Happy 4th Birthday Boy or Girl – Wishes, Greetings, Quotes

Birthday is the only day that comes every year, making us feel that we are the potentates of the day. It’s the day when we receive special attention from parents, mentors, classmates, neighbors, extended family members, and are showered with blessings and gifts. However, if we customize the definition of birthdays for a four-year-old kid, birthday is then just a day when little human munchkins are born. On this specific date, they hit the school all dressed up, prepare decorative baskets that can store the chocolates to distribute in school, and finally send vibrant invitations to celebrate the day with little amigos along with their own quirky birthday theme.

The fourth-year gives a sense of independence, preferences, and friendships to the child. Therefore, the wishes should be such that it touches the innocent, fresh hearts of the pre-schoolers. A four-year-old might not fathom wishes related to success in life but will surely understand the effort and love that one puts to find a gift that suits their preferences and send wishes that allow them to feel unforgettable and alluring. Innocent wishes and blessings play an integral role in making the birthdays memorable for a child as children add these wishes to the resume of memories. When thoughts add so much value to celebrations, let us create unique ways to wish Happy Birthday to the four-year-old group.


Happy 4th Birthday Wishes


  • My love, the change from lullabies to bedtime stories was exceptionally fast-paced. Now that you have turned four, I miss that toddler I could hold in my arms and kiss a zillion times. My precious is four years old today; nothing is the same except for my wish that God showers you with my share of happiness as well. Happy 4th Birthday, my child!


  • Your Birthday reminds me of the first cry you made just after entering the world through me. We pushed together to bring you to this world to develop wings and fly like a carefree bird. Love! You are four today, but you will always remain my precious little sunshine. Happy Birthday, baby!


  • From making little sounds to constructing funny, innocent sentences, the journey with you has been incredibly satisfying. Thank You! For coming into my life. Mamma loves you. Happy Birthday my lovely!


  • Isn't it funny, my dear? You took the longest time to learn to write the number 'four.' You believed that after the number three comes five. However, you are four years old today, and finally, mamma and daddy can prove that the number four exists. Happy Birthday my child! Always stay the way you are- precious and unmatched. Love You.


  • You taught me the meaning of life when the nurses had put you in my arms, and today, my dear, you have climbed another step towards unravelling the meaning of life—Happy 4th Birthday, dear.


  • , Unlike other kids, you never binge-watched superhero cartoons as you believe that your Mum and Dad are superheroes themselves. However, today the superheroes are a little emotional because their child seems to be in a race to grow up and be a superhero himself. Happy 4th Birthday, my child! May God bless you with abundant life!


  • I felt a sense of authority when mamma told me that I will soon become a 'big sister.' Whenever I get annoyed with you, daddy asks me to hold my horses until you grow up to become my partner in crime. While our parents are emotional on your Birthday, your big sister is excited to soon have a best friend. Happy 4th Birthday, partner!


  • Happy 4th Birthday! Honey, you are the life and soul of the family. I love you!


  • We bonded when you stopped crying after resting your head on my shoulders. I felt responsible for the first time, four years ago, on this date. Thank You for giving me the tag of a 'big brother.' Happy 4th Birthday, dude!


  • My dear Sunshine. You may have got the eyes like your father and lips like your mother. However, your personality has a glimpse of me, which makes me feel like a proud grandmother. Happy 4th Birthday, my child! Hope to celebrate many more together.


  • My dear champ. I know we receive tonnes of scolding because I keep fulfilling all your childlike demands. However, on your 4th Birthday, grandpa makes a promise to keep spoiling you, despite the scolding. Happy Birthday my Son!


  • My precious, it gives me a sense of joy and euphoria when I am reminded that we share the same Birthday and that when I leave for my heavenly abode, my Birthday will still be celebrated through you. Happy Birthday my twin! Grandma loves you! God bless you, dear.


  • F- fun-loving
    O- Optimistic
    U-Unlimited energy
    R-Radiant persona
    That is what you are to me, my darling. Happy 4th Birthday, my precious gem!


  • As a toddler, your soothing face used to refresh my mind, and now that you are a pre-schooler, your interesting talks keeps me engaged and helps me estrange from stress—happy 4th Birthday, my stress buster. Daddy is proud of you!


  • It was your second Birthday and Christmas when you affectionately hugged and wished 'MELLY KISHMISH' to all. That angel has now turned four and, as always, is more excited about Christmas rather than the Birthday. You are indeed God's child, my love, as you and Jesus Christ share the same Birthday. Happy 4th Birthday, my gem!


  • As a toddler, you grabbed and picked each object or food to put it into your mouth. Now that you’re four, you have turned into this little individual who is quite picky about food and things. My dear, your growth has been magnificent. Happy 4th Birthday to you!


  • A person can suddenly feel and find happiness but to find a sense of joy becomes challenging. Joy is that deep feeling of contentment and gratitude that is seldom experienced in life. My love, I know you are too small to comprehend all this, but you gave me a sense of joy when you first called me 'mamma' with the help of your tiny lips. I didn't even realize when my baby turned into a smart and innocent pre-schooler. Happy 4th Birthday, my lovely!


  • Happy 4th Birthday, dear. This Birthday is extremely unique for us, as our munchkin has made it to the big school. Keep spreading love and light. God Bless You.


  • Dude, we became friends when our teacher had sent us out of the class as a punishment. I will always cherish that day when we became buddies. Happy 4th Birthday, Bro!


  • My rug rat, who weighed four kilograms when she was born, is four years old today. The alluring pink, doll-like infant is a today a confident child. Happy Birthday my love!


  • You are this little bundle of joy that helps me revisit my childhood, from watching a cartoon show to enacting a cartoon character. Life has, indeed, been a blessing. Happy 4th Birthday, my Nobita!


  • My dear son, you keep changing parties every day. One day you are a superman, the other day you’re batman, and someday the hulk. I hope and pray to the divine that you can be as powerful and selfless as these characters. Happy 4th Birthday, Hulk, as that is your current status.


  • O- Observant
    Now that you are four years old, my dear Son, your ability to observe, love, and dare to do things will enhance. I pray to the almighty that he enables you to use these virtues in the best way possible. Happy Birthday to the most charming child I have ever met.


  • Live, Love, Laugh was a mere quote framed and hanged on the wall to make the room more aesthetic. However, after you entered my life, the quote started making sense to me. When I’m with you, I live better, love harder, and laugh louder so that the sound of gratitude can reach the almighty—happy 4th Birthday, my princess. Mamma loves you.


  • Blow the four candles and make a wish to keep you safe and abundant so that it reaches the almighty through the smoke. Happy Birthday!


  • Have an exciting fourth birthday. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Love Lots!


  • Happy 4th Birthday. My lovely, I hope you are showered with blessings and some exciting gifts.


  • You only have 365 days to enjoy your 4th Birthday; make sure to celebrate it each day, my love, as these years are never going to come back. Enjoy your life without inhibitions. God bless you, champ.


  • Y- Young
    E- Energetic
    A - Abundance
    R- Respect
    On your 4th Birthday, my dear, I pray to the almighty to bless this young age of yours with energy, abundance, and respect. God Bless You!


  • I hope and pray that the angels always protect your innocence and kind-heart. Happy Birthday my child.


Cute happy 4th birthday wishes


  • On your special day, my dear child, I want to shower you with long hugs and a thousand kisses as I can see that you are in a hurry to grow and might certainly not like this craziness once you turn into a big girl. Happy 4th Birthday, my child!


  • The day you were given into my arms, I did not realize that the pinkish-red child will soon turn into a charming, captivating, cute little boy. Happy 4th Birthday, Son!


  • My baby, the sparkle in your eyes, the zing in your presence makes you genuinely divine. Happy 4th Birthday, my lovely!


  • My child, the marvel in you, makes you adorable and unique. I hope and pray that you always stay the same. Happy 4th Birthday, dear!


  • 'If you are happy and you know it claps your hands
    If you are happy and you know it and you
    Really want to show it
    If you are happy and you know it claps your hands.'
    Dear love, do you remember this song? I am sure you do. I reminisced the day when you used to cutely just say 'aaapppiiieeee' and dance in the whole room like a little Donald duck. That charming Donald Duck has turned four and can now sing the full song with immense joy. Happy Birthday, darling!


  • My delicate and elegant niece has grown up into a fun and fascinating big girl. Happy 4th Birthday, my cupcake!


  • I realized that I did a great job when you were in arms, and with those dazzling eyes, you said 'Hi Mom! We made it!' My toddler has now turned four, and nothing is the same except for her stunning pair of eyes that still is an effective communicator. Happy birthday dear!


  • From licking your thumb when hungry to yelling at the top of your voice, saying, 'Mom, I need food.' Your growth has been remarkable and fun. I love you, my chunky monkey. Happy 4th Birthday!


  • My cocoa puff has turned four. And mum is amazed to see her infant turning into a responsible child. Happy Birthday, love!


  • C-Caring
    U-Unlimited fun
    This is what I intend when I call you cute. Happy 4th Birthday, my cheese ball!


  • You will understand the importance of your presence in my world when you have a child. I know these are heavy words that are hard for you to encounter now! Baby, daddy is proud to have you. Happy 4th Birthday, my light!


  • My apple, blueberry, bun, bear, plum, pumpkin, and muffin are a few nicknames that I remember giving you. And my innocent toddler responded to every new name that I called by making sounds like 'aaaah,' 'uuhh,' and many more. However, my grown-up pre-schooler now wants to be contacted by her name. My little sunshine is now four. Happy Birthday, dear!


  • You have turned four and very much your own person now. Ruled by your own emotions, fantasies, and childlike dreams. What triggers me emotionally is the question, 'will you handle the realities unfolding naturally with your understanding?’ I’m sure you will justify these triggers with your actions one day wisely. However, I want to make a wish on your fourth birthday that you have the strength to stand tall through all thick and thin. Be a confident individual. Happy Birthday, love!


  • You are that little sunshine that twinkled lying between your parents and lit the room with joy, unconditional love, and an upbeat atmosphere. Happy 4th Birthday, my dear!


  • Your father died as a martyr and left you in my womb so that we could nurture each other in his absence. My life could have been meaningless and dark if I would not have conceived you. You are the last memory that your father and I shared, and till my last breath, I will be thankful to God and your father to allow me to have you. Darling, it is your 4th Birthday, and mum is proud to have a daughter like you. Thank you for nurturing me.


  • It was pure joy to carry you in my womb and share you with your papa. The day you saw this world for the first time, your eyes indicated that you wanted me, only me to hold you. My love, I want to save and protect you forever, and if I could, I would have frozen you in that infant stage when all you wanted was 'Mumma.' Happy 4th Birthday, my munchkin. I love you!


  • Your eagerness to know everything is an indication that you are developing your senses to face the world. You have just embarked upon a delightful journey, and I pray to the almighty to make you successful. Happy 4th Birthday!


  • Dainty, charming, delightful, pleasant, adorable are adjectives that I want to use to define you. Happy 4th Birthday, bro!


  • You were three and a half when you asked me, 'Mom, do I look pretty?’ The obvious answer was yes. However, now that you have turned four, I realize that you wanted to ask whether you look better than others or more confident and witty than others? On your 4th Birthday, my child, I’d like to share a piece of advice that you are unmatched, not because you are mine but because you have an innocent heart that beats to better others at this early age. Keep this advice in mind and shine bright. Happy 4th Birthday, love!


  • Now that you can live the world a little better, I want you to begin acquiring self-love skills, self-worth, and self-confidence. So that no matter where you go and what you do, you will never deviate from your path. Much love and peace to you. Happy 4th Birthday, my dear student!


Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For Girl


  • A baby girl was sleeping in my arms. Her curly hair, long lashes were sparkling with the light of the moon. That little bundle of joy, which is my extension, has now turned four and already begun the journey towards becoming a terrific, independent girl. Happy Birthday my princess!


  • Darling, you have taken a step ahead in experiencing new emotions, situations, complexities, and happiness. The journey will sometimes feel like a hunky-dory or a roller-coaster, and other times neutral. However, remember that triumph and disaster will be the two lanes of the same journey that you ought to embrace. I wish you a happy 4th birthday, my lifeline!


  • With the Rapunzel birthday theme, my princess is all set to enjoy her birthday party. My dear, I pray that you can celebrate your birthday each year with the same innocence and happiness. Happy 4th Birthday, my Girl!


  • Baby, you are my wish fulfilment and my nurturer. Thank You for adding loads of happiness into our worlds. Happy 4th Birthday, love!


  • Once you asked me, 'Mum, how much do you love me'? I had no answer to that innocent question and probably will never have. All I can say is that you, my girl, you have become the potentate of my world. My heart does not beat inside me anymore; it beats outside me, which is in you—happy 4th Birthday, my love. And yes, mom loves you unconditionally.


  • When Dad asked, what do you yearn for a baby sister or a baby brother- I replied, a baby sister because she will always nurture me, and I will always protect her. Dear sis, you’re four today and turning into an incredibly charming bundle of joy that we are always glad to have. Happy Birthday!


  • D- Delicate and daring
    U- Upbeat
    G- Gem
    H- Heartbeat
    T- Triumphant
    E- Exquisite
    R- Rebel with a cause
    These are the characteristics that my innocent child possesses. Happy 4th Birthday, my child!


  • I know I am far; however, I am sending warm long hugs and tonnes of kisses through the clouds. Look up in the sky and visualize the clouds; you will get the messages. Happy 4th Birthday, love!


  • Happy 4th Birthday, my cupcake! I hope you have a blast and witnessed loads of enjoyment. Love lots!


  • My dear, you are just like a catalyst that has positively enhanced my reactions to the various situations I’ve faced. You are the strength that keeps me going. Happy 4th Birthday, my motivation!


  • This year is even more special as you will soon be starting your ‘big’ school, make new friends and have loads of fun. Cheers to your upgraded life, girl. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy 4th birthday!


  • My baby girl, you deserve the most luminous birthday as you have enlightened our worlds with your presence. Happy birthday, love!


  • You are the queen of the family. And the queen deserves the best birthday. The queen demanded a Cinderella birthday theme, and here we are all ready with the celebrations to begin. Happy 4th birthday, love!


  • Congratulations, my dear girl, you are brilliantly handling the formative years of your life. Daddy is proud of you! Happy 4th birthday, girl!


  • Girl, I promise that you will soon realize that the fourth birthday is a magnificent and magical year of life. This is the age from where you start experiencing various triggers of life. Therefore, my love, fasten your seat belts tightly, enjoy and embrace the bumpy ride called life. Happy birthday!


  • Sending stacks of love, presents, and blessings from afar. Catch them. Happy 4th birthday, sweetie!


  • You taught me to be vulnerable; you made me comfortable with emotions. Now I cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh. I feel the balance of emotions and logic in me. This is insane, but I guess this is what a girl child does to the father. Happy 4th birthday, Dad's daughter!


  • I thought when you grow up, I will have to buy you a set of Barbie dolls and the twelve dancing princesses, but I am amazed to see that my Barbie wants a set of sketch pens and pencil-colors. I am sure you are either going to be a writer or a painter. Just kidding! Happy 4th birthday, girl!


  • Your grandmother desires that you become a doctor, your father wants you to become a pilot, but your mother wants you to become a good human being. I hope and pray that you become one. Happy 4th birthday, my lovely!


  • The whole family starts worrying when they do not hear your voice for long. They know that you’re up to some mischief. While no sound from you indicates mischief, it also suggests that we die to listen to your voice. My dear sister, we love you! Happy 4th birthday!


Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For Boy


  • I hope the birthday celebrations can contribute to making the best memories of your life. Happy 4th birthday, my Son!


  • Exactly four years ago, my Shin Chan was born on this date, which brought bundles of joy and tonnes of innocent troubles with him. Happy birthday my boy!


  • From hulk to batman to superman, my Nobita keeps changing his parties regularly. However, finally, he decided to have a batman themed birthday party for his fourth birthday. I hope you enjoy your day with the utmost happiness and joy. Happy birthday!


  • May you have a fun-filled birthday, bro! Happy 4th birthday to you!


  • You are a witty, handsome little thief that stole my heart. Wish you and your gorgeous mother a magical 4th birthday!


  • Your 4-year-old giggles are pleasant to the ears and magnificent to watch. Laugh as much as you can because these precious innocent years are never going to come back. Happy birthday, boy!


  • No present can be worthy of my boy, who himself is a gift to us. Happy 4th birthday!


  • I hope you do not smash the entire cake on your face as you did on your second birthday. Alright, I know you get annoyed and embarrassed whenever someone talks about that incident. However, that was cute, Mr. Pre-schooler. Happy 4th birthday, Son!


  • Happy 4th birthday, my plum, enjoy each moment of your day as this year will never come back. I love you!


  • Happy 4th birthday, my king. Cheers to new memories and experiences.


  • Today, you have all the rights to sing your lungs out and go all crazy with your friends and family. After all, it is your 4th birthday love. Happy birthday my bear!


  • I know you love sweet treats, so on your birthday, I hope you are showered with dozens of chocolates, a giant cake, and lots of candies. Happy 4th birthday, love!


  • To my adorable kid, I know you have taken another step towards your growth. However; you will remain that cute infant for me no matter how old you become and how tall you grow. I will caress you like a child forever. Happy 4th birthday, boy!


  • Ever since motherhood, whenever people ask me about the most precious day of my life, I think about you and say the day you were born; thank you for adding meaning to my life. Happy 4th birthday, Son!


  • I have done some good karma, my dear love, that God gave me such a priceless gift. You are my pride possession. Happy 4th birthday, Son!


  • Even when you could not speak, your gestures communicated your feelings effectively. Now that you can talk in complete sentences, we are sure that we will have a journalist in your family super soon. Happy 4th birthday, bro!


  • My dear, you the best Son in the entire universe because you are my world. Happy 4th birthday!


  • On your day, I hope and pray that you never stop being a source of happiness for the people you meet and are surrounded by. Happy 4th birthday!


  • You just do not add happiness in our lives but a scoop of wisdom and craziness with your thoughts and actions. Happy 4th birthday, my love!


  • It is your 4th birthday, and since I am aware of your love for cakes, I hope parents arrange for 4 giant cakes and candles to make your day crazier. Happy birthday!


I truly hope these messages were quirky and fun enough for your little toddler!