The Seven Frightening Things That Happens To Your Body, When You Die

People say that it’s peaceful after death. Good people go to heaven and bad people are sent to hell. However, what happens to the body?

Surely, the cell dies, the heart stops completely and decaying process starts but there are more frightening things that happen after death.

Here is a list of creepy things that occurs to your body after you die:

1. Skin Color Changes

Usually, the skin becomes pale like a paper on the upper side of the body facing up. But the lower side of the body facing downturns purplish shade. After your death, the heart stops pumping blood, that results in pooling of all blood in your vessels. This causes the skin colour to change into the creepy purplish shade. This process is called ‘ liver mortis’.

2. Wrinkles Disappear

After you die, all the wrinkles disappear because the tension between muscles loosens up, resulting in smooth skin. Old persons still have wrinkles on their face since their skin is too old and saggy. Only the forehead and smile lines disappear.

3. Some Body Parts Are Still Alive

There are few body parts that remain alive even after fifteen hours of your death. Your skin, cornea, heart valves and bone marrow remains in the healthy state for a while. These organs do not die immediately. You can donate them.

4. Maybe Moan And Groan –

A dead body stops breathing but there is still some oxygen left in the lungs. So if pressure is applied to the chest, it can cause rattling of vocal cords and may produce sounds like moaning and groaning. Sometimes, it sounds like sighing or squeaking. It’s creepy.

5. Body Becomes Hard –

The adenosine triphosphate (Atp) is the chemical important for muscle relaxation after any contractions. But after you die, this chemical gets depleted, leading to stiff muscles. Your body becomes epic hard since the production of Atp has completely stopped.

6. May Poop or Pee

This is kinda gross. After you die, the muscles controlling your bowel and bladder loosen up, resulting in excretion of urine or faeces if left in your body. They simply leak out.

7. The Hairs And Nails Appears to be Growing –

After a person dies, his or her skin starts shrinking and dry out. So it appears as the hairs and nails have grown and it looks longer. But in reality, it’s just a creepy optical illusion.

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