Happy Holi Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Images, and Messages 2020

happy holi wishes 2020

Holi is a festival of colours which celebrates friendship, love, the triumph of good over evil. It unites people and eliminates negativity from life. It is a Hindu festival which is now celebrated by non-Hindus also. Holi is popular among Indians as well as people from other countries. There are several legends associated with this festival. Holika Dahan, Lath Mar Holi, Dahi Handi or Matki Phod -these rituals take place in different states of India during Holi. The festival is also known as Dol Jatra, Basanto Utsav, Phakuwa, etc. It is incomplete without Colours, bhang, cultural programmes and most importantly the greetings and wishes.

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When Holi Is?

Mon, 9 March, 2020 – Tue, 10 March, 2020

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Happy Holi Images



Happy Holi Wishes
1. Knock knock! Open the door. Finally, the holy Holi has returned back from her one-year-long vacation. Welcome her with colours.


2. Holi, the festival associated with Lord Krishna, celebrates friendships, love, and humanity. May this fest fill your life with happy memories.


3. Make friendship with colours to bring colours to your friendship.


Holi Wishes

4. May this Holi bring the colors of happiness, success, and prosperity in your life.

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5. Happy Holi everyone!!
Holi successfully bridges the gap between different cultures,
states, and people. We should adopt this virtue from the fest.


6. Play with colours, forgive everyone and forget all the differences. Enjoy each and every moment of your life. Happy Holi. ( With love, your elder sister. )


Holi Wishes quotes

7. This Holi, forgive everyone including yourself and mend the mistakes with magical magenta.


8. May God send/shower his love & blessing for/on you and your family in this Holi.

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9. Holi is unique in its own way and is one of the most lovable festivals in India.

happy Holi Wishes images

10. Happy Holi mom and dad. From showing me the colours of nature to making every day of my journey beautiful and special, you did every possible thing for me. You are my life; you are my Holi.


11. The festival that has a mythological origin, has connections with Lord Krishna and Hinduism- is now celebrated almost everywhere by people from different religions.


12. Happy Holi #HolikaDahan #HoliVibes #FoodAndFun

happy Holi Wishes-2

13. Wishing you and your family a superb and safe Holi.


14. A boy near the tree.
Tiny shadows aimed their guns—
The splash of water.

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15. Holi is also about the innocent hide and seek, playfulness and friendship. Bring back the child in you and enjoy the day. Happy Holi.

happy Holi messages

16. Happy Holi in advance, my love. I am eagerly waiting for the morning when I will color you with the hues of my love, romantic red, crazy-cool-caring cyan.


17. Let's plan a get-together or a party on the day of Holi. It will be a great fun. Oh Happy Holi in advance btw.

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18. Carefully apply colours on others and avoid any kind of danger. Also, don't make anyone uncomfortable. Celebrate Holi in a decent way. Enjoy the fest and let others enjoy it too.


happy Holi wishing messages

19. The holy Holi-day is a holiday. Celebrate it with family and friends. Celebrate it with ‘rang' and ‘bhang'.


20. The name of the colour festival may vary from state to state but the height of enthusiasm and energy remains the same.

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21. May this Holi bring new rays of hope and happiness in your life.


wishing happy Holi

22. Holi is back with its charm
Palashes(flowers) announce the arrival
Heads full of vibrant shades
Mix freely. And the barrier fades.
!!Happy Holi!!


23. Holi- it is the best time of the year to celebrate all types of emotions and relations together.


24. Distribute sweets, exchange best wishes,
Colour your near and dear ones and make the fest a huge

wishing Holi

25. Sad days are gone. Happy and colourful faces sing and dance. It's the day of Holi; it's the festival of spring.


26. May this Holi bless our friendship and make the bond stronger. Wishing you a happy Holi.

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27. The festival Holi marks the triumph of good over evil, truth over lies. May God save you from all kinds of evil powers.

happy holi greetings

28. People in colorful attires are celebrating the festival of Holi. What are you still doing with your phone? Go. Enjoy the fest with your friends and family. Happy Holi.


29. Steal colours from flowers, butterflies
Spread those in the air
Borrow music from wind and trees
Arrange the Holi fair.


30. Play a safe Holi. Burn all negativity; enjoy the day with the splash of vibrant colours, homemade dishes, and tasty gujiyas.


wishing happy holi quotes

31. Holi is inviting you to celebrate the greatest colour fest of India.


32. Find a bucket
Fill that with water
Add colour ingredients
Now pour the mix on your target.


33. Yellow, pink, blue, green, orange- which one is your favorite colour? Bring that with you but I will colour you red.

holi greetings image

34. Don't be shy
Say ‘hi' to Holi
Dye some clothes with rainbow colour
And get yourself painted too. Enjoy the day to the fullest.


35. Happy Holi my partner in crime. Happy Holi my brother and thank you for making my childhood beautiful and colorful.


36. If you want, you can run.
But you can't escape me.
I will throw the Holi water balloons at you
And will paint you like a rainbow.

holi best image quote

37. Look, someone is coming towards this place. Are you guys ready? Take the water-guns. 3,2,1…attack. Happy Holi!!!


38. This year experiences the colour of love with the festival of colours.


39. May God give colorful lives to your dreams & ambitions.

holi quotes

40. Colour the outfits only; do not apply it to birds, animals, and trees.


41. Happy faces with gorgeous green colour on it are waiting to paint you with ‘Gulaal'. Open the door; join the celebration. Don'tforget to share gujiyas, jalebis with them.


42. Decorate your Holi with bright colours, bhang, music, gifts, and fun. Spread happiness and keep smiling.


43. Holi can take you back to your sweet childhood memories or to your school days and you can experience the same fun, laugh and love again. Don't miss the opportunity to travel through time.


44. Follow the beats
Move your body
Sing and even do lip-sync
Become a colour -o- holic
Welcome the festival with cheerful events.


45. Nature wears its prettiest dresses in the month of spring and the holy Holi enhances its glow and beauty.


holi messages

46. Nature hugs the festival of colours, welcomes it with flowers, delicious sun rays, and mild breeze.
Interesting, right?
Won't you participate in it?


47. A colorful morn
They are enjoying Holi
With great energy.


48. Swim through the world of colours and music
Make interesting memories and also share those with others.


new holi wishes

49. Spring eagerly waits for Holi. This time the waiting will end on 10th March.

50. May God gift you a colorful life ahead. Happy Holi


51. Happy Holi in advance. Be ready to repair all the broken relationships with beautiful ‘rangs'.


Holi 2020 wishes

52. Exchange sweets, gifts, and wishes with the sweet people in your life. Take blessings from your elders and share happiness with everyone.


53. May this Holi add beautiful flavors of success, peace, prosperity in your life.


54. Choose some bright colors or ‘abir’ and paint the world the way you want.


Holi wishes 2020

55. Without your support,
I could not achieve anything of what I have today.
Thank you for everything, Happy Holi!


56. Holi-the single day when people won't mind if you colour their white outfits. So you know what to do.


57. Why are you still using chemical colours when nature itself provides the materials for its own fest?

happy Holi quotes 2020

58. Holi brings happiness in everyone's life and doesn't ask what his/her caste, colour, class, race or religion is.


59. This Holi spread the colours of truth and love, ban hate and violence. #BeTheChange #HappyHoli


60. Happy Holi My Child,
Enjoy the fest with your friends there and try to come home asap.
Your favorite homemade cake and cookies are waiting for you.
Lots of love from Mom and Dad.


61. The smell of freedom, moral & aesthetic values is in the air.
Let's enjoy every moment of the auspicious day. Happy Holi.


Holi Greetings


  • Colour the world with your magic ⭐️ Happy Holi . Have a safe one ! ? 


  • Festival of colours and love is right here,behalf of the crew we wish each of you a Happy Holi?


  • Holi is a fiesta of colours and a feast of sweets. It is a gala time of the year to meet our near and dear ones! Team.... wishes you all a very Happy Holi.


  • A huge shout out to all the people who shared their moments of colours with us.?
    Keep the #ColoursofLife alive in each one of us, every single day!


  • Happy Holi, folks! ?⠀
    Whether you're planning to hit that Holi bash hard or just rounding up your folks with some color at home, we got your back ??


  • Holi's nothing less than a war, first with the friend that tries to color you and then with the colors on your body ?


  • Let the Colors Of #HOLI Spreads Joy, Peace & Togetherness In Your Life. Evirtual Team Wishes You A Very Happy & Safe Holi. Keep It Safe. Festive Greetings.


  • Be Human, Not Chamaleon.
    Happy Holi ?


  • Here's wishing you and your cute little ones a day full of love, happiness, and colours.
    Happy Holi.


  • Happy Holi to all those brave hearts who are protecting us and our tricolour.


  • May God paint the canvas of your life with the colours of JOY • LOVE • HEALTH • And success... ? wishing you a happy Holi.. ?


  • Life is measured by the moments where you laugh unbridled and go a bit crazy!! Happy Holi!


  • May your life be coloured with the hues of happiness!


  • Enjoy the festive spirit and the music of celebration...
    Happy Holi from Team Image. ??❤️????


  • Wishing you the best of the times with your loved ones blessed with togetherness and happiness. Happy Holi


  • Happiness is when you see brightness even in darkness, so keep on walking with the colourful mind to bring out the best colour in you.” ― Happy Holi


  • This Holi, replace your inside darkness with shades of vibrant colors.
    Wish you and your family a very happy and colourful Holi. Happy HOLI ?✨?♥️


  • We Wish You to Have a Colorful and Joyable Holi. May the Colour of Happiness Fulfill Your Life’s Journey Throughout The Life.” ― Happy Holi


  • Bright colours, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs' are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi.


  • May the auspicious occasion of Holi bring you positive energy, hope and optimism to achieve success.

Happy Holi Status


  • Play #Holi with fresh and organic colours!


  • Celebrate this Holi with vibrant natural colours.― Happy Holi.


  • Happy Holi to all celebrating !


  • light camera colour 🙂 action


  • Let colours bloom your life with infinite joy!??


  • ???Happy Holi to all!!?????❤????


  • ? Let the colors of Holi spread the message of PEACE and Happiness ?


  • Happiness is when you see light even in the dark, so keep on walking in joyous spirits and fill your life with colours!Happy Holi to all our Patrons ?


  • Play the colors with the message of love and compassion surging from your heart. Happy Holi!


  • Holi Mubarak ??


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