Happy Birthday Brother – Best Wishes, Messages, Greetings and Quotes

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

“Brother" is someone who will always try to, fight, but when it comes to protecting you he will always become a shield over you. Sometimes, all we need is "appreciation" to make our loved ones smile, so here we are sparing no feats to make a list of birthday messages for brother, birthdays are indeed a special day for everyone out there let's just make this day more special by sending a heart-pounding text to our brothers. 

In this addition, you are not only getting love birthday wishes but also cute, funny, heartfelt, and many more emotions to express on.

"Sometimes, just a single text can make someone smile"


Happy birthday messages for brother 


  • Even though birthday only comes once a year,  I know you wanna celebrate it twice, thrice...and so on to just get all sort of attention but I will only wish you once, Happy birthday to the most annoying yet loving person in the whole world.


  • I never had a best friend or maybe I never needed one, you have been my greatest secret keeper, you’re my best friend in the face of a brother. Happy birthday best friend!?


  • All the memories we had while growing up, I have kept them close in my heart and I hope, we will always have such "Memories" as grown-ups also. Happy birthday champion?


  • Mom always tells us, you both are children of euphoria, today I agree that you're the one godsend miracle to us. Happy birthday miracle of god?


  • I hope that the chunk of happiness, you gave me will be reimbursed to you in all the best possible ways. Happy birthday to brother yet a "ray of hope".?


  • From you pulling my hair locks, to me scratching your back. We have been so crazy, these are the moments that I live for. Happy birthday ?


  • To become something in your life not just for yourself but, for family you have bound us all together, I hope you'll achieve everything you yearn. Happy birthday inspiration ?


  • New year comes with its own seasons, I hope with changing seasons you'll change for your own refinement, Happy Birthday brother!?


  • Thank you for making me feel jealous, people have been saying that the bond we share is unmatchable, but I will not share you with anyone. Happy birthday to the coolest brother.?


  • Letter to my dear brother,
    You have been the greatest pillar of strength, the most annoying human being, a super supportive creature, and a protective shield.
    Happy birthday from your little baby sister.


  • I still remember when you got some issues, you came to me and kept your heart before me. That day I realized how much you trusted me, I got your back and you have mine. Happy Birthday big b?


  • On your day let just bottle up the wine, toast the time, relive the lives. Happy birthday, Brother?


  • Happy Birthday to that brother, who is not my biological brother but has perpetrated so much for me, that I can never bow down to that.


  • I wish I will always be your favorite and you should know that no one can ever take your place in my heart. Happy birthday to big brother ?


  • Some people never change, just like you, you always have some means to tease me maybe that what’s pact us together, Happy Birthday ??


  • For all those days, when you were not here; I had the full attention of our parents, but now you're back I will become an invisibly timid but I will always love you, brother! Happy birthday.


  • To my brother, I know there are times when we both so indulge with our own work that we can't get back to each other but you should know that I invariably pray for you and for your betterment. Wishing you a very happy birthday ?


  • Here something I don't tell you every day,
    Thank you for being my best friend and best brother, and dealing with every catastrophe that follows with that, thank-you for the nights we stayed up till dawn watching movies and laughing. Thank you for being 'you' happy birthday ??


  • I still scroll through pictures when we were small, you're the one whom I run to for all my dilemmas, my accomplishments, and impossible scenarios?. Happy birthday my go-to go human.


  • Few lines for you;
    Thank you for being the only person in my life who will listen to me complain, and then complain right back. Thank you for being there for me when school, and life, in general, became too much.  I love you, happy birthday ?


  • I don't know how would I  have handled all the life situations without you, thank you for being the biggest support. Happy birthday ??


  • You were the one who used to see me so clearly, you helped me see my goals like they were real. Happy birthday to the person who always believed in me.


  • I saw your hustle, I saw your heart and I believe them in both, I literally don't know what will I do without you and I have no intention of finding out, thank you for existence Happy birthday brother?


  • As we both are growing older, we are knowing that the only important thing we live for is "our family". On this day, you should know how blessed I'm to have you as my brother??


  • How many times I told you, I don't need your protection anymore but "you as you" don't listen to me; Happy Birthday to my protector?


  • To the rising star,
    This is to tell you that you're a star that never leaves your glint behind and the star that the entire cosmos wants. Happy Birthday ?


  • Most of the time, I don't comprehend your existence, but today I will tell you how much I appreciate and adore you! You have been the greatest source of inspiration brother! Happy birthday  brother


  • .This is for you;
    My brother is my best friend and enemy all in one. He is the person I fight with the most but simply can't go a day without talking to him.
    Happy Birthday to that "human" ♥


  • Wishing the person a happy birthday who held my hand when I've fallen and kissed forehead whenever I was upset. ?


  • Even when I ripped every toy you had apart and busted your favorite things, you returned to me hours later with a smile.♥ I love that 'smile' happy birthday sunshine


  • I want to first off thank you for being my life long playmate and best friend.  And secondly, I love you for what all you have done for me. Happy Birthday ?


  • Our way of showing affection to each other is by hitting each other with stuff and then pretending to be the victim in front of our parents, but still, I love you and enjoy when you get scold 🙂 happy birthday


  • Words genuinely can't cater to the emotions I hold right now, I really can't thank you for the feuds, love, screaming, protection and for all that, you did for me. Happy birthday to my big brother ❣️


  • It has been a journey with all the ups' and downs, we have been through together. Can't thank you enough for existing. Happy birthday?


  • On your day, let's just make a toast to love, the inscription of all the memories we have, crazy laughter, funny feuds, and a toast for your existence. Happy Birthday ✨


  • I know you love me with all your heart, but you don't say it with your lips nevertheless, you show it. Happy birthday brother✨


  • With you by my side, I don't have to worry about my fusses because I know you will listen to me without any pretensions and judgments. Happy birthday, ❤️


  • Dear brother,
    Thank you for always being a companion, thank-you for showing me the right direction, thank you for listening to my silly and gibberish talk and I am giving you no spare to not listen to it anymore. Happy birthday ?


  • We never had a thing called "Secret" because every time I wanted to hide something, you became a part of it. Happy Birthday dear brother⭐


  • Happy birthday partner in crime, promise me that we will do all the gibberish things together!❤


  • Thank you for not saying to me "that you love me" but for showing it, you're the best brother in the whole world. Happy Birthday ❣️


Happy Birthday messages for brother-in-law


  • I know there is an addition of "in-law" in the word, but the feelings remain same, you are such a beautiful addition to our family. Happy birthday, ❤️


  • Happy birthday brother in law, thank you for sharing all the memories you had with my husband, all those cute babblings things you guys did together, let's just cherish all those memories.❣️


  • Today on your birthday, I'm making a promise to myself and to you that I will always take care of your sister as you did❤HAPPY BIRTHDAY


  • You were the best gift that our marriage gave us, I got a brother who even loved me more than my real brother❣️Happy birthday brother.


  • I appreciate the fact that you have all the appropriate skills required to deal with my sister, wishing you a very happy birthday brother-in-law?


  • It has been an honour that you're part of our family. I hope on this day god will hamper you with all the happiness. Happy Birthday brother in law?


  • On your birthday, I want to confess that you're the best thing, my sister could ever have, wish you a very happy birthday brother-in-law


  • You're not just my brother-in-law but a friend indeed, you have been a constant supporter in all the good and bad times. Happy birthday constant❣️


  • We will party all night only if my sister and your wife will allow us to? Happy Birthday brother-in-law.


  • I hope my sister is treating you well, you're not just my brother-in-law but a brother indeed. Happy Birthday ⭐


  • Thank you for accepting my sister as the way she is, We make the best duo in teasing her. Happy birthday brother


  • Thank you for being just like a brother to me, I can’t ask for more. Happy birthday brother-in-law?


  • When we befriend somebody we are not related to, its by choice, its because of the similarities or in some cases because of the differences. You're my chosen family and you have been a constant supporter brother-in-law. Happy Birthday ?


  • It's difficult to shift into a new house, but to shift into a new family is a whole different level of difficulty. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and to protect me like my own brother. Happy birthday brother-in-law


  • Few lines for brother in law:
    A brother in law is both your brother and best friend, the one who takes care of you and provides a safe space for venting out when needed. He is not related to you by blood but doesn't ever let that show.
    Thanking you and wishing you a very happy birthday


  • You miss your parents and your siblings as the sense of belongingness comes naturally as a part and parcel of being born in the same family. For your in-laws to welcome you in the family, make you feel like you belong.
    Is what is truly selfless. Thanking you for making me a part of your family and wishing brother-in-law a very happy birthday.


Funny Happy birthday messages for brother


  • Why do you want to celebrate your birthday? You're not getting wiser by year, but older. Happy birthday brother ?


  • I was thinking of endowing you something invaluable, then I thought you already have me and that's enough. Happy birthday brother?


  • I can't really recall the day or year when you were born, maybe that's mean you're too old? Happy Birthday bro


  • You're such an animal that your home should be in a zoo. I don't know why mom has kept you with us? Anyways happy birthday ??


  • You play the victim card before parents, you're my friend and enemy all in one. Happy birthday entertainer


  • Thank you for scrambling my beautiful pictures, it's because of you that we don't have a good picture together. Happy birthday, photobomber.


  • I'm just wishing you so that I can have chocolates and cake by my side. Happy Birthday brother⭐


  • You can't just walk away from giving me treat, as you always do. How can someone be this mean? Anyways happy birthday to selfish human?


  • You should gift me something on your birthday, otherwise, I will spell each of your secrets to everyone. Happy Birthday ??


  • This year, I thought of giving you something expensive so I took the money from your pocket. Happy birthday, brother.


  • The only job you have is, to pamper me, protect me, love me, wishing you a very happy birthday ?


  • Brother? I think you should now tell everyone your legal age, wrinkles will be coming soon. Happy birthday, bro


  • Happy birthday brother, The only thing I like about your birthday is, I can toast to beer and food.


  • Your grey and white hair is the symbol of how old you're getting day by day. Happy Birthday brother


  • You should thank me for all the work I did for you, be it your physics assignment or maths. It's high time you should accept that I'm way more competent than you. Happy birthday and be a little wiser than before.?


  • I really want to ask God, what he was thinking while making you, you don't look like you're my brother anyways happy birthday ??


  • I like it when dad chides you, punishes you, whack you, but you should  know I still love you❤ happy birthday brother


  • Do you remember? When you used to hit other children, and me hitting you, it is a vicious cycle that never ends. Happy birthday fugitive?


  • Our equation is as tough as "mathematical equation" but it gets understandable when you try to solve it. Happy birthday, brother.


  • I think on this birthday, you have to dye your hair as by each birthday you're getting older and older with white and grey hair on your head. Happy birthday, bro.


  • Don't scold me otherwise I will tell dad about that, and he will take all your credit and debit cards back. Happy birthday bro


Cute birthday messages for brother


  • In the midst of chaos, you showed me the right path, thank you for always being there for me. Happy birthday


  • May your life be filled with different colors and shades that will help you to grow as an individual. Happy Birthday brother


  • You amaze me by your creativity, enthusiasm, compassion, and how you bound us all together. Wishing you a very happy birthday.


  • You being my protector, fan, friend, best friend, secret keeper, enemy all in one. I can't think of a life where you will not be there. Wishing a Happy birthday, life?


  • You have a heart of gold and a beautiful soul indeed. I look up to you for everything. Happy birthday, brother.


  • There is no sunshine without you, you have been my ray of hope when I was falling apart. I wish more years of happiness and love for you Happy birthday❣️


  • You should know that I'm always there for you, I will help you achieve your goals and talk about every hardship that will follow in that process. Happy birthday brother✨


  • I never expressed my gratitude towards you, but today I want to tell you how proud I am to have you in my life. Happy birthday brother


  • Thank you for helping me to find "me". Happy Birthday, bro❤


  • After dad, you're the one who has given me the shoulders to lean on, hugs that gave me warmth, and a hand that never left me at my lowest. Happy birthday to that human being✨


  • Sending you a hamper of love, happiness, and gratitude on your birthday. Happy birthday bro


  • I have only one person whom I can trust blindly and that person is you. Happy birthday brother⭐


  • On your birthday, let's just reminisce all our childhood memories and relive them. Happy birthday bro


  • I hope you will rise and shine like the rainbow in the sky ?. Wishing you a very happy birthday ?


  • I hope all your dilemmas will fade away with the smoke in the wind. Happy birthday brother?


  • As we're growing older, we have started to accept that we have a totally new lookout at the relationships we have in our lives. And this is to tell you that I appreciate your existence in my life. Happy birthday to the best brother in the world.


  • The bond we have now is totally different from what we had in the past, we have evolved through the journey we had. From all the gibberish things we did to now focusing on our careers. It has been a roller coaster ride indeed. The only constant creature I have is 'you'. Happy birthday Constant❣️


  • From not giving me what I wanted, but to give me the strength to achieve it on my own. Thank you for moulding me into a better person. Happy birthday brother


  • I feel I can write never-ending paragraphs for you, then at the same time, the words can't help me to describe you enough. Happy birthday bro


  • Thank you for everything you did for me and for everyone else. Happy birthday bro


Happy birthday messages for younger brother


  • To my little box of happiness, you're not just my brother but a baby to me. Happy birthday, brother.


  • My little brother, I have seen you grow from a tiny little boy to a young man. This journey of seeing you evolve was marvelous. Happy birthday little box of happiness ✨


  • When I first saw you, I held you in my arms, you were the best thing I ever had my cute little chunk of happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday little brother.


  • The relationship we have can't be described in words, I will always protect you as our mom did. Happy birthday, brother.


  • You're my little Munchkin, we have such good memories while growing, I saw your tiny steps coming my way. Happy birthday my little love✨


  • I have promised myself, that I will protect you from every neon light that will come your way. Wishing you very happy birthday little Munchkin


  • You're the best thing our parents gave to me, Happy birthday to my baby?


  • Do you remember when you always came to me for money to buy ice cream, now you buy me one. Happy birthday to my little brother.


  • If I had a chance to replay my past, I will choose those moments of my life where you were included. Happy birthday


  • I want to cherish each memory we had together, on your birthday let's go back to preadolescence relieving all those wonderful resemblances. Happy birthday❣️


  • I'm leaking ocean right now, seeing you grow so quick makes me joyous and pessimistic at the same time. Happy birthday little brother


  • I can't just describe the persona you have in words, I love you and will always do my little boo. Happy birthday brother


  • I'm exhilarating knowing that you are my little brother, who has given me so much that can't be thanked in words. Wishing you a happy birthday?


  • You're my little kid, no matter how many birthdays and years will pass through the lane you will always be my little kid. Happy birthday kid


  • Just remember I will always be standing by your side in all the good and bad times. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy birthday, brother ?


  • I would never be able to put what all I feel to have you in my life. Happy birthday my tiny world?


  • There is nothing in this entire world that can depict you the way you are. Happy birthday, baby boo,❣️


  • You gave me the best hugs of my life, thank you for standing by my side at the lowest. You're the tiny world that resides in me. Happy birthday, bro


  • When you will fall I will be there for you to pick up, will provide you with a hand to hold onto your worries, will always give you a shoulder to lean. You can easily look up to me for everything and anything. Happy birthday baby brother?


  • I hope my little baby boo will achieve all the success in his life. Sending you lots and lots of love and warm wishes. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday wishes for Elder brother.


  • Happy birthday to the janitor of my life, Who pulled me to the ocean waves, who always taught me the right things in life.


  • You have taken care of me like a child, you have loved me as dad did. I love you and totally adore you the way you are. Happy birthday, big brother


  • You have taken ample responsibilities on your shoulders, for one day let's just keep aside everything and celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday big b❤️


  • Thank you for protecting me like your own child. Happy birthday to my protector


  • Thank you for loving, caring, and supporting me. I wish you a very happy birthday big b?


  • I'm just fascinated by how you become a shield over me whenever I'm in some kind of difficulty. Happy birthday to my personal shield❣️


  • Every advice that you give becomes my solution to any problem, I wish you a very happy birthday my big b❤️


  • You have justified every role that was given to you be it, brother, son, friend, lover. Happy birthday multitasker✨


  • You've been my inspiration, a ray of hope, true janitor, best friend all in one. Happy birthday brother


  • You have given me the box of love, happiness, advice. Sending you back all the love and warm wishes for your birthday ❣️


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