Happy Birthday Blessings! Happy Birthday Blessings Messages

These days, calling or even meeting a person is not enough. Posting something on social media is what validates a relationship, especially when birthdays are around.

The hype after them are fully comprehensible, don't you think so? It is one day when your loved ones flood your mobile phone with text messages and calls. It is that one magical day that belongs entirely to you! Things can be tough when you are on the other side and it's the birthday of someone pretty close to you. How to stand out in such a scenario? How to write a message which would be the perfect mixture of all the positive emotions? The answer to all your questions is right below!!


Happy Birthday Blessings!


  • I wish I could bless you with something but God has already blessed you with me 🤭
    Happy Birthday sweetheart 🥰


  • On this happy occasion, I wish you good luck for the countless and adventurous years that wait ahead of you. I wish you the best of each and everything in life.❤🦋


  • You're so special that not everyone deserves to have someone like you in their life! I am so thankful for your existence, happy birthday!!


  • Consider this year as the beginning for all things good and an ending for all things toxic.
    May your year be bright, happy, and wonderful!
    Happy Birthday!!❤🥰


  • I thought of gifting you the cutest thing in the world for this birthday of yours, but then I realized, you already have me!! (Ha-ha)
    Happy birthday dear, lots of love💓💓


  • May God shower all his blessings on you and make you the happiest person alive! Happy birthday cutie, have a great day 💓


  • Birthdays are special for everyone, when the birthday girl/boy themselves is as special as you then it has to be extraordinary!! I wish you get treated like the prince/princess that you are, because you deserve nothing less than that 🥰💓


  • Happy birthday cutie! Keep smiling and keep making everyone around you happy with your positive aura and outlook in life. ❤


  • I wish you have a great time on your birthday with your close ones today and make the most of the day! Eat the yummiest of food and the tastiest of drinks. Have great fun 🌈


  • My only prayer to God today is to make all your desires come true, to give you and your family good health and to get rid of all the hurdles on your way! Happy Birthday ❤


  • I wish you have an amusing year ahead, with no regrets and only dreams coming to life! May you only age younger and stay as beautiful/handsome as you are, inside and out. 💓


  • Happy Birthday to the person who thinks about everyone but herself/himself. I hope God blesses you with everything you might ever need. ❤💫


  • May you get to spend your day with all of your loved ones's and your house be filled with positivity and laughter. Happy birthday sweetie, have one heck of a day 💓


  • You're like a rainbow, with several traits and a colourful personality! Happy birthday dear, stay the same ❤🥰


  • Today, leave all your worries aside, wear the best outfit you own, and put on a huge smile on your face! It's your day, enjoy it to the fullest!
    Happy birthday ❤


  • Happy Birthday dear, I hope that you remember this wonderful day for all the wishes and presents you will be blessed with. 💓


  • If there is a perfect example of beauty with brains, then it has to be you!
    Happy Birthday beautiful ❤


  • If there is a perfect example of tall and handsome, then it has to be you!
    Happy Birthday Handsome ❤


  • On this birthday of your yours, Remember to;
    Smile more, Eat more, Drink more, and love the most 💓


  • Happy Birthday dear!! Your ability to make people find good in the worst of situations is truly something incomparable. Stay the same and have a great time. 🤗🤗


  • Have a great birthday my dear, don't forget to let the child in you stay alive. 😻🌈


  • The journey of life has been full of highs and lows but with people like you around, it is fun either way! Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin, Happy Birthday 💓.


  • A very Happy Birthday and good luck to you for all the plans God has in store for you! You deserve nothing less than everything extremely fabulous 😘😘


  • May you never feel like you are not loved and cared for, always remember that there are people who would do anything to make you smile! Happy birthday sweetheart, you deserve nothing less than the best.💓


  • Happiest birthday to a mentee cum friend cum family !! You are a great support system and I will make it a point to do the same for you. 💞


  • Everyone prays for the good times, for you I will pray for some bad ones as well. Without some ups and downs, the adventure that life is would be no fun! Happy Birthday Cutie ❤


  • May God bless you with the best health which no virus could even imagine to beat! Happy birthday you lovely person, keep smiling always.


  • How to bless a person who herself/himself is the blessing in all her close one's life?
    Happy Birthday babe 🥰


  • To say that I hope this day turns out to be the best one of your life would not be fair,
    I hope the whole year is as fun and as joyful as you would like it to be!
    Happy birthday special one, have an amazing time 💞


  • I hope the candles on your cake reach the number than you have to get another one,
    So you have countless years to live and so much cake to eat.
    Happy Birthday!! ❤😘


  • On this fabulous day the stars seem brighter, the vibes seem extremely positive and love seems to be all around. I hope your birthday turns out to be just as you imagined and wanted. 🌈😘


Happy Birthday Image blessings!



  • The calories on a birthday cake do no count, so have a lot of it!! I hope you don't get enough love and sweets today, enjoy your day to the fullest. 🥰❤


  • Wishing you a day full of love, candies, hugs, friends, family & more!! Keep that smile on your face, throughout the day. Happy birthday 💫Even when you will blow the candles, the shine in your smile will brighten up the place! Happy Birthday to the life of every party 💓


  • May nothing ever dull the spark you have, may you always remain the same!! Happy Birthday💫


  • Dear you (insert name),
    Thank you for being there every time I looked
    Without you, I would remain incomplete.
    Thank you for coming into my life,
    More specifically, thank you for coming to life💓
    Enjoy your special day, happy birthday!


  • When you blow the candles and make a wish,
    Don't forget to wish something for your own self for once, you deserve it! Happy birthday dear, many more of these to come ❤


  • Happy Birthday my dear 💓
    To pray to God not to challenge you would not be fair, I will pray to him to provide you with the strength to get over it all. 💫


  • You are an angel in disguise saving us all from the evil that is life by cheering us on time and again. Thanks for everything, loads of love!! Have a wonderful birthday🥳


  • Instead of all the cliché things, I wish on this birthday of yours, God blesses you with lots of junk food, pretty outfits, and an overwhelming amount of love 🌈


  • With tons of Instagram stories and Facebook messages from people you don't know, enjoy the attention because we know you secretly love it!! Happy birthday ❤


  • Today my dear, I hope you get to clown around and have a fun time with your bunch of friends and instant family 💫


  • You are one of the very few people whose birthday I remember by heart, without any reminders from my calendar or Facebook!
    Enjoy your day honey 💞


  • May God bless you with never-ending bliss and joy while another crazy year awaits you. I know you are going to have the time of your life n the coming year and I wish you all the very best for that! Happy birthday 🎈


  • I wish you have a wonderful day full of all your wishes coming true! Have a close-knit group gather today and enjoy every second of it. Happy birthday 🌈😘


  • Happy birthday love, I hope you get to sit back and relax while you are treated like a princess and made to feel special! Enjoy 💞


  • Happy birthday dear, you are just like a brother/sister to me. The kind of warmth and love you spread among people is appreciable. Stay the same sending love!! ❤🥳


  • On this day, I wish upon you lots and lots of candles, balloons, cake, and presents!! Have an amazing time birthday boy/girl 🥰🌈


  • The sunshine touching your face is a wake-up call from God himself, to remind you of the light you have been shedding on all your close one's life! He wishes you a happy and healthy day.💓


  • Instead of celebrating today's special day,
    Let's all celebrate you, for the wonderful person you are!! Happy birthday love, live !!🥳


  • Today is going to be full of special arrangements for the special person that you are!! I hope you have fun and this day and year becomes unforgettable for you 💓


  • As we are growing up, the candles on our cake are increasing but don't let that tell you how to behave! Never ever act your age, act like the inner child in you wishes to. Happy birthday❤


  • This day is going to be no less than an for us, let's have lots of sweets and spread the atmosphere with love and warmth. You'll have an amazing day birthday girl, love and wishes 💓
  • Happy Birthday to the life of every party! This time, the response to keep your day fun lies on our shoulders while you just have to sit and watch.🥳❤


  • On this birthday of yours, I promise to get you a cake and teddy bear as big as you, yourself so get ready to add another person to your friend circle 💓


  • How is it possible to look so much younger on the same day you are supposed to be growing older? You and your ways with life! Happy birthday beautiful 😻💫


  • Instead of a bouquet of flowers, I'm sending you a bouquet of chocolates because I know even a whole cake cannot satisfy your cravings for chocolate!! Happy birthday little foodie 🎂🥳Have a birthday full of all things beautiful, I would not say like you because that would just not be possible! 💞


  • Let's do full justice to this day by making it extremely fun and full of joy. Our roast sessions and constant shall continue!
    Have a happy, happy birthday 🥰


  • You are that refreshing drink one has after a day at work. You are an overenthusiastic being who makes my heart happy! Stay the same, have a happy birthday ❤


  • Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes they say, you are one human-shaped body full of love and warmth. I hope the same is showered on you today, happy birthday 😻🎈


Happy Birthday Messages!



  • On this birthday of yours, I wish you good health, tons of happiness, truckloads of love, and an amazingly long life ahead😘


  • Happy Birthday you amazing person, I hope your day turns out to be as fabulous as you are.💓💓


  • Hii you lovely person!! I hope you have a day full of confetti and flowers. Eat cake on my behalf also. Sending you tons of love to make up for my absence. Stay fabulous 🦋


  • When you wake up today, remember you are the most beautiful person in all aspects. Birthday girl/ boy you deserve it all!! 😻😻


  • Along with a day filled with success,  and courage I hope your birthday is as bright and colourful as you yourself are. Wish you all the love and luck 🥰


  • Hi princess/prince, I hope you are ready for a day full of surprises. Grace yourself to celebrate one of the most memorable days of your life (I promise) a very happy birthday to you 💓


  • Today is your big day, I wish it is filled with compassion and warmth both of which you bring to my life. I hope you have a  full of smiles and laughter 🤗💓


  • This is your daily reminder that you are AMAZING, birthday, or not!! Happy birthday dear, have a day as great as you yourself are.💓


  • Good morning birthday girl. From the breakfast in bed to the dinner while watching the sunset, I wish it all upon you. Happy birthday 🥰


  • Your phone must be ringing since midnight isn't it? I will pray to god to get you this kind of attention on a daily basis. Happy birthday❤


  • BIRTHDAY ALERT!! today is your day, everything from the moment you get up will be dedicated to you, madam/sir. Grace yourself for a wonderful day ahead 🌈


  • You are like the fresh breeze hitting my face after a long tiring day. I hope this day refreshes both, your body and soul. Have a good day💓


  • Are breathtakingly beautiful and smart, it is annoying how God has been so biased towards you!! It still doesn't decrease the amount of love I have for you, happy birthday ❤


  • On this day, I want to say a big thank you for all the love and happiness you have filled my life with. I hope your birthday is twice as special and thrice as thrilling.❤💫


  • I hope you feel extra special, have a day extra entertaining due to your extraordinary persona💓 Happy birthday sunshine, have a wonderful day and year ahead🦋


  • Hi sweetie! You have grown up like a beautiful rose. I wish you keep growing to be more, and considerate. Have an amazing birthday 💞


  • Wake up silly!! It's your day, your birthday. You are going to have time with all of your buddies. Get dressed and stay 🌈


  • Happy birthday to the person who takes care of everyone but himself/herself. 🎂❤ Have a pampered day, today 💓💓


  • When I see you,  see a girl/boy living a dream life due to the strong determination and will power you have! I hope this continues and nothing ever takes you down. Happy Birthday!!


  • I am so thankful to have a considerate person like you in my life! It's beyond my understanding of how I got so lucky. Thank you for making my life this beautiful. Happy birthday ❤


  • Hoping to be the first message in your inbox, I am texting you a few minutes ago! Happy Birthday my dearest, you are very unique and special 🥰


  • Hi dear! I hope you are doing well,  just want to wish you a very happy birthday and hope you enjoy your day to the fullest. Have a good time with your loved ones 💞


  • Not only are you good looking but along with that you are kind-hearted and generous 💓


  • Stay the same person and you will be winning in life!! Happy Birthday love ❤


  • You fill everyone's life with happiness and I will definitely try my best to atleast fill this one day of your life with extreme joy. Happy birthday🌈


  • Happy Birthday love!! Have an amazing day today, I hope it's full of everything fabulous. Enjoy your day and have an amazing time 🥰


  • In hope of being the first one, I want to wish you a very happy birthday and a lifetime full of happiness and truckloads of love. 🌈


  • You have a special trait of being able to find happiness in the worst of situations and I wish for it to remain constant 💞 Happy Birthday!


  • Hi, birthday girl/boy I'm sure your phone would be flooded with text messages right now, so just enjoy all the attention showered on you on this special day!! Have fun and eat cake❤🎂


  • Happy birthday cutie pie! No matter how much you grow up, you will always remain the kid of our group. Have a great day and year ahead💓


  • Hi sleepy head! I hope you woke up early for your special day. Let go of all boundaries and go  on this birthday and enjoy 🥳🥳


Happy Birthday Blessings for a Friend!


  • Happy Birthday to my sunshine, my happiness, and my star. Keep shining, smiling, and inspiring 💓💓


  • You are an inspiration for all those who know you, not necessarily because of your talents but  skill to never give up. This day is more special because it belongs to you, Happy Birthday Angel ❤🥳


  • From laughing with each one of us in our happy moments, To being a shoulder to cry on in the dull ones, You are the one support system everyone needs 💓 Happy Birthday babe!!


  • From being friends to becoming family, there is no one else I would rather go on this journey with, Happy birthday to my special one 💓


  • Happy Birthday to the best thing that has ever happened to me, here's to celebrating all our future birthday's together, regardless of how old we might grow 💫


  • Happiest Birthday to the person who knows how to turn a frown into a smile, a black and white life to a  one and a miserable day to the best one ever. ❤😘


  • Lets make this birthday of yours especially distinct, so much so that we would not have to listen to you crib about what 'could have been' the rest of the year!! Have a wonderful day 💓


  • Making someone feel special on there birthday is one thing, I promise to make you feel special each and every day of our lives. Happy Birthday, My love. 🥰💓


  • Thank you for being my constant in this world full of variables. Happy birthday, I hope this friendship remains consistent 💞


  • From celebrating birthdays together as a child to celebrating them together as adults, Nothing has changed. Happy Birthday my constant, we will celebrate today with equal enthusiasm and zest as we did when we were younger. 💓💓


  • You are the most special person and you deserve to be treated like a King/Queen, regardless of what day it is. Here's wishing you a year full of fantasies coming to life, hope you have an amazing day🌈


  • Happy birthday to the best friend I could have ask for, I would go above and beyond for you any day and I know you would too. 😘


  • To the person who makes people feel special every day, I hope this day does justice by showering only the best wishes on you. Wishing you a fun, joyful, and magical birthday!


  • Since the day I know you, you've been bold, confident, and beautiful/handsome. It's been years now and nothing at all has changed. I hope you stay the same in the coming years as well, happy birthday! 😘💓


  • This birthday, I want you to make it a point to love laugh, and live more than you currently do. You deserve some peace and joy 💞


  • Happy birthday dear!! You are the glue making us all stick together. I will try to make your day as memorable as possible 💫


  • Your existence itself makes our life better, for which I would like to thank your mother. I would not have my better half If it wasn't for her. Happy Birthday sweetie, thank you for being yourself and completing me.❤


  • Happy Birthday Gorgeous/Handsome, May your day be as bright as your soul, smile, and eyes! 💓💓 If I could give you the world, I for sure would. Happy birthday love, you are extremely special!


  • To do justice to this amazing day, is going to be insanely difficult because you deserve nothing less than the very best. I wish you, the happiness of my life, the happiest of birthdays, and loads of love!💓💓


  • You are beautiful/handsome, fun and caring
    But most of all, you are generous and insanely kind-hearted, I wish you a year filled with nothing but joy and love. Happy birthday sweetheart ❤


  • Your optimism and kindness is what makes you different,
    On this day, let's all celebrate YOU ❤
    Thank you for adding meaning to my life🥰


  • Your special day deserves to be celebrated as nothing less than a festival, for all the happiness and luck you've brought into everyone's life. Wishing you nothing but lots and lots of love and happiness.


  • With the biggest smile and the warmest Hug, I hope your day turns out to be one of the best ones. Get ready for the greatest year ahead, Happy Birthday💫


  • Thank you for taking care of me like my parents do, being there for me like my siblings do and all in all, becoming more than a friend, a family to me. Happy Birthday best friend 💓


  • From having our first night over together,
    To having our first night out!
    Our bond will remain forever special, many many happy returns of the day sister/brother!


  • Happy birthday to the person who has the biggest of hearts, who cares and loves for everyone like they are here own. You deserve to be treated special❤


  • In good times, one can count on everyone they know, it is the bad times which make people realize who is genuinely their friend. Happy birthday my dear true friend, you are one of a kind 🥳❤


  • Amazing friend like you only come once in a lifetime! I certainly don't plan on leaving you, neither now nor forever💓


  • I thank god every day for blessing me with a person like you, today, my only prayer will be for him to bless you with the best of just about everything ❤ Happy Birthday Best friend 🥰


Happy Birthday Quotes!


  • May this day be filled with joy,
    Put a smile on your face,
    And warm your heart,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday 💓


  • You are the cup to my cake,
    The sugar to my tea,
    The straw to my berry
    And I'll make sure to add the,
    'Happy' to your Birthday ❤❤


  • Thanks for brightening my dull days with the huge smile you are known for! May on this birthday of yours, you become even more high spirited and optimistic than you are 💓


  • You make the sun shine brighter,
    The moon seems prettier
    And the sky seems bluer.
    Thank you for coming into my life, I promise to hold on to you for an eternity and spend each and every birthday of yours, by your side. Happy birthday, special one ❤❤


  • This day won't ever return, so make most of it and have great fun with your dear and near ones!! Miss the ones not near you but also remember to enjoy on their behalf 🥰


  • Watching you happy,
    Makes all our hearts melt.
    Do us a favour?
    Keep that smile on forever!
    Happy Birthday sweetheart💞


  • Happy birthday cutie, all our lives, we have spent laughing and crying together. Lets make a promise, to keep the same go on forever? 🥰


  • You are the one person I would leave all the rest for. You are amazing the way you are, you don't have to change even a bit for anyone!
    Happy birthday, you!! 🌈


  • From laughing together,
    To calling each other crying.
    We have truly been through it all!!
    Happy Birthday my partner in everything under the sun 💓


  • Just like a party popper sprays confetti, you spray positivity!! Have a great day love you deserve it❤🥳


  • From being my partner in crime to shouting on me for all my mistakes, you have got it all covered. All I can say is, thank you for that!
    Happy birthday my all in one package of joy 🥰


  • I wish, the spark in your eyes,
    The brightness of your smile,
    The shine in your personality,
    Never become dull. Happy birthday🥳


  • Whether you talk about inspiring people, or spoiling them, You are one person who can do it all! Happy Birthday you all-rounder 🥰


  • On good days and bad,
    On happy days and sad,
    I wish to stick by your side
    Even when you make me mad!!
    Happy Birthday ❤🥳


  • I promise to go to the moon and back to keep my favourite person that is you, happy 💓
    Have an amazing birthday 😘😘


  • You are the first person who comes to my mind in happy times and in sad, without you life would be no less than misery! Thanks for being my sunshine after a rainy day 🌈
    Happy Birthday 🥳


  • Here's to celebrating a special day of a special girl/boy!! May all your dreams come true and your day be filled with love and laughter❤


  • Happy Birthday, special one!!
    Live in the present,
    Forget about the past.
    Believe in the future,
    For it would definitely be a blast💫


  • This day is going to be full of surprises, chocolate cake, and your close ones just like you've always wanted. I hope you enjoy and have a crazy time. Happy birthday 💓


  • The time I spent with you is something I'll never in my life forget, but keep forever in my heart! Let's make more memories together, what say birthday girl? Have a great day ❤❤


  • It's one thing to be good looking,
    It is another to be generous and kind-hearted.
    What to call a person, who is both?
    Well, an angel would suffice 💓
    Happy birthday princess, have a magical day!


  • Birthday girl/boy get ready for a day full of karaoke and dance sessions with your best friends and family, all dedicated to you!! 💞


  • From the sun to the moon, they are all here to wish you, the best person in all sorts and ways a very happy birthday ❤


  • Your eyes, smile, and personality are all as bright as the sun, shining and enlightening our dull lives. Best wishes and love, happy birthday💓


  • You remind me of a butterfly, who thought of herself as a caterpillar but after a certain amount of time, learns to open her wings and fly 🦋 Happy Birthday darling, stay independent and the same🌈


  • From being 10 and together to being 50 and together, we are in it for the long run!! Happy birthday soul mate, have a pleasant time.💓


  • Your beauty, your mind, and your considerate nature all make you so distinguished and lovable. Stay the same, have a great birthday💞


  • You are my biggest cheerleader,
    My most influential inspiration,
    My go to human being
    And my favourite person,
    I wish only the best for you, happy birthday! 🎈


  • People say the company of a person is what shapes their personality. No wonder you are this astounding! (HAHA) love you doll, happy birthday ❤


  • From day 1 to day umpteenth,
    My opinion has not changed a bit about you! I loved you then, I love you now. Have a great birthday babe 🎉💓


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