60 Best Scariest Horror Movies on Netflix – Must Watch

In all probability, watching movies is how the majority of us spend our free time. There are three ways of doing this: in the theatre, on a couch with a bag of munchies or on a bed with a laptop already stockpiled with numerous flicks to binge watch. But whatever it is, there is one particular genre of movies that always keeps you on your toes and thrilled till the last second of the film. Yes, we are talking about horror movies.

These are movies that shock, thrill, scare and make you think twice before you switch off the lights or head to the bathroom. We have all faced the chills of a good horror movie, but there are some of these usually scary pieces of art that keep us all awake throughout the nights and sometimes, for several nights in a row.

So let's count the list of the scariest and best horror movies on Netflix you must watch.


1922 filmLet's start off with a movie that's based on a novel by Stephen King. 1922 is a Netflix original that received some critical acclaim. Although it's quite debatable whether it's a horror movie or not, this thriller follows a Rancher who conspires to kill his own wife. Rotten Tomatoes scored it at 86%, based on 29 reviews.1922 film


Incarnate - netflix

A mother witnesses her son being possessed by a ferocious demon. In order to save him, she calls a Vatican representative and a scientist who battle out the demon. Aaron Eckhart plays the scientist on the wheelchair who shares a past with the demon.

The Unborn


Isn't it weird when the spirits of the people who were never born come to haunt you Nevertheless, this movie shall weird you out. It follows Cassy who is haunted by the spirit of her twin sibling who died in their mother's womb.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense - netflix

So we take the first mention of M. Night Shyamalan with this horror movie which is one of his best works. Bruce Willis plays a psychologist that treats a young boy who is able to communicate with spirits. It was even nominated for 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. And until 2017's IT, this movie was the highest grossing Horror movie as well.


Unfriended - netflix

A social media thriller, this is one of the new age horror movies and probably that's the only thing unique about it. A group of friends receive a friend request from an account of a friend who had committed suicide sometime back. At first, they consider it to be a hoax or a prank but then the account starts naming the lives it's coming after and all hell breaks loose. It has a sequel too - 'Unfriended: The Dark Web'




A couple moves into a house and here starts a new chapter of hauntings when their youngest child starts talking to an 'imaginary friend'. The spirit soon holds the child captive and unleashes trouble on the family. Now they must fight for their child before it's too late.

Case 39

Case-39 - netflix

The movie follows a social worker who takes care of a little girl with abusive parents. But as soon as she takes guardianship of the girl, demons start hunting her down. Although a slow movie, it does pick up pace gradually.

The Skeptic

the sceptic - netflix

To begin with, it's not a very new script but just another rendition of a-ghost-in-a-mansion story. Zoe Saldana stars is a psychiatrist who along with Tim Daly and Tom Arnold are haunted by strange activities in a Victorian mansion where the first murder took place. Soon they discover a secret buried within the mansion.


orphan - netflix

This is quite a good psychological horror movie released in 2009. The film follows a couple who adopt an orphan named Esther after their third child dies in childbirth. But the orphan who seems very docile has a dark past and unleashes turmoil in the family. This movie has had to face some controversy amongst the child rights and Orphanage community for the evil portrayal of Esther.

The Strangers

the strangers

Writer-director Bertino was inspired by real-life events: the Manson family Tate murders, a multiple homicide and a series of break-ins that occurred in his own neighbourhood as a child. A couple is enjoying their company when a break-in happens and they torture the couple and a fight for survival begins.

Wrong Turn

wrong turn

For this movie, I'd be nominating the entire series of 'Wrong Turn' for it’s just impossible to tell you which one is gorier than the other. It all starts with a set of friends who encounter barbaric cannibals who kill you in the most gruesome manner and are hungry for more flesh. The death that each one of the group suffers is bloody enough to make you wanna close your eyes.



Demonic possession never gets any better than 'Insidious'. The James Wan-directed film series has had viewers hooked on the edge of their seats with fear up their nerves. It starts with a boy falling down and entering a coma and demons manifesting the soul. Elise Raine, a demonologist now has to fight back. Four movies down, a 5th has been planned to be released by April 2021.

The Ritual

the ritual

A scary movie involving 4 college mates who meet up after 6 months of their friend's death make an idea to Trek in Sweden. But a wrong turn changes the fate for the trekkers and they are haunted by a Nordic creature. Do watch this movie for some picturesque trekking routes though!



This Franchise is one of the most thrilling Slasher movies around. Halloween starts off with Michelle Meyers, who kills his elder sibling during childhood and is then imprisoned. Years later while being transferred for a court hearing, he escapes and comes back to his hometown where he hunts down his next victim. Over 35 years this franchise has expanded to 8 movies and the grim slasher will surely entertain you.



If I ever despise a name in this wide world, then it better be 'Annabelle'. A ghost caused by some satanic history and possession of souls. This movie left us with a lot of quizzed and beserked expressions but nevertheless the prequel to the movie, 'Annabelle: The Crration' left a deeper scar in our minds with a darker past.

The Mist

the mist

As if we haven't had enough of Stephen King, here comes another bone-chilling movie. Based in Birdgton, a town in Maine, due to a thunderstorm citizens are forced to collect supplies from a nearby supermarket. But this town is engulfed in a mysterious mist that has brought some bloodthirsty demons along. Now the citizens must fend off any of these creatures in order to survive.



If I could ever get bored of this movie! This classic has always been a permanent on any given horror movie list and the reason is the sheer build-up it holds. Adapted from a Japanese movie 'Ju-on' this is based in Tokyo, where an American Karen David's searches about a mysterious ghost and her killings.

The Ring

ring film netflix

Another Classic and another gem of a movie. It revolves around a videotape containing gruesome clips and at the end of the clip, the viewer receives a phone call from an unknown caller who whispers "seven days". The movie catches on after a journalist makes a move to trace and destroy the ghost after her son watches the movie. This movie is probably the best Japanese Horror remake in Hollywood history.

Child's play

Childs-Play- netflix

Thought Annabelle was the only doll to stay away from? Let me introduce you to 'Chucky'. The movie starts with a witch who traps her soul inside a doll named Chucky and later attempts to kill the boy who purchased the doll in order to get inside the body of the little boy. This timeless classic is enough to keep you away from dolls for a long time.

Death Note

Death-Note-Anime- netflix

Another Thriller in our list and a movie I liked a lot, is based on a high-school student receiving a book from the demon 'RYUK' which only he can see. Anyone whose name he writes dies a gory death. The boy soon starts striking off people whom he deems unfit until he gets cornered by a detective and trapped under the demon.

You're Next

you're next - netflix

This movie is quite similar to 'Scream' or 'Saw' as it involves a grim psycho who brutally kills his marked ones, nonetheless, the movie is in a league of its own. This slasher thriller follows a masked maniac who bloodily murders his victims and slashes a horrendous 'You're Next' on their body and exterminates anyone who reads it. It gets more thrilling when an entire family gets hunted down.


scream- netflix

Kevin Williamson's 1999 Thriller horror movie 'Scream' is the first (and scariest) of the 4 film franchise. The movie follows Sidney, who tries to track down her mother’s killer after more similar murders occur. The movie thrills you and gives you a stock load of value time scenes which you'd not blink even for a second.

Don't Breathe


This 2016 movie comes from the directors of 'The Evil Dead'. The movie follows 3 friends who break into houses, steal jewellery and valuables and make a living. But the entire plan falls off when they get trapped in a blind man's house and one of the three gets killed. All of a sudden they realize this blind man has more secrets to hide and the best thing to do is get out.

Creep 2

creep2- netflix

I strongly advise you to watch the prequel to this movie, 'Creep' released in 2014 as the story continues on from the first part. But nevertheless, it's this movie that's more terrifying and exciting. Dave is confronted by a set of videotapes which are basically murders from the prequel and later the friend who kills him after revealing his true identity. Another videographer learns about this and has to now escape the same fate before she ends up on the tapes as well.



I sometimes feel for these fictional characters who get their souls or life's messed up around witches or demons, but not this one! A struggling crime writer heard about a mysterious killing of a family and in order to understand the case, he moves into the house with this family. A dark scary movie indeed that would make you question every decision you'll ever make.


Split -netflix

A horror list without M. Night Shayamalan getting a mention is inevitable. And for this, we have his Horror/Thriller movie 'Split' which follows a man with 23 different personalities who kidnaps and imprisons three teenage girls in an isolated underground facility. One of his darker personalities manifests within his psyche and results in his eventual transformation into a merciless and cannibalistic sociopath with superhuman abilities.



Two siblings unravel the mystery behind the deaths of their parents 10 years ago. The suspect is a 'Lasser Glass', a family antique with a dark mystery: it infects the person who gazes into it. So you can guess the rest, one sibling gets closer to knowing some dark secrets behind their parent’s death while the other attains the dark spirit!

The Collector

the collector -netflix

A Man burdened with debt decides to break into a mansion and make money out of his burglary. But his luck is not on his side as another mysterious masked man has already entered the mansion and has lined up fatal traps for others. This dark Thriller has a sequel called 'The Collection' released in 2012.


hereditary film-netflix

What if you one day stumble upon the darkest of secrets of your ancestors and come across some strange cryptic messages that tell you how much you don't know about your very own family? Well that's what the Graham family's children and grandchildren did and the rest of the movie was acclaimed by critics, who called it "truly, upsettingly powerful on an emotional level".

Ouija: The Creation

ouija-the creation film-netflix

Aah! I really wish sometimes these characters just stayed away from some ghost hotspots, you know, like empty gothic houses, spooky dolls, and ouija boards. Coming back, this is the one movie you should be warned with before you get a board for yourself. It's based on an interaction between a mother and her two daughters with a supernatural force.

The Invitation

the Invitation-netflix

One movie which has been quite a fan favorite, this movie is based on a divorced couple, Will and Eden who separate in the grief of their son Ty's death. Years later Eden invites Will and his girlfriend for dinner where she introduces them to her new husband. But Will's suspicion grows and is proven true when he realizes the invited guests are going to be served cold blooded death.

The Blairwitch project


A timeless classic. In my teens, I was told about this 1999 movie as 'The Scariest Movie Ever' (which it's not). Shot like a documentary on a handheld video camera device, it is based on a trio that investigates the Blair Witch incidents in Maryland. And as they learn more, they fail to understand that they are now being hunted down.

The Nightmare


This Documentary type Horror is based on Sleep Paralysis, in which victims are unable to react or move. Their nightmares are recreated and the cold horrors experienced by 8 of them are depicted very well in this movie. The director Rodney Ascher in an interview told he chose this subject because it had happened to him in the past.

Rosemary's baby

Rosemary's baby-netflix

A timeless classic, this 1968 psychological horror film still beats most of the modern age movies in terms of scary content. Based on a pregnant woman's fear that an evil occult wants to sabotage her yet to be born baby, this movie is for sure a movie you'd not wanna miss.

10 Cloverfield Lane


The 'Cloverfeild' Series has perhaps been some of the most terrifying of all the post-apocalyptic world movies. This movie is the 2nd one in the trilogy and follows Michelle who suffers an accident and is rescued by Howard in an underground bunker. He tells her that there has been a chemical fallout due to a 'mysterious force' but Michelle soon realises she has to escape.

The Gift

thegift-netlfix horror movie

This Thriller won the 'Empire Award for Best Thriller' in 2015. What if you run into one of your old friends whom you never expected to meet. That's what Simon and Robyn did when they met, Gordo, one of Simon’s old friend. Gordo soon starts gifting the couple but he soon unravels a dark side destroying Simon's career and marriage.


saw -netflix movies

Although 'Saw' wouldn't be classified as a horror movie, the sheer gore shall horrify anyone watching. Another one of James Wan's dark thrillers, this is an eight movie franchise. Saw revolves around 'The Jigsaw Killer' who places people in situations where they kill the other or face a brutal death.


Mama Movie -netflix

If ever the thought of ghosts having families has occurred in your mind, this is one bizarre movie is the answer to your question. It starts with a rescue mission finding 2 girls in the woods in a shady cabin. These girls are survivors of their father's homicides and have been surviving for 5 years in isolation. But they soon discover a shadowy figure of their Mother protecting them and willing to fend off anyone who comes close.

Cabin in the Woods


Zombies, monsters and evil scientists all squeezed in one awesome carnage of a movie, 'Cabin in the Woods' has ever since been my personal favourite. The Chris Hemsworth starrer involves 5 friends who retreat to a cabin in the woods for holiday. Unbeknownst to them, a force has been planning the torture and deaths of the group with an evil mystery to be hidden.



Modern day Horror movies would not be named if not for the 'Conjuring series'. This movie kicked off a set of movies based on paranormal hauntings. Conjuring is based on paranormal activities that occur in the house and affect the family of 7 when then move into the property with a past involving satanic sacrifices and practice. Also, I've never seen another scene like the 'Hide and Clap' one!

Conjuring 2


Director James Wan, went a notch ahead and beyond with the sequel of 2013 movie Conjuring with much more darkness. This one is loosely based on the Amityville murders and the lives of two demonologists, Ed and Lorraine who become prey to the force who resides in the house. If not for the Conjuring, I bet you'd have seen the drama unfold like this ever before.

Gerald's game

gerald's game film-netflix

Gerald's game follows Jesse and Gerald, a couple who in an attempt to rekindle romance in their life rent a house. But this holiday turns black when Gerald dies during a heated argument in between a kinky sexual game and Jesse is handcuffed to her bed. Handcuffed to her bed with no hope of rescue, she begins hearing voices and seeing strange visions.



Gruesome, lurid and sexually explicit, this movie is a notch above the other modern day horror movies. This movie focuses on a family of veterinarians and their daughter. And in a twist of tales involves lust, demons and guess what, cannibalism! Raw is the best of its kind on Netflix at the moment.

Paranormal Activity


Ever thought this list to not mention this franchise! This 5 movie, James Wan directed franchise started from 2009 and since then been quite a people's favourite. The movie is shot like a documentary filmed by people who experience paranormal activity in their homes and fall to prey to such Demonic ghosts.

The Wailing


This South Korean mystery thriller is one of the best Asian movies to be watched and has received great acclaim across the globe. It occurs in a rural town in South Korea which is infested by a shady figure in the woods and an illness that has everyone fearing for their lives. This 156 min long thriller is a movie that keeps you guessing till the end.

The Witch


This movie is set in 1630's New England. In the aftermath of some religious arguments results in Samuel, a Yorkshireman being excommunicated from his Puritan clan. And what follows is some bizarre yet terrifying witchcraft around their homes after their newborn infant is devoured by a witch.

The Others


Nicole Kidman starring film, 'The Others' is a psychological horror movie meant to play with your mind. It's based on a haunting in an old mansion in the Channel Islands. This was the first English-language film ever to receive the Best Film Award at the Goyas (Spain's national film awards), without a single word of Spanish spoken in it. And not to mention Kidman's acting!

It Comes At Night

it comes at night-netflix

A highly contagious outbreak has ravaged the world. In this Post-apocalyptic world, people must be highly cautious to not contain the disease or die. Two families trying to save themselves, successfully evade the disease. But they soon realise it has gotten the better of them and must now save themselves.

Train To Busan

train to busan-netflix

Zombiieeesss!!! Everyone's apocalypse favorites could not go better than this Korean masterpiece. Set in a zombie outbreak in South Korea this is that one movie that could leave you scared for rest of the night. Personally, if I'd recommend any zombie movie, this better be it!

Annabelle: The Creation


This 2017 Horror based on the evil doll Annabelle was not just the best 'Horror movie' of the year but even got a mention at Saturn awards. A Prequel to the Annabelle (2014) this movie explains the origin of the doll and the haunting's of the Higgins family and girls from the orphanage. The story continues with 'The Nun' releasing in September 2018, so mark your calendars!

Lights Out


Are you afraid of the dark? If it's not for binge watching horror movies then you may be sympathized with. This movie revolves around a ghost called 'Diana' who kills her targets and disappears in the light. One of the best movies of the last decade, Teresa Palmer's acting shall leave you tricked. A tip from me, don’t watch this at night!

Before I Wake

before I wake -netflix

What would you do if all your dreams came true? But that includes all your scariest nightmares too! This Netflix released 2016 film follows an adopted boy whose dreams come true. The nightmares of a so called “the Canker Man” haunt him, and nearly takes his father's life.

Let the Right One In


This Swedish Thriller won hearts and a lot of international awards since its release and has been one of the most watched European Horror movies of the last decade. This movie is based on a novel of the same name but the director seemingly “toned down” some of the Demonic aspects boldly written in the book. A boy forms a close bond with his neighbour who shares a dark past and the adventure will keep you entangled.



No modern list of horror movies is complete without this 2017 Netflix Original. A Spanish movie, this one directed by Paco Plaza is loosely based on true events from the 1991 Vallecas case where Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro died mysteriously after she used an Ouija board. A young girl named Veronica is summoned by demons when an ouija board experiment goes wrong.



Hush is another modern movie from 2016 that has received numerous awards and recognition. This movie follows a deaf author, Madison Young who lives in solitude in the woods. Her life completely changed when she spots a masked killer lurking around her house and wrecks havoc in her life. Now she must fight for her life and is desperate to find needed help.

The Babadook


This 2014 released Psychological thriller has received the 'Best Horror Movie' in the Australian Academy awards and has a score of a whopping 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. The plot follows a single mother who is living with her son in an eerie house. All hell breaks loose when she fights to protect her son from the devil lurking in her own house.

It Follows


This dark and thrilling movie is proof that in the 21st century, you don’t really need big houses and spooky dolls to scare you to your core. A girl is a victim of a fatal curse which is sexually transmitted and will kill the infested one. And in an attempt to defend their friend, everyone now has to face the ever undefeated death and die willingly.

A Quiet Place

A quiet place-netflix

“If they hear you, they hunt you” is what you should know before you start this movie. Set in 2020 when most of the human and animal population is wiped out by sightless aliens who can hear you and will kill you if they do so. The movie follows a family of 5 where one of the sons is killed by the monsters and the other 4 must now fight for survival in this apocalyptic haunted world.


It_film- netflix

Stephen King is the absolute King of Horror movies and this masterpiece, IT, is probably one of the best horror movies that will give you bizarre chills. IT is based on a dancing clown, Pennywise, which lives in the sewers and attracts children. The ones who meet the clown are later haunted and the ones who seek answers are left clueless. IT has a sequel coming up in early 2019 so keep your dates marked.

Get Out

get out

This 'Academy Award' winner and 'Best Picture Nominee' left everyone at the edge of their seats. Chris, a black man uncovers a disturbing secret when he meets the family of his white girlfriend. Besides being a great horror film, Get Out is also a satire that critiques racism which continues to thrive even in modern times and therefore, will leave a deep impression on your mind.