1st Happy Birthday Wishes – Happy 1st Birthday Messages For Baby Girls and Boys

Children are probably the best thing to exist in this world. Their laughter, their tears, their little acts of stupidity add to the wonderful life of ours. It’s a surprise how quickly time passes and they grow through the walls of time. No wonder how your little one was barely the size of your palm yesterday and today they’re a toddler that picks up the whole house on their head. We know how special this day, their first birthday might be to you. We wondered how troublesome you might looking for just the right message for their future days when they’d be able to read. Or maybe just a one lined- wholesome wish. If that is the case, you’re just at the right place. We have a range of wishes and blessings to shower upon your little baby. Have a look ahead


Happy first birthday Wishes


  • Two little toes, now completing one! Happy birthday little blossom, now you are one!


  • How fast the time has run, yesterday you barely a full sum! But today my love, you’re one! Happy birthday.


  • Miles ahead and miles before, may you never run out of happiness and joy to explore. Happy first birthday love.


  • Rosy cheeks and brightening smile, like an elixir so heavenly you have dropped in our lives. Truly blessed to have you, happy first birthday!


  • Time passes in a click, yesterday you smelled of innocence today you’re filled with giggles. Happy first birthday!


  • The first is never forgotten, the joy is always so wanted. Happy birthday dear one year birthday.


  • You won’t remember the speciality of this evening but this evening is special only because of you. It’s your very first birthday!


  • You’re my best Christmas gift, my best life holding. I love you more with each passing day. Happy first birthday my love.


  • Your curly hair, your big blue eyes, that pretty smile and that lovely innocence. Happiest birthday to the beautiful little soul.


  • How blessed are we to have you around, the miracle you are, the melodious your sound. Happy birthday dear loved one!


  • The cake is yum, you are now one- delight and happiness, happy birthday oh cutie baby!


  • May you never run out of sweetness in your life, Happy first birthday little one!


  • The sun is smiling brighter than ever, guess it saw you smiling today. Happy birthday to the cutie with the prettiest smile.


  • Twelve months around us, you’ve made us feel so blessed. Happy birthday my love!


  • One down, hundreds more to come. Congratulations on completing one year!


  • To the loveliest baby I’ve ever seen, congratulations on making your days worthwhile!


  • Twinkle twinkle Little Star, what a wonderful kid you are! Happy birthday little angel.


  • The sky is blue, you’re a blessing, that’s true. Here’s to you completing one year. Happy birthday!


  • There are a number of springs to come your way, I’m sure you’d still be the prettiest flower ever to bloom. Happy birthday little superstar!


  • To our sugar plum, cutie love, Happy birthday!


Funny happy first birthday wishes and messages


  • The cake is yummy but you won’t remember because you’re busy growing. Happy first birthday would to be toddler!


  • I know you can’t read, but I’m writing to you so I don’t look mean in case you read someday, Happy birthday wanna be adult!


  • One down, seventeen to go for you to officially be adult. Happy birthday little one!


  • If only you could stop eating the sand and focus on the deliciousness of pizza, you’d realise what growing up is. Anyway, Happy birthday to my naughty parcel.


  • You wake up like a chatterbox and keep chirping all day. Happy first birthday oh non-stop question bank!


  • Yesterday your fingers could barely hold my hand and today you hold the whole house in your control. Happy birthday mini tornedo!


  • It’s been just twelve months in total and you’re already the centre of attraction among all of us. What an achievement! Happy birthday to the tiny winner.


  • I come to hold you to feel a fruitful smell but to my everyday surprise you smell like the floor sand you just ate. Happy birthday notorious package!


  • This is the only year the cake can seem bigger than you. Enjoy your day! Happy birthday!


  • The number of gifts you’d receive today is way more than your age, Happy first birthday dear toddler.


  • No matter how many balloons we add, you’re still cuter than all of them. Happy birthday my honey bunny!


  • The naughty side of you shows how hard it must be for your parents to handle you. Now that you’re one, they might be relieved. Happy birthday little storm.


  • It’s probably the only day you’ll have the most fun while crying. Happy first birthday!


  • I bet you can ask Santa to bring down the sun for with that smile. Happiest birthday to the prettiest smile.


  • Happy one year running around the Sun and having everyone run around you!


  • You won’t even remember what these wishes sound like, so just saying, Happy birthday would to be lazy adult.


  • One damn year! And you’re still crying? Well, I hope you stop. Happy birthday little rainbow.


  • I can proudly say, you’re the latest obsession of mine. Before you was video games. But.. Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday to my made in quarantine!


  • If you ever want to thank your qualities, race back to your mom and dad. They manufactured you! Happy first birthday final product!


Happy first birthday to baby girl


  • Hide and seek is your favourite game and I know it because you hide in our hearts. Happy birthday little angel!


  • I wish your hair grows the length you desire, Happy birthday young lady!


  • You’re the diva, the beauty, Happy birthday one year old Miss World!


  • Your eyes speak of the graceful goddess you are. Happy birthday gorgeous!


  • May you have a fabulous and loving life ahead, Happy birthday princess!


  • You’re the queen of my heart since the day you were born, Happy birthday my queen


  • May you conquer all palaces, acquire all beauty and achieve all success. Happy first birthday my love!


  • I can’t imagine a single day without looking at your smile. So keep smiling and keep shining! Happy first birthday my lady crush


  • Lots of dresses to try, lots of pictures to slay in! Damn my girl has a lot of work. Happy birthday my precious baby girl!


  • From a tiny little baby to a chirping lively angel, it’s been a blessing to watch you grow. Congratulations on your first year my love.


  • A very happy birthday to the cutie pie of this family. You’re the soul and heart of us.


  • No amount of gifts can equate the joy you bring in my life. Keep shining my baby, Happy birthday.


  • You’re the queen of our hearts, it is your kingdom. May you conquer most of your life. Happy birthday!


  • The warmest sweet wishes to my little baby girl. Happy first birthday!


  • You’re the most precious gift anyone would ever have. We’re. Proud to have you as our daughter. Happy first birthday my lady!


  • Your curly hair, your big blue eyes, that pretty smile and that lovely innocence. Happiest birthday to the beautiful little girl!


  • Cute seems too little a word in front of you. What a wonder my baby girl is! Cheers to you completing one year!


  • My baby girl, my lovely charm, congratulations on your first year. I wish you lots of luck and happiness ahead.


  • May this life of yours be filled with all the joy in this world. Happy birthday my baby girl!


  • You’ve brought joy and happiness in our lives ever since you came to us. To you my little angel, Happy birthday!


Happy first birthday to baby boy


  • To my beloved sun, the heartbeat of my life, Happy first birthday!


  • It’s wonderful how you were merely the size of my hand yesterday, and today so big a blessing. Happy birthday my teddy bear!


  • To my toddler, my tiny wonder, congratulations on completing a full year!


  • Hello there baby boy! What a wonderful moment to congratulate you, a wholesome span of twelve months and more to come. Happy birthday!


  • It’s no surprise that a cutie like you can make the whole world a better place to live. Happy first birthday loved one!


  • Look at your limbs, now so grown! I wish you more growth ahead. Happy first birthday kiddo!


  • You’re the best son any parents would ever have. Happy Birthday my little baby.


  • I’ll capture all your growth as the years pass for you’ve captured my heart and soul. Happy birthday to the loveliest kid alive!


  • I wake up seeing your smile and it gives me thousand reasons to live. Congratulations on your first, birthday boy!


  • A son like you might beat the sun in competition. We’re so proud to have you. Happy birthday!


  • I remember lifting you when you could barely even eat, and now I see you as my life’s biggest treat! Happy first birthday my child!


  • The candles on your cake would increase in number, make sure you increase your goals with them. Happy birthday little one.


  • For the tiny size of you, you’ve brought a lot of happiness in our lives. Congratulations on completing twelve months birthday boy!


  • You might be little but I hope you gain everything that is big. Happy first birthday to my beloved son.


  • May you always be blessed with abundance and joy. Happy birthday little darling!


  • You’re my Doraemon even though you don’t know him. Happy birthday my baby, keep spreading joy.


  • It’s just been twelve months and I’m already so used to your naughtiness. Happy first birthday to the most witty kid!


  • You’re sweeter than the cake itself, I hope you have a fabulous life ahead. Happy birthday to my little miracle!


  • The eyes of the mother, the hair of the father. What a beauty you are my love! Congratulations on completing one year.


  • Cute, sweet, lovely and one of a kind. Happy birthday to my beautiful son!


Happy first birthday quotes


  • When the sun and moon meet, they create a beauty like you. Happy birthday to the gorgeous one.


  • The rivers meet to give birth to a much pure flair. And I bet it was you this time. Happy birthday lively little soul.


  • The cutest toys would shy in front of you. Happy first birthday cutie pie!


  • One, two, three, so many more to come. Congratulations on your first my baby boo.


  • To my sugar plum, my lovely one. Happy birthday and now you are one!


  • Your smile is cute, people might’ve told. But so is your cry. I can’t help falling in love with you, how much ever I try. Happy birthday my love!


  • Your little fingers control the whole house around you. To the little leader in you, happy first birthday!


  • I can thank God multiple times and it would still be less. I’m so happy to have a child like you. Happy birthday my baby.


  • You melt my heart every time I see you. To the wonder in you, happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday to the micky mouse of this house. Congratulations on your first!


  • You’re turning one and have already made heavy impact in our lives. May you always succeed in the same way.


  • You might smile and melt everyone’s hearts today but soon you’ll grow to struggle with it. Till then, enjoy! Happy birthday.


  • You barely know your name and would probably sleep off the most of this day. But I wish and pray you get to live the most of your life. Cheers to your first year!


  • The sky is high and I hope so stays your achievements. Rejoice in this victory of yours love.


  • You’re so grown in just a year I wonder how much more is to come. Happy birthday my baby


  • You look like a wonder, trapped in shackles of time. Grow and live as it goes. Happy birthday!


  • Congratulations on your big day and well wishes for life ahead. Happy birthday!


  • To the energetic little champ, happy birthday. May you always stay this energetic.


  • You’re the king of my heart, my living wonder. A very happy birthday and may you always stay the lovely kid you are.


  • It’s the completion of the first chapter of your life and there are many more to come. Be a good author. Happy birthday baby.


First birthday wishes


  • It’s your first time blowing a candle, and there’s more to come. Happy birthday my toddler, now you are one!


  • Roses were pretty, but you my love fail them too. Happy first birthday my tiny pretty rose.


  • Miles ahead, more to see. Today you are one, seventeen more and you’ll finally be free!


  • To the bud of my life, the grace of my smile, happy first birthday.


  • I oneder how onederful one could be at one. But then I saw you, and trembled. Happy birthday love!


  • Miracles are true, I can say that just by looking at you. Happy birthday adorable one!


  • I think of cuteness and it’s just you that comes to my mind. It’s wonderful to be able to wish you. Happy birthday cutie.


  • The lanes of life are tricky, I hope you always succeed through it. Happy first birthday!


  • May lord always shower his finest blessings on you. You’re the best blessing I ever had, Happy birthday!


  • To my daisy, my darling, my cute little daughter, congratulations on completing one year. I wish you lots of love and happiness. Happy birthday!


  • You’ll have a lot of gifts but you’d still be the best gift I could ever get. Happy birthday my love!


  • My little baby darling, may every year of your life be as happy-go-lucky as the past one year! Happy birthday!


  • A cute kid like you deserves all the world’s happiness. Happy birthday!


  • Nothing but happiness, fun and laughter to the prettiest baby ever born. Happy first birthday!


  • A very special life is waiting for you around the corner. Stay put. Happy birthday!


  • We will always remember this first special celebration of yours, even though you may not. Happy birthday sweetheart!


  • I hope you always stay this cute and lively. Happy birthday honey!


  • You’ve stolen our hearts from us. And none of us wants it back. Stay charming my little angel!


  • You’re cuter that the word cute itself. And more shiny than the sun. I hope you stay the same. Have a wonderful life ahead.


  • I’m still surprised how fast the time has passed and it’s been a year already. Happy birthday baby boo.


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