Raksha Bandhan Wishes, Quotes and Messages 2020

Raksha Bandhan Wishes

A festival that marks the pure bonding of a sibling relationship. It is that time of the day when the brother vows to protect her sister from every trouble and the sister ties a threaded knot to ensure to stand by the brother every time. Certainly, this festival won’t be complete without a sweet message for your sibling to read. Here are some of the best-written wishes for your sibling on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, find out your best one and don’t delay any time into wishing.


Rakhi Messages


  • To be able to be born as your sister was a blessing in itself. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You stood by me, protected me, kept my secrets as if they were yours. Thank you for everything and wish you a ‘Happy Raksha Bandhan’.


  • To the naughtiest sibling of our family, you need to know that I love you. Happy Rakshanbandhan.


  • I know that you’ve been picked up from the thrash but I love you more than anyone- you need to know that. Here’s wishing you a Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • We need to keep fighting and then to realize later that we can’t stay without talking. To all our stupid fights and cherishable moments, Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Remember those times when I hid your chocolates and pretended that I ate it just to watch you cry? You know I can shower such thousands of chocolates on you today. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It’s a blessing to have scratch marks from your sister while in a fight. Not everyone can have it. Happy Rakshabandhan.



  • This thread that you’ll tie me today is a symbol of love and I’ll keep it as the most sacred treasure of mine. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • I can guard you through all your worsts and let you enjoy your bests. Stay assured that I’m with you. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You can have all my belongings- who else can be the most deserving person to it if not you, my dear sister. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • We have always kept a formal sibling relationship because we are not real ones, but you need to know that your brother is a single call away! Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Missing you throughout when I was out in the boarding school and remembering our silly fights was the best thing I did! Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Thank you for sending me a rakhi every year without fail. I’m blessed to have a sister who remembers me even when we’re miles apart. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You are my twin and the most similar person I’ve met. You are the one in whom I see my own reflection sister. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • From stealing my chocolates, to letting you steal my belongings- you can have them all. I knew it was you since the start, yet I’m not upset. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • The best time of the year is today when I get to give you a gift as a token of gratitude for keeping all my secrets from mom every time. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Every year, a new thread, new promises, but the bond becomes more and more everlasting. Happy Rakhi.


  • You’re not just my brother, but you’re my protector, secret keeper, and my best friend along the years. Happy Rakshabandhan.

Rakhi messages and Wishes


  • I couldn’t believe it when mom said there’s a baby fairy in our family and she showed me you. You are a fairy even today, dear sister. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It is your cuteness and sweetness that I can give anything that you place your finger on. You’re the precious little angel of our family. Happy Rakshabandhan.


Rakhi Wishes


  • He is a crazy person who calls himself a superhero and at the same moment, my brother as well. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • He lets me party whole night and at the same time stays outside just to check in that I’m safe. This rakhi is for my superhero brother. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • He saved every bit of his pocket money to buy me a gift. This rakhi is for my little champ. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • He still is a toddler but feels safe with me only. Happy Rakshabandhan to my infant brother.


  • My life could have been boring if you were not there. This rakhi is to renew our contract for new fights and spats. Happy Rakshabandhan.



  • My whole world seems changed when you put that thread on my hand with all the faith and love. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It is funny how you can read the mind of your sister and get her the exact gift she wants when she ties a rakhi on your wrist. I’ve been doing this for years for you Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • All the jewels of the world are on one end and the rakhi that you tie me is on another. Nothing is as precious as that. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You have all the answers to my questions and thus my encyclopedia is enriched because of a nerd brother like you. Have this rakhi and wish you a Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You can be the most trending influencer of Instagram, but it’s only me who has your pictures while you swept the house. Wish you a tease filled Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • All the years I’ve been with you, I’ve realized it is going be hard for me to not be there for you on the Rakhi day. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Nothing matches the sacredness of this thread called Rakhi. It’s filled with love, faith, childishness and lots of memories.


  • You need to know that above everything in my life priorities- you’re at the first position. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Today is the day when you tie me the rakhi and we remember how important was a sibling in our life. Without you, it’s nothing. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • I pray that our sibling love grows over time and also I will love to be bothered with your silly rants and tantrums! Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • No one could tell us apart then, no one can make us apart now! That’s the sibling thing for life. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • I wish that God blesses you with a lot of health, wealth and prosperity forever. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Never found a person who has been kind all her life with me and never found a relationship as strong as ours. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • From a stupid, little crybaby to CEO of a company, look how far you’ve made. I’m proud of you brother. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Have been around the worth but I enjoy the best to be anything I want with you. That’s how siblings are, natural and real. Happy Rakshabandhan.


Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Sister


  • She’s fierce, she’s a miracle, she’s someone you can’t mess with because I’m standing by her. Happy Rakshabandhan Sister.


  • You’ve a spirit that is so energetic that all my worries are blown away merely by your presence. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • I promise you to fulfil all your wishes and pamper you with lots of gifts, not just today but every time. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • I know that there is no one like you. The way you take care of me and protect me is why I’m grateful to you for life. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • More than a best friend than a sister. Thank you for playing many roles in my life. Happy Rakshabandhan.



  • You are obligated to make tasty food for me and feed me and I’m obligated to enjoy it no matter how distasteful it is! Let’s renew this vow on Rakhi. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Thank you for being the elder one and showing me the world with the right perspectives. I promise to make you proud one day. Happy Rakshabandhan sister.


  • To dear little devilish creature, you need to know that I’m here to let you make mistakes to your heart’s content and catch you right when you fall. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It was cuter when you tied hand made rakhi made out of paper. I grew even more fond of you, the cutest little sibling. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • The only day when I look forward to eating cuisines made by you and relish them like never before. I wish this day of Rakhi should come more often. Happy Rakshabandhan. 


  • Trust me, no one can mess with my sister at all. There’s a reminder to tell you that I protect you! Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It’s been 20 years that you’ve been tying a rakhi to me, but trust me, the first year of it was memorable and wonderful. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • She cooks, she wipes my tears, she cares and fights for me without any fears. Yes, she’s my sister and I love her. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • My thoughts were initially telling me that you’re definitely mom’s favourite. But the way you treat me, I’m convinced that you deserve it. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • I’m happy that I got another year to cherish this wonderful bond of brotherhood. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • There was always love behind all those fights and hateful spats. Thank god I realized it sooner else we’d have been rivals.  Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • A thread that holds the power of love between the siblings is nothing but the purest thing in the world.  Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Every year this day has reminded me how much you mean to me and beyond all that, how much you’ve done for me.  Happy Rakshabandhan, dear sister.


  • You’ll still look like a pumpkin to me and I’ll tease you no matter how much you’re beautiful for the world. But I love you too.  Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You’re my enemy but also at the same time, the closest person to my heart, dear sister.  Happy Rakshabandhan.

Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Brother


  • Although we fought day in and out, I secretly prayed for your better well being. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Each and everything tells me that I’ve got the best brother in the world. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • The love of a brother is all about protection, but this rakhi is proof that I’m here to protect you from everything. 


  • I don’t care if anyone agrees or not but the best brother in the world is mine. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Superhero isn’t there in the movies, I know he is my brother. Happy Rakshabandhan.

Rakhi Wishes with image


  • Going to be bonded with you just the way branch is with birds. You’ll always have a shelter with me. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • There isn’t anything about you that I don’t despise of, but still, there is everything about you that I love. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It’s not just for the Rakhi that we are siblings, it is beyond that, and I’ll always vow to make our bond the best one. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You might have made mistakes but know that irrespective of that, you’re my best brother and I’m proud of you. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Today is an opportunity for you to give me lots of gifts and at the same time ask for anything you want. Let’s exchange a never-ending bond. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • The relationship of lies, fights, and fun that is cherished and taken in a funny way is the siblingship! Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • This thread doesn’t mean anything unless it’s tied with feelings of happiness and love. Here you go with my rakhi. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You’ve been a lot far away from me but trust me, this rakhi manages to get us closer by heart every time. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • We’ve spent times of happiness and heartbreaks individually but you’ve always been there for me irrespectively. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You always hated that red mark on your forehead and waited for the sweets during Rakhshabandhan and this is what I loved the most about you.


  • You’ve not just come as a devil in a small packet but also with lots of happiness and joy. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • There is you I always turn to without any hesitation whenever I’m in any problem. Thank you for standing like a mountain with me. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • I always used to cry when I use to lose things, but one thing for sure is that I can’t even think of having you out of my sight. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • This thread is capable of blowing away our problems and increase love. Let me tie this on your wrists this Rakshabandhan.


  • These are the beads of love and faith that I’m tying on your wrist. I want you to be with me always. Happy Rakshabandhan.


Raksha Bandhan Quotes


  • This Rakshabandhan, let’s pray that the fights decrease, and the love bond increases.  Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • This is, we bless your blond with everlasting moments of joy, care, trust, and faith in each other.


  • Can’t wait for the next Raksha Bandhan right from now as today’s day is dusking. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It doesn’t matter what you gift her. Always give her something that is filled with blessings and love, even if it means a greeting card. Happy Rakshabandhan.

Rakhi Quotes


  • She’s your sister and your own blood. She’s just harsher when you’re bad and loving when you’re sad. Thus, always care for her. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Rakshabandhan is one such heartwarming event where all the sadness is buried and a new chapter is started.


  • We are two souls with different personalities but it is that thread called Rakhi, which has kept us bonded forever.


  • Having a sibling is nothing less than a blessing and thus wishing all the siblings out there a  Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Even if there are a thousand obstacles in our relationship, know that nothing can change my love for you, dear sister. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • She’s smart and at the same time a psycho. But after all, she’s your sister and that what matters. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • You can be in a garden of family and the most beautiful flowers blooming there. Here’s wishing such siblings a Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • A sibling is a person that lightens up your dull life with colours of happy emotions. Wish your siblings a very  Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Sending you lots of gifts, love,b blessings, and a rakhi to make your day special on this Raksha Bandhan. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • We are bound to each other just the way the night is with the stars. And I wish our bond remains the same throughout. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Well, it is my duty to always make sure that my sister’s wishes are complete and I can achieve everything she says, no matter how hard it is! Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It is that moment on every Raksha Bandhan where the sacred thread comes with a bunch of unexpressible happy emotions. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • God knew I hated being alone and thus sent me you, who is no less than a God’s blessing to me. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • When everything fades away from my life, it is only you that is clearly visible to me as a support. For this person, Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • From watching you eat my chocolate, to watching you afford your own bills, you’ve been a great woman and a great sister. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • The world is big, unknown, and scary, but your brother is always there whenever it seems hard to cope-up. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • When your sibling means the world to you and all you can do is adore this cute creature in your life. Yes, that’s love. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Soft and silky is the Rakhi, and so are your words when you encourage me in my hard times. Thank you. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Just one thing I’d say on this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan is that- thank you for everything. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Try all the best you can, but I gang up with my sister to break all the obstacles and shatter them. To, my partner in crime. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • She buys my clothes and brings in tasty food when I’m upset. She’s my forever carer. Happy Rakshabandhan to this beautiful soul.


  • Hate to admit that you’ve always carefully made up my day after our bitter fights. But, thank you for that. Happy Rakshabandhan.

Rakhi Quotes with image


  • Look how that Rakhi enclosed and wrapped with beautiful wishes adorns your wrists. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • It is not easy to become a brother to a cry baby and overdramatic sister. But I’m glad I’ve someone like you. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Remember how we used to team up against mom-dad and win? Similarly, we’ll team up against all the odds in life. Happy Rakshabandhan.


  • Last time I was this happy was on last Raksha Bandhan. Next time I’ll be this happy is on next Raksha Bandhan. In short, I’m happy every Raksha Bandhan is because of you.  Happy Rakshabandhan.


So these were some of the heartfelt and sweet wishes of Raksha Bandhan for your sibling. We bet you’ll find each and every wish relatable with your sibling. So, don’t waste any more time into thinking and write a message for your beloved brother/sister right now!