Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages And Quotes To Share With Your Anyone

Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages

Birthday, noun, meaning “the anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts.” Yes, it is that one special day when a child is born, an infant cry but everyone else smiles and we celebrate this day every year with our loved ones, give parties to our friends and family, a day on which we receive quintals of wishes and messages on our cell phones, calls. 

Some people feel so special and enthusiastic about this upcoming day and they start planning everything months before for this very special day. But for some, it comes as an ordinary day with some extra messages and nothing special.

We wish so many people in a year with almost the same blessings and wishes to everyone. Looking for some different wises through which you can convey your exact emotions and feelings to your lovely people? Looking for something which is original? So, it’s the best place to look into.

We're presenting you with 150+ wishes and quotes so that you can wish your people differently and uniquely.


Happy Birthday Wishes


  • Wishing you a happy day and more to come in your life. Happy Birthday!


  • May you have a flying year ahead just like a bird does. And, wishing you all the wonders and greatness of the world. 


  • May this day be as cute as me for you.  Happiest day to my cutie, I love you a lot!


  • Birthday wishes are meant to make people special on their special day. I don’t know what to say to a person who himself is so special. Happy birthday to the charm of my life. 


  • You’re warm to my heart, smile to my face, voice to my words. My life would be difficult without you.


  • You’re an umbrella to me when I enter into my despair. You’re a savior and protector to me. Be there for me my shield, Happy Birthday! 


  • May God shower all his blessings on you on this day. Happy Birthday!


  • May you be as Lovely as Orchids and spread love and happiness.


  • May you be a representation of love in this world of pathetic chaos.


  • Happy Birthday to my Cathartic relief. You’re so important to me. I miss you. I love you.


Funny Birthday Quotes


  • Happiest to the one who has the best sister in the universe.


  • Happiest Birthday to the sibling who gets to murder attempts on me but sees, I am still alive to wish you on this special day.


  • Happy birthday to the one who's the birthday I can remember before Facebook notify me.


  • May your cell phone is filled with messages from those you hate the most.


  • Happy birthday to the one who looks like a zombie but still seems so handsome to me.


  • I am wishing a special day to the one who is the most uninteresting person I have in my life. 


  • I still remember the days we used to fight, we used to laugh, cry together. Happiest Birthday to one I used to call an adopted child of the house. 


  • Happy Birthday to the one I used to collect the evidence to ensure that I am the legal heir of our parents and not you.


  • Forget about the past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Even Forget about the present, I will surely ruin it for you. Happy birthday little champion and be proud that you have the world’s best sibling with you. 


  • Congratulations, you’re getting old!!


Cute Birthday Quotes And Wishes


  • We took birth in the same family, we grew up together and became friends, Happiest 19, my lovely foe.


  •  We used to fight together, and now, you’re far away from me. I miss you all my time companion. Eagerly waiting for you to come soon. Happy Birthday, I love you!!


  • Happy birthday to the cutest animal in the family. 


  • Happy birthday to my brother, I eventually found a friend in you, my dear. 


  • I never express my feelings to you, I never had and never will tell you how much I missed you but I know, you feel I am missing you. You know everything, right? Happy Birthday brother, with loads of love. 


  • Hope you may steal the fitness from my wishes.


  • I wish on this special day of you, you may become cuter than me.


  • I hope we celebrate all your Birthdays together in our small nest of happiness….Happy Birthday to you!


  • Many many happy returns of the day the smallest and the cutest creature of the family. We all love you a lot.


  • Aww, my baby doesn’t feel blue, if not this year, I promise we'll celebrate this fortunate day of our lives together next year. Now, please smile and all our blessings are with you go and enjoy yourself with your friends. Happy Birthday!!!


  • I hope you see the beauty in everything because then you will never get old and will continue to enjoy your days!


  • Cute people don’t need such cute messages to feel happy they already carry that cuteness which will make them and everyone else happy and smile. 


  • Your touch is sufficient to make me feel worthful. Thank you for this.


  • You deserve all the fun and happiness of this world. You’re such a pretty and cute person I ever met.


  • Earlier I used to thought that only kids carry cuteness with them but it’s only after I met you, I realized that elder’s too carry the cuteness, it’s just the way we see the person. Happy Birthday!


  • You’re as cute and soft as flower and I promise I will never break your heart. I love you and Happy Birthday, my love!


  • I want to keep myself updated with you forever my life. Happy Birthday!


  • Happy Birthday to the one who is as cute and as sweet as a chocolate Donut. 


  • Happy Birthday to ice to my cream and sugar to my coffee.


  • I wish your cuteness never fades away, I wish your smile never fades away. I wish you joyful days never fade away, I wish YOU NEVER FADES AWAY. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Quotes


  • Happy Birthday, wishing you a joyful year ahead!


  • Happy Birthday, may you like all the presents I have prepared for you.


  • Don’t think you are one year older now, think you have experience of one more year. Happy Birthday cheerful person.


  • Be like an Ocean, stagnant yet flowing and powerful. Enjoy your day, many many happy returns of the day!  


  • I know you are as caring as a Kangaroo but don’t let people use you. Happy Birthday, wishing a great year ahead.


  • Be knowledgeable as novels, be thoughtful as them, and be amusing to yourself as them. Keep going ahead! Keep growing, keep learning, and unlearning. 


  • Be happy as Laughing Buddha for the entire life and make this day the best for you.


  • May you love yourself as long as there is the sun rising on the earth. Happy Birthday!


  • Sending you a bouquet filled with love to make you smile on this wonderful day. 


  • Wishes are still insufficient to wish you happiness and success in life. It’s beyond words and always meant to be felt. 


Inspirational Birthday Quotes


  • Always count your life with smiles you share with others.


  • I hope you'll be able to inspire yourself on this very special days.


  • I hope all your wishes come true and you live up to your dreams in your life. Happiest Birthday, baby!


  • There will be days when you'll be feeling low on motivation but it’s okay. It’s okay to feel this. But never lose your spirit and stand by yourself….Happy Birthday, darling!!


  • Great things take time. Be patient. And never give up my boy and here wishing you loads of love not only today but every single day.


  • May you find a lesson in every situation and let that pathetic phase go off and start fresh. No words can’t express the wishes I want to give you on this special day. I love you so much, stay blessed.


  • May you be gifted with never-ending joy and blissful moments in your life. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. 


  • May you never lose the child in you and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Happy Birthday, my baby. I love you very much!!


  • May you enjoy this whole day with me and inspire yourself from the way I smile, laugh, talk, and expresses love. Happy Birthday my little brother.


  • Just remember that this first day of your next 365 days. Be the thread shine for the rest of the days and yes, Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!


Birthday Wishes For Friend


  • Happy Birthday to the one who has been my Cathartic relief in every single moment of despair. 


  • You’re my crime partner and I wish that you remain so for the rest of life too. 


  • I still remember the day when we first met and eventually became friends. I wish you love, luck, and many hopes on this day. 


  • From analyzing the plot of the story to discussing the psychology of characters, From random bouts of information to inspiring each other, And from sharing ideas to sharing smiles. From being thoughtful to amusing each other...That's what our relationship is all about. I am thankful that we met and I am wishing you lots and lots of love and happiness.


  • I don’t want to witness our parting ways…..I wish you a very fantastic day.


  • Thanks for being there with me for another year. We’re 2 years old now and hoping to have more together. Happy birthday, my gibberish friend.


  •  Happiest 20 to the one with whom I share that spiritual and pure bond together.


  • Those long phone calls, silly jokes, bunking lectures together, having ice creams, and not telling at home…..I wish this continues forever. I cherish your presence in my life. 


  • Happiest day to the one who is more like a family to me.


  • I wish more working years to us together. A happy fantastic day to you!


Simple Birthday Wishes


  • Many many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday!


  • Happy Birthday! Go and get me the big slice of the cake.


  • Happy Birthday! Stay blessed. Stay happy.


  • Happy Birthday, Darling!


  • Wishing you a fantastic year ahead and enjoy your day.


  • Congratulations my dear, I hope you get lots and lots of love from your people.


  • Happy Birthday our little princess, may you achieve all your goals in your life.


  • Wishing you many blessing for the years ahead. Happy Birthday!


  • Happy Birthday, Buddy! I hope you blessed me to have too.


  • I can’t promise all the happiness of this world to you but I promise that you'll always find me holding your back every time. 


  • Birthday comes as a special day for once in every year for everyone but the specialty is how you make it special for yourself. 


  • Happy Birthday may your day be filled with smiles, laughter and joy, and some great adventure and discoveries too!


  • Giving you a warm hug on this very fabulous day. Enjoy, buddy!


  • Come on, cheer up yourself on this cheerful day. We need not agree with our feelings every time. Happy Birthday and I love you.


  • May your life be as bright as a sunflower. Happy Birthday!


  • Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!


  • Hope you loved to have a wish from me this year too, Happy Birthday, friend. Always there for you.


  • I am wishing a fabulous day and a fantastic year ahead to one of my favorite persons.


  • May you start loving yourself, May you delete the heaviness from your heart on this year. Happy Birthday.


  • May this day become your New Year and you enjoy every single day of this.


Birthday Wishes For Best Friend


  • I can say with the confidence that I would have no better best friend than you. I hope we continue sharing this bond. Wishing you the happiest day!


  • I don’t know what people call as best but when I see you I feel you complete me. Thank you for this and enjoy this day.


  • Hope your Birthday is a gem to you as you're to me. 


  • Being my best friend you've always listened to what I've never send. Thanks for being there with me. Happy birthday, friend.


  • I don’t need to have a creative message for this very special day because every day of ours is itself is a special one.


  • If we can talk to each other without uttering a word. We made it my friend.


  • We’re great when pairing up together and I am blessed to have a friend like you. I don’t want to lose you. Happy birthday my best person. 


  • Nobody in my life can replace you. Your love for me is unconditional and I cherish this. Thank you for this and I am glad that we're still together on this very occasional day.


  • Eventually, I found a sibling in you and we complete each other. No words can describe our bond, words are insufficient. Happy birthday my family!


  • So many birthday wishes on interested but still, all I want to say you is, Happy Birthday, I love you the most. 


  • So many people in this world but I will still choose to be with you every day as a friend.


Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend


  • Thanks for being there with me in every moment of disguise of my life. You’re so lucky to me. Happy Birthday to my baby.


  •  Happiest Birthday to the amazing woman I Love!


  • I still remember the day you enter my life and I will always be grateful to you and your presence. Happy Birthday to the jolliest person. 


  • So many hugs and kisses to my love. May this day bring so much joy in your life.


  • I wonder how will I ever be able to tell you how much I love you. I hope that you'll be able to listen to my unsaid words to you. I love so much and you mean a lot to me. Happy Birthday to the one who is so different in the world and who beautifies herself with the kindness she carries. 


  • Happy Birthday to the best friend and True Love of my life.


  • You’re the sugar to my tea. Ink to my pen. Bookmark to my books. Smile to my face. Paintbrush to my paints. I short you’re inseparable from me. Happy Birthday, buddy!!


  • People say that we can’t love others unless we love ourselves. I've never loved myself but when I started loving you I forget what hating myself felt like. So here’s wishing to the one who let me feel loved. Thank you and Happy Birthday!!


  • No special wishes are meant for my special one. You’re just extraordinary.


  • May my loves get so many wishes on this day but as special as mine. May you be the joyous person in the whole Universe. Enjoy your day, my love!


  • I don’t know why but I feel that my life without will unbearable and like a severe punishment to me. Happy Birthday, the charm of my face and I wish it never goes away.


  • I still remember the first day I hold your hands, I gave you a hug that was so special to me. And, that was the day I felt what actually the love is. Thank you for everything, Thank you for spending those lovable moments with me. Happy Birthday!


  • I wish we could be together forever and then, we'll go on long bike rides, enjoying those taste of ice-creams, enjoying those moonlight nights with you. I can’t wish to live in that heaven with you. Happy Birthday my Valentine and I promise that we will accomplish our dreams soon! 


  • I know your dad loves you the most but after him, it’s only me who loves to the most. I promise to never bring tears in your eyes. 


  • The way we pose together to get ourselves clicked. The way we tease each other, it’s our way to express love. I remember everything and everything we said to each other. Happy Birthday!


  • You came as a stranger to me and without becoming friends we fell into love. That was special. Happy Birthday to you my girl!


  • You’re the pole star of my life, my baby. Wishing you the happiest day, enjoy it!


  • You reflect me as diamond in my life. You’re so precious and a lucky charm to me. I just want you to know that I am the biggest fan of you. Happy Birthday!


  • You know what, I have so many with you in our near future and I want to live them with you. Happiest dawn to the wonder woman of my life. 


  • You’re the lamp to my darkroom and wish this ray of hope never fades away. Never vanish away. Happy Birthday my darling and I wish this day to be filled with surprises for you. 


Birthday Wishes For Brother


  • May your life filled with blissful people like me. Happy Birthday, brother. 


  • May you receive all the happiness of this world on this very special day. It’s your day, make it. Enjoy it!


  • I will be really grateful to you if we'll have a sane picture on this day. Happy Birthday my little companion and I cherish your very presence in my life.


  • On this very day, I wish you learn to express love to your best sister in the world. 


  • Born from the same parents, in the same family, grew up together and I didn’t discern the moment when we became friends. I think I've started loving this bond. I wish this bond continues forever and ever. Happy 19 Bro!


  • May God crown you with all happiness and success in your life. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Party hard. Loads of love to you!


  • May you spend a qualitative life in the near future and welcome all your dreams with open arms and heart.


  • Happy Birthday, brother, I would love to have those silly fights with you again. Come back soon, we're waiting!!


  • When I needed a good friend, I got you. When I needed a shield, I got you again. Isn’t enough to say I love you? Well, I love you so much and wish you all the happiness to you. 


  • I am happy that I will always get your back. Happy Birthday, brother. 


  • I wonder how we became so mature that we started understanding each other so well. We used to fight over silly things. I miss those days, can’t we be like that again? Happy Birthday!


  • I want us to relive those childhood memories again. I wish we could be kids fighting with each other again. I wish you all the happiness of this world on this special day. Keep going ahead!


  • Ah! I wish you could start learning to greet your sister so that you can have all the lovely blessings from him on your Birthday. 


  • I wish you like all the surprise I have planned for you!


  • I promise this will be an unforgettable day of your life so that you can share your experiences with your kids. Happy Birthday and Good luck for the day!


  • You will always be my younger brother so please do act like you’re not! Happy Birthday my little one!


  • I wish you never got to crack the password of my phone. Don’t even try to do that and yes, don’t forget to enjoy your day. Happy Birthday!


  • You’re so precious to our family and please be a Sunshine to all your people, fill them up with optimism, love, and smile. 


  • I will keep going to tease till the end of my life. Don’t forget that we're the lovely rivals to each other who grew up together. Happy Birthday to one whom I've fought all the wars with. 


  • Keep going, keep growing, keep shining, keep accomplishing your goals, and keep loving me too if you want a peaceful life. Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wishes For Sister


  • You’re a treasure box me who has preserved all our childhood memories with love and care and I know you will continue to do so. Happy Birthday my Treasure box!


  • You have always been a friend to me. May your love, friendship, and this lovely bond never fades away and we continue to live like this forever. Happy Birthday, sister. 


  • Have an exciting life ahead. Start fresh with is an extraordinary day. Happy Birthday and stay blessed. 


  • You’re lucky to have me but I am the luckiest to have you in this world as my workmate, my sister. So, my workmate please be there with me because I need you and your love. Happy Birthday. 


  • Happiest Day my sweetheart. Every time I talk to you I feel being loved. Thank you so much for this comfort.


  •  Whenever you go through emotional trauma just remember that I am the one you can get in touch anytime. I want this unbreakable bond to remains as it for centuries. Make the best of this cheerful day and be cheerful as this day. 


  • Happiest dawn to the wonderful woman in my life. Wishing you all the happiness of the world. 


  • You carry a charm with you and this charm is visible through your smiles. May I request something? Please don’t lose it especially not for me. Happy Birthday!


  • Birthdays are always meant to celebrate the day we were born on but you seem to take birth every single day. Your energy energizes me. Happy Birthday to you my booster.


  • May you remember this day as you remember me every day. I promise I won’t let you forget me. Happy day to the sweetest of our fam. 


  • You’re like a second mother to me, you’ve always treated me like your own child. I am grateful to you your love. Happy Birthday, sister. 


  • I hope you are there with me always and stand at my back to protect from the cruelties of this World. Happy Birthday to my shield, my protector. May you be showered with all the blessings on this earth. 


  • Growing up I’ve always looked upon you, and as we grow older, I still do. Thanks for always showing me how it’s done with style. Happy Birthday stylish!


  • Happy Birthday to the beauty queen of your house.


  • Happiest day to you my teacher who taught me how to deal with toxic people. 


  • I wish the people who gave you tears soon discern your worth and regret their actions. Don’t punish yourself just for them.


  • I know you’re the eldest of our fam but mom dad loves me more than they love you, accept this and yes Happy Birthday!!


  • You’re like a doll to me who always keeps smiling and hurts me. Happy Birthday my prettiest and cutest doll.


  • Be a sanitizer to me and kill away all the germ from my life. I am your first child. I need you. Happy Birthday, elder sister. 


  • You’re the reason I see the beauty in others. Happy Birthday my baby and thanks for being vision.