Father’s Day Wishes and Messages – Best Quotes To Share With Your Father

Fathers Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages

Father's day is celebrated in the month of June, dates may vary from country to country. In India, we celebrate father's day on 21 June. We should all appreciate our parents for what all they have done for us. Definitely, we can take out one day from our lives and can give our time to our beloved. On Father's day let’s just appreciate our fathers for not only the things they have done for us but also the love they have given us all those years. Its time that you appreciate your real-life superhero and make them feel special and loved.


Happy Fathers Day Wishes


  • I've been always been enchanted by the endings. But my love for you is forever and beyond.?❤️ HAPPY FATHER’S DAY


  • I know, you show up as the 'strongest person' to the world, but when it comes to your children you can go above and beyond. YOUR HEART IS FILLED WITH LOVE
    Happy father’s day, daddy❤️


  • You made me understand the difference between what I want and what I need.
    Yet, you gave me everything ❤️
    Happy father's day✨


  • I will always have a shoulder to lean on, arms to give warmth to me, Hands to bless me.
    For everything and anything, I can easily look up to you.
    Happy father’s day❤️


  • I know, you always say that I'm the greatest gift you ever got, but the truth is the greatest gift I ever received is, is the honor of calling you as  'My Father'?
    Happy father’s day, daddy❤️


  • To my best man, I don’t need an occasion to celebrate you. You’re that blessing of my life, that I can never be tired of celebrating. I live for you and because of you. Happy father’s day, every day.♥️


  • Every home, every moment, every heart and everything is incomplete if you're not around✨
    Happy father's day❤️


  • Being a dad is the most challenging job in the world.
    So, we should thank them for the efforts they have put in to make our lives easier and manageable
    Thank you and happy father’s day.❤️


  • Happy Father's Day to all Mother's out there who never let their child feels the absence of a father by taking up the role of both the parents. You are truly inspirational and set an example for women all around the world.


  • From sunrise to sunset, all the promises and commitments are unbroken; you kept them all in heart❤️An emotion so immense that nothing in this world can change that.✨
    Promise makes, to love you forever and ever ❤️
    Happy father’s day⭐


  • Happy father’s day to all the fathers who are not biological fathers to their children, but loved them in all the possible ways they could ever do.❤️?


  • Every child needs a helping hand while growing up, there are times when I don't understand something but I know you are always there to assist me in the best possible ways❤️
    To the best dad, happy father’s day?


  • You're brighter than all the stars that are shining in the sky ?, you're light of wisdom has given us the power to make the right choices with vitality.
    Happy father’s day to my star?


  • My idol, my inspiration, my rising star, best man on this planet wishing you a very happy father’s day ?


  • It's nearly impossible to give you back what you have given to me, I'm glad to have you as my 'father'
    Happy father’s day❤️


  • Dad, don't you think you need a vacation?
    You work so hard to be in the job or for family. You proved it all?
    Happy father’s day ⭐


  • Glad you discover all the special elements of 'fatherhood'- love, efforts, joy, and many more that you will cherish for a lifetime. Happy father’s day❣️


  • You don't say it aloud, you have kept that as a secret that I'm your favorite kid. Let us keep that in this way only
    Happy father’s day❣️?


  • The love I received, will be returned to you.?❤️
    Forever we are, forever will be
    Happy father’s day❣️


  • Even when things are complicated with us, you should know that I will still love you with all my heart❤️
    Happy father’s day?


  • Congratulating you on your day, I hope you get all the love you deserve. ❤️
    Happy father’s day?


  • Your love has given me everything I could ever dream of.❤️
    Sending you back all the love
    Happy father day, daddy❣️


  • From holding my hand when I took my first step to hold my hand epoch. You're the epitome of love.❤️
    Happy father's day, daddy✨


  • Your unending belief in my boundless potential empowers me every single day. Happy father’s day


  • You have made my life easy by just being in it. Happy father’s day daddy❤️


Happy Fathers Day Messages


  • Thank you for always standing with me, by me, and for me.
    Thank you, for showing faith in me.
    Thank you for letting me be.
    Thank you for loving, supporting, and encouraging me when I needed it the most.
    Thank you for not letting me fall apart.
    Thank you for being my go-to person, no matter what the problem is.
    And thank you, for being the best father on the face of this earth.


  • Sometimes, your lips can't assert what your eyes serve. However, I want you to know that no instrument would ever be able to measure the amount of love I have for you.


  • From taking up all the responsibilities of the family on your shoulders without once complaining about it, to giving us everything without even asking. You're one in billion, dad ?


  • I salute all the wonderful fathers who have touched the lives of many people, be it their own kids, somebody else’s kid, family, people they have mentored, people they have coached, and the world at large.


  • Thank you for being great fathers. We appreciate your existence and the impactful and significant role you have played in our lives.


  • My father is my first love,
    The one man who I can blindly trust
    The one man who would never let me down
    The one man who puts my happiness even before his own.


  • Sometimes I doubt myself, I doubt my existence, I doubt my capabilities, I doubt about not being able to do something.
    But one person who removed all my doubts is 'You'
    Thanking for believing in me dad❤️


  • Thank you for your encouragement, for your love, for your support.❤️
    Thanking you for acting like a friend, when I needed one.
    You're the best person I ever know?


  • You were my immeasurable happiness and the one person who can never hurt me no matter what, it’s rightly said if superheroes exist it’s only in the form of dads.❤️


  • Thanking you for your reassurance when I doubt myself, for your warm hugs when I need it them the most, for your helping hand in hard times, thank-you for existing dad?❤️


  • The purest form of love is one when you love somebody without expecting anything in return. And that type of love an only father can do❤️


  • Dear Dad,
    From you holding my hand to me being your support, you've been the pillar holding the family together


  • Smiles, giggles, happy moments were all our part,
    Stress, tension, worries you kept to yourself.
    You don't show it because you're 'strong' or that's what you're supposed to be.
    But we know you have a heart and you have the purest of them, the most selfless and the most beautiful.
    From - Children who don't say "I Love You" enough to you!


  • Although the word ‘Father’ has 5 alphabets even if we put 26 of them together it would not be enough to define them.
    The connotation of this word sums all the emotion in this entire world, I know it is the mother who carries the child in her womb for nine months, but the father is someone who  carries the child in his heart and mind for a lifetime.


  • The real-life hero and we call them 'dad'
    Every time I look up to you, I see the smile on your face irrespective of how many problems you are going through.


Happy Father’s Day Quotes


  • A father doesn't tell you he loves you, he shows you.


  • “Thank you for being there through all the thick and thins of my life.❤️”


  • “Be it good times or bad times, you're the pillar of strength❤️”


  • “Father is a source of love, support and strength.?”


  • “The three-letter word 'dad' is not just a word it's an emotion indeed!❤️”


  • “In the midst of neon lights, you showed me the right direction.?”


  • “So many languages but still can't express how much I love and admire you in words.❣️”


  • “You're full of positivity, strength, love, compassion. I get tears to see how much you have given to this family.?”


  • “Only a dad, but best of all the men, you have smoothened our lives with your courage, stern and grim.”


  •  What does the word dad mean?✨
    'Devoted and Dedicated '


  • If I'm given the chance to write in a card, I will write how great you are.


  • So many languages but still can't express how much I love and admire you in words.❣️


  • “Daddy- Daughter's first love and son first real-life hero ✨”


  • “Appreciating men is a necessary thing; let's do that by showing some love to our fathers.❤️✨”


  • “You have given me the best 3 things in my life- Your time, your love and vigilance ❤️”
    To my inspiration, hats off to you✨


  • “The arms that could never ever let me feel unwanted and unloved and this ain’t no sunshine w/o.?”


Happy Father’s Day Wishes From Daughter


  • I'd lost in this world if I didn’t have your guidance through all the times. Thank you for standing with me at my lowest.
    I love you forever


  • My life is nowhere close to a fairy tale but my father is my KING.❤


  • Behind every successful daughter is a father who believed in her.


  • Daughters are a reflection of their fathers.❤️


  • You hold my hand while growing up, I promise that you will be in my heart until I die. Love you loads, dad?


  • This day is not about ordinary people, it's about people who have made our lives extraordinary. This is your day dad❤️


  • You're the best dad and I'm your best child?


  • It doesn't matter I'm near you or far, I will always be thankful for what you have done for me.❤️


  • You've always gone above and beyond to make me feel loved enough. Love you dad❤️


  • I can count on you like 123, you will be there
    Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. Love you dad


  • We have a special bond, which has grown over the years, to a girl who has shared her fears and hopes❤️


  • These two words -Thank You, I'm saying it today to the man who has done it all.
    Yes, daddy, I'm talking about you❤️


  • My dad's hand is tough when it comes to working, but so gentle when it comes to me.⭐


  • I'm a little girl who needs daddy for so many things, assure me you will never leave me any sooner or later.❤️Love you, dad


  • We do fight over remote but end up watching my favorite show!
    Happy father’s day, daddy.


  • I cling hard to my father when I'm scared. Because I know you will listen to me.


  • If someone asked me to rate you on the scale of 10 I will give you a billion ❤️
    Love you


  • One single day is not enough for me to tell you how much I love you, but still, I will do that
    I love you dad?


  • While everything around you will be changing, you will be happy to know that some things are constants and are so comforting.❣️
    Thank you for being a comfort zone daddy?


  • I think my dad knows magic because he can easily read my mind and can find out what I yearn for.


  • From a sweet little girl to help me to become a woman. You have been through with me in this.✨


  • Thank you for all the times you stood like a pillar whenever something bad was coming to me.✨


  • From spoiling me with everything I wanted to save me from all the negativity you're indeed a hero for me✨
    I love you forever❤️


  • You guide me through everything with your love.❤️


  • Mother and I share a common thing which is ' You' my daddy
    But I definitely love you more than her and please don't tell her that she will get angry❤️?


  • I do remember when I was a Lil chick and only had eyes for you and these eyes only search for you in good times as well as in bad times


  • You’ll always remain the man of my hearts and the one I want to reside in forever.


  • There will be days when I will not be around, but I want you to know that my heart only belongs to you, daddy ❤️


  • My father is my superhero; neither superman nor batman stands a chance against him when it’s come to protecting me from the world.


  • You never said yes for night outs but you never checked my phone also. Now, I know the difference between being possessive and protective.?


  • Daddy, I LOVE YOU for all that you do and had done for me


Happy Father’s Day Wishes From Son


  • I hope I can create as many as good memories for my children like you did✨
    Happy father day dad❤️


  • This is your day dad❤, I hope you live long and I know I don’t say much but I love you so much.


  • I know it's hard for you to showcase your feelings but your actions say louder than words that how much you love me. I’m so glad that I'm your son?❣️


  • The man who never looks for praises and just works quietly; fulfilling all the wishes can you name the man?
    He is called 'Dad'❤️


  • Your love means more to me than you'll ever know.?
    You're my shining armour ❤️


  • Dad, thank you for teaching me how to saunter.❣️


  • Thank you for the memories you share daily of my tiny little feet and how I took my first step towards you?❤️Love you dad❤️


  • Thank you for teaching 'Don't give you' theory it has helped me a lot.❤️


  • I'm so fortunate to be your son⭐
    Love you dad!!


  • You're full of positivity, strength, love, compassion. I get tears to see how much you have given to this family.?


  • Not taking anything for yourself, and giving everything I desire you proved what love is all about.??


  • You always bribed me, from getting good grades in school to take up the best university?
    Now I know why you did that all? So that I can secure a good future for me❤️
    Thank you, daddy?


  • My father is my biggest inspiration.
    I look up to him for anything and everything, he is like an unseen force who is always standing next to me, helping me make my life choices.


  • The relationship I and dad share is more like a friendship in which we gossip, chill, complain about mother, and do a lot more.❤️
    You're indeed a friend in the face of the father.


  • Dad, you mean the world to me. There is no one like you in this cosmos❤️
    I love you


  • It's is truly said, "Mother gives you the strength to pursue your dreams but father gives you the path"
    Thanks for inspiring me daddy❤️


  • You made my world a better place and, through the coming years, I’ll keep these precious memories as cherished souvenirs.


  • In your old times, I promise you that I will stand by your side as you did when I was little. Our love is forever, ❤️


  • We make mistakes but unlike others, you never judge me, you tell me to learn from my mistakes and move on in life


  • To all those years you have given us, to all the love, your care, your support, and everything.
    You're blessing to me dad


  • My Mom murmurs that I'm turning into like her husband, Yes I'm because he is my father and you must have heard of 'Like father, like son' I'm totally one in kind.


  • From, taking up all the responsibilities of the family and giving everything we wanted. You're one in billion, dad


  • As a son, I'm afraid to speak in front of my father
    It's not fear, its respect.❤️
    Happy father’s day⭐


  • When I think of the word 'dad' it reminds me of how many good and positive qualities one can possess.❣️
    Love you, dad,


  • Happy father’s day to the man who had taught me so many good things in life and mainly to use fewer words in certain situations.


  • To the best man, to the best father, to the best husband, to the best brother. Our family is blessed to have you❤️


  • Thank you for being here, every day with all the love and guidance I needed.


  • You’re finest man dad