15 Hacks for Keeping Your Married Life Happy

happy marriage life

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. Falling asleep next to the person you love and waking up to their soft breathing, all this seems to be too idealistic especially to the ones dealing with the rough side of married life. After a certain point, it all becomes a routine, and you start wondering where all the fun and excitement has gone. Relationships need work. But hey, loosen up every once in a while and enjoy yourselves. You just might be able to renew the long-lost magic.

Here we have compiled some tricks to help you and your partner relax and this will surely make a happy marriage life.

Find Joy in the Little Encounters

find joy in little things-happy married life

Had a bad day at work? Sit back on the couch and enjoy a movie you both like. Have pop-corn from the same bowl. Dance to some slow music.

Weren’t expecting to run into your spouse at some place? Instead of confronting them about leaving the house unmanned, smile at the pleasant surprise.

Offer to help out with making dinner or doing dishes. Take care of the kids when your better half has an important meeting or presentation the following day or has to meet a deadline.

It’s the little things that count.

Let Them Go

let them go -happy married life

Get off your high horse. Nobody’s perfect. Let go of the possessiveness and mind-games. Trust your better half. Don’t make them feel pressurized with your expectations. Don’t always express your disappointment when they want something their way.

Life is meant to be messy. When you’re in a serious commitment with another person, you’ve got to be messy together. Let them be goofy around you and be at ease with them. Leave the control freak at work.

Letting go can be a blessing if you let it.

Talk It Out

take it out - married life

Had another heated argument? Things don’t look so good anymore? Holding grudges never did anyone any good. Take a deep breath and discuss what went wrong. Ask what upset them and tell them why you’re mad. No one is a mind-reader you need to clear things up. It could be that one of you misunderstood something or simply forgot.
Never let the mess pile up. Clean it together.

Travel Together

travel together-married life

When was the last time you went on a trip, just the two of you? Has it been too long since you were alone without the kids for a few days? Plan a trip to the beach. Rent a vacation house. Get away for the weekend. Visit a place you both wanted to go but never had the time. Bond.

The calm serenity of the splashing waves can do wonders.

Hang Out with Mutual Friends

travel and hangout with life partner

Date night or a candle-lit dinner at home might feel like a little too much work after a long hard day. Invite some friends over. Go out on a double-date. The more the merrier, right?

Spending time with some long-time friends or a visit to your favourite cousin’s house can help you both connect in a familiar way. Talk about past experiences, both good and bad. Open up to your partner. Join in a friendly neighbourhood match as a team.

Sports happen to be one of the best ways to mend fences.

Spend Time Alone

married life happy

Constantly being around someone can feel suffocating sometimes. Get away for a few hours, or days. Go to your favourite cafe. Read a good book in the public library. Have a girls’ night out, or in! Have a game night with your buddies!

Don’t forget to save some fun for yourself!

Get Away From the Gadgets

get away from mobile

Stop staring at that cell phone screen. Urgent call? It can wait. Trust me. Don’t prop that laptop on the bed. Your bed is only meant for you two to bond, either emotionally or physically. Disconnect from social media for a few hours. Connect with your surroundings. Talk about your day. Ask about their day. Discuss the kids. Talk about school.
We all know that you need the food on your plate. But don’t let it be at the cost of your safe haven.

Feel Each Other’s Presence

Feel Each Other’s Presence

A light touch on the shoulder, a casual hand on the waist, kissing a little longer, a slight brush against the skin when in a hurry, can do wonders. Feel their breath linger in your mouth. Kiss a little harder than usual before leaving the house. Play silly games together. Hold hands in public. Link arms. Feel their heartbeat against yours during long hugs.

Stay ‘in-touch’ with each other.



Give them a surprise hug. Snuggle against each other. Rest your head on their shoulder. Let them fall asleep in your lap. Nestle in their arms. Hold them close. One of the greatest joys of life is to feel loved by the person one cares about the most.

Be affectionate.

Heat Things Up in the Bedroom

Heat Things Up in the Bedroom

Try a different position. Don’t be afraid to be a little naughty. Go the extra mile. Dress up as your spouse’s favourite character. Flirt. Use some age-old tricks to spice it up.

Sex has also been scientifically proved to release tension and ease stress.

It is hands down, the best way to ‘come together’.



Try Not to Get on Each Other’s Nerves

Try Not to Get on Each Other’s Nerves

Don’t hit back. A lot of complications can be saved if you choose not to get back at them for something they’ve done wrong, even if it’s intentional. Wait for them to come around. If things have already gone too far, apologize. You don’t need to be right all the time. Make up.

Winning at marriage is far more important than some silly argument.

Voice Your Gratitude

Voice Your Gratitude

Polite compliments never get old. Tell her that her hair looks pretty. Tell him that he looks good in that new shirt. Say, “I love you.” Compliment them on the little things. Don’t forget to say, “thank you.” Yes. These do make a difference. Sometimes, they make all the difference.

Show them that your care. Make them feel appreciated. Love is never enough.

Crisis Management

manage your married life

Facing trouble? Cooperate and coordinate. Nothing good ever comes from being angry and yelling, instead, try to fix things. Assess the situation. Try to understand what’s happening. Brainstorm together about possible solutions and outcomes. Don’t assume that things have gone out of hand when they are still manageable.

It takes two to manage a household. Don’t try to do it all by yourself or push most of the responsibilities on your partner.

Do Not Obsess Over Inadequacies

Do Not Obsess over Inadequacies

Never dwell on the negative stuff. Do not expect them to be the same person who they once were. People change. Circumstances change. We evolve. Nothing stays the same forever. Adapt to the new you. Embrace the change of pace.

Life is meant to be lived, not analysed.

Remember To Be Patient

Remember To Be Patient

Everything takes time. Give your partner, and your marriage the time it needs. Don’t rush into things. It’s not a race. Don’t compare with other couples or neighbours. Everybody has their own pace. Be kind. Try to understand your spouse’s point of view. Look through their eyes.

Ask what’s bothering them. Don’t be forceful. Give them a massage to help them relax. Stress build-up can be very destructive for the mind and the body.

Patience is the key to success no matter how you look at it.