Be Happy Again: According to Generations -Teenage, Middle and Old Age

How To Be Happy Again

Life is always much more difficult than you expect it to be. Therefore, most of us just sit down and go with the flow rather than trying to obtain self-happiness. The first and foremost step to be happy again in life is to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done in your past. This requires a lot of determination and intrapersonal communication to make it happen!

The next task is to look for an opportunity to learn, grow and shine which is the key to success as well as happiness. Happiness is not a place to visit, rather it is an emotion which defines your personality, and that personality will make you shine amongst the competition around you.

Some people find happiness in small things and some have confined them to the goals which when they will achieve, they will finally be happy and satisfied! The people who find happiness in small things generally go a long way in their life which indeed is a bonus for them.

There is a quite known fact that your happiness depends upon you and not on the people or situations or things or even circumstances. People often think that once they have lost happiness in life, they can only come out of it if they get amazing people in their life who will make them happy and comfortable. But that's absolutely wrong because it is only you who is responsible for your emotions by doing things that you really want to do. Yes, people around you have a contribution in making you happy or sad, but ultimately, it’s the person himself who has the power to get affected by others.


Rules To Be Happy Again


Rule number 1: Never chase happiness, instead, chase your dreams!

Rule number 2: It's okay to be emotional at times. It's okay to cry. It's okay to be sad. But for a temporary period. Deal with your emotions and fight with them.

Rule number 3: Make positive changes in your life and you will automatically accomplish happiness.

Rule number 4: Stick to the things which make you happy, loved and wanted. Do whatever your inner soul demands which will keep you excited, stable and motivated.

Rule number 5: Make changes in your lifestyle; meet new people and start doing fun things in life.


According To Generations


1. Teenage Life

2. Middle Age

3. Old Age


Happiness vanishes very quickly in teenage life. There is a persistent feeling of loss of interest in things and demotivation which results in sadness and loneliness. The disappearance of happiness in this age may be due to various factors: career misguidance, family issues, relationships, heartbreaks, peer issues, failures, and many others.
Then talking about middle age, there are about 80% of people in this age group who aren't happy and do not even want to work for it. This is the time when responsibilities shake you up your smile to vanish away. Job performance, family planning, household expenses, loans, savings and what not! A person, at this point of time, wants to go back to his childhood where he was happy and secure.

Old age is far better than compared to the teenage time and midlife crises. Mostly elderly people try to remain happier and live their remaining days with peace and devotion. But the reasons for their sadness are largely due to their illness, loneliness, retirement etc.


“The coolest thing about feeling happy again is that you think you will never be unhappy again!”



How To Overcome?

How To Overcome

1. Pen down your feelings on a daily basis

Jotting down your feelings regularly in a diary or mobile phone will always calm you down. It results in tracking your emotions to boost you up. Also, you can mentally separate yourself from sadness and loneliness.

2. Start slow and conquer more

Once you have lost happiness in life, you start doing things which you shouldn't and choose the easy way out. Start adapting healthy habits slowly but steadily. Don't jump to normal activities; take time and win them back. A person needs to push himself to good things but not too hard and hurriedly.

3. Something is always better than nothing

Living life to the fullest is the key to happiness. Don't restrict yourself from doing the things you like. Be limitless and work on the things which give you small or long term happiness. Always engage yourself in something or other, because doing something is always better than doing nothing!!

4. Stop worrying, start doing

Worrying is not the solution to any of your problems. So instead, start working for the things you want and it will lead to your vanished smile appearing again!

5. Change is the only thing constant

Accept the changes in life and be happy in the phase you are. Life will change whether you want it or not. The only option is to fit in the present frame and give it your best shot.

6. Spending heavily on happiness

Spend money, time and efforts on the things which give you happiness whether it is movies, vacation, food or parties. This is the best solution to be happy again.

7. Learn from your mistakes

The things which faded your happiness are the permanent lessons of your life. Instead of regretting, learn from them so that you do not repeat them ever again. Don't let them become scars on your smiling and happy face. A person learns important lessons only during his worst situations. It depends on the person how he analysis them and move on from them becoming a better and tougher person.

8. Make things easier

The things which may be easy, most of the times, you make them a big deal. When you are happy and relaxed, you will see the same thing much easier which you will find tough when you are low. So, try to remain happy and calm always so that you give fruitful results for whatever work you are doing.

9. Travel

A depressed life can easily be mended up by traveling and exploring new places. This results in the change of your mindset and environment which will give you peace ultimately.

10. Inhale positivity

Surround yourself with people and things which gives you optimistic vibes. That will make you happy and relax always. You will even get motivated and uplifted at times and will always think at a good note.

11. Acceptance

You cannot change your past and the things which have made you unhappy in life. You ought to accept it and let it go for gaining peace. You need to deal with it as soon as possible or else you will be unable to deal with your inner happiness. Accept what has happened in the past and focus on your present for a fantastic future.

12. Self Appreciation

Keep appreciating yourself time to time and it will make you very happy. When you will value yourself that is when others will notice you. Accept yourself the way you are and be proud of it. It includes accepting your flaws and weaknesses also.

13. Be a helping hand

Start helping others and you will automatically find happiness in it! Ever helped any old people to cross the road or carry their luggage? In your life, you get the return of whatever you invest. Happiness and satisfaction in bulk are what you will get in return of helping people around you.


“You have the right words within you to make every day a happy one!”




1. Letting others decide for you

It is rightly said that hear what others say, but do what your inner self wants. Never let others judgments and decisions affect you because it can be a way of losing your happiness. Taking others opinions and thinking on it is fine, but completely going with their decisions is wrong.

2. Senselessly wasting time

The things which make people sad make them do nothing after that except regretting. Instead of wasting time, people should do something to get back to the right place and be happy again. Make your days count instead of sitting and crying for what you did wrong.

3. You'll crush if you rush!

Slowly and steadily things get back to normal. Rushing for them is never the solution to be happy again in life. Enjoy your current journey with patience and wait for good things to happen.

"Happiness comes in waves. It will soon find you again!"