the hands of time so try being kind to everyone. What you give will come back to you.


• Understand perspectives


You can only be humble to everyone if you realize that each human can have a different perspective. Even if you don't agree with the perspective of the next person, you can just accept that because perspective is individual and formed because of how and in what condition a person has lived. Opinions can be varied and one should be at peace with all of them. That how it should be.


• Feel gratitude


Before showing gratitude to anyone its important to register their contribution at some point in your success. No person becomes successful just by himself. There's always a lot of hidden names behind who in ways infinite make you successful. The moment you realise that it's not only me but a whole lot of people that it made it possible for you to reach where you are, when you respect all the small efforts taken by people around you and when you know that some people left their dream so that you can pursue yours, you will become humble no matter what you are.


• Be real


This is an age of pretention. No one is living a perfect life like the one they try showing in their social network. People are depressed, broken, fighting wars within them yet their WhatsApp status speaks a different story. It doesn't take much to be real. It's best not to show what you don't feel. If you are not humble you can inculcate that with time and efforts but if you start faking humbleness you will never be able to become humble. You will keep carrying the baggage of humbleness because what's not you will always feel like a burden. Humbleness should come naturally so that it becomes a part of your behavior. First, own yourself good or bad and only then you can try improving.


• Do not compete

It's important to understand that competitions are not fair and will never be. So it's better not to compete with anyone. When you compete with someone you develop envy and it's a hindrance in the path of humbleness. Understand that it's life and if someone is running on grass and you upon stones it's not a fair competition. Compete with your yesterday, try being a better version of yourself each new day. What if you are a loser in the eyes of the world, claim yourself victorious because you have not given up yet. Wars aren't for winners, they are for fighters. No one is your competitor. Therefore treat everyone equally.


• Say no to jealousy


Now jealousy can be in two situations, either you look at someone very successful and feel envious that you are not or you are yourself successful and when you see someone else coming at your level you feel jealousy. The former ones are still acceptable if they concentrate more on developing them than wasting time looking at someone else. And the later one is harmful because their only purpose is to put someone down. When such negative emotions make a home within you, humbleness can't exist. So make sure you say no to jealousy.


• Learn to forgive


Understand that forgiveness is essential not for the next person but for yourself. Because the grudges you hold will only hurt you and no one else. And even before that learn to forgive yourself, be a little more kind to yourself. Every human commits mistakes, the sooner you let things go the better it is for you. Everything is not meant to be kept holding onto, loosen your grip over things that need not be kept. Let go of the negatively to inhale goodness.


• Make sure happy faces make you happy


Now, this is something that doesn't happen. Didn't you just see a happy picture of someone and exclaimed why they are happy when you aren't? Why is God so unfair to just you? When you keep such grudges with you, neither you can appreciate what you have nor you can be at peace anytime. That's where the roots of hatred lie. Make sure you curb these thoughts the moment they are born. It will make you free, positive and humble from within.



Be humble in actions


Once you become humble from within, it would come naturally in your actions and it will be visible as clear as a crystal. Here you don't have to put many efforts.


• Learn to appreciate


When you like something about someone make sure you go and tell. Also this appreciation should not carry hidden motives because that's called buttering which you do when you aren't confident about your abilities. Learn to earn everything in life and compliment only when you feel like not to flatter.


• Express Gratitude


Expressing gratitude is as important as feeling gratitude because that's how the other person will know. If you keep that to yourself chances are that you might be misunderstood as not being grateful. Yes, it happens. People mostly assume negative than positive. So it's best to go and tell that you are thankful. It's not a big task. You might not feel it's important to at times but trust me everything counts. Your little efforts will be registered.


• Value yourself and others


When it comes to being humble it is often mistaken that one should think less of themselves. No that is never needed. Value yourself for whatever you have achieved and equally value people around you even if you aren't aware of their achievements. The moment you learn this, you become humble naturally.


• Apologize

This seems the most difficult task to bow before someone. But if you look it as accepting your own mistake and making an attempt to correct it, it will become easy. Keep the ego aside and learn to accept where you went wrong. Life will become much easier this way. Trust me no one is sitting to insult you if you apologize, instead they will appreciate your humbleness. And it's never too late to say sorry.


• Respect


Respect every creature irrespective of what they are. The moment you look for reasons to respect, you lose humbleness. Learn to respect without any reason, that should be a part of you. Respect humans, their past, their stories, their opinions, and their struggles. That's how you become humble.

All the above-listed points are something you might have known or learned as a part of growing up but you forgot the moment you tasted success. But the fact that you are here reading this a step is already taken and steps would turn miles someday. There's something extraordinary about being a good human first. I hope you realize this today and feel it sooner.