Birthday Toast | Birthday Toasts For Friends and Family

Happy Birthday Toast

Birthday moments are filled with zest and gaiety.  A birthday toast is a treat that proliferates the joy in those moments. Blessings in disguise with loads of banter and nostalgia are reminisced through toasts. Won’t you feel nice if a toast is dedicated to your special someone by you?

So to spread the immense love on their special days, we have provided below numerous birthday toasts that will certainly bring a smile on your loved one’s face. 


Happy Birthday Toast


  • A toast to the friend who was always there when I needed him/her, who stayed through thick and thin and now is all set to embark on a new year of his life. Happy birthday!


  • Today, I lift a toast to the most special mom in the world. Thank you for being born and bringing me to this world. Happy birthday, mom.


  • You embody a soul that transcends all the follies a mere individual exhibits. To me you’re special in every way. Happy Birthday!


  • As you move ahead in your life with exuberance, I wish you the best. Happy Birthday.


  • May the past is forgotten and may the future concerns never restrain you. May you never forget to live your life to the fullest. Happy Birthday to an amazing person!


  • Now as you’re rising in this world I have the most essential insight for you; keep swimming through everything while never forgetting to breathe. Happy Birthday!


  • May the world become your La La Land and its music encompasses you. You flow in its cadence and enjoy its bliss. Happy Birthday to an amusing person like you!


  • To one of the most incredible beings who I somehow crossed paths with. Happy Birthday!


  • Another year is incepting with its new adventures and with all the love that my heart holds I wish you a very Happy Birthday!


  • Knowing you for years, I have seen your growth, failures, success, and breakdowns. You have always been an inspiration to me. Happy Birthday to the most inspirational individual.


  • To one of the greatest minds of the age. Happy birthday to you!


  • No one knows how long life will be. No one will ever know it; however, it takes valour to still acknowledge it every day and live it like the last day you have got. Happy Birthday to the most zealous person in the world. 


  • Thank you for coming out stronger every time you fell. Thank you for surpassing all the obstacles and proving yourself. Happy birthday to the most admirable human ever.


  • Stars know the crucible and you’re one of those stars who have been through crucibles; yet you have managed to stay kind and humble. Happy Birthday to the most amazing and kindest being in my life.


  • It doesn’t matter that you’re getting older, your legacy will be bequeathed to the world in every way. Happy birthday!


  • Today, sit back and envision the life you won and you contrived through. God bless you! Always. Happy birthday


  • Cheers to the most assiduous person I can ever meet. I can never forget the words you rendered to me in hard times. God bless you! A very happy birthday.


  • Always remember, from where you come makes who you are but you can always choose who to become everyday. Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday to the most efficient person in almost everything. I trust your insights and the wonderful vision you hold for the world. God bless you and happy birthday.


  •  I would like to offer a toast to the most amiable person. A person who never gets tired of my tantrums and who knows what I want every single time. You’re the best. Happy birthday!


50th birthday toast


  • It’s not every day that my best friend turns 50 so thank you for coming today to witness another historical event. Happy Birthday!


  • I still remember how we used to play and go to school together in childhood. How we grew penchant for legion things. I can not help but feel the gaiety that arises from these memories. These are commemorative and will always be. Happy birthday!


  • To this great person who now sits beside me I just want to confront that there comes a moment in your life when you hurt each other but the respect that you exhibit for each other, never lets you break the bond. Happy birthday to the most contemptuous individual I crossed paths with.


  • Happy Birthday! Even as you incept your 50th milestone I never want you to forget how precious you are and will always be for me. 


  • Some may say life ends at 50 but I say life begins at it. An infinite set of moments are still waiting to be lived. Happy birthday to me.


  • Do not imperil yourself and get intimidated by the dread of old age. Consider this as your new life my friend that God has blessed you with. A very happy birthday to my favorite human.


  • Happy birthday to the grandma/ grandpa who just turned 50th.


  • Happy birthday! I recall how you used to trespass while humming your song. Unlike you, it never gets old.


  • Wishing you your happy birthday for the fiftieth time. 


  • So the first inning of your life is over I wish in the other half you don’t get run out soon.


  • Happy birthday! I’m glad you’re conscious and walking on the ground instead of lying under it. 


  • Happy birthday! Just in case if you forgot to notice you have gifted yourself silver strands on your silver milestone. 


  • I hope now that you have turned 50 you’ll take inspiration from Bob Hope: “I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything until noon. That’s when it’s time for my nap.” Happy birthday old friend. Your naps wait for you. 


  • To my friend who just turned 50 today. We all love you profoundly and will always do even if you’ll take hours to blow the candles. A very happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday old maid/ old friend. Given that your age is 50 now I suppose it won’t matter if we round it up to 100.


  • Cheers to my friend for completing 50 years of his life. You have always been the most humble and kindest human and I vouch for this. Thank you for existing amid us and happy birthday.


  • To the friend who turns 50 today I know now your concerns will grow for your lineaments but I want you to remember you’re the most beautiful person I am proud of. Happy birthday! May you live longer. 


  • Today on your 50th birthday. I want all of us to extend and exude the gratitude, you have showered infinitely, on all of us. Thank you for being courteous and having patience. We could not have asked for any better person but you on our sides always. Happy birthday! May you keep smiling and are filled with love by god. 


  • Happy 50th birthday! To another greatest secret of the world. 


  • Happy birthday! Now you can withdraw your claim of staying ‘forever young’. Cheers to the ones who are officially old now.


Funny Birthday Toast


  • Happy birthday! May you stay young and never get as old as you have turned. 


  • I raise this glass in the honor of your old age. Cheers to the 50th birthday. 


  • Cheers to my wife and I’d like to quote Jack Benny’s words here, “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” A very happy birthday, I hope the quote endorses the view I tried to bring here. 


  • This wonderful day will elude its gusto if I did not quote Dr. Seuss here, “The golden years have come at last. The golden years can kiss my ass.” And so say all the wise men and women. 


  • To the man/ woman I have always been in an awe of. I hope you do not grow old from the heart though you have grown from face. A very happy birthday to you!


  • You know someone who is as old as you must not worry about age you are not going to remember it anyway.


  • Perhaps now that you are growing older you may want to rethink the consumed liquor you have finished. Cheers to the drunkard!


  •  Happy birthday! I was going to open with a joke but then I reminisced everyone here remembers your age. I raise my glass for the rest of the years you’ll hate me.


  • Happy birthday! Today you won the race that you were never supposed to.


  • A very happy birthday to my dearest and I would like to endorse Anthony Powell’s view that growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you have not committed. So says the world and the people who are here. Nevertheless, happy birthday.


  • Truman Capote said, “Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.” Happy birthday my friend, now you just need to find someone who will probably turn your story around in the fourth act.


  • Happy birthday to the man who taught me a golden rule on a sultry evening. If I may quote H.V. Prochnow, “the best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once.” Although I was single then, I still valued this advice and now I’m the happiest man alive and yes the other whose birthday it is today. 


  • Happy birthday to this young woman. May you be blessed with loads of cosmetic products that you use.


  • Here’s to more years of drinking and never counting how many shoes we lost. Happy birthday!


  • For all those people who wished me today, rest can expect hell any minute. Happy birthday to me.


  • I wish health for those I love and wealth to those who love me and that’s only me. Happy birthday to me. 


  •  To all the people who came today thank you and abound blessings to me whose birthday it is. 


  • To the woman/ man that I love, I am the only present you will have for this birthday; since it’s customary to accept the present you are hence abstained to reject or deny it. Happy birthday!


  • Today I want to tell my friend how special he/ she is. For all the times I have annoyed you and pranked you, for all those times we laughed at you, for the times when we stopped talking - well it was all your fault like always so today on your birthday I forgive you. Happy birthday buddy.


  • To the people, me and whose birthday it is. May we keep celebrating this event every year with the same joy, jubilation, and zeal and forget all the follies my favorite person has. Happy birthday! 


Birthday Toasts for friend


  • To the friend who made sure he was there when needed. Happy birthday man, I don’t say it often but I am grateful for you. 


  • You have always been that friend who is more of a camaraderie and it’s been impossible to be on a hunt looking for presents for you. You were an estranged individual. A lot different from everyone. It’s a pleasure to have you as someone in my life. Happy birthday!


  • It’s a fundamental notion that human beings need companions to survive through life and its crucibles. I am glad I have got you. Happy birthday my dearest friend.


  • In the event of your birthday and oldness, I bless you. May you always look as old as you are now. A very happy birthday my friend. 


  • People say it’s pleasing and comfortable when a friend is your lover, I would rather say I have found a lover in my friend. Happy birthday! I have found a precious and humble soul inside you. Every moment is a remembrance of it. 


  • Friends have always been the most important in my life, however, I was not crucial to them. When we became friends my insecurities resurfaced and I never knew if I could let them go but you always trusted me enough. Thanks for your trust and never-ending support. Happy birthday! May you always keep smiling.


  • When I say this I am speaking for all of us. You have been the most liveliest of persons I have ever been friends with. Your carefree laugh and your perspective towards life have intrigued me enough. Happy birthday to the most amusing individual. 


  • To the friend whose relation to me is unspoken. The world may see us as two friends but I will never abstain from referring to you as my brother. Happy birthday, brother!


  • I raise my glass to the friend who has now lost his youth but not me. A very happy birthday buddy, I hope you will not tell all of us your age now.


  • For all the struggles you have gone through and all the steps you have ascended. I wish more bliss for you. Happy birthday to the most potent human. 


  • Have this day and all moments from today to yourself. This is the day you were born and your birthday is a great event to celebrate. Happy birthday. My special person. 


  • Cheers to being one year older my friend! I reminisce about the unabashed parties we have puked in and the endless conversations we had. My life would not have been what it is now. Happy birthday! Live longer!


  • I was going to speak over legion things about you. But then it occurred to me the most prominent thing is the gratitude I always wished to render you. Thank you for being more than a friend in times of need. Happy birthday!


  •  Raising a toast and wishing you infinite joyful moments. Happy birthday!


  • To all the people who are witness to the event of my friend’s birthday. I’m happy we all are here to celebrate this human’s achievements. He/ she is worthy of all the blessings that can be bestowed. Happy birthday!


  • When you were selected for post-graduation in a university, I knew you would leave. As you left I remember I never came to see you for the last time. I was so vexed by you but I also knew I was insane. I should have been there. To all those years we missed together, we are now reunited to have all those years back to us. Happy birthday buddy!


  • Here’s to you who epitomizes a true friend. Love you buddy keep smiling always. Happy birthday!


  • We meet a lot of people but only some are generous enough to stay for a really long time. To the friend who never stabbed me and always made me feel like family. Happy birthday! I am blessed to have you. 


  •  Happy birthday. I hope the coming year will fulfill all the desires you have. 


  • To the friend who will have the most happiest and pleasing moments this year. Happy birthday!


Birthday toasts for girlfriend/ boyfriend


  • To all the years we were apart and to all the efforts you did for me. Happy birthday, sweetie!


  • I know it’s customary for the birthday boy/ girl to have presents but I think I have got the best gift for you being born today. Happy birthday!


  • You are the guide to my real self and nothing but seeing you happy can give pleasure to me. Happy birthday! You have always been a blessing for me and you’ll always be. 


  • Sometimes when you’re sleeping and I am awake, I see you and think that I always had a void that couldn’t have filled if you haven’t met me. Thanks for everything and happy birthday. 


  • If I confront today in front of all these people that I think about you too often, they may speculate me as crazy. But I guess this is true that I’m crazy about you, your eyes, the way you smile; everything about you drives me towards you. Happy birthday!


  • If I had to appreciate your existence in my life, I would say - earlier I knew just words, however you added meaning and emotions to it. Happy birthday to the person I love the most.


  • Today on this very special day, I want to tell you that no matter where we are, whether we stay together or not, I will never forget you. You’re the light to my darkness and the embodiment of happiness. Happy birthday, baby!


  • I hope I never fail to bring you gaiety and laughter because that’s what I promised you. And if I ever fail I hope you remind me and stay with me forever. Happy birthday, love. 


  • Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in this room whose days do not end without thinking about me. To more days like those!


  • I wish one day I’m able to hold your hand in front of sunrise and vow to always love you. Happy birthday, sweetie. You have always been the person who’s closest to me and you’ll always be. 


  • Growing up, I always perceived love as a feeling of encompassing warmth, ecstasy, and wholeness. When I was shattered I thought I will never be able to feel it again. Then you stepped into my life and your presence became everything. Happy birthday!


  •  To love, new beginnings, and infinite smiles with my favorite person. Happy birthday, love!


  • Today on your birthday I want to tell you our fondest memory. We first met under a shade of lamp and the moment you looked into my eyes I knew we would be together and here we are. Happy birthday to the person with who I fall in love every day. 


  • To the love of my life. I know there will be days when we will be piqued and vexed by each other. In those times I promise to stay by your side and I will wait until I hold you back in my arms and comfort you. Happy birthday! 


  • Here is the most happiest toast of my life to the most adorable individual. Happy birthday! I can’t ever stop loving you. 


  • Happy birthday to you. There doesn’t go a minute when I see you and wish the time freezes. Even now. 


  •  Being fond of movies and fictional books, I always romanticized the notion behind love. With you, they all came true. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you live long and you’re needed for this world and me. 


  •  I’m bad at speaking but I’m really good at pastiche so here goes John Legend’s lyrics- “Cause all of me loves all of you...Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning even when I lose I’m winning…”. A very happy birthday to the most beautiful human. 


  • Here’s a toast to the future we have ahead, together. Happy birthday, sweetie.


  •  You know I heard once, a soul is deeply reflected in the eyes of someone. There are times in the span we have spent together, when we were so lost that I could feel connected with your soul and I think that is the most spiritually joyful moment, I would have witnessed. Thank you for your existing and a very happy birthday baby.